A conservative editor allows for the viability of Common Core. Here is his thinking on this issue:

Editor’s notes:  Two considerations: 

First,  there is no reason to believe that Common Core is an end all to educational failures.  It is not as if there are no competing programs that are potentially and equally effective. 

Secondly,  I have two daughters who are teachers (here, in California).  Both agree that Common Core does not take away their independency as teachers or their ability to make changes in what they teach,  should that be their intentions. 

Those teachers who are hell bent on social justice as defined by modern-day Marxism,  will use any educational tool,  to pursue their personal agenda,  whether that be Common Core or not. 

Me?  I believe my very conservative minded daughters.  

Hegal tells China, “Back off," which leads us to ask this question:

"In recent months, China has undertaken destabilizing, unilateral actions asserting its claims in the South China Sea," Hagel said.
He warned Beijing that the United States was committed to its geopolitical rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region and "will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are being challenged"   . . . .   http://news.yahoo.com/u-backs-japans-abe-tells-china-stop-destabilizing-022309858.html;_ylt=AwrBEiHMyolTByUAbUbQtDMD

Editor’s notes:  You cannot use your enemies for debt relief,  disarm your military as your enemies double down on the increase of their armies, jump in bed with their trade policies,  and spend  six years backing down from your threats and commitments,  and do anything other than ask the same question the Communist Chinese are asking,  “Or what?”  

Obama has been in a position of responsibility for Veteran's affairs since 2005; three years as Senate committee member and 5 years as "president." Blaming Bush is just plain silly. (no article, just this informative headline and a brief comment).

Understand that a politician cannot "accept responsibility" for an issue or problem and blame his predecessor,  at the same time; the two are mutually exclusive  . . . . . . . . .   period.  

Why this editor no longer watches The Five.

<<< Bob "Who the hell is this guy" Beckel,  is second from the left,  and I do mean Left.  

FromBreitbart:  Friday on Fox News Channel's "The Five," co-host Bob Beckel responded to today's release of Hillary Clinton’s "Hard Choices" Benghazi chapter saying, "First of all, the idea that anything is infamous about those ridiculous Sunday talk shows, there's a small clack of people here and in Washington paying attention to it. Secondly I think it was the most brilliant political chapter I have ever read in answering questions."

Beckel continued, "She did exactly right, she laid it where it should be laid, which is on every Republicans now making politics, everyone, over dead bodies. She laid it out when she talked about these cretins and deceitful people starting with Darrell Issa, he is a deceitful man."

Beckel wrapped his rant by declaring "I want to say this, this is the last time I'm ever going to talk about Benghazi, and I hope every other patriotic American joins with me." 

Editor’s notes:  There was a time when I actually defended this pig of a liberal,  but no more.  My change of attitude is directly related to the comments above,  stated in differing contexts,  over the past four weeks.  Bob “Who the hell is this guy” Beckel was the campaign manager for Walter Mondale,  and is responsible for conducting one of the most feckless national presidential campaigns in US history. 

Obviously, Beckel knows no more about election politics than he cares about four men screaming for help while their Commander writes them off,  goes to bed,  rises the next morning,  flies to Nevada,  and gives a campaign speech,  all while people were fighting and dying at the hands of Radical Islam, not aware that Obama and Hillary had written them off for the sake of election politics.    Beckel has written this (Benghazi)  off,  and couldn't care less about the truth of the matter,  or the fact that he defends a cold blooded politician in the Muslim sympathizer,  B Obama. 

Understand that I do not care about the video fantasy of the Socialist Left.  The fact remains,  video or not,  that these people went to bed and slept,  while men were screaming for help.  If only Beckel would find himself in that same situation.     

Me?  I have enjoyed The Five,  since its inception on Fox News,  but no more.  I no longer watch the program,  because and only because,  of this fat ass and his know-nothing,  heartless rantings about Benghazi.  

Before the serious debate from the Left about immigaration reform, 20 to 30 million immigrants; aft serious efforts began, Left touts (only) 11 million immigrants in country. Why?

