Don't you all ever get tired of Democrat hypocrisy?

[AOL]:  A top intelligence official said Tuesday that the U.S. is "probably not doing enough" to combat Russian attempts to interfere in American elections — prompting the fury of several Democratic lawmakers — and acknowledged that he'd not been directed by President Donald Trump to stop meddling by Moscow.

Editor:  So Barack knew about Russian meddling for nearly three years before the 2016 election, and the meddia did nothing,  his party did nothing,  his candidate (Hillary) did nothing,  Robert Mueller  (FBI chief at the time) did nothing,  and the loud mouth with the big ears did nothing.  

Pardon me for not giving a damn about what the Dems think, or, their phony fax concern about the Russians.  Never mind their effort at a Russian reset.  Never mind that Barack promised to be more flexible as soon as things settle down on the domestic front.  

Here is a listing of debt to GPD on an annual basis, since 1929.

Bill Clinton slowed the ratio of indebtedness,  but,  at no time,  did he balance the budget  ---  regardless of Gingrich's comments to the contrary. 

End of Fiscal Year

 Debt (as of 9/30, in  billions) Debt/  GDP  RatioMajor Events by Presidential Term
1929$1716%Market crash. Depression reduced tax receipts so Hoover raised taxes which worsened depression. Smoot-Hawley tariffs reduced trade.
1934$2740%FDR's New Deal increased both GDP and debt.
1938$3743%FDR cut spending to balance budget. Depression returned. He increased debt and GDP to prepare for WW2. Depression ended.
1942$7948%US entered WWII. Increased debt and GDP. WW2 end created recession.
1946$271119%Truman's 1st term budgets. Recession as economy adjusted to peacetime.
1950$25789%Truman's 2nd term. Korean War (1950-1953) boosted growth and debt, but created recession when it ended. 
1954$27170%Eisenhower's budgets. Recession. Fed raised rates. Worsened recession.
1958$27658%Eisenhower's 2nd term. Recession.
1962$29849%JFK budgets. Cuban Missile Crisis. U.S. aided Vietnam coup.
1965$31743%LBJ's budgets. War on Poverty. Vietnam War. Fed raised rates.
1970$37135%Recession. Wage-price controls. OPEC oil embargo. Nixon ended gold standard. Fed doubled interest rates. Vietnam War ended. 
1974$47531%Stagflation. Watergate. 
1975$53332%Ford budgets.
1978$77232%Carter budgets.
Volcker raised rate to 20%. Iran oil embargo. Recession.
1982$1,14234%Reagan budgets from 1st term. Recession.
1986$2,12546%Reagan lowered taxes. S&L Crisis.
1990$3,23353%Bush 41 budgets. Desert Storm. Recession. Debt growth slowed. 
1994$4,69363%Clinton budgets.
Budget Act reduced deficit spending.
1998$5,52660%Last Clinton budgets. 9/11 attacks. Recession. Bush added $22.9 billion to FY01 budget for War on Terror.
2002$6,22856%First George W. Bush budgets. War on Terror cost $409.2 billion. Bank bailout cost $350 billion. Bush tax cuts
2006$8,50761%War cost $752.2 billion.
Katrina cost $24.7 billion. ARRA added $241.9 billion to FY09 budget.

Also,  the American Reinvestment Act added another 800 billion to our debt and failed to spend and significant money on infrastructure.  ~  editor
2009$11,910 ($11,000 on Mar 16 and $12,000 on Nov 16.83%
2010$13,562 ($13,000 on Jun 1 and $14,000 on Dec 31.90%Obama Stimulus Act cost $400 billion.This funding bill is not to be confused with the Reinvestment Act.

Payroll tax holiday ended. War cost $512.6 billion. Great Recession and tax cuts reduced revenue.

Remember:  Obama promised 4% GDP by the end of 2010 and labeled the summer of 2010, "The summer of recovery."  
2011$14,790 ($15,000 on Nov 15)95%
2012$16,066 ($16,000 on Aug 31)99%
2013$16,738  ($17,000 on Oct 17)100%
2014$17,824  ($18,000 on Dec 15)102%War cost $309 billion. QE ended. Strong dollar hurt exports.

Note: At no time during the Obama years did the Federal Goverment approve and work off an actual budget  . . .  that's eight years without a budgent  . . . .  only CR accommodations year after year after year.  ~ editor  
2016$19,573 ($19,000 on Jan 29)105%
2017$20,245  ($20,000 on Sept. 8, 2017.)104%Congress raised debt ceiling.
2018$21,478 (est.)107%Trump tax cuts and spending above sequestration.
2019$22,703 (est.)108%
2020$23,901 (est.)108%
2021$25,020 (est.)108%

Here is something that cannot be debated with regard to the Steele/Clinton Dossier

Here is something that cannot be debated with regard to the Steele/Clinton Dossier:  While the Dems want you to focus on the two memo's,  the fact remains that only one political party in modern American history has ever used the Federal government and the FISA court to invalidate an election  . . . .   only one.  Understand that the Steele Dossier is opposition research,  nothing more and nothing less.    The GOP has NEVER used such research to alter election outcome.  Forget the arguments as to the truth of the Dossier's research and focus on the fact that,  true or not,  no one has ever tried to change a presidential election outcome using the FBI and its foreign powers effort.  

To put it differently,  Democrat party clowns, have attempted to weaponize the Federal Government against its own people.  Talk about treason.  Don't think for a minute that Barack is not personally involved in this most recent effort.  After all,  he is the politician personally responsibility for weaponizing the IRS against 340 conservative entities during and just before the 2012 campaign.  Of course he dreamed up the current effort.  He did it with  (IRS and EPA regulations) and he is doing it again (the Steele document - which has been in circulation since 2015 if not before).  

