Here is what you can expect for the coming week and a half, but first, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readership and thank you.

Final Update:  I am working on a number of stories for our first day of publication in the new year,  tomorrow,  January 2,  2014.  My "New Year's resolutions"  will effect how I approach this blog,  in very specific ways,  laying a foundation for less partisanship on my part and a greater degree of accuracy in my election/domestic projections. I was "right on" with my analysis of the 2010 midterms.  And,  while the Dems love to say,  "Elections have consequences,"  they and their media members,  have done all things possible to ignore that particular election.  

Unfortunately,  I was caught off guard in my failure to predict the 2012 election.  I knew that "evangelicals"  would be inclined to resist a Mormon candidate,  but I now believe,  that the non-Mormon evangelicals failed this country in that election,  preferring an aggressive secularists over a man of faith.   

I remain a "constitutional conservative" and will defend the "teaparty" as a movement within the American politic, as it stands in defense of the US Constitution,  established moral values  and a balanced budget with all of its implicit ramifications. 

Sarah Palin has become a conservative "icon," in my opinion and for a number of good biographical reasons.  She has become a conservative "icon" on a par with Ronald Reagan or Charles Krauthammer.  By contrast,  Barack Obama has become a politician on a par with Joe Biden, driven by self-serving arrogance  (hence his two autobiographies written before anyone knew who he was), and his desire to transform this great nation in ways that declare,  "I know better than all those who have gone before me and my time."

All of the above, and more,  will effect how I report the news as well as the content of my commentary.  Talk to you all,  tomorrow.  J Smithson,  blog editor and blue-collar cervante. 
< Check the date in the headline for the actually date of posting during this holiday season.>
Merry Christmas to all our readership. My publishing will be intermittent, at best,  during this vacation season (thru the 1st of the year).  We are a political blog almost exclusively, and "politicking" has been suspended for a short while. Obama is dead in the water but,  so too,  are the Democrat and Republican parties.  What a mess.  Somehow,  make this a season of peace and family.  I intend to do just that.

I have allowed for 8 posts during the holiday season.  I have had to "publish"  all on the same day,  before the texts were written. 

 Check the date in the headline for the actually date of posting.  

Update:  See you on the 2nd of the year. Stay sober or ride with a friend.  AND do not lose heart if you are a conservative.  I do believe "we" are winning.

Sunday the 29th: America's 60 year old past, contrasted with the Do Nothing Generation of this day.

So during the 3-1/2 years of the USA involvement in World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced 151 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks.
We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services,  invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy , won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany .
It's worth noting, that during the same amount of time, the Obama administration couldn't build a functioning web site.

Mark S Helm

Saturday the 28th, second post: Pro Bowl selections with the Chiefs and the 49's tied for most selections.

 As you know,  the wheels have come off  the Obama Train Wreak we know as his "presidency."  After five years,  ObamaCare is his only major achievement,  and we all know how that has worked out.  Since before the November elections (2012),  Obama has been a lame duck;  sports has become much more important to me,  as well as my "new" second job (at 68),  a manager with a construction company in Denver.  While I intend to continue with this blog - a daily review of political events,  it is clear to me,  that I really don't have much to write about,  on a daily basis.  So,  occasionally,  I will include none political stories.  

Pro Bowl selections follow:

Arizona Cardinals
LB John Abraham, CB Patrick Peterson, ST Justin Bethel

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens
OG Marshal Yanda, DT Haloti Ngata, LB Terrell Suggs, K Justin Tucker

Buffalo Bills
DE Mario Williams, DL Kyle Williams, FS Jairus Byrd

Carolina Panthers
QB Cam Newton, C Ryan Kalil; FB Mike Tolbert, DE Greg Hardy, LB Luke Kuechly

Chicago Bears
WR Brandon Marshall, RB Matt Forte

Cincinnati Bengals
WR A.J. Green, LB Vontaze Burfict

Cleveland Browns
WR Josh Gordon, OT Joe Thomas, C Alex Mack, TE Jordan Cameron, CB Joe Haden

Dallas Cowboys
WR Dez Bryant, OT Tyron Smith

Denver Broncos
QB Peyton Manning, WR Demaryius Thomas, OG Louis Vasquez, TE Julius Thomas, K Matt Prater

