Hillary hates the media and Obama forcefully controls the media. But Trump is the bad guy for doing the same?

The Washington Free Beacon‘s Elizabeth Harrington appeared on Fox News Tuesday and said it was a smart call for Donald Trump to attack the media for questioning him about donations to veterans groups because most Americans say they do not like the media.
Host Gretchen Carlson asked Harrington if it was smart for Trump to go after the media during a press conference on Tuesday.
“Yeah, I think so. I think it’s a smart move to attack the media, because when Donald Trump says he has a low opinion of the mainstream media, he’s with the majority of Americans who feel that way. The media’s favorability rating is at historic lows,” Harrington said.
“So, it’s really a win-win for him because he gets to go out there, attack journalists, attack the media, which many Americans feel the same way, that they don’t have a lot of trust in them. And then at the same time, he says, ‘Look, I raised $5.6 million for vets. I didn’t have to do it’ and that makes him look good as well.”

Glenn Beck is off Sirius Radio for fielding a veiled threat to kill Trump should he become President.

During Wednesday’s “Glenn Beck Radio Program,” fiction writer Brad Thor said he “guarantees” Trump would temporarily suspend the Constitution during his possible presidency and is a “danger to America.”
“With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President?” Thor said. “If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if he oversteps his mandate as President, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as President.”

Beck replied that these were conversations that they had had off-air before.
The remarks were broadly read as Beck and Thor wondering out loud if Trump would be assassinated.
In a statement to Politico, the network said the comments “may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which SiriusXM cannot and will not condone.”

Beck is suspended for a week, the statement said.
Listen to Beck and Thor’s full conversation via the Blaze Radio,  by clicking on this TPM marker,  and listening to the audio of Beck's radio program.

Pope's recognition of Hollywood big names is an embarrassing political ploy. Pope JohnPaul would have never . . .

Last year, Hillary was 30 points up on Trump and the Left was laughing their proverbials off. Today, they are scared to death.

Nick Gass / Politico:
National poll: Trump nearly even with Clinton  —  Donald Trump has nearly pulled even with Hillary Clinton, according to the results of the NBC News/SurveyMonkey weekly tracking poll released Tuesday.  —  While Clinton is looking to wrap up the Democratic nomination with a strong performance … 
I feel a chuckle coming on  !!!   ~  editor.

They are screaming "Racism, racism." So, the gorilla was black and the kid was white ??? The Left is as nuts as most of us have believed for the past 40 years . . . now it is undeniable.

<<<     Problem for the Marxist Media:  the kid was a beautiful black boy.  Meet the parents. 

There are an awful lot of people who ended up with egg on their face late Monday.  The Daily Mail revealed Facebook photos of the couple who they reported as the parents of the inquisitive little four-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla habitat Saturday, resulting in the shooting death of the gorilla in order to save the life of the child.

This happened at the Cincinnati Zoo, and one of the zoo-goers captured heart-pounding video of the boy’s life-and-death struggle with the gorilla.

Liberals and Black Lives Matter activists took to social media to call the shooting of the gorilla an act of racism — killing a gorilla to save a white kid.

The boy’s mother thanked everyone on her Facebook page for their prayers and support.

We all know this is a lie: "If she could go back, she’d do it differently.” Absolutely not true if you think this means, "She would have been more transparent."

Ruby Cramer / BuzzFeed:
Campaign Chairman: Clinton Knows Email Setup Was A “Mistake”  —  In a memo to top supporters, Hillary Clinton's top official sought to clarify the campaign's response to a new report from the State Department inspector general and move past a controversy that has dogged the candidate now for 15 months   . . . . .   The Podesta memo takes a more contrite posture, reminding backers three separate times that Clinton has called the email setup a mistake and continues to do so in the wake of the IG report. “The secretary has once again acknowledged this was a mistake,” Podesta writes. “If she could go back, she’d do it differently.” 
Editor's notes:  The only difference between then and now is this:  she would have doubled down on those things that have led to her seeming demise.  Her cover-up would be more pronounced,  her lies more involved,  her refusal to be more transparent all the more nuanced.  That's it.  She is not an honest woman and to assert that she would have acted differently is to imply that she has had a deeply realized "Jesus moment."  Not possible.  She is what what she is and,  perhaps,  her past has caught up with her.  
Undestand that Trump's decision to make Hillary answer for her past would not bear fruit if not for the ongoing email scandal   . . . .   and the fact that each week, the scandal worsens.  
That "critical I.G. report" is significant because it was written by a man appointed to that position by Barack Obama  . . . .  he was and is a Democrat.    More than this,  it is a review of many of the facts being considered by the FBI in its criminal investigation.  