Now you know. 


Funding for our national budget includes tax revenues and borrowed money (domestic and foreign - yes, we borrow money from ourselves as a nation)

A nominal 6 trill dollars of our 20 trillion dollar debt is owned by foreign entities.  The remaining 14 trillion dollars is domestic debt to include the following.  

Understand that Obama used his raping of our military and domestic debt accumulation via the Fed and its Quantitative Easing policies  (buying high risk mortgages from the banks) to keep interest rates from rising.  This policy was a killer for middle class retirement funding via banks savings programs and 401k's,  for nearly a decade while making loan funding available (again and again) to corporations.  Throughout most of Barack's term,  money borrowed by the fat cats Democrats supposedly hated,  was almost free for the taking,  what with interest rates at or below 1%.  What was great for the fat cats was a disaster for the working man and middle folks.  401K's took it in the shorts .  Earnings today,  for 401K funds is at a 16 year high,  thank you Donald Trump.  Understand that the small community bank and savings and loan institutions failed more than they succeeded during the Obama years,  for the first time in American history.  The notion that the Barack's fiscal policies helped the little guy,  the forgotten man,  the middle class working man,  was and is sheer crap.  Lets agree not to back to the slave masters in the Democrat Party  ~  editor notes. 

Here's the breakdown of holders of the public debt as of December 2016:
  • Foreign - $6.004 trillion (see "Foreign Ownership of U.S. Debt"  below.
  • Federal Reserve Most of this debt the result of bailing out the mortgage industry and its "Affordable Housing" promises  causing the 2008 financial collapse - $2.465 trillion
  • Mutual funds - $1.671 trillion
  • State and local government, including their pension funds - $905 billion
  • Private pension funds - $553 billion
  • Banks - $663 billion
  • Insurance companies - $347 billion
  • U.S. savings bonds - $166 billion  (note "T Bills" have maturies of a year or less;  bonds mature over the course of 10 to 30 years,  typically  `  editor).
  • Other (individuals, government-sponsored enterprises, brokers and dealers, bank personal trusts and estates, corporate and non-corporate businesses, and other investors) - $1.662 trillion.

Foreign Ownership of U.S. Debt

1.  China owns $1.2 trillion of U.S. debt.  

2.   Japan at $1.1 trillion. 

3.  Ireland is third, holding $326 billion. 

4. The Cayman Islands is fourth, at $270 billion. The Bureau of International Settlements believes it is a front for sovereign wealth funds and hedge funds whose owners don't want to reveal their positions. So are Luxembourg ($218 billion) and Belgium ($119 billion).  In other words,  we do not know which entities and "fat cat insiders" own this part of our debt.  These folks,  because of the deficit they own,  benefit from the interest owed to them and the financial/federal policies they control ~ editor

5 - 7 include:   Brazil, the UK,  Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and India. They each hold between $14 4and $257 billion. 

Source:  See the article by Kimberly Amadeo,  here.  

Note:    Both Japan and China want to keep the value of the dollar higher than the value of their currencies. That helps keep their exports affordable for the United States, which helps their economies grow. That's why, despite China's occasional threats to sell its holdings, both countries are happy to be America's biggest foreign bankers.

More indictments for Manafort. What does this mean for the Trump-is-a-Russian-agent nonsense?

Washington Post:
Special counsel Mueller files new charges in Manafort, Gates case … New charges were filed Thursday against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his business partner, ratcheting up the legal pressure on them as they prepare for a trial later this year.
Editor:  I believe that this means Mueller has given up on "flipping" Manafort.  Look,  Manafort was associated with the Trump campaign for three months and was fired because he had not registered as a foreign [business] agent.  He messed with 70 million dollars over the years,  and kept 30 million without reporting to the IRS.  It is no more involved than this. 
He can't "flip" on collusion because so such thing exists.  And,  he is going to jail because he is a crook   . . . .   plain and simple.  

One final thought:  If Mueller can't find anything supporting the fantasy that Trump is a Russian agent,  what with 45 prosecutors working on the case,  one must assume there is nothing to fine.  
Now you know. 

This demonstrates the pettiness of the Left Wing.

Editor:  Understand that NO ONE is calling for the deportation of Malania's parents.  And NO ONE is even suggesting that those immigrants who have received permanency at some level, are in danger of deportation.  AOL is pushing this idiotic idea,  and,  for only one reason:  to keep stirring the pot.  This has nothing to do with reality and the Left knows

Is this kind of rhetorical crap helping or hurting the Dems?  I don't know,  but I certainly have not seen any polling data that suggests the Dems are pulling away from the Conservative Party. 

From the basement of AOL,  we have this tripe: 
  • Amalija and Viktor Knavs, the parents of first lady Melania Trump, are reportedly legal permanent residents in the US.
  • It's likely that the Knavs used America's family-based immigration system to obtain their green cards, putting them on a path to citizenship.
  • The Trump administration is pushing Congress to enact major cuts to family-based immigration, which they call "chain migration."
First lady Melania Trump's parents reportedly obtained green cards and are on track to become US citizens, raising speculation over whether they took advantage of an immigration process that President Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate.
The Washington Post on Wednesday reported that Amalija and Viktor Knavs have become legal permanent residents, according to people familiar with their status. But their attorney declined to explain how or when the Knavs immigrated.

Time for Sessions to go away.

Trump: “Why aren't Dem crimes under investigation?  Ask Jeff Sessions!”  —  Question: If all of the Russian meddling took place during the Obama Administration, right up to January 20th, why aren't they the subject of the investigation?  Why didn't Obama do something about the meddling?