Detroit Lions
WR Calvin Johnson, DT Ndamukong Suh

Green Bay Packers

Houston Texans
WR Andre Johnson, DE J.J. Watt

Indianapolis Colts
LB Robert Mathis

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs
OT Branden Albert, RB Jamaal Charles, DT Dontari Poe, LB Tamba Hali, LB Justin Houston, CB Brandon Flowers, SS Eric Berry, PR Dexter McCluster

Miami Dolphins
C Mike Pouncey, DE Cameron Wake, CB Brent Grimes, P Brandon Fields

Minnesota Vikings
RB Adrian Peterson

New England Patriots
QB Tom Brady, OG Logan Mankins, CB Aqib Talib,
ST Matthew Slater

New Orleans Saints
QB Drew Brees, OG Jahri Evans, OG Ben Grubbs, TE Jimmy Graham, DE Cameron Jordan

New York Giants

New York Jets

Oakland Raiders
FB Marcel Reece

Philadelphia Eagles
OT Jason Peters, RB LeSean McCoy

Pittsburgh Steelers
WR-PR Antonio Brown, SS Troy Polamalu

San Diego Chargers
QB Philip Rivers, FS Eric Weddle

San Francisco 49ers
OT Joe Staley, OG Mike Iupati, TE Vernon Davis, RB Frank Gore, DT Justin Smith, LB Ahmad Brooks, LB NaVorro Bowman, LB Patrick Willis

Seattle Seahawks
QB Russell Wilson, C Max Unger, RB Marshawn Lynch, CB Richard Sherman, FS Earl Thomas, SS Kam Chancellor

St. Louis Rams
DE Robert Quinn, P Johnny Hekker

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DT Gerald McCoy, CB Darrelle Revis

Tennessee Titans
CB Alterraun Verner

Washington Redskins
OT Trent Williams

Saturday the 28th: If 97% of the population is "homophobe," it is safe to say the heterophobes lost, yesterday.

First,  Cracker Barrel apologized to its customer base and reinstated  the sale of Duck Dynasty "stuff."  Then,  Twitter,  apologized for trying to hinder a petition campaign supporting Duck Dynasty.  And,  finally,  A & E did the right thing,  and decided it would allow Phil Robertson to continue as a member of the most popular cast on cable TV.  

Of course,  some within the Gay community immediately began to whin,  having lost their bid to criminalize any and all opposition speech,  and, the Blacks,  well,  the radicals within that community simply hate anything related to traditional,  white man,  America, including the white man's Christmas,   the US Constitution, a white man's document,  as it is presently written,  and Christianity as expressed by the white man over the centuries.  

Understand,  that this is a debate in the public square,  it is not a call to arms within either community of thought.  While gays may have the right to practice their "lifestyle,"  they should never be allowed to silence those who disagree,  and that,  for me,  was at the heart of this battle. 

Too bad he ain't waving "Goodbye" (12/26)

154 trips to links.  If we count 22 days as a "working month,"  he just spent 7 stinking months of his first five years,  playing games in a sand bunker

Thursday the 26th: Timely comments from one of my heros. Surely you have 14 minutes, time enough to sit and listen !!!

As you listen,  think about our current president,  taking his wife on her 23rd multi-week vacation in five years,  basking in the Hawaiian sunshine,  without a mention of Christmas, its Christ,  and the meaning behind this season of thanksgiving.  As you listen,  think about the oppressed peoples of North Korea,  Syria,  Iran, and many of the pagan/Muslim infected nations of Africa.  Know this,  there was a time when leadership in this country reached for the highest goals.  God bless the founding ideals of this country. 

Wednesday the Dec. 25th: The Christmas event and its value to history, a personal opinion and my reason (in part) for my faith in God.

The Christmas event and its value to history

7 am in Denver and listening to Perry Como sing, "White Christmas." Shame none of our kids know who "Perry Como" is or was. Hate many of the changes in our world, but, so too, was the case with our parent generation. So too ("change is coming") will be the case with the Millennials. Kind of scary thinking about what changes their kids will come up with, in their world, no?

And the beauty of it all is the fact of the "adaptability" of the Christ event throughout the ages - able, somehow, to survive the organic and collective exhale and inhale of generations and generations of people, each thinking their changes are final, written "in stone" as it were, not grasping the importance of irresistible change as a function of an organism coupled with the need of that organism for a Superintendent (God) who is unchangeable but adaptable, at the same time. One without the other is the very definition of "chaos," in my humble opinion.

This ultimate and undeniable necessity (history as supervised chaos) is my proof for the existence of "God." Chaos, by definition, is the end of history, not a function of history. It is antithetical to any definition of history.  Without a superintending "normalcy," our world would have ended with its very beginning.