Honestly,  I cannot imagine an alternative to the notion the "she will get away with it,  again."  But it is beginning to look as if she will not survive this scandal. She has lost the battle,  for the time being,  with her loyal Marxist Media.  In the article reference in this post,  the following is the most condemning paragraph:  "Clinton used a non-government account to conduct State Department business, as did former secretary of state Colin Powell. But no other former secretary of state has maintained government correspondence on a private home-based server."

And with that,  the lie that "everyone did what I did" has been exposed,  if not defeated.  

She has been deleting emails for decades !!!

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton neglected to surrender all her official emails upon leaving office, the department’s inspector general acknowledged that she violated federal record-keeping laws.

What he didn’t report was that this has been her standard practice for decades, since at least her years in the White House while serving as first lady — and on an even grander scale.

During those years Clinton was at the center of numerous scandals, including Whitewater, Travelgate and Filegate, which were also the subject of investigations.

When Republican lawmakers and special prosecutor Ken Starr subpoenaed more than one million emails related to those scandals, the Clintons couldn’t produce them — they gave the old “the dog ate my homework” excuse.

It was their claim that they’d enigmatically disappeared and blamed it on a “glitch” in the West Wing computer system.

The subpoenaed emails covered an entire two-year span — 1896 to 1998.
Clinton has been burying emails since she was first lady.

The #nevertrump GOP Establishment are no more patriots than is Al Sharpton . . . . . traitors all. And I am not alone in this belief.

David Horowitz / Breitbart:
Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Bill Kristol doubled down on his betrayal of this country with a pair of tweets:  —  “Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate — an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance,” Kristol tweeted.

Out of the office. Riding my man bike to Lassen National Park. Talk to you Tuesday . . . . sometime.

Hate speech laws (we don't need any of them) is giving us a genration of children who hate . . . . . . (free) speech.


And someday,  this could came back top bite these children in the proverbial butt.  

Enthusiasm on the Right and a 16 point lead (nationally) with independents gives Trump a real chance at victory . . . that and the fact that Hillary is a crook.

Sundance / The Last Refuge:
'Splodey Head Alert - Oregon Poll: Donald Trump 53%, Hillary Clinton 26% (Independents)...  Oh my.  A recent Clout Research poll from the State of Oregon (full pdf below), not exactly well known as a bastion of all things republican, shows candidate Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton 44 to 42%.

Fast and Furios, the sacandal, is back on the front burner.

NY Post:
The deadly-but-forgotten government gun-running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” has lain dormant for years, thanks to White House stonewalling and media compliance. But newly uncovered emails have reopened the case, exposing the anatomy of a coverup by an administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.
A federal judge has forced the release of more than 20,000 pages of emails and memos previously locked up under President Obama’s phony executive-privilege claim. A preliminary review shows top Obama officials deliberately obstructing congressional probes into the border gun-running operation.
Fast and Furious was a Justice Department program that allowed assault weapons — including .50-caliber rifles powerful enough to take down a helicopter — to be sold to Mexican drug cartels allegedly as a way to track them. But internal documents later revealed the real goal was to gin up a crisis requiring a crackdown on guns in America. Fast and Furious was merely a pretext for imposing stricter gun laws.
Only the scheme backfired when Justice agents lost track of the nearly 2,000 guns sold through the program and they started turning up at murder scenes on both sides of the border — including one that claimed the life of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
While then-Attorney General Eric Holder was focused on politics, people were dying. At least 20 other deaths or violent crimes have been linked to Fast and Furious-trafficked guns.

Before reading the lastest polling numbers, keep in mind that there are more registered Republicans than Democrats !!

 Also understand,  that if the polling agency counted the same number of Republicans as Democrats,  the Trump differential ("improvement on difference") would be closer to 20 than 16.  In any event,  Hillary is in serious trouble,  especially assuming the "enthusiasm gap" is 20-60 in against Hillary.

Trumnp decides to wait on that debate with Bernie. We agree. Here is Trump's statement on the issue.

- May 27, 2016 -

​Donald J. Trump Statement on Debating Bernie Sanders

Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher. Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders -  and it would be an easy payday - I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be.

Liberal thought process says this: If you are a man, you can be a woman at the same time, you can be white and black at the same time, or European and native Indian . . . . at the same time. And these are our national leaders ????

Bernie is doing to the Dems what Trump is doing to the GOP. The timing is incredible.

Lede:  For some Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ latest gambit — challenging Donald Trump to a debate to cap all debates — is the last str “Bullshit,” said Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. “That confirms what we’ve been saying  . . .   Bernie . . . . .   not a Democrat.”