Here is what will be and is,  wrong with Democrat immigration reform:  1) It will put reform and amnesty ahead of border security; 2) there will be no cap on future immigration into this country from our southern border; 3) as many as 40 million immigrants will be effected,  not the bogus 11 million,  being touted as the official estimate from the Left; 4) under Democrat/Obama rule,  the new law,  should it be written,  will be ignored as the Dems see fit,  effecting and affecting a borderless national pathology;  5) under Obama,  de facto amnesty  is already the case,  and the promise of amnesty** is creating so large a border crossing, as we speak,   that our border patrol is nearly and completely overwhelmed as per the video report on the Kelly Files.

**  Understand that "amnesty" and "path to citizenship" are two very different things, or should be. The concern of the Conservative Nation is that Progressive Socialists will use "amnesty"  (the right to remain in this country until citizenship requirements can be fulfilled),   as a de facto path to citizenship.  Their argument will be:  "It is not fair that these people cannot vote while waiting in line to become citizens.  Let's give them that right, now,  and all the benefits of citizenship,  since they have entered the process to become Americans,  already."  The reader needs to accept reality,  at this point.  Socialist Progressives,  believing that the "ends always justifies the means,"  cannot be trusted with the application of any law that can be turned into a political plus for the advancement of their world view.   

You should know that the waiting period,  admittedly too long,  insures that these "new citizens" will have been exposed to our laws,  and our reverence for US Constitutional law  . . . .  considerations the Radical Left does not honor.

Related news from Breitbard.com:   
Facing pressure from immigrant advocates and seeking to fulfill a commitment to “transparency,” Customs and Border Protection Friday released a consultant review of its officers’ use of force and a revised Use of Force Policy handbook.
“This release and, most importantly, the policy and training changes they represent are the beginning of a continuous review of our responsibility to only use force when it is necessary to protect people,” CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said.
According to CBP, the handbook revisions used "most" of the recommendations from the commissioned Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) review, which encouraged placing more limits on the use of force based on a review of 67 use of force incidents from January 2010 through October 2012, as well as an Inspector General review.

Thanks to our readership for our first 1 millionth pageview, today, May 30. As a small time blog, we hope we are doing a service for this country.

This blog just crossed the 1 millionth pageview mark.  Add 330,000 to this total,  and you have a close approximation of our total pageview since mid-2008.  The blog was shut down,  by Google,  using spam guidelines as their excuse.  The shutdown occurred three hours after I had written a blazing criticism of the Democrat control Congress,  giving Obama unrestricted access to Freddie and Fannie funding.  I believed the money was going to be used by Obama to fund ACORN,  a perverse political concern that had lost its congressional funding.  The blog was down on Dec 24, 2009, and, up and running,  using a different URL but with the same name,  on Dec 26. 2009.  

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Hillary, incredibly, has decided to defend the "video explanation" on Benghazi. Has she sealed her political doom? Time will tell.

43 share
In Hillary's newly released book,  Hard Choices,  she gives explanation and a defense to "inside politics" during her time with the Obama Administration as well as talking about her political strategy for the near future.  While not declaring her candidacy in this book,  Hillary sets out to control, if not define and limit,  the coming debate about her involvement regarding Benghazi. 

Understand that Libya was Obama's claim to fame, in the pre-election propaganda of 2012,  but,  before this reality,  Libya/Benghazi was Hillary's responsibility as Secretary of State.  I am saying,  "The Embassy murders were first, under her purview,  then Obama's."  That both had reason to lie about the events of 9/11/2012 (just days before the November elections),  and colluded on their fantasy explanation and their "do nothing, after crisis" policy.  Rather than running from the problem, admitting the truth about the video,  and wishing things had not gotten out of hand,    she has embraced the Obama strategy,  and opened the door to the same beating Obama has experienced in these,  pre-Select Committee, days.   

Others have tried to do what Hillary sets forth,  in the following paragraph  . . . . . .   tried and failed,  I might add.  

“I will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans. It’s just plain wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country. Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.”

Kind of funny,  don't you think?  To imagine that Hillary,  every bit the Leftist Wacko, Obama is, and just as responsible for the Embassy murders as Obama,  can stay out of the fray that will be the news of the day,  after the November elections,  is wishful thinking on her part.  