Speaking of "superintendent normalcy," you should see the eggs I just spilled on the floor, for a perfect example of "history in motion" but without any sense of "superintendent normalcy." Geeeesh, kind of a mess.

Oh. MERRY CHRISTMAS and be normal, today, for God's sake . . . . . seriously.


Tuesday the 24th - Commentary on the threat facing the Democrat Party.

Lisa Desjardins / CNN:
Pelosi: Obamacare fallout will be reversed, won't hurt Democrats  —  (CNN) - The top Democrat in the House predicted that any political fallout from the new healthcare law will be reversed within months.  —  “By the time we get into the spring, I think the Affordable Care Act will either …
Discussion: CBS DC

Editor's notes:  In a week when almost nothing of import is happening in the world of politics,  you might ask,  "Why is the editor singling out this story?"  And the answer is rather straight forward.

Pelosi is a nutcase with the ability to amass political power,  as vindictive a party leader as one can find,  AND,  if she is  not in power,  no one cares what she has to say.  THAT is the storyline, here.   My story is more about who is talking about her statement,  than what she said.  Makationale note of the "Discussion" at the end of the lede.  Only CBS DC  (a local affiliate - not the national network) took this CNN story.  Usually,  you can expect to see a list of several sources,  sometimes as many as 20,  named in the "Discussion."  Again,  on this occasion,  the only national media giving attention to Pelosi's prediction was CNN.  

Keep in mind,  this is a prediction made by a woman who actually thinks it makes sense to say, "We have to pass the bill in order to see what is in the bill." This is the same woman who once predicted,  "We will add 400,000 jobs to the economy,  almost immediately,  after the signing of the bill (ObamaCare)." 

Understand and believe this,  Democrats running for re-election,  have no one to help,  in a meaningful way,  in their individual election campaigns.  Not Obama;  not Harry Reid;  not Nancy Pelosi.  

And "No,"  I did not forget about Hillary.  She may be of value,  but she is busy with presidential, 2016 strategies.  And Benghazi is more a problem for her,  than any of us might suppose.  

Point of this post:  The lede storyline,  Pelosi saying anything,  has become a joke,  of and within itself.  She,  Reid and Obama  (among others) have been almost totally discredited,  as to render them irrelevant,  and,  I dare say,  more so than is the case with Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. 

If "they" cannot come up with an effective lie,  in their defense of ObamaCare,  the Democrat party is in as serious trouble as it has been in my adult lifetime . . . .   come the midterms in 2014.  

To make matters worse,  "they" know that after the spring of this coming year,  stereotypes will be set in the minds of the voting public, and escape from opposition branding will be almost impossible.  They have just three/four months to change public perceptions.  Of course,  nothing can be considered "written in stone," until election day,  but there is a definite deadline facing our national Socialist party and it is coming down the tracks at high speed.  

Monday the 23nd: I not only write on and keep up with the world of domestic politics, I address my comments to my congressional representatives. Here is my memo to Rep. Nunes - for all the good it might do.

From: John Smithson

To: Rep.Nunes ; vpjohndavid
Sent: Sun, Dec 22, 2013 10:00 pm

Very disappointed in the GOP's ability to get anything done regarding the several investigations.  But,  more than this,  I am amazed that none of you in congress,  whether in the house or the Senate,  have any intentions of working legislatively for a decrease in the powers of the presidency.  The fact that Obama or whoever now has the tools (signing statements, executive order,  executive privilege that can extends to a 50 member "Czar" staff AND  their staffs, and the power to legislate via regulations) coupled with his power to command the military, domestically,  has not escaped me.  While Obama has been 
pretty much "neutralized" at many levels,  still,  he has the power to rule as if a dictator,  power not given at the time of the founding,  powers that continue to enhanced by a congress that believes "trust" is more important than legislative boundaries.  In fact, 
it is clear that he has neutralized congress and , especially,  the GOP.  He has made a joke of the legislative branch,  and we have 
three years to go.  