The party’s frustrations are boiling over with Sanders as the primary season winds down: Namely that Sanders seems unwilling or unable to admit that Hillary Clinton is on course for the nomination. The ire toward Sanders began earlier this year among the loudest Democratic cheerleaders for Clinton — and now it’s seeping into nearly the entire Senate Democratic.

Editor’s notes:  Understand that there is as much frustration with Bernie as with Trump.  Both are coming form outside the party,  although one is a professional politician  (Bernie) and the other is not. 

The one bothersome comment in the Politico story is the claim that Trump has done nothing for the working man he claims to represent   . . . .   as if the Democrats have done anything for the non-union working man.  But more than that,  the fact remains that Trump employs thousands of folks in his 543 businesses   . . . .   and Bernie has his staff,  and Hillary has her horde of defense lawyers.

Think about the optics of a Trump/Sanders debate without Hillary.

Understand that Hillary thinks she can control the media by avoiding press conferences as much as possible,  and,  limiting her time in debate.  As a result of this strategy, she turned down a pre-California debate with Bernie,  in spite of the fact that she had, earlier,  promised a third debate with the Senator.  

Now,  there is the distinct possibility that she will be seen as the "odd man out" as Bernie and Donald get after each other in a pre-primary debate in California.  They have less than two weeks to make the arrangements and secure the monies promised to charity for the event.  Both men have expressed a willingness to debate. 

She is only two points up on Bernie in the state,  and,  if Bernie looks good in the coming debate,  it just might cost her the California primary   . . . .   especially in light of the terrible news of today.  I write of the Inspector General's 83 page report that concluded Hillary and her staff were [totally] uncooperative in the I.G.'s investigation,  as required by a 1978 law requiring her cooperation.  

Talk about a house of cards!!  One wonders how much longer this charade can continue before the party bosses decide that the election results are in serious danger.  

Debate Update: Bernie Sanders has agreed to debate Donald Trump before {?} the California primary.

Associated Press declares Trump the GOP nominee for President.

Associated Press declares Trump the GOP nominee for President.  Counting "committed" but undeclared delegates,  the
AP reports that Trump now has 1238 delegates.  He needed 1237. 

Anyone think the Left Wing is ignoring this story? Maybe on TV, but not in print. This is Hillary's worst day, to date, regarding the email scandal.

Washington Post:
Clinton's inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules  —  HILLARY CLINTON'S use of a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 has been justifiably criticized as an error of judgment.  What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it also was not a casual oversight.
Discussion: Mediaite, Politico and Guardian
Nick Gass / Politico:
State Dept. watchdog: Clinton violated email rules  —  A State Department watchdog concluded that Hillary Clinton failed to comply with the agency's policies on records while using a personal email server that was not — and, officials say, would never have been — approved by agency officials …
Associated Press:
Clinton faulted on emails by State Department audit  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Clinton and her team ignored clear guidance from the State Department that her email setup broke federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers, an independent audit has found.
Paul Waldman / Washington Post:
What does the new Inspector General report actually tell us about Hillary Clinton's emails?  —  Today the State Department's inspector general released a report on Hillary Clinton's email use during her time as secretary of state.  Both Democrats and Republicans are going to spin the report …
Nick Gass / Politico:
The 9 biggest revelations in the State IG report on Clinton's emails  —  The State Department's inspector general report on Wednesday offered little absolution for Hillary Clinton or several of her top aides who refused to cooperate with the investigation into the former secretary of state's exclusive use of a private email server.

Four Star General Jack Keen: "The Taliban controls more territory in Afghanistan than before 2000."

The 80% area of Afghanistan is marked for "heavy Taliban activity" while the pick 17% is marked as areas with substantial Taliban Activity.  Conclusion:  Obama's War in Afghanistan is a monumental failure unlike anything we experienced under the Bush 43 Administration. 

The enemy within: Few Americans know of [the] stealth campaign to help the Left control the U.S. educational system .

Foundation Watch, May 2016 (PDF to come)
Summary: The free speech-averse John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation aspires to leverage social media and educational testing in order to strengthen elite control of all aspects of society and culture. The philanthropy promotes politically correct censorship on popular websites like Twitter and Facebook, but for more insight into the organization, focus on the left-wing MacArthur board chairman who has long been a heavy-hitter in textbook publishing.
The Chicago-based John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation was founded in 1971 by the insurance billionaire John D. MacArthur. It is yet another sad story of a free-market entrepreneur’s fortune being captured by the Left, which cares little for the intentions of donors.