Editor:  There is no more of a disappointment than Jeff Sessions.  I was genuinely excited about his appointment to the Attorney Generals office.  Now,  I realize that he is as big a nothing burger as any of us could imagine.   He should have told Trump before he was appointed,  that he would recuse himself,  rendering himself nearly useless.  Long past time for Sessions to step down.  He is an embarrassment.



Think about it:  

Oh how we miss the radicals in CAIR, or SEIU,  or the New Black Panthers, or The Nation of Islam  (Farrakhan),  or the Muslim Brotherhood  (they murdered Anwar Sadat years ago - 1981), or the cop killers in Black Lives Matters,  or those who would disgrace our flag,  or the midnight billion dollar payouts to the Iran,  or,  the very "ignet" Al Sharpton,  or even Jesse Jackson,  and the disgraced Eric Holder.  


Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi, hardly a financial guru said this:

Yesterday,  Nancy Pelosi,  hardly a financial guru,  said this: " . . .  if what you are doing is cutting taxes at the high,  and,  therefore, not being allowed to invest in the future,  you are doing a great disservice to our country."    

That was yesterday. No one had a clue what she was talking about.  Now,  I believe we understand.  When she asserts that cutting corporate taxes prevents future "investments,"  she is talking about decreasing federal taxes on those corporation because of the corporate tax cuts  . . . .   less money for the Feds to confiscate via taxation.    Back in the good old days,  rather than talk in terms of "raising taxes,"  the infamous word smith,  Barack Obama,  talked about "investing in the future."  And Pelosi is making the same reference. 

Keep in mind that Obama's administration took in more taxes than any administration in history,  bar none.  But,  because the Government was stealing  taking this money via taxation,  and, redistributing those taxes to the Democrat's favorite programs and businesses (i.e. solar,  electric cars,  the tax debt being accrued via ObamaCare, etc.),   he felt justified in calling these taxes "investments in our future."  

Pelosi is lamenting the ending of big government "investments" via the scam we know as taxation-to-redistribution via federal controls and regulations.  .  

Trump is saying,  "We are going to leave that money in the hands of our jobs producing industries,  small businesses,  and the individual." 

If Hillary had been our president,  there would not have been a tax cut at all.  "They" hate tax cuts,  individual and corporate wealth, and individual freedoms not regulated by Mother Government.  

Now you know.  

Editor: Remodeling our home.

Don't have time to follow the Democrat soap opera,  but will take time to update presidential politics.  

In December,  the tax reform bill was approved by 35% of the population.  Today, 16 weeks later,  that approval number is at 51% and climbing  (Times/ABC poll).  

Michigan University ran a poll show 35% of the population approving of the way the government is dealing with issues.  That is the highest such approval number in the past 50 years.  

General Flynn may be exonerated.  A Federal judge has demanded that the Mueller prosecutors turn over all exculpatory evidence to General Flynn's legal team.  What if the Flynn legal team is successful in reversing his plea deal?  

And we are two years into an investigation of Trump and the Russian without any hard evidence.  

There your update.  Now I have to get the garage ready for new doors,  and the house ready for a new woodburning stove.   

Survivors of the Florida shooting have decided to use the Democrat play book, pretending to being "non-partisan" while blaming Trump

And these two misguided ones are seeking a "non-political" solution.  What a joke.   

Turns out that our national doe-boy, Michael Moore, is a Russian agent:

A single fact proves the failure of Russian campaign influence:

Major media is reporting that the Russians spent approximately 1.4 million dollars on election meddling.  In order to measure their (the Russian's) influence,  compare their expense to the 2016 election expense on advertising in all media of 2.4 billion dollars not counting the billion dollar estimate of the "free" coverage for Donald Trump.  

With this comparison, we know that Russian influence was minimal,  lacking the necessary funding to be of any serious consequence.  Period.  

More than this,  understand that this "Russian scandal" was an effort devised and initiated during the Obama Administration.  It is his Intel agencies allowing for this scandal  . . . . .   not Donald Trump.  

Case closed.  End of discussion. 

It really is not about guns. It is about family and a certain generational failure that continues to be ignored.

Kelly Guthrie Baley,  teacher of the year

“Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it – violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives – as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school,”

About that second whore sleeping with Trump:

Brietbart:  In an unprecedented move Friday, First Lady Melania Trump went against tradition and traveled to Marine One without her husband.
While it is protocol for the first couple to walk across the White House South Lawn together, before the Trumps headed to Parkland, Florida to meet with victims of the mass shooting there, CNN reported that Melania drove to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland separately ahead of her husband
The move comes after new allegations that Trump had an affair with former Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal.

Note:  This second trist is not new  . . . . .   been around since 2006,  or,  to the Mental Class in the Democrat Party,  11 freaking years ago. This sort of rehash can't help a marriage,  but the Prez has been a "good boy" for over a decade  . . . . . . .   beats Bill Clinton's escapades,  who has had more women and paid more money that Trump has dreamed of  ~  editor.
The first lady did  accompany her husband when he visited  the mass shooting  victims,

Note: And the two were holding hands  ~  editor. 

 and her communications director told PEOPLE in a statement, quote,  “With her schedule today it was easier to meet at the plane,”
The New Yorker released a report early Friday detailing the alleged affair, with McDougal claiming she had a nine-month sexual relationship with the President in 2006 after they met during a taping of The Apprentice at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

Note: If she will whore for fame and glory  -  please don't tell me it was because of love  -  she will whore for a healthy payday from the DNC or related entities  ~  editor. 