And Boehner's war on the Right is disgusting.  "We" gave you all the power of the House and our reward?  to work for our demise as an influence within the GOP.  I suppose you are part of this crap.  Very disappointed.  Try winning another national election without the Right.
Of course, you all have made that effort.  In 2012,  Palin and her constituency were almost completely ignored.  We are not going away.  We have compromised our principles for 40 stinking  years,  yet,  Boehner insists that we are "anti-compromise."  The fact of  the matter is this:  "we" have been promised smaller government,  lower taxes, and an increase in Constitutional governance for  at least 4 decades.  Promises made but not kept.  In 2006,  the silent Right,  got sick of it and said "go to hell"  and you all lost the House and Senate,  but you did not listen to our rebellion.    In 2008,  you all were embarrassed by the McCain campaign while we stayed away from the polls in mass,  We won the 2010 in a landslide  -  we,  the teaparty Right.  We did that.  And, still,  you all refused to listen to our voice or acknowledge our power and our leadership.  

Although I cannot speak for the millions who  are in this "movement" and sick and tired of being lied to by the very people we believe in and support,  I do believe my posting,  here, is representative of a huge number of constituents.  You will decide for yourself.  But, again,  know this:  "we" are your ticket to political continuance,  unless,  of course, you can convince the "moderate"  collective to take our place at the polls.  Apparently this is a bet the Boehners of the world are willing to make,  again and again.

How about this:  let's have the Left "compromise" for a change?  

A constituent and very angry primary voter, 

Please pass on my comments.  I do believe they are representative and the cause of concern for the future of the GOP..  

J Smithson

And my comments do not stand alone. 

From Palin's Facebook

No one can argue with the fact that Paul Ryan’s compromise budget bill raises taxes and increases spending. Show me one Republican who got elected on that platform. Spare America the Orwellian word games. If the government is taking money out of your pocket to fund its growing Big Brother operations, it’s a tax. Whether money is taken from you via your phone bill, your airline ticket, or your income, it’s a tax. If politicians can’t be honest about this, it’s time to go home. 
The TEA Party’s very acronym stands for “Taxed Enough Already.” We sent these politicians to Congress in an historic landslide election in 2010 with a mandate to stop the runaway spending train bankrupting our nation, not to wave to it from the station or – heaven forbid – increase its speed. And yet, here we are still pretending that there are no real world consequences to running up near trillion dollar deficits year after year with no end in sight.
So, where does this leave us? We can sit back and accept the increased spending "Compromised Plan" with increases in taxes and spending, or we can charge ahead to at least preserve the very modest Sequester cuts American workers already fought for. If we go with the first option, we simply kick the can down the road yet again and wait for the inevitable real world consequences of bankruptcy (see Detroit for an example of what’s in store). Or we can go with the second option and probably get clobbered by the media (so what's new?!).
The Political Establishment will no doubt tell us that a budget battle will distract us from the fight against Obamacare. But that excuse is just the latest variation in the Establishment’s old canard that they’re keeping their powder dry for the next big battle which never seems to materialize because they’re always too busy waving the white flag and following the path of least resistance until election day.
Enough is enough!
Here’s the deal, folks. The media will clobber us no matter what. We do not want more taxes. We want Congress to rein in spending and live within its means. (What's so radical about that?!) Americans have gotten quite an education recently in wasteful government spending as we’ve all seen how the federal government can blow a billion dollars on a website that doesn’t work. 
Do these members of Congress really think they can justify every tax dollar they spend and still demand more from hard working Americans by increasing our taxes?
2014 is just around the corner. If any member of Congress thinks raising taxes and increasing wasteful spending is a winning strategy to run on, then by all means they should vote for the Ryan budget. We’ll be watching.

What if I told you even gays see the point: Agree or disagree with Duck Dynasty, they still have the right to voice their opinion, especially when that "voice" does not urge violence against the gay community.


After three months of abuse, the GOP finds redemption in its opposition to ObamaCare. Turns out virtually all Americans have been exempted from the law until 2015, to which I say, "We told you so."

From the Wall Street Journal,  we have this conclusion:  

It seems Nancy Pelosi was wrong when she said "we have to pass" ObamaCare to "find out what's in it." No one may ever know because the White House keeps treating the Affordable Care Act's text as a mere suggestion subject to day-to-day revision. Its latest political retrofit is the most brazen: President Obama is partly suspending the individual mandate.