John MacArthur died in 1978, and by 1981, the leftists had taken power at his foundation and ousted the conservatives. With just under $6.5 billion in assets at the end of 2014, it is now the seventeenth-largest private foundation in the country and the largest in Illinois, according to FoundationSearch. The philanthropy has been a major force on the American media landscape for years, with total annual spending of approximately $225 million. In 2013, the foundation spent $79.1 million on U.S. grants, with the lion’s share going to “digital media and learning.”

While its oft-mentioned donations in support of liberal media outlets like NPR and PBS have made the MacArthur brand familiar to many, few Americans know of its larger designs: a stealth campaign to help the Left control the U.S. educational system via digital media assessments and efforts by the foundation’s chairman to foster censorship on social media. The unifying theme of many MacArthur projects is manipulation of America’s “Overton windows” (a term describing the range of acceptable political discourse on a particular topic), either through increasingly antiquated communication channels like radio and television, or through forward-looking technology and education grants.

MacArthur has been interested in global online censorship since 2007, when it teamed up with Harvard’s Berkman Center to track governmental Internet censorship worldwide. Ironically, MacArthur now advocates for censorship of anti-feminist views and other opinions it automatically deems “hate speech.”

You will want to read the full story at Capital Research Center, here. 

Now we know why no one has bragged about being taught by Barack Obama.

No wonder we have absolutely no one  coming out of the woods to comment on the classroom lectures of Barack Obama and his 11 years teaching summer school (three classes per summer) at the University of Chicago.  You would think there would be someone bragging that he sat in classes taught by Barack Hussein Obama    . . . . . .   but,  in the end,  no one has done this.  Looking at Obama's audience in South Korea,  I think we know why.

Socialism is government control of all things domestic. The morning's lede story frames what happens when Central Planning becomes entrenched . . . . it turns into a totalitarian/facist regime. Example: the E.U.

The President of the executive arm of the European Union (EU) has vowed to block all right wing populists from power across the continent.  

As an example, Jean-Claude Juncker (see picture), the president of the European Commission, promised to exclude Norbert Hofer, the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party (FPÖ), from all EU decision-making if elected ahead of yesterday’s presidential vote.

“There will be no debate or dialogue with the far-right,” the liberal bureaucrat told AFP. 

Of course,  this is exactly where the New American Progressives are going,  in this country. Those at the very top of the movement,  Hillary, Bernie, Schumer, Barack Hussein Obama,  Eric Holder, George Soros,  Bill Gates,  the leadership of CAIR,  people like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and more,  are working to criminalize free political speech and the sharing of information such as the revelations regarding the global warming fraud. 

Understand that when Trump uses his celebrity to get "free air time," he is paying for his own campaign.

Brianna Gurciullo / Politico: Trump on fundraisers: It's not for me, it's for the RNC   

Notes:  He is saying that most of the money being raised by his campaign, now,  is for the "down ticket" in the coming election cycle.  

To date,  Hillary has spent $230 million;  Bernie $180 million and Trump,  $57 million.   

So, Obama says, "To hell with all those kids being deformed via Zika."

Sen. James Lankford / The Daily Signal: Obama Raided $500M for Zika to Finance UN's Green Climate Fund

Editor's notes: 
Can you believe this lede?  And when this moron in our White House is done,  he will not have effected "global warming" to any measurable degree.  

Obama was a committed racist the day he took office, but it was not until the fall of 2011 that he decided to ignore the white working man altogether.. Guess who is supporting Trump?

I remember his 2008 campaign.  I remember him making fun of McCain at a fundraiser with this crack:  "Now he is defending a plumber," talking about Joe the Plumber.  Did you know that Joe was the first common citizen to be vetted and destroyed by the media,  because he dared to speak out against Obama's socialist policies?  He was the first  . . . . .  the media serving notice to the "common folks" with this message:  "Speak out against our candidate(s) and we will destroy you life."  Until Joe,  the common citizen was off limits in terms of opposition research. 

Latest polling results . . . . . all good for Trump

In April,  Hillary was up 11 points  (505 to 39%).  Today,  she is up by three points,  46% to 43% according to a NBC/WSJ poll.  

In the new ABC/WaPost POLL,   Hillary was up 50% to 41% in March.     In May,  Trump now holds a thin lead,  46% to 44%,  a swing of 11 points.  

Cops say, "If Beyonce wants to honor cop hating Black Panthers, she can find her own security." We agree.

<<<  Cops are angry with Beyonce's tribute to the Black Panthers during her Superbowl performance.  Read that story here

PITTSBURGH —City police officers who believe Beyonce is anti-police are planning to boycott the singer’s May 31 concert at Heinz Field, and the union said it will file a labor complaint if the city forces them to work the secondary employment.