Mady Rose Update: #2 for the month.

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Regarding watching the Olympics on NBC: Me - hoping the network goes broke and I am not alone.

Olympics Crashing For NBC; Looking To be Lowest Rated Ever...

I have not watched more than 60 minutes of the Olympics.  Prefer reruns of Whose Line Is It Anyway.  

This is why I never watch professional gangbanging roundball. And his anti-American comments extend to the flag and the anthem. Diddo Seth Curry.

Washington Examiner   BA star LeBron James says President Trump doesn’t “give a fuck” about Americans.
“The No. 1 job in America … is someone who doesn’t understand the people, and really don’t give a fuck about the people,” James said in a video recorded last month with ESPN’s Cari Champion and fellow NBA player Kevin Durant.
The video was filmed as Trump had come under scrutiny for reportedly referring to some countries as “shithole countries,” prompting Champion to address Trump’s “racist comments.”
“It’s not even a surprise when he says something,” James said. “It’s like, laughable. It’s laughable and it’s scary.”
“While we cannot change what comes out of that man’s mouth, we can continue to alert the people that watch us, that listen to us that this is not the way,” he added.

No one but the Left Out Ones disbelieve in the legitimacy of the Trump presidency . . . . . . . no one.

Matthew Nussbaum / Politico:
Worries about Trump's legitimacy resurface with Russia indictment  —  New charges on Friday in the special counsel's Russia investigation put attention squarely on a notion President Donald Trump has aggressively sought to avoid: the legitimacy of his 2016 election.
Editor:  Nothing but lies in this headline lede.  The indictment of 13 Russian Nationals and three Europeans,  for election meddling, fraud, and money laundering has nothing to do with the Trump Campaign.  How do we know?  Because the man who announced the indictments,  Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein,  said so,  and in the clearest of terms.  
The announcement of the indictments was a serious blow to the Democrat Fantasy that Trump was a Russian agent and partner with Putin in an effort to corrupt the election process.  Never mind that the Steele Dossier was a DNC/Hillary/Obama idea,  that they paid close to 12 million to fund the Dossier's creation,  and lied about their involvement.  
The original and current deception has always been about Trump being a Russian agent,  period.  The Announcement proved that to be wrong.  
Doubt me?  What the hell do you think "collusion" means?  And they are still pursuing this nonsense   . . . .  still pursuing "collusion."  Again,  in context,  "collusion" means "Trump was working with Putin to win the presidency."
The announcement only proves that Russia is guilty of what it has been doing with the American election system,  for decades.  And it, the announcement,  explicitly moved us away from "collusion."  In fact,  that fact could not be more clear.  
End of story,  case closed. 

Maybe you should know the facts before going on a rant about gun control.

On February 14, Breitbart News fact-checked Everytown’s claims  . . .  and found that eight of the “18 school shootings” did not result in any injuries or fatalities. One of the “shootings” resulted when a gun was fired “unintentionally,"  another resulted in a Louisiana high school student getting a “superficial” abrasion, and another was the result of a man parking in a school parking lot to commit suicide.  

Did you know that of the oft quoted  "33,000 annual gun events,"  21,000 are suicides and another 10,000 are gangbang shootings?  

 Since records have been kept for the U.S., the total number of school-children killed by bullets to date (as of 1 February 2018) is 218 school-children.

Understand that there are over 300 million guns in the U.S., that 40% of Floridians are gun owners,  and the anti-gun lobby has to lie in order to make their case for gun control  (read:  gun confiscation). 


There have already been 18 school shootings in the US ... - ABC News
11 hours ago - Everytown defines a school shooting as "any time a firearm discharges a live round inside a school building or on a school campus or grounds, ... The third deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history was at Virginia Tech University in 2007, when 32 people were killed, and the Sandy Hook Elementary ...

So, we read a headline, and I am talking about any headline, and we think we have all the necessary facts.

David Voreacos / Bloomberg:
Kushner Investors Said to Be Subpoenaed by U.S. Tax Authorities  

Editor:   So,  we read a headline, and I am talking about ANY AND ALL headlines,  and we think we have all the necessary facts.  

I have been blogging for nearly ten years, now,  almost every day  as a matter of fact.  Before that,  I was a retired builder with a college degree in psychology.  What I was not:  a writer.  In the beginning,  all I had was a decent instinct for what was between the lines  . . . .   better than most but not as profound as many.  

I actually knew nothing about the world of Presidential politics,  how its rules of engagement actually worked,  how those rules set the presidency apart from the other two branches of government,  making it,  the presidency,  the single most powerful position in the world   . . . . .  maybe in the history of the world.  

During the Obama years,  I came to realize that a president could function as a dictator and do so legally.  The Left often talks about Trump,  the dictator,  when,  in point of fact,  Barack was our first and only Rough/Dictator president.  One could put FDR in that category,  as well,  except for the fact that he held the office in highest respect and functioned within Constitutional guidelines. and Barack lied with impunity.  

"Impunity" means he could look the folks in the eye of the camera,  and say,  If you don't like what I am doing (words to that affect),  "sue me."  In fact,  The Hill carried this article within days of that crase remark:

Ten quotes: Obama's journey from 'yes we can' to 'so sue me' | TheHill
Jul 4, 2014 - President Obama has gone from “yes we can” to “so sue me.” The president's standoffish remark this week about a Republican lawsuit was a reminder of how much Obama's rhetoric has changed since his 2008 campaign and its promise to deliver a new kind of politics. These ten Obama quotations ...

