Report: Trump's use of the media -- then and now.

Before the end of the primary season,  Trump controlled the media via personal news show appearances,  press conferences and speech appearances.  

Today,  coverage is non-stop,  but Trump is not in control,  nor does he appear to be trying,  in that regard.  

He is not using personal cable and network appearances,  nor is he using press conferences to control the the daily message.  Without ad time  (to date,  this is nearly zero) ,  the media is controlling him and what is talked about from day to day.   

The media's responsibility in this and all future campaigns, is to keep the conservative opposition on the defense and off message.  And Trump is letting this happen.  

If he does not get his head out of his backside,  he is going to lose and lose in historic measure.  Too bad,  because Hillary really is a crook.