Some police officers are planning to refuse to work the Beyonce concert May 31 at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reporter Marcie Cipriani asked Police Chief Cameron McLay about it on Friday.

Here is the most curious lede story of the week. I am thinking it is a non-starter.

Olivia Nuzzi / The Daily Beast: My Quest to Find Bill Clinton's Love Child

<<<  Some say these two look enough alike to be father and son.  Me?  I don't know. 

In two years, the Clinton's raked in 47 million dollars in "speaking fees"

Editor's notes:  Understand that neither Hillary nor Bill have released the texts for any of these speeches.  Little wonder why the Sanders opposition is screaming "foul play" and "Hillary in bed with Corporate America."

From the NY Post:  Mandatory financial disclosures released this month show that, in just the two years from April 2013 to March 2015, the former first lady, senator and secretary of state collected $21,667,000 in “speaking fees,” not to mention the cool $5 mil she corralled as an advance for her 2014 flop book, “Hard Choices.”

Throw in the additional $26,630,000 her ex-president husband hoovered up in personal-appearance “honoraria,” and the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief that the former first couple — who, according to Hillary, were “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2001 with some of the furniture in tow — can finally make ends meet.

Of Obama's four big scandals (ObamaCare, Benghazi, the weaponization of the IRS against conservative political groups and Fast and Furious), we suddenly find that one has been given new life.

 The deadly-but-forgotten government gun-running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” has lain dormant for years, thanks to White House stonewalling and media compliance. But newly uncovered e-mails have reopened the case, exposing the anatomy of a coverup by an administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.

A federal judge has forced the release of more than 20,000 pages of emails and memos previously locked up under President Obama’s phony executive-privilege claim. A preliminary review shows top Obama officials deliberately obstructing congressional probes into the border gun-running operation.
Fast and Furious was a Justice Department program that allowed assault weapons — including .50-caliber rifles powerful enough to take down a helicopter — to be sold to Mexican drug cartels allegedly as a way to track them. But internal documents later revealed the real goal was to gin up a crisis requiring a crackdown on guns in America. Fast and Furious was merely a pretext for imposing stricter gun laws.
Only, the scheme backfired when Justice agents lost track of the nearly 2,000 guns sold through the program and they started turning up at murder scenes on both sides of the border — including one that claimed the life of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
While then-Attorney General Eric Holder was focused on politics, people were dying. At least 20 other deaths or violent crimes have been linked to Fast and Furious-trafficked guns.
The program came to light only after Terry’s 2010 death at the hands of Mexican bandits, who shot him in the back with government-issued semiautomatic weapons. Caught red-handed, “the most transparent administration in history” flat-out lied about the program to Congress, denying it ever even existed.
Then Team Obama conspired to derail investigations into who was responsible by first withholding documents under subpoena — for which Holder earned a contempt-of-Congress citation — and later claiming executive privilege to keep evidence sealed.
But thanks to the court order, Justice has to cough up the “sensitive” documents. So far it’s produced 20,500 lightly redacted pages, though congressional investigators say they hardly cover all the internal department communications under subpoena. They maintain the administration continues to “withhold thousands of documents.”

Read the full story at the NY Post, here.  

Hillary's lead over Trump is gone in latest national polls.

Editor's notes:  Understand that after reading each of the following lede stories, the great fear within the Democrat ranks is this:  after Hillary becomes the actual Democrat candidate and Bernie is "put down,"  she will not get the traditional "bump" in the polls.  Even if she does get a "bump,"  most doubt that it will be more than a point or two.  

For the first time, Trump now leads the average of national polls  —  Remember how Charles Krauthammer said if Trump won the nomination he could lose like Goldwater?  National polls today confirm that once again, Krauthammer may have gotten Trump's chances wrong again.
Discussion: Washington Post

Mark Murray / NBC News:
Clinton's Lead Over Trump Shrinks to 3 Points: New NBC News/WSJ Poll

CBS Battleground Tracker Poll: Ohio and Florida show tight races 

So, now they are going after Trump as a member of the Mafia? Seriously. Here's the problem:

David Cay Johnston / Politico:
Just What Were Donald Trump's Ties to the Mob?  

Editor's notes:   So, now they are going after Trump as a member of the Mafia?  Seriously.  Here's the problem:   the article is written by a reporter who is more concerned with hawking his book,  which he names in the article,  than he is with actually reporting news.  

The question is this: who died and made David Cay Johnston the Inspector In Chief for the 2016 election cycle?  Al Jazeera news services?  He most recently has written articles for this now defunct American/Muslim news agency.  He is an anti-capitalist who detests "big money" and sees intrusive taxation as a path to wealth redistribution.  Of course he hates Trump.

