Good grief. You know nothing about the 15 dollar minimum wage threat to the employment of those not trained to work in this society. First, in 1978 the minimum wage was $2.75 and nearly 16 million folks were on that wage, 90% for less than a year. Fast forward to today, the min wage is 7.25, and less than 6 million folks make that wage, proving OF COURSE, that the rising forced wage destroys jobs for the untrained. Secondly, who the hell do you think trains the unskilled? Its small business. If I have to hire a man or woman at $15 per hour (that's $31,000 per year), I will hire a skilled worker, someone who actually earns that wage. 15 per hour means the end of using small business to train the unskilled and your plan to make up the difference is what, more food stamps, more government assistance, more welfare ?!  It sure isn't more high paying jobs for the unskilled.