The House Select Committee on Benghazi will begin public hearings and closed door depositions, probably just after the November elections.  House leadership has no fear of a Democrat take-over due to the mid-term elections. Waiting until after the elections,  has some risk to it,  but the Select Committee could not finish its work before November, anyway,  so the strategy is well advised.   Of course,  if the Dems were successful in taking back the House,  that would be the end of Bengahzi and Hillary would get a free pass on the issue.  

In her chapter on Benghazi,  Hillary makes a huge mistake,  in my opinion.  Rather than giving up on the video explanation,  she has decided to "double down" on that point,  and,  with that decision,  insures that she will be at the center of the Benghazi revelations,  leading up to the 2016 elections  . . . . .  and deservedly so.  

Politico gives us this summary of Hillary's defense,  with the following:  

Clinton defends the intelligence at the time preceding the attack on the American compound in Benghazi. An anti-Islamic video that had sparked a protest at an embassy in Cairo was proved in “later investigation and reporting,” including by The New York Times, to have been “indeed a factor” in what happened in Benghazi, Clinton writes.

“There were scores of attackers that night, almost certainly with differing motives,” she writes. “It is inaccurate to state that every single one of them was influenced by this hateful video. It is equally inaccurate to state that none of them were. Both assertions defy not only the evidence but logic as well.”

Her explanation is no longer credible,  and, by the time she officially enters the presidential contest,  she will have nowhere to turn,  if she continues such stupidity.  

If she wants to swim with this millstone around her neck,  she proves herself to be no more literate, in a political sense,  than Barack,  and deserves to be defeated,  on those grounds,  alone.  

All we can do is hope for the best,  on this account.  

If we didn't know better, this fellow sounds like the conservatives, Dems love to hate (video)

Speaking of the Hispanic/Republican Governor of New Mexico,  Susan Martinez,  the Democrat 
candidate for Governor, suggest that "We need to send her back to wherever she came from."  

In view of the fact that Dems created the KKK,  wrote all of the Jim Crow laws,  segregated
the military under Progressives Woodrow Wilson (WW I) and FDR (WW II) and forced the 
nation into a Civil War.  

A recent headline tells us this: The next horizon event for the Civil Rights Movement is the case for transgender acceptance. If so, now is the time to have "the talk."

<<<   Caroline Cossey is a British actress best known for her role as a Bond girl in the movie For Your Eyes Only. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images). She was born a male.  

You should note that very few transgendered women look like this,  when all the silicone and operative slicing is complete.  They (transgenered women) suffer from male patterned baldness,  are subject to prostrate cancer,  have male appearing feet,  must have their boobs "serviced" throughout their lives, and, internally,  are 100% male,  right down to their "Adams apple"  and the never ending aging process.  

The politics of "transgender" :   Cossey will age as a man,  not a woman, but, if she knows this (and even if she does not), she should be free to make such decisions.  Our American/Constitutional system,  does not prevent Cossey from doing so,  or reversing previous decisions.  As long a she allows me to voice my concerns,  I am fine with whatever she does.  Our political/societal system is not a theocracy.  We should never forget that or use our biases (mine included),  to give reason to act as if "theocracy" is the rule of the day.  At the same time,  the Left must leave my 1st Amendment rights alone.  Don't care for my bias (we all have them,  you know),  get over it. 

In 2010, President Obama made Amanda Simpson the first openly trans woman named to a presidential administration when he appointed her Senior Technical Advisor to the Bureau of Industry and Security.  (Arizona Daily Star/AP).  

Turns out,  Obama has been aligned with "gayness" at all levels,  as long as he as been a militant abortionist.  No one,  absolutely no one,  makes the about face he has, after saying all the socially acceptable words necessary to achieve his political goals, without being a closet (gay) ally,  all or most of his life.  I am saying, that he was "gay minded" long before he became president.  His 180,  after becoming president,  was no surprise to those of us who who have followed this man over the past decade.   