His article-in-question fails to mention that Donald Trump was never indicted for any crime,  nor was he guilty of doing more than any other prominent realtor/builder was doing in the city of New York,  back in the 1980's.  He shows his ignorance,  in the article,  when he singles out "ready mix concrete" as some sort of construction issue,  when,  in fact,  all builders, today,  use ready mix if the circumstances require and building codes demand its use.  Your editor (that would be me) was a General Engineering Contractor for the State of California (now retired),  so I know what I am talking about.  

At any rate,  this is just more innuendo from the Left,  as Hillary fights off a real-time criminal FBI investigation and tries to explain her donor relationship to the Saudi's and all that money she made giving speeches to Goldman Sachs. .  

I will let you know when and if Trump is charged with and/or convicted of a crime,  tax evasion,  or Bill Clinton style rape and molestation.     

In the meantime,  let's not go running to Left Wing reporters,  who hate this country and extol the "benefits" of a socialist,  One World economy.  

Before reading the next post on the scroll-down, you should know . . . . .

Anything the Left does in terms of pushing unpopular legislation is based on deception.  In the past week,  we learned of the gross misrepresentations of the Iranian nuclear deal.  We are all aware of the comprehensive lives told regarding ObamaCare  (it wasn't a tax,  per Obama,  but that is exactly how they defended it before the Supreme Court).  

As relates to gun control issues,  the Obama/Hillary Left wants you to believe they are only concerned for more security checks, qualifying those who apply for gun ownership.  That is a lie.  Their intentions are singular and profoundly unpopular.  They intend to negate the 2nd Amendment in its totality,  via International Treaty (the U.N.).  Why have we seen article after Left Wing article,  concluding that International United Nations Treatise supersede American law?  The strategy is this:  support the U.N.'s eventual ban on private gun ownership as they insist that such a treatise pushes national law to the side.   


In the United States, the application and interpretation of international
treaty obligations implicate an intricate interplay with Constitutional mandates
and federal statutes.
As a matter of domestic law, the Constitution trumps
However, the same may not be true of other sources of law. Although
not free from scholarly debate,acts of Congress remain on a par with treaties,
prevailing over inconsistent treaty provisions only pursuant to either (i) the
“later in time” rule  or (ii) an explicit congressional pronouncement.
According to rules of international law, however, neither a Constitutional
mandate nor the enactment of a statute provide an excuse for a treaty
violation.  Prevailing opinion holds that an act wrongful under the law of
nations remains so even if a nation’s internal law deems otherwise
 Source:  PDF -  Treaty Obligations and National Law: Emerging Conflicts in International Arbitration
Clearly,  legal opinions written by members of the International community are at various with sovereignty issues of the United States of America.  

Conclusion:  Trump is dead right when it comes to his claims that Hillary intends to abolish gun ownership.  Don't be tricked into asking if she believes in the 2nd Amendment.  Rather, ask her if she believes that International Law trumps the U.S. Constitution.   

Hillary is being sharply criticized for this Vinn presentation. So how many of the 90% and the 83% support background checks? Maybe Libs are not as intelligent as they claim.

Possible interpretations of what we are looking at here:
1) 90 percent of Americans and 83 percent of gun owners do not support universal background checks.
2) Some unspecified subset of 90 percent of Americans and 83 percent of gun owners support universal background checks, but we are not allowed to know what that figure is.
3) Most gun owners aren't American?
4) The Hillary Clinton campaign is in such terrible financial shape, it can no longer afford (a) logic or (b) designers.
5) Yeah, OK, so she's trying to say that 90 percent of Americans and 83 percent of gun owners support universal background checks. Probably.
6) You should just read Reason's Jacob Sullum on this topic instead.
7) Wait, Hillary is now tweeting in the voice of "the vast majority of Americans"? That seems presumptuous.

Source:  http://reason.com/blog/2016/05/20/hillary-clinton-just-tweeted-a-godawful

CAIR spokesman has noithing else to criticize, so he goes after Trump stating an opinion that the downed Egyptian aircraft was the result of terrorism.

Trump is only expressing what most of us believe.   I mean,  the cockpit was locked and three armed air marshals were riding as passengers.  Most of us believe that this adds up to "terror."  And,  if he is wrong,  this notion that he has "prejudged the investigation" is just plain ignorant. I present this lede,  to keep you informed as to just how weak the Dems anti-Trump arguments are.  Clearly,  they need to change tactics or they will get crushed.  Right now,  it is the beginning of the first round of this fight.  Hillary is not winning the round,  but she has plenty of time to get her act together,  if,  in fact, that is possible. 