Out came his pen and his phone,  and away we went,  writing one regulation after another,  ignoring Supreme Court decisions (oh yes he did),  convinced, that his "transformation" of America could be realized apart from the Halls of Congress. 

The most disturbing aspect of my evolution from building to pundit,  was the realization that I really never understood what was actually going on.  I mean,  over the years, I had voted for one politician after another,  who promised transparency and a reduction in the size of government.  And with that protracted effort,  on my part,  I watched a federal government grow and grow without so much as a change in pace,  except for the Reagan Days,  and even that was not what was hoped for.   

Barack opened my eyes to the fact that he was only taking the existing rules of presidential engagement to their legal conclusion(s).   Before Barack,  I did not know that George H Bush was a progressive politician,  that the pejorative, "trickle down," was his phrase to describe much of what Reagan had done,  that he was not a Reagan Republican  . . . . .  not even close.  Hell,  his friendship with Bill Clinton, and the sad notion that Bill and GW were brothers with "different fathers,"  was always repulsive to me   . . . . .  until I realized what that actually entailed.  Affordable Housing was/is supported by the Bush clan.  It was under GW that the abortion pill, RU 486 was approved,  and it was Jeb Bush who stated that, if president,  he would not eliminate a single federal agency.  

Turns out that Trump is a big time businessman,  and, like most - if not all - world class businessmen,  played loose with the rules  . . . . .   no different than any other politician.  This does not mean that he actually violated any rules,  btw.  Which brings me to Kushner.  He is a a world class business type,  as well.  

I believe that Mueller realizes that bringing down Trump is an impossible task,  that there was no collusion,  and the only way to save his legacy as a persecutor,  is to take down someone like Kushner.   

One thing for certain,  NONE of us have a clue as to what is really going with this investigation.   

Now you know  . . . . . . . .  next to nothing.  


President Trump calls for passing his four point solution to legal and illegal immigration:

President Trump issued the following statement of support today for Chairman Grassley’s immigration bill, which was just published and is based on the White House Framework.  In seeking responsible immigration reform, the President urged senators to vote for the Grassley bill and to oppose any legislation that violates the Framework’s “four pillars,” and that thus fails to deliver safety, security, and prosperity to the American People:

I want to thank Chairman Grassley for introducing legislation based on the White House Immigration Reform and Border Security Framework. The Grassley bill accomplishes the four pillars of the White House Framework: a lasting solution on DACA, ending chain migration, cancelling the visa lottery, and securing the border through building the wall and closing legal loopholes.  

I am asking all senators, in both parties, to support the Grassley bill and to oppose any legislation that fails to fulfill these four pillars – that includes opposing any short-term “Band-Aid” approach.  The overwhelming majority of American voters support a plan that fulfills the Framework’s four pillars, which move us towards the safe, modern, and lawful immigration system our people deserve.

At the same time, I remain encouraged by developments in the House toward advancing legislation from Chairmen Goodlatte and McCaul that also enshrines our four pillars.
Now that our military is fully funded, and will be rebuilt stronger than ever before, my focus is on enacting responsible and commonsense immigration reform that delivers for the American People.

Only 1150 state legislative seats to go - after losing 1200 state and local elective seats.

Democrats flip 36th GOP-held state legislative seat with Florida win

Editor:  Honestly, do you people not know that 95% of all first midterm elections for a new sitting president are lost to the opposition party?  

It is what it is.   

I am suspending publication for the day, due to . . . . .

I am suspending publication for the day,  due to the Florida school shooting.   I may not publish tomorrow,  also.  First reports have 20 to 50 students shot with "many fatalities,"  according to Senator Bill Nelson.  

Pray for the kids,  unless you are a Democrat in which case,  start blaming Trump using as many filthy words as possible.  I mean,  that is what the intelligent class does,  right?  

Couldn't happen to a more deserving news agency.

Report: CNN to Lay Off up to 50 Employees After Missing Revenue Targets…


We do not need a "free press" if they all look like CNN,  period. 

Duh !!!!

ABC News:  Three of the nation's top intelligence officials confirmed Tuesday that they have seen evidence of Russian meddling in the upcoming midterm elections — part of what they say is Moscow's escalating cyber assault on American and European democracies.


Good grief.  the Russians have been missing with our elections for decades and decades.  If you folks are going to hang in there on matters political,  the least you can do is try to keep up with the Dark Side,  and stop believing all this "interference"  did not exist in 2014,  or 2012,  or 2010.     

Only three of our intel agencies believe that the Russians will interfere with the 2018 elections?  Wanna bet all 7 agencies will be looking for Russian interference?  Wanna bet we don't try to interfere in their elections?   

Expect to read more about US finances in the coming

In Reagan's day,  debt to GDP  (what we owe versus what we generate in national income, including but not limited to tax revenues, and, oddly enough, government spending) was 30% of GDP.  

Today,  we are spending more than what we create in terms of income,  104% of GDP more.  Think about it in terms of your personal situation.  You make $100,000 a year,  and this year,  you are going to spend $4,000 more than your total income  . . . .  but here is the kicker,  if your income mirrors the Government,  your total gross  includes money borrowed. 

In short,  that "104%" number is far from giving us an accurate picture of the growing dilemma (trust me) that faces this nation.  When our debt/GDP ratio was a modest 30%,  we could absorb the implicit discrepancies. But that alternative no longer works for those who see the end of the tunnel.  

Stay tuned.  This is the beginning of a discussion we all must have,  before the next national election.  

Stock Market Observation: I could be wrong but . . . .

It probably means little,  but within 60seconds of the announcement that Trump had signed the new budget bill,  the Market went into positive territory.  