The White House argued at the Supreme Court that the insurance-purchase mandate was not only constitutional but essential to the law's success, while refusing Republican demands to delay or repeal it. But late on Thursday, with only four days to go before the December enrollment deadline, the Health and Human Services Department decreed that millions of Americans are suddenly exempt.
Individuals whose health plans were canceled will now automatically qualify for a "hardship exemption" from the mandate. If they can't or don't sign up for a new plan, they don't have to pay the tax. They can also get a special category of ObamaCare insurance designed for people under age 30. . . . . "

 And  the Journal concludes its article with the following challenge to a statement Obama wants us all to believe: 

"The basic structure of that law is working, despite all the problems," Mr. Obama added. His make-it-up-as-he-goes improvisation will continue, because the law is failing.
Editor’s notes:  So,  after months of name calling and threats to the Republican opposition;  after  having to  listen to the morons at MSNBC call fiscal conservatives “Nazis,” “Racists” and worse,  for even suggesting that ObamaCare was an absolute mess;  after all that,  2013 ends – three months into ObamaCare - with all populations qualifying for coverage,  exempted from the bill until late in 2014  or sometime in 2015.  This includes both the Big Business and Small Business and their 160 million policy holders and,  as of two days ago,  the remaining "individual" population (some 15 million Americans)  -  in other words,  nearly everybody.  

There have been no increases in economic costs because of "global warming" events for decades, according to testimony given, recently, to a Senate sub-committee

<<<   Dr. Roger Pielke Jr - head of CIRES' Center for Science and Technology Policy. 

“It is misleading and just plain incorrect to claim that disasters associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts have increased on climate timescales either in the United States or globally. It is further incorrect to associate the increasing costs of disasters with the emission of greenhouse gases.”

“Hurricanes have not increased in the U.S. in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since at least 1900.  The same holds for tropical cyclones globally since at least 1970.”

(Testimony taken from video cam recordings of the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, here). 

Pielke's testimony,  based on a review of climate data,  stands in stark contrast to the committee's chairman,  Barbara Boxer,  whose "evidence" for global warming goes like this:  "In a few short years,  we can just look out the window and see evidence of climate change all around us."

Add to this rhetorical nonsense, the words of the unread Barack Obama,  in his 2013 State of the Union speech,  in which he said:  “Heat waves, droughts, wildfires and floods — all are now more frequent and intense."  

In contrast to this rhetorical  "evidence,"  we have these conclusions given to the committee in the July hearing:  

1.  Insured catastrophe losses have not increased as a proportion of GDP since 1960.

2.  Globally, weather related losses ($) have not increased since 1990 as a proportion of GDP
(they have actually decreased by about 25%).

3.  Hurricanes have not increased in the US in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since
at least 1900. The same holds for tropical cyclones globally since at least 1970   (when data
allows for a global perspective).

4. Floods have not increased in the US in frequency or intensity since at least 1950. Flood losses
as a percentage of US GDP have dropped by about 75% since 1940.

5. Tornadoes have not increased in frequency, intensity or normalized damage since 1950, and
there is some evidence to suggest that they have actually declined.

6.  Drought has “for the most part, become shorter, less frequent, and cover a smaller portion of
the U. S. over the last century.    ”Globally, “there has been little change in drought over the past 60 years."

The absolute costs of disasters will increase significantly in coming years due to greater wealth and populations in locations exposed to extremes.   

Consequent, disasters will continue to be an important focus of policy irrespective of the exact future course of climate changer

Editor's notes:  The 6 talking points and brief conclusion were taken from testimony recorded here.  While Dr. Pielke allows for the possibility of global warming,  he does not see any evidence for such,  in current geo-trends.  To date,  there are no economic "consequences" for supposed [regional] "global warming" occurences. 

You know (!!) they are going to tell A & E to take a hike - all because he is not into anal sex.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support.  The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E's decision.  We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word.  While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm.  We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty. Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.

According to the National Review, here is a typical ad incumbant Democrats and Socialists fear the most.

In 2014,  we, as a nation,  will participate in the midterm elections,  a time when all 435 House representatives and approximately 33 Senators are up for re-election.  "Ending Spending,"  a fiscally conservative group, produced this video and hopes to national as many of the 435 district elections as possible,  tying each House Representative (all 435 of them) to their record on ObamaCare. 

Phil Robertson, the new American hero, speaks his mind as he expresses his free speech right to disagree with 3% of the population. Understand, this is not about homo rights but about freedom of speech, period.

How the "problem began and what Phil Robertson said:

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” clan, is being slammed for controversial comments he made about homosexuality in an interview in the January issue of GQ.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me,” Robertson told the magazine. “I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

[Actually,  while you might not agree,  Robertson is only talking about why he prefers to join 97% of the population in his practice of heterosexual practice.  His reason IS the reason why all heterosexuals are "heterosexual."]