Trump: Gingrich Is 'Absolutely' On VP Shortlist

Most of Hillary's lies in a 13 minute video. See what you think.

Don't you love it when the real world sees the Obama Administration as morally deficient?

Daily Caller:   In a stunning ruling, the judge overseeing the challenge by 26 states to President Obama’s executive action in immigration has ordered all lawyers “employed at the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. who appears, or seeks to appear, in a court (state or federal) in any of the 26 Plaintiff States annually attend a legal ethics course.”     
In lambasting their conduct, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen wrote, “Such conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice.’”
Accusing the DoJ lawyers of deliberate acts of untruthfulness, Judge Hanen wrote, “The United States Department of Justice has now admitted making statements that clearly did not match the facts. It has admitted that the lawyers who made these statements had knowledge of the truth when they made these misstatements.”

His orders reads in part: 
Therefore, this Court, in an effort to ensure that all Justice Department attorneys who appear in the courts of the Plaintiff States that have been harmed by this misconduct are aware of and comply with their ethical duties, hereby orders that any attorney employed at the Justice Department in Washington, D.C. who appears, or seeks to appear, in a court (state or federal) in any of the 26 Plaintiff States annually attend a legal ethics course. It shall be taught by at least one recognized ethics expert who is unaffiliated with the Justice Department. At a minimum, this course (or courses) shall total at least three hours of ethics training per year. The subject matter shall include a discussion of the ethical codes of conduct (which will include candor to the court and truthfulness to third parties) applicable in that jurisdiction.”
In a footnote, Judge Hanen noted this was not the first time the DoJ has faced such an issue:
Just recently, the Sixth Circuit expressed a similar conclusion. It wrote:
In closing, we echo the district court’s observations about this case. The lawyers in the Department of Justice have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws—all of them, not just selective ones—in a manner worthy of the Department’s name. The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court [like the attorneys representing the DHS in this Court] falls outside that tradition. We expect that the IRS will do better going forward. And we order that the IRS comply with the district court’s discovery orders of April 1 and June 16, 2015—without redactions, and without further delay.
Concluding the order, Judge Hanen wrote, “This Court would be remiss if it left such unseemly and unprofessional conduct unaddressed.”

Read the judges actual order here.  

Morning Headlines"

The march to the Left pushed this party over the cliff via Obama and confirmed by Sanders and Warren.

Seriously,  Puerto Rico needs out help.  Let’s just hope this is the best path to a solution.

No one on the Right doubts this.

Two timer and a fraud.

No one said she wasn’t serious. 

Millions earned for 20 minute speeches buried in hidden transcripts.

And this is a Civil Rights issue  ???

Most of use on the Right think Beck is lost influence.


The Daily Beast:25 minutes ago
In a word,  since she is going to use Bill in your administration,  her problem is Bill.

Bill lost by one vote as some committed to last second changes in their vote.

The major donors are coming back;  “#nevertrump” has officially failed;  the hostile takeover is nearly complete and irresistible;  and Trump has a real chance in the coming election  . . .   that is clear.

Fox News has Trump up 45 to 42; Rasmussen is even better news for Trump.

Rasmussen Reports:
White House Watch: Trump 42%, Clinton 37%  —  Donald Trump has now grown his lead over Hillary Clinton in Rasmussen Reports' first weekly White House Watch survey.  —  Trump earns 42% support to Clinton's 37% when Likely U.S. Voters are asked whom they would vote for if the presidential election were held today.
Notes:  And,  both Trump's favorable and unfavorable numbers are better versus Hillary,  for the first time in this election cycle   . . . . .   and improving.  

Maybe someone should tell Gov Rendell that he is not helping Hillary by asserting that ugly women will vote for Trump and there are "more ugly women than attractive" in this country . . . seriously, he said this.

First the NY Times story was discredited,  and now,  two days later,  we have Rendell trying to help.  With friends like the Times and the Governor,  does Hillary really need any enemies?  ~ editor

From the Daily Mail:  Ex-Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says Donald Trump's past comments on women will likely come back to haunt him because 'there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women.'

The Democrat, and Hillary Clinton ally, was offering his thoughts to The Washington Post on the likely Republican nominee's prospects for success in the Philadelphia suburbs when he made the comment. 

From Donald Trump: his statement on each of his selections for Supreme Court justices.

- May 18, 2016 -

Donald J. Trump Releases List of Potential United States Supreme Court Justices

(New York, NY) May 18, 2016 - Today Donald J. Trump released the much-anticipated list of people he would consider as potential replacements for Justice Scalia at the United States Supreme Court. This list was compiled, first and foremost, based on constitutional principles, with input from highly respected conservatives and Republican Party leadership.

