The birth of of the Pervert Nation versus the Patriot Nation is here-and-now.

"I would prefer politicians to not campaign one way and then govern another way.   We want to know that they are candid and sincere in the policies that they are proposing as candidates and then once they are in that administration that they would stick to it."Sarah Palin.

She was talking about Trump,  but it applies to whoever.

Take Barack Obama.  He pretended to be an Evangelical with traditional values.  Within weeks of taking over the US Government,  he began revealing his Muslim alliance and his shameful support of queer militancy  (which is different from the "gay world"). 

His tactic worked because he revealed who he was after his sham had taken him into our White House.  Trump,  with his about face on immigration,  an "about face" with which I agree,  may be the end of his candidacy.  Time will tell,  but it appears that we are all Muslim sympathizing Communists,  now.  

The future of the country will forever be defined as The Pervert Nation versus The Patriot Nation.