When the reporter asked Robertson what he found sinful, he said “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

 [Robertson is describing sexual sins from his understanding of the biblical message.  He is NOT  typifying homo people as "into" bestiality" any more than he is typifying a male homo as being "into" women. There are no "stereotypes in his statement,  none at all]. 

And, the false claims of folks who do not care to read or listen to what has been said:

“Phil and his family claim to be Christian, but Phil’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” said GLAAD spokesperson Wilson Cruz. “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Louisianans — and Americans — who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.

[Exactly what did Robertson say that is incorrect?  97% of the male population prefers the female body.  That is all the man is saying.  If there is anything "vile,"  it is where the home puts his wing-wang  . . .   I said "if."]

“Phil’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on A&E and his sponsors who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”
(Read the NY Post, here,  for the full article).  

[Because Phil chose the everyday language of the American commoner,  is no  reason to brand his descriptive language as "vile" or "sterotypical."]


After notes include 12 headlined stories concerning this evolving story. 

When folks agree that "Big Government" is our greatest national threat, they are simply saying that "Government is our greatest national threat," because the Federal Systemig is only "big government."

This is some of the best news the GOP has seen in the 5 years:   

Record High in U.S. Say Big Government Greatest Threat

Now 72% say it is greater threat than big business or big labor

by Jeffrey M. Jones
PRINCETON, NJ -- Seventy-two percent of Americans say big government is a greater threat to the U.S. in the future than is big business or big labor, a record high in the nearly 50-year history of this question. The prior high for big government was 65% in 1999 and 2000. Big government has always topped big business and big labor, including in the initial asking in 1965, but just 35% named it at that time.
Trend: Views of Biggest Threat to U.S. in Future
The latest update comes from a Dec. 5-8 poll. Gallup has documented a steady increase in concern about big government since 2009, rising from 55% in March 2009 to 64% in November 2011 and 72% today. This suggests that government policies specific to the period, such as the Affordable Care Act -- perhaps coupled with recent revelations of government spying tactics by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden -- may be factors.
Currently, 21% name big business as the greatest threat, while 5%, a record low, say big labor. The high point for big labor was 29% in 1965. No more than 11% of Americans have chosen big labor since 1995, clearly reflecting the decline of the labor movement in the United States in recent decades.
The historical high choosing big business, 38%, came in 2002, after a series of corporate scandals rocked major corporations including Enron and Tyco. Also at that time, Americans may have been less willing to choose government given the rally in support for government institutions and officials after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Americans were also more likely to view big business as a big threat during the recent recession, with more than three in 10 choosing it in 2008 and 2009, a time when many large corporations, including financial and automotive companies, failed or were in danger of failing without government intervention. But fewer Americans now view big business as a threat -- the current 21% is the lowest Gallup has measured since 1983. . . . . . .  finish reading this important article at Gallup, here.  

He is fine with homo freedoms; he just does not agree with the "life style."

Phil Robertson,  speaking out as a member of a society that no longer believes in the free speech provisions embedded in the 1st Amendment,  has this to say about homosexuality.  Make note that he does not argue against the freedom to be a homosexual.   

“It seems like, to me, a vagina—as a man—would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,”

He was fired for this statement by the clowns who run our media entertainment. 

Me?  I say that there is something wrong with a love making occasion when you need to use antiseptic during the "after glow" session. 

Sarah Palin tweeted this in response to Robertson’s firing:  “free speech is [an] endangered species.” 

And Governor Bobby Jindal made this statement:  “Phil Robertson and his family are great citizens of the state of Louisiana. The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with.    I don’t agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV. In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive. But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment. It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended.”

Some thoughts about the effect of ObamaCare on the coming 2014 and 2016 elections. Hint: it is all bad news for our Socialist/Central Plannng opponents.

Peter Hamby / CNN:
Biden ‘dead meat’ in Iowa, governor says  —  Des Moines, Iowa (CNN) - Vice President Joe Biden, widely assumed to be plotting a third presidential bid in 2016, shouldn't bother booking any flights to Des Moines, Iowa Gov. Ter  . . . 


Editor’s notes:  I will not let the reader forget this:  The end result of the Democrat primary process for the 2008 presidential election gave us this:  Obama scored more than 18 million votes in that process;  Hillary brought in almost the same total,  again, more than 18 million.  Joe Biden ran for the Democrat nomination,  as well, and brought in a miserable total of 67,000 votes out of more than 36 million votes cast for the would be party champion. 