Could it be that investors were concerned about the fact that we were looking at protracted shutdown?  

Update:  I was wrong.  

My Olympic Intentions: Because it is NBC, I do not . . . . .

Update:  What to watch during the current Olympic televised season:
Re-runs of Whose Line Is It Anyway;  the NFL channel,  Forensic Files,  and reading anything by Karl Barth in my library  (if you are a college professor,  forget it,  you would not understand Barth's dialect presentation). 

My Olympic Intentions:  Because it is NBC,  I do not intend watching any of the Olympics in real time.  I make this decision because this year's Olympic production is being produced by the same network[NBC] that owns the most radical cable news channel in American history,   MSNBC.  More than this,  NBC most recently announced that it would televise any anti-Anthem revolt,  had NFL players taken a knee during the Super Bowl opening ceremonies.  In other words,  the audience,  with its strong patriotic bias,  be damned.  

Oh,  I will keep up with the Olympics.  Still,  I will not watch any of the advertising and programing in real time.  

If you see NBC as part of the "enemy within,"  as I do,  you will join me.  

Time for those who seriously care about this country to take a stand.  

Just to be clear,  I will watch any and all Olympic programing that is not NBC programing,  including ESPN.  

While ESPN is equally anti-Patriotic,  it has paid the price,  in spades.  Time to challenge NBC and drive them out of the market or, at least,  try.  

Never forget: A "Free and Independent Press"  is meaningless if it is controlled by a godless, anti-American agenda.  I don't support Russian television ("RT" Russia Today,  here in the States)  for the same reasons I no longer endorse NBC and its bastard child,  MSNBC.  

Remember Quantitative Easing? Well, it is gone and with its departure, the rebuilding of our economy begins.

Update note:  We have not dealt with inflation for years,  because of Barack's no nothing finance strategy of Quantitative Easing [QE]. We were told over and over again,  during the Obama years,  that QE could not and must not continue,  yet,  Barack ignored those warnings because it took inflation off the table.  The problem with that is found in the fact that he also,  at the same time,  destroyed billions of dollars of retirement banking,  killed off the 401K money sharing programs,  and made it impossible for banking to make money via their lending programs.  In the end,  QE only gave us the illusion of a healthy economy.  

Barack,  in his childish pursuit of "fairness,"  decided that "profit" was a bad word/concept.  Another two terms of Obama or Hillary,  would have destroyed America's financial base and,  with it,  programs such as Social Security and Medicaid.  There would have been no money to fund these programs  . . . .   a future but distinct possibility today. 

There is another method for dealing with the threat of inflation and that is by way of controlled interest rates.  

QE added "dollars" to our system,  reducing the buying power of the dollar (deflation, kind of).  Leaving the policy of QE,  which weakened the dollar,  and, allowing for the growth of interest rates (understanding that rapidly growing interest rates are inflationary) ,  which strengthens the dollar,  is the way a capitalist economy is designed to work.  Interest rates are an existential aspect of a healthy economy.

As the economy adjusts to normal capitalist methodologies after ten years of first grader economics, there will be "bumps in the road."  Lets just hope that those running our economy via the Fed,  are able to deal with the delicacies of a correcting market. 

 This blog often spoke out against Quantitative Easing.  The time has come to pay the piper  . . . . .   and trust me,  "the piper"scenario is much more accurate than you might think:  "Barack playing his little flute,  as he leads his sheep over the edge  -  too uninformed to know what the hell he was doing." 

Quantitative easing is an unconventional monetary policy in which a central bank [i.e. the Fed] purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply.

CNN Money can't even get the Rob Porter "scandal" right

Tom Kludt / CNNMoney: Rob Porter scandal: Everywhere but Fox News

Editor:  Look,  this is not a WH scandal.  It is a Rob Porter scandal.  No one tried to cover for the man.  And,  now,  the man is no longer attached to the WH.  He is gone.  End of story.  

As far as the slur against Fox,  it disqualifies CNN from making any further reporting news.  Why?  Because it is as false a charge as anything reported by CNN including its "scientific" polling.    I listen to Fox seven hours a day,  long enough to know that Fox has given the Porter story ample reporting.  It [the Rob Porter story]  has been a part of every major program on Fox during the 24 hour news cycle over the course of the past several days  . . . .  every program without exception.  

It is not a story worth reporting as far as this blog is concerned.   Why?  Because we (I) don't obsess about gossip and personal hardship stories. 

Holder has no clue how much he is despised.

Ben Kamisar / The Hill: Holder won't rule out presidential run

Editor:  Can't remember when I laughed outloud for so long.  

Dems brag abut the one seat they won in Missouri; forgot to mention the three they lost to the GOP.

Matthew Yglesias / Vox:
Democrats flipped a Missouri state legislature seat that Trump won by 28 points  —  Special elections are painting a bleak outlook for the GOP.  —  Democrats had another good Tuesday night of special elections, this time in Missouri, where Mike Revis won a 3-point victory in House District 97 … 
Editor:  Never forget:  Nothing the Dems accomplish in terms of political victories is as bad or foreboding as they are made to appear in the Marxist Media News. 

Dems caught doing what they always do - caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

The Daily Beast:
Cash for Coalition Against Trump Going Into Consultants' Pockets Instead … Omar Siddiqui couldn't make it to an August fundraiser in Beverly Hills for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump.  But he ponied up the $2,000 ticket price after the group's senior adviser, Scott Dworkin, sent him a personal invitation.
Editor:  Just like Der Leader,  Hillary "Please fund my 'charity' " Clinton. 


  • Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member of the House Intel Committee was recorded speaking to Russian pranksters who spun elaborate 'kompromat' tale
  • He told Vocan and Lexus, two radio pranksters who have also hit Nikki Haley, that he would pass their claims to the FBI in a call made last year
  • The duo posed as a fake Ukrainian politician to say Trump had sex with Russian glamour model Olga Buzova after a Miss Universe pageant in 2013
  • In the call they said Putin had been passed naked pictures of Trump and now-president had used secret codes for talks with Russians
  • Duo gave emails to which showed Schiff's staff trying to arrange to collect 'classified' documents from Ukraine's embassy in D.C.
  • Schiff's office claimed he was not fooled by the call and reported it to 'authorities' but did not explain why his staff kept up correspondence 
  • Call posted in April 2017 surfaced as Schiff waits to see if Trump will declassify his Democratic version of the Devin Nunes memo which shamed the FBI

The Democrat Memo: Why it will be nothing but a political document

Understand that the Dems only think in term of political impact.  They do not care about the truth,  Rules for Radicals gives them instruction to use any "opportunity" to lie and cheat the truth.  

When their memo finally comes out,  it will have redactions.  Why do you think Schiff is making such a big deal about not allowing the GOP to redact their document?  Because he knows redactions will be unavoidable.  Not so with the Nunes file  -   but who cares about that when you are busy building a false equivalency case.   

And why "redactions?"  Because they have embedded classified information about process and agent identity that will need redaction.  The GOP/Nunes document did not have ANYTHING in it that mentioned process or agent identities.   

The FBI reviewed the Nunes memo and found nothing in need of correction or redaction  . . . . . . . .   nothing.  But the Dems document will is not be clean.   And when the Dems memo is released,  you will hear them cry about how unfair they are being treated:  "Our document had redactions,  theirs did not  . . . .   how fair is that?"

Just so you know what these dishonest types are up to,  now.  

And here is yet another lie told by the Dems and Nancy Pelosi

Nancy is on record telling the American people that "90% of Americans will actually see their taxes rise." 

Look,  there are 127 million fulltime jobs in America and 110 workers will see a tax cut in their weekly paychecks or on April 15, 2019,  when they file their 2018 tax returns.  

All that is in the mind of Pelosi,  is an effort to detract from the impact of this tax cuts  . . . . .   and it isn't working.  97% of Republicans believe there will be actual tax relief,  as does 73% of Independents,  and a whopping 40% of Democrats.  Exactly which major election do the Dems plan on winning with these numbers? 

The fact of the matter is this:  The Dems,  come November of 2018, will have to explain why they refused to participate in crafting the new tax reform;  why they never crafted a similar bill of their own,  and why they keep lying about all this.    

The truth is that Hillary had no plans for a tax cut,  no plans for a reduction in regulations, no plans to jump start the economy,   no thought for making working capital loans easier to secure for the small businessman,  no plans to wipe out ISIS in her first year.  She is a nothing burger,  an imposter as a wife and a politician, and,  she remains the face of the Democrat Party.  

Another lie told by Politco, with the hope for deception.

Republican leaders are acknowledging that the FBI disclosed the political origins of a private dossier the bureau cited in an application to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, undermining a controversial GOP memo released Friday and fueling Democratic demands to declassify more information about the bureau’s actions.  (Source:  Politico, here).

Editor:  Talk about "misleading,"  this is a prime example.  The above  Politico excerpt is designed as a rebuttal to Republican claims that the political ties to the DNC and the Hillary Campaign as set forth in the Nunes Memo  (see our Memo reproduction in this blog) were not mentioned by the Dems,  when they used the Steele Dossier as part of the evidence,  a critical part, to secure a FISA warrent to spy on Carter Page and,  eventually,  the President. 

The fact of the matter is this:  all the Dems mentioned was a "political influence"  (words to that effect),  without any details as to the political origins of the Steele Dossier;  nothing about a 12 million dollar investment by the DNC/Hillary Campaign;  nothing about Hillary feeding details to be published in the Dossier;  nothing about Steele's connections to the Russian, nothing about Fusion GPS  . . . . .    none of this.  Period.  End of discussion.  

Rules for Radicals:  When caught in a lie,  keep lying. The public will never know the difference.

Why is the Market correcting itself?

The 10 year bond growth rate was fixed (for the moment) at 2.85% on Friday,  

The Market has grown without a correction of any kind for well over a year.  

The answer to my headline is never a simple issue but does include the following:  Under Obama,  bond prices and retirement funds were terrible.  Not the case today,  and rising bond prices are getting to the point that investors are willing to put money into that program  . . . .  three percent interest,  guaranteed 10 years from now,  is sounding like a good deal to a growing base of investors.  

Couple that with the corresponding fact that the money used to buy bonds (and secure 401K funding) is being taken out of the Market and you have reason for much of the present-time correction.  

All this being true  (?),  the current correction is actually a sign of strength.  

Now,  after a 5 to 10 percent correction,  what comes next?  Well,  we we be left with a strong market that grows at a much lower rate;  retirement funds and 401K funds become a safe place to grow ones retirement,  for the first time since Obama;  and,  inflation becomes a issue that must be dealt with  . . . . .   per  normal and historic values. 

Understand that Barack was no friend to retirement funds,  corporate/dividend profits or a "booming"  economy. 

Look,  what you are seeing with the Market's wild success,  is what could have been,  under Obama,  if he had not pressed high taxation and thousands of pages of new and repressive regulations.  His policies held the Market down,  destroyed retirement funding,  and held annual growth to 2% GDP.  