More from the Editor:  
Having written the above,  I do not make a case against these folks doing with their bodies,  what they want to do.  I believe it is a gross disservice, however,  to share their decisions,  without discussing the inherent physiological concerns shared above, in my post to the readership.  

If Amanda Simpson does her job well,  I don't care how she looks without clothing.  

My only complaint/concern is this:  I believe that,  in time,  my stated concerns will be considered "hate speech," criminalized and forbidden under that otherwise useless law,  to the detriment of those considering a similar path in life,  but,  without an opposing view or the manifest caveat of a continued and completing male biology,  even after "transgendered" results have been realized.   
Important side note:

I am taking the time to write this article because of the following lede:  

Katy Steinmetz / TIME:
Laverne Cox Talks to TIME About the Transgender Movement  —  The Orange Is the New Black star on politics, happiness and why genitalia isn't destiny  —  On TIME's cover this week is an unlikely icon: Laverne Cox.  Bullied and harassed for appearing feminine while growing up in Mobile …

If considering transgender surgery,  the candidate should learn more about the following,  and the potential impact on his or her life,  over the years:  

Research suggests that there appears to be less muscle hypertrophy with strength improvement in women when compared to men. The data suggest that there are no differences between genders in central or peripheral cardiovascular adaptations to aerobic training. However, women in general have a reduced O2 carrying capacity. Another factor that may be responsible for the sex differences seen in the metabolic responses to exercise may be the greater, essential sex specific fat of women . . .   men gain weight, typically,  in different ways than women.  More “fat men,” for example,  experience “belly fat” in ways unique to men. 

Hormonal considerations are vastly different between the two sexes and may effect future treatment programs.    

Transgendered women will never have children as do their birth-women countparts. 

Men have a different chromosomal  make up,  with an X and Y chromosome reality,  while women have only X and X chromosomes. 

Autoimmune diseases affect 8% of the population, 78% of whom are women. The reason for the high prevalence in women is unclear. Women are known to respond to infection, vaccination, and trauma with increased antibody production and a more T helper (Th)2-predominant immune response, whereas a Th1 response and inflammation are usually more severe in men.  All of this remains the case for men transgendered to women. . . . . .  

acute and chronic phases of disease are regulated differently in males and females.

None of the above changes,  in the face of “realignment surgery.”  All such surgery is cosmetic,  none of it represents changes in the biology of the individual.  

Featured Article Review: Even network news is forced to admit the obvious: Obama's foreign policy has done nothing to advance America, but, maybe that is the point of his foreign policy (seriously).

<<<<    NBC's Richard Engel: U.S. Relations Have Not Improved With a Single Nation During Obama Presidency
On the May 29 edition of CNBC’s Squawk Box, Richard Engel, NBC’s chief foreign correspondent, conceded that he could not name a single nation where relations have improved with the United States since President Obama took office six years ago. Engel generally stays above the political fray, so this admission about the president’s  foreign policy is revealing.

Responding to further questioning by Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, Engel asserted that the reason why relations with foreign nations haven’t improved is due to the fact that “our allies have become confused.”
Engel went on to elaborate on a very common argument against this president’s foreign policy; that, oftentimes, it lacks purpose and seems aimless:
You now have a president who is pulling out very rapidly. And that is creating a kind of pump action, a vortex of instability that has left allies like Saudi Arabia, like Egypt, like even some European countries very confused. Are we going in? Are we pulling out? Are we leading? Are we trying to set the agenda? There has been a lot of frustration.
In 2009, Engel was quick to note how receptive the Muslim world was to Obama’s speech in Cairo. Now, it seems the reporter has done a 180, recognizing not simply that the president’s foreign policy has largely failed to ingratiate America with the Islamic world, but that the Middle East in now in a state of chaos:
Right now we have a black hole in Syria. Iraq is in a state of collapse. Libya is about to go back into a civil war. And this was the one case where we intervened militarily. So I think there is a lot of problems on the horizon in the foreign policy world just because you are off-ramping in Afghanistan.
It is certainly a positive sign that at least some in the media are taking a more critical look at the president’s foreign policy, although it remains to be seen how much of this will work it’s way into Engel’s reporting. CNBC has nowhere near the viewership as the NBC Nightly News.