Mr. Trump stated, “Justice Scalia was a remarkable person and a brilliant Supreme Court Justice. His career was defined by his reverence for the Constitution and his legacy of protecting Americans’ most cherished freedoms. He was a Justice who did not believe in legislating from the bench and he is a person whom I held in the highest regard and will always greatly respect his intelligence and conviction to uphold the Constitution of our country. The following list of potential Supreme Court justices is representative of the kind of constitutional principles I value and, as President, I plan to use this list as a guide to nominate our next United States Supreme Court Justices.”

Steven Colloton
Steven Colloton of Iowa is a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, a position he has held since President George W. Bush appointed him in 2003. Judge Colloton has a résumé that also includes distinguished service as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, a Special Assistant to the Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, and a lecturer of law at the University of Iowa. He received his law degree from Yale, and he clerked for Chief Justice William Rehnquist. Judge Colloton is an Iowa native.

Allison Eid
Allison Eid of Colorado is an associate justice of the Colorado Supreme Court. Colorado Governor Bill Owens appointed her to the seat in 2006; she was later retained for a full term by the voters (with 75% of voters favoring retention). Prior to her judicial service, Justice Eid served as Colorado’s solicitor general and as a law professor at the University of Colorado. Justice Eid attended the University of Chicago Law School, and she clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Raymond Gruender
Raymond Gruender of Missouri has been a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit since his 2004 appointment by President George W. Bush. Judge Gruender, who sits in St. Louis, Missouri, has extensive prosecutorial experience, culminating with his time as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri. Judge Gruender received a law degree and an M.B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis.

Thomas Hardiman
Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania has been a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit since 2007. Prior to serving as a circuit judge, he served as a judge of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania since 2003. Before his judicial service, Judge Hardiman worked in private practice in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh. Judge Hardiman was the first in his family to attend college, graduating from Notre Dame.

Raymond Kethledge
Raymond Kethledge of Michigan has been a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit since 2008. Before his judicial service, Judge Kethledge served as judiciary counsel to Michigan Senator Spencer Abraham, worked as a partner in two law firms, and worked as an in-house counsel for the Ford Motor Company. Judge Kethledge obtained his law degree from the University of Michigan and clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Joan Larsen
Joan Larsen of Michigan is an Associate Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Justice Larsen was a professor at the University of Michigan School of Law from 1998 until her appointment to the bench. In 2002, she temporarily left academia to work as an Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. Justice Larsen received her law degree from Northwestern and clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia.

Thomas Lee
Thomas Lee of Utah has been an Associate Justice of the Utah Supreme Court since 2010. Beginning in 1997, he served on the faculty of Brigham Young University Law School, where he still teaches in an adjunct capacity. Justice Lee was Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Civil Division from 2004 to 2005. Justice Lee attended the University of Chicago Law School, and he clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas. Justice Lee is also the son of former U.S. Solicitor General Rex Lee and the brother of current U.S. Senator Mike Lee.

William Pryor
William H. Pryor, Jr. of Alabama is a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. He has served on the court since 2004. Judge Pryor became the Alabama Attorney General in 1997 upon Jeff Sessions’s election to the U.S. Senate. Judge Pryor was then elected in his own right in 1998 and reelected in 2002. In 2013, Judge Pryor was confirmed to a term on the United States Sentencing Commission. Judge Pryor received his law degree from Tulane, and he clerked for Judge John Minor Wisdom of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

David Stras
David Stras of Minnesota has been an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court since 2010. After his initial appointment, he was elected to a six-year term in 2012. Prior to his judicial service, Judge Stras worked as a legal academic at the University of Minnesota Law School. In his time there, he wrote extensively about the function and structure of the judiciary. Justice Stras received his law degree and an M.B.A. from the University of Kansas. He clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Diane Sykes
Diane Sykes of Wisconsin has served as a judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit since 2004. Prior to her federal appointment, Judge Sykes had been a Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court since 1999 and a Wisconsin trial court judge of both civil and criminal matters before that. Judge Sykes received her law degree from Marquette.

Don Willett
Don Willett of Texas has been a Justice of the Texas Supreme Court since 2005. He was initially appointed by Governor Rick Perry and has been reelected by the voters twice. Prior to his judicial service, Judge Willett worked as a senior fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, as an advisor in George W. Bush’s gubernatorial and presidential administrations, as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Policy, and as a Deputy Attorney General under then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Justice Willett received his law degree and a master’s degree from Duke.