Trump simply took "the lid" off the Market,  and allowed it to do what it had been wanting to do,  for the past two or three years.  To say it differently,  we had a Market under Obama,  that was not allowed to profit investors because Barack thought such profits were unfair   . . . .   the common man was not an investor.  

Thanks Barack for nothing.  

Here is the problem with the Democrats memo response

House Intel could vote Monday to release Dem memo rebutting GOP allegations against FBI  
Here is the problem with the Democrats memo response  -  its going to be a  dud by comparison.  Look,  the facts of the Nunes memo are accurate and the facts are explosive.  The Dems cannot refute so they must try to minimize the "shock" effect.  Good luck with that.  

Round one will go to the GOP.  Not a good time to lose the battle over whether you are a liar,  right Dems???

Remember these words: "I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election! Well, turns out Trump was correct. "

I'd bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!" Trump tweeted in March. 

And now,  CNN is reporting that a Federal Judge is demanding an investigation into the possibility that the Feds are hiding documentation it has previously denied using:

Washington (CNN)  A federal judge told the Department of Justice to explain why the release of the House Intelligence Committee's memo today shouldn't force investigators to acknowledge the existence of more records related to foreign surveillance.
Until this point, the Justice Department said it couldn't confirm or deny the existence of foreign surveillance-related records regarding Donald Trump and his business and campaign associates. That disclosure would hurt national security and could interfere with the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russian collusion and the election, the FBI has claimed.
The White House declassified and House Republicans released a controversial memo Friday that prompted the judge's action. The memo describes Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court actions that allowed federal authorities to monitor former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page in 2016 and 2017.
The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, filed by the James Madison Project and USA Today reporter Brad Heath in April, sought records from the FBI of FISA applications and authorizations for surveillance of the Trump Organization, President Donald Trump, his campaign and associated people.
BTW,  doesn't this Federal Court action confirm the legitimacy of the Nunes memo?  Answer: OF COURSE it does.  

Here is a comprehensive review of the facts on display in the Nunes memo. The man is an American hero, folks.

Brietbart News gives an excellent review of the Nunes memo and  those who referenced therein,  whether directly or implicitly.  Understand that Carter Page was NEVER a Russian agent.  He has been a person of interest to the FBI since 2013,  with no charges nor any evidenccial claims against the man (this is why he is usually smiling).  But, after Trump made him a part of the transition team,  briefly,  the partisan players within the FBI,  those followers of Obama,  he became linked to Trump, along with a man named George Papadopoulos, and the Russian Fantasy became a Democrat "fact." . 
  •  The anti-Trump dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee formed an “essential” part of the initial and all three renewal surveillance applications against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page;
  •  The political origins of the dossier were “known to senior DOJ and FBI officials,” but those origins were not included in applications to obtain the warrant; (The FISA court was told,  in a non-descript reference, of "political funding" with no details as to Russian ties to the Dossier,  nor the complicity of either the DNC  or the Hillary campaign ~  blog editor)
  • Also used to justify the surveillance warrants against Page was a news story supposedly corroborating the dossier, that was pushed by the dossier author Christopher Steele himself — yet the FISA application incorrectly says Steele did not provide the information in the article;  (in other words,  we have Steele testifying in the article, in support of Steele,  while the FBI used the news article as an "outside source" confirming the dossier, an outright lie known to the FBI ~ blog editor).
  • Perkins Coie — the law firm for the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee hosted a meeting with Steele, Fusion GPS and media (this revelation makes it harder for the Clinton campaign and the DNC to deny they knew about the dossier, though Clinton and other top DNC officials at that time have denied knowing about it);
  • Steele was “suspended and then terminated” as an FBI source, after the FBI learned that he made an authorized disclosure of his relationship with the FBI to liberal media magazine Mother Jones, and he lied to the FBI about his previous media contacts with Yahoo! and other outlets;
  • Steele — although portrayed as a “boy scout” by Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson — had personal bias against candidate Donald Trump, telling senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr that he was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president”;
  • Ohr’s wife Nellie Ohr assisted with the dossier, but the FBI or the DOJ did not disclose this connection in the application for the FISA warrant, even though Bruce Ohr worked “closely” with Deputy Attorney Generals Sally Yates and then Rod Rosenstein — who both signed off on at least one FISA application or renewal;
  • At the time that the FBI used the dossier to obtain the spy warrant on Page in October 2016, head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division Bill Priestap had assessed that the corroboration of the dossier was still in its “infancy,” and after Steele was terminated as a source, an FBI unit assessed his reporting as only “minimally corroborated”; (in fact, the dossier has never been confirmed as a wholistic document used in the Russian pole.  It remains only a Hillary Clinton opposition research document ~ editor).
  • FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe acknowledged to the House Intelligence Committee in December 2017 that no warrant would have been sought without the dossier;
  • The FISA warrant also mentioned information related to another Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, even though there was no evidence of cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos; (Papadopoulos was a nobody who played virtually no role as member of the transition team. He lied to the FBI and is being prosecuted for that reason.  Steele lied to the FBI and is not being prosectured  ,  go figure  ~ blog editor).
  • The memo does not state what the information about Papadopoulos was, but said that information was the trigger to the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation on Russian meddling and collusion in late July 2016 (he had told an Australian diplomat at a London bar that a Maltese professor connected to Russia had told him he had dirt on Clinton in the form of emails);
  • Peter Strzok, the No. 2 at the FBI’s counterintelligence division opened the bureau’s investigation on Russian meddling and collusion (text messages between him and fellow FBI official and lover Lisa Page show that he held an anti-Trump bias);
  • The FBI authorized payments to Steele, but never disclosed that in any of the FISA warrant applications.