Too often the media are unwilling to admit their mistakes, but Engel did so here–albeit tacitly. Being unable to name a single nation with which U.S. relations have improved is quite a powerful indication– as Mr. Langone noted– about the president’s foreign policy.

 Below is a transcript from a portion of the Squawk Box segment  . . . . . . . . . .   
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/connor-williams/2014/05/29/nbcs-richard-engel-us-relations-have-not-improved-single-nation-dur#ixzz33AneHOip

Editor's notes:  Maybe,  just maybe,  many of us on the Right  (me included) need to rethink the notion that there is no sense of patriotism and allegiance to our founding principles, on the Left.  We might begin by admitting that the big government/small government debate has been THE classic American debate,  from its very beginnings.   

Bush in the Spring of 2008, at West Point; Obama over the weekend, at West Point. See the video comparison. Summary? There is no comparison.

Instructions:  Play only the first 25/20 secs of each video.  That is all that is necessary.  After listening,  ask yourselves this:  "When does this phony get so embarrassed that he stops showing himself in public?"  Me?  After 5 years of dealing with this man's ignorance,  I think this comparison is funny.  Understand,  he has made the larger Democrat Party a laughing stock on the American scene.

Warren Buffett and the rest of the Phony, Green, Capitalist Do-Gooders associated with Obama, embrace corruption for the sake of making millions.

<<<   Warren Buffett is as big a phony, Green, "do-gooder,"  as lives in this country.  He attacks the very system he uses and abuses,  to make his millions and billions and does so,  with immunity  (and,  yes,  that is the right word, for this story-line).

Understand that Warren and Obama's other "favorite" sources of money,   participate (read "invests") in an industry that is not ready for the times,  taking full advantage of a (Green) concern that is nothing short of manufactured,  mass hysteria,  driven by the know-nothings within the Marxist driven, modern-day, Progressive Political Machine, as they pile one "crisis" on top of another,  for the purpose of wealth redistribution, Central Control and political power;  benefiting the Progressive Oligarchy of the Left  (the only "oligarchy" in this nation),  and growing the wealth/power of such deceivers as Obama (on a smaller scale) and the likes of Buffett,  on a larger scale  (how is that,  for a well worded,  run-on sentence?).

The subject article of this post,  defines the "paths to corruption" that are endemic to "Green Energy."   and why we are 20 to 40 years removed from realizing the full impact of wind energy.  Understand that "full impact" translates into NO MORE than 10% of the national supply of energy AND,  at extremely high cost.  How high the cost?   In terms of "gas dollars" (the price of gas per gallon),  that "high cost" translates into a comparative price/cost of $15 per gallon on the high side,  and $8 on the low side.   Like I have said,  the "Green Revolution" that needs to take hold,  in this country,  is the revolution that involves the green dollar bill of the American wage earner.    Never forget that the "do-gooder,  let's save the planet, Marxist Misfits"  of the Left,  do not give a crap about the hard working middle class,  whether red/yellow/black or white.  You vote for "them" while they continue to screw you, every way but loose.  Hope you enjoy the Progressives' version of political love making. because that is all you will ever get out of them,  unless, of course,  welfare and entitlements have become your world.

Subject article:  

How Warren Buffett Milks Consumers & Taxpayers Through Wind Energy    In my previous Special Report titled "The Carnahan Wind Deal," I documented that wind energy is highly inefficient and requires additional transmission lines and back-up gas generators when the wind doesn't blow. Yet, windmills keep getting built, thanks to government subsidies.

But it is very hard to trace these subsidies. Vague statements about "tax credits" and "mandates" give no hint of the magnitude of returns that these subsidies provide to crony windmillers. Indeed, in the Carnahan Special Report, we had to burrow into financial statements of a foreign company and its subsidiary to understand where all the money was going.  The principal information was buried in an arcane note to these financial statements . . . . .   read the full article, here.  

A review of Obama's West Point Speech, maligned by the WaPost and the NYTimes: My review can be summed up in three words - blah. blah. blah. (no article - just this succinct review).

Here is what is happening at Judicial Watch.