Point of this post?  No one in the Democrat Party wanted Joe Biden as a presidential candidate.  And, nothing has changed.  He has proven to be one of the most inconsequential VP’s in modern times,  a do-nothing who loves to swagger and blow.  To imagine that we are a heart beat away from having him as our president,  justifies our preference for the likes of Sarah Palin.  In fact,  Obama’s presidency justifies our belief in Governor Palin. 

At any rate:  I feel safe in making this prediction:   Joe the Blow will not be the Democrat representative for president in 2016 or any year.  In fact,  Hillary may be the only party member who has a chance of over-coming the deficit being created by the geniuses in the current Administration.  And,  if the GOP can effectively tie Hillary to ObamaCare,  she may not be the “savior” they are hoping she would be.

In terms of election strategies,  keep this in mind:  all the present-time complaints surrounding ObamaCare come from a customer base of just 4% of the insured population,   or 14 million folks.  Nearly all of the currently insured,  150 million Americans,  are tied to their employer based (insurance) policy provisions.  Obama has postponed the big and small business “employer mandates” until after the 2014 midterm. 

In this decision,  he has insured that the complaints will remain a huge negative for the Democrat Party, much much worse than the storm the Democrats have been facing over the past three months.   Of course,  if they  can “fix” either ObamaCare or its  perception, their chances for moderate success in 2014 will improve,  but ObamaCare is simply not going to be the single, history turning issue,  the Socialists had hoped it would be. 

According to the populace media (CBS, in this case), ObamaCare is not the "go to" political program that the Democrat Party had hoped it would be.Instead of multipying their policital power, this mess threatens to set their cause back by two decades. And, this could not happen to nicer group of people. .

CBS News:     Skepticism about the health care law extends to both insured and uninsured Americans, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. Both groups disapprove of the law overall, and while the uninsured are more positive about the law’s personal impact than those with insurance, more still think the law will hurt rather than help them. CBS News and The New York Times interviewed 702 adults who do not have health insurance for this poll. 

Just 15 percent of insured Americans think the health care law will help them personally, but that number rises to 33 percent among the uninsured. Still, more uninsured Americans think the health care law will hurt them (37 percent).  Thirty-two percent of insured Americans say it’ll hurt them.  Overall, 46 percent feel it will have no effect (49 percent of insured Americans, 27 percent of uninsured).

Editor's notes: the point of consideration that might be missed by the conservative press is this:  the fantasy that ObamaCare would have wild,  populace appeal, is beginning to look as if this will not be the case and the survey results,  above,  makes this point.  

Certainly,  if our insurance policies were "better" policies, billed to us at bargain prices while access to our existing doctors and hospitals was being enhanced,  AND,  the whole program actually  reduced the national debt,  well,  of course this would have been a God-send for the Progressive Socialists who dreamed up this legislative mess.   

But the fact of the matter is this:  "ObamaCare" has moved  from the world of promise and theory,  and is now being judged in the real world of "what's happening now."  Therein is the problem.  

The talk show is over, and,  it's star (Barack Obama) is having to deal with stark reality and the reality is this:  millions are being forced off policies they actually preferred; millions are loosing their doctors and preferred hospitals with no recourse;  other millions have had their annual deductible's raised so high as to prevent them from ever using their coverage except in the most catastrophic of illnesses.    

Understand that two-thirds of all those being "signed up" are not going into the insurance exchanges,  but,  instead,  are applying for Medicaid.  The signing dead line is this coming Monday  (Dec. 23).  By that time,  the Administration wanted nearly 3 million enrollees;  they needed close to 1.4 million in order to pay the projected bills.  By contrast  -  and here is where reality meets theory -  the program will not enlist 400,000 on the insurance side.  In fact,  that total is closer to 137,000 as things are being report,  at this time.  

When  NOTHING validates the promises made,  "the people"  -  slow to be critical of Central Planning - notice,  and,  the popularity of the political party and individuals responsible,  pays the price.  

And the problem in all this,  is irresistibly linked to the fact that the Democrats excluded the GOP from the legislative process and, now,  must pay the price as being the only party,  responsible for this disaster.    

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A black student at Sacramento State University staged a fake lynching of two white people as part of an art project exploring racism.

Earlier this month, students at the public university campus saw two white people hanging from a tree with nooses around their necks. They were actors who had been hired by Christina Edwards, an artist and senior at the college.