Editor's notes:  The heavy lettered headlines (below) are hyperlinked to their individual stories.  Understand that without Judicial Watch,  perhaps all of the several scandals would have "died on the vine," months and years ago.  Certainly this is true with the IRS and Benghazi scandals.  In both cases,  JW was able to procure unredacted documents that Congress could not, giving new life to Congressional investigations, when this became the news of the day,  three weeks ago.  If you are not familiar with the unique and critical work done by this legal concern,  you should take the time.  Click on "Judicial Watch" and discover what this group of dedicated,  conservative, patriots,  are doing to keep America on the Right track,  and the dream of our Founders,  alive.   

We are involved in the battle of the our lives,  as relates to this nation's continued history.  It has been infested with "progressive rodents" bent on taking that which they could not have inspired,  and turning it into something that has failed,  time and time again,  over the centuries.  Despotism and "central control" are nothing new,  yet the hippified collegiate culture of the Boomer Generation has dedicated itself to this very "cause(s)."  

May 27, 2014

Terrorist Sues Over Jail Uniform’s Violation of Muslim Doctrine

May 23, 2014

VA Gives Gitmo Terrorists Better Medical Care Than U.S. Veterans

May 22, 2014

DOJ Admits Fast & Furious Docs Should Be Released Under FOIA After Indefinitely Delaying JW’s Suit

May 21, 2014

Obama’s HUD Pick Misused Agency Funds for Low-Income Housing as Mayor

Icy Reception for Obama at West Point. Less Than 25% of Cadets Give Him Standing Ovation; only 32% approve of their Commander; 75% of those present were unimpressed with his talk and he has not had a "bounce" in the polls for nearly two years. We are all just waiting to, you know, get even (no article).

Obama stalls for more time but we know the truth of his Iranian intentions.

Some say this news story is Obama preparing the American populace for, yet,  another classic/disgusting failure on hgis part.  Most say that this news item foretells Obama’s decision to allow,  even facilitate,  a nuclear Iran.  If that is the case,  and it was apparent after his second year in office,  that he was working for that end,  he has single handedly,  done more to destroy the balance of power in both a regional sense as well as a world wide sense.  To imagine that no one is talking about impeachment,  much less imprisonment,  is the most disgusting aspect of his presidential term. 

WASHINGTON — In a much-anticipated speech delineating his foreign policy for the remainder of his term in office, US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that his administration’s refocus toward international cooperation provided a new opportunity to resolve tensions over Iran’s nuclear program. While warning that the odds of success are “still long” in getting Iran to give up its nuclear weapons development, he said that “for the first time in a decade, we have a very real chance of achieving a breakthrough agreement.
“Despite frequent warnings from the United States, Israel, and others, the Iranian nuclear program steadily advanced for years,” Obama recalled, explaining why his new policy emphasized cooperation rather than unilateral American action. “But at the beginning of my presidency, we built a coalition that imposed sanctions on the Iranian economy, while extending the hand of diplomacy to the Iranian government.”

Obama said that the US-led international coalition has afforded “an opportunity to resolve our differences peacefully” with Iran.

What NASA does not want you to know, and for good reason.

From the Daily Caller:  A recent CNN report stating that a “giant asteroid” capable of destroying all life on Earth after a collision in 30 years has been taken down from the network’s website after NASA informed the outlet the story was “false.”
Before the post was removed it went viral with more than 200,000 views and said ”the asteroid is calculated to have a potentially lethal encounter with the earth on March 35, 2041.”
In the story’s place is an official statement from CNN retracting the report.
“NASA has confirmed via email that this story is false,” the statement said. “A spokewoman for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that the largest object detected by NEOWISE [Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer] measures 3 km in diameter and poses no risk to Earth. The iReport has been removed.”

Editor’s notes:  And the cover-up/deflection of a horizon event, scheduled to hit the earth in  2030/2040, begins.   I have been following this asteroid for several years,  now.  I know it as “Apophis 99942” and you should be able to Google information on this 400 meter rock, under that name. 

Orbit science has this rock missing the Earth in or around 2029,  circling the Sun,  and returning past the Earth a few years later.  It is this second trip,  the “return” (2036), that is the problem.  There is concern that the Sun will alter the asteroid’s trajectory by a degree or two,  causing the rock to return on a collision course with the Earth.  While the CNN article is (probably) over-play as to the impact on “all of humanity,”  still,  if Apophis happens,  the effect on the Western Seaboard will be profound,  a crisis of maga-proportions. 

Of course, there is a political equation to this potential disaster.  Understand that NASA is controlled by the very Progressive wing of our political establishment.  They are untrustworthy,  and willing to advance their brand of politics in the face of any crisis.  


And speaking of NASA,  here is a NASA article dealing with this very subject:   http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/apophis/

Midknight Review is a very frequent "honorable mention" on the Watcher's Council. We did it, again, this week.

Thanks to Joshua Pundit for providing this list.  It represents a certain level of literary competence that I did not possess several years ago.  Scan through the list of blogs and the more specific listing of articles;  each well written and informative.  The Left has no such parallel coalition.  And put Joshua Pundit on your blogroll.    


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*Rob Miller at Joshuapundit's latest piece up at the Times of Israel is Why Is The Israeli Media Not Reporting This Terrorist Attack?

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God's Grace and what the man thinks of how He works His grace for the greater good.

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I recently took my motorcycle to Boise and back.  On the way up to God's country,  I got caught in Highway 99 traffic,  in Sacramento,  and went down at 50 mph,  on a three lane off-ramp,  during morning rush hour   . . . . . . .   and lived.  In fact,  folks helped me get my bike to vertical,  checked me over for broken bones (there were none), and I was on my way.   I am a believer.  Here is what I believe about God's protection.  I wrote this onto my Facebook a few days ago.  ~ J Smithson, editor.  

 I am thankful for God's protection, but here is my thinking on that: God protects us and is with us as a matter of life's course. I do not use the fact of God's protection as if it were my lucky rabbit foot. Like everyone reading this, God protects us ALL more from what never happened. than events such as my accident. Like all of God's creation, I am never outside his care and keeping. So, the end result of the accident, was expected (by me). I don't always wear clothing that protects me in such situations, but I did, that morning. "Luck" or God's function in my life? And if you all should wake up someday, and find that the Smithmeister was killed in an accident, well, just understand, that that, too, was expected (by me). I quit trying to figure out God's timing and reasons for doing what he does, a long long time ago, right after I discovered he knew more than I. I have never prayed for God to "come, honor your word and give to us what you have promised." Actually, that sort of prayer is almost blasphemy, but God understands what we are doing with such words, and ignores the arrogance of it all. We praise him with words that are sometimes contrary to his will and function, and he accepts even that sort of praise. There is no getting around the comforting fact that we are his children by grace, if you understand that "grace" truly is "unmerited, undeserved, and unrequited favor from the Creator." If my kids know and trust in their Dad, and they do, how much more can we trust in him who actually has power over all that we see? While death, for the most part, is a painful, ugly event, still, it is our only avenue for getting out of here, and, I might add, "for getting out of here alive."

A tutorial on the New Utopian Society of Academic America - as Marxist as it gets, as insanely inadequate as its know-nothing designers care to dream.

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<<<  Having a few communist type hippies sleeping around the house was "doable."  But, now,  the few are many,  they have political power,  and they want us all to live in cities such as this,  returning "the land" to Mother Nature.  

Before reading the following,  you should know (1) that the NSF is funded by tax dollars.  “We, the people,”  paid for this Utopian nonsense.  (2)  Utopian Science (aka Environmentalist Junk Science) is being used to redistribute wealth through aggressive/regressive taxation,  taking money earned by hard working Americans (not just from the rich) and assessed property evaluations. (3) The Wisconsin-Madison utopian scenario is one in which the world is taken over by the know-nothing X generation and its offspring,  returning modern day civilization to the stone age,  where man,  apparently,  lived in harmony with other nomad populations,  stopped building houses out of brick, motar,wood, and whatever,  and returned to tents, caves and sleeping under the stars  ---   you know,  back to a time when the blind,  the toothless,  the hard of hearing,  the crippled, and the under-educated  all died early deaths because they could not compete. 

Did I say “compete?!”  Indeed,  “competition” is hated by the hippie communal population,  but it will be the death of this nonsensical idea,  if it ever were to “get off the ground.”  Such is the innately existential problem with communalism, whether that be the Communism of the past or the Marxist inspired Progressive/socialism of the present.  There is no place for the "competitor,"  in a thorough-going,  Marxist inspired,  socialist, society.  

(4)     Further,  you should know that “sustainability” is fast becoming the most important concept in the world of redistribution.  If land use is not deemed “sustainable usage,”  someday,  in the not-too-distant future,  it can be taken from its rightful owners,  those who paid the taxes and purchased the property,  and given to the larger community.  Key to “sustainability” under Utopian Rule,  is the notion of the “greater good.”  Take a rural piece of  property, 500 acres in size,  for example, and a family of four living on that acreage.  That family has worked hard,  and now,  own their dream world  . . . . . . . . . .  but the property benefits only that family of four.   There is a time,  coming,  in which the local or state government may take that property,  under the rules of eminent domain, and give it (or sell it) to a manufacturing entity,  or a larger, farming complex, thus benefiting the larger community.  When the article (or the website,  if you should go there) speaks of “forcibly”  taking property from the wealthy, it envisions the radicalized use of eminent domain laws,  and,  all property owned by the comparative few,  “rich” or not.  “The rich,” under Utopian Rule, are individual property owners who are not producing for the common good. 
(5)     "Community building and sustainability,"  under Utopian Rule,  are key to the new society of “peace and love”  and the very opposite to all that this great nation,  has stood for, during its centuries-old existence.  The rub,  in all this,  is the fact that the United States of America is under attack by Academic, Theoretic,  America,  and the taxpayer is funding this imagined take-over.        

Here is an except from the article in question:  

The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave nearly $5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to create scenarios based on America’s actions on climate change, including a utopian future where everyone rides a bike and courts forcibly take property from the wealthy.
The government has awarded $4,911,961 for the project, which is slated to run until March 2016 and for which the school has created a website suggesting different possibilities of what Yahara, a Wisconsin watershed, will be like in 2070.
In the scenario where Americans “shift our values,” people live in hippie-like communes after “youth culture” convinces the world to give up their cars and eat vegetarian.
“By the 2020s, the world seemed at the edge of environmental and political collapse,” the scenario says. “Despite this predicament, youth culture becomes empowered to shift the course of humanity. Disenchanted with the country’s highly consumptive culture, the younger generations embrace community building and sustainability and work together through grassroots action to get their voices heard.”
The youth bring about the “Great Transition” in the 2040s, establishing a “new normal” where “connectivity, community, and environmental sustainability pervade policy and cultural decisions.”

The protagonist of the story is Rosa, a “community organizer” for a United Nations youth group “Badgers for Our Future,” who presides over the only holiday celebrated in the community  . . . . .  you will want to read the full news article at the Free Beacon.

American Environmentalism and the failure of Utopian Science: 1996 - Malaria in South Africa eradicated, then the ban on DDT. 2000, 60,000 cases of malaria recorded.

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My tribute to the brutality of American Environmentalism and its radicalized science,  something I call "Utopian Science."    

1996 - Malaria in South Africa eradicated, then, the Americans ban DDT.  2000, 60,000 cases of malaria recorded.  The very next year,  that ban was lifted in South Africa,  and reported malaria cases fell to 800 from 60,000.   American Environmentalism is wholly responsible for the deaths of 20 million African children since its ban on DDT.  Today,  there are effective processes used to limit malaria,  but they have come onto the scene 12 years after the ban and before there was protection for the people of Africa.  Still,  chemicals such as Arftmisinin. 40% of the world's population is at risk for Malaria.  Even with the new, Utopian science of this day,  more than 300 million illnesses are due to Malaria,  compared to 40 million because of AIDs.  2000 new cases,  mostly involving children,  are reported each day,  in African countries.  
Thanks to Utopian Science for solving this problem.  Geeeeesh.  


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