Update to : Don't Desert Me. I Am On A 1000 Bike Benefit Poker Run All Day

On my way to the poker run.  

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Its all about doing for wounded cops what they cannot do for themselves.  I have to tell you,  I wouldn't get out of my patrol car for $60,000 a year (before taxes) but our local police do just that.  This helps them understand that we know their lives are without a price.  And to think one of them gave me a speeding ticket,  two weeks ago. 30 bucks a bike with all of the money going to those who need it most . . . . . . . very cool.     800 bikes, total.  They were hoping for 1,000 but 800 is do just fine.  I came home with a host of new friends in mind,  most younger than me and some new TEA party contacts.  Law, order,  freedom,  doing things the american way  -  that is what such "runs" are all about. . . Talk to you later on Sunday. 

As of tonight, last night was his last night. Maybe we are really rid of this buffoon.

He was let go at ESPN, Sunday Night Football,  MSNBC  (first, fired as the head of the news department and then, just fired from everything.),  and now,  he is gone from Current TV and without ceremony.  The network has refused to let him sign off tonight,  Friday the 30rd.  Maybe he can cash in on that four year Ag degree he has. Moron.

What a great week we conservatives just had.

Update on the Trayvon Martin killing: the activist anarchists are guilty !!

If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, theRev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions.

Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city of Sanford specifically, but he has been critical of the police department's handling of the case.

Much has been made about a video of Zimmerman arriving at Sanford Police headquarters.  Every news network has made the claim that the video does not support the Zimmerman claim that he had been injured by Trayvon Martin,  just prior to the shooting.  

I watched ABC's analysis of the video on Wednesday or Thursday night.  Diane Sawyers did the commentary.  She allowed for there to be "new bump" on Zimmerman's nose and point to the fact that one of the receiving cops spent a moment or two looking at something on the back of Zimmerman's head.  She concluded that nothing definite could be deduced from the film itself.  

But no other network is being equally objective.  

Think about what we have, here.  Al Sharpton,  attempting to incite a riot,  the New Black Panthers looking to arrest Zimmerman, themselves,  the Nation of Islam is looking to "take it to the streets."  Young Martin's mom has put a copyright on a hoodie and is about to make a killing off a facsimile  of the hooded shirt her son was wearing.  More power to her,  but the last thing I would be thinking is "how can I make money off this deal."  

How can it be wrong to wait and see how this ends.  There is a Grand Jury in the works,  and an independent investigator is on the job.   

If Zimmerman is guilty, that will come out.  Understand there is good reason to believe that he had the wounds he claimed to have had and  a witness verifies his story,  

Vanderbilt University joins the ranks of the godless hordes in pretense of being concerned for Constitutional matters -- and it is going to get away with it.

  From the Vanderbilt Catholic.org site:

  Vanderbilt Catholic will not re-register as a student organization at Vanderbilt University for the Fall Semester 2012.  The decision was announced to members in a recent letter from the Student Board as well as at Sunday Masses on March 25.
     According to Fr. John Sims Baker, Chaplain of Vanderbilt Catholic, “The discriminatory non-discrimination policyof Vanderbilt University has forced our hand.”
     Student organizations must re-register in April and affirm that they will abide by the controversial non-discrimination policy.  The Administration is forcing religious groups to open leadership positions to all students, regardless of whether or not they practice the religion or even know anything about it. 

     Fr. Baker says that Vanderbilt Catholic will re-organize. “With Bishop Choby’s complete support, we will continue to serve the students of Vanderbilt as an independent ministry.  We are going to open our doors wider in order to make a greater effort to reach out to all Vanderbilt students and all college students in Nashville. 

Editor's notes:  the new scam against religion and [especially] the Christian faith,  is this business of being "concerned for acts that discriminate."  Under that banner,  the secular and godless world attacks institutions of faith for the unspoken but expressed goal of driving religion from the public square. 

Vanderbilt University has ordered all campus based private clubs to open their membership roles to those who might not support the tenets of that particular club.  Vanderbilt Catholic (a 500 member Catholic club)  is being required to allow anyone interested in membership into the club regardless of personally expressed faith or the lack, thereof.  

Obama,  the titular head of the current anti-faith movement,  took Hossana/Tabor Lutheran Church to task for requiring its newly hired  teachers to be members of the church.  via his EEOC.  Obama was trying to order the Lutheran Church to open it private school to anyone who applied for a teaching position,  even if an unbeliever.  The church,  seeing the existential danger of this Federal order to itself,  refused to comply and the matter wound up in the Supreme Court.  On January 23rd of this year,   the High Court decided against the Obama Administration in an unanimous decision (9-0).   

Vanderbilt administrators cannot possibly miss the point of their ruling as relates to the future well-being of any group having specific rules of membership and unique societal goals.  In effect,  Vanderbilt is saying that all on-campus clubs must be exactly the same ----  in effect. More than this,  Vanderbilt administrators surely can see that this matter,  in terms of Constitutional concerns,  has been decided and not in their favor.   

Can a private school,  Vanderbilt,  order clubs to meet its particular institutional standards?  Of course,  Can that same school,  pretend to be concerned with compliance to specific Constitutional concerns already decided by the High Court as it functions in opposition to those very decisions?  Not and claim to be an academic institution  --  assuming, of course,  that "academic" has something to do with intelligent design.  

What we have here, is another attack against organized faith-based institutions by unbelievers.  It is no more complicated than that.  And to think that it is our own government mounting this campaign against its own people.  

And now, Obama, Israel's "best friend" is revealing Israeli secrets to the world for self-serving reasons.

Update:  let's not forget that Leon revealed Israel's "window of opportunity," two weeks ago.  This is the first time in my 67 years that a sitting president has ratted out his "friends" and he has done it twice.  Putin is going to love this clown.

Original text: 

In our "map of the day," we show you the nation of Azerbaijan (see the arrow).  The nation and its proximity to Iranian targets are critical concerns.  You can locate Tehran (in Iran).

All this is important because of Israel's pending attack on Iran, assuming a solution to the nuclear crisis Iran poses cannot be found within the next few weeks or months.

Azerbaijan authorities have agreed to allow Israel to base its air force out of that country,  making an air assault on Iranian missile and nuclear sites a practical possibility.  Without the treatise with Azerbaijan,  an air strike on Iran was nearly a "suicide" effort.  A round trip to Iranian targets, from Israel,  totals more than 2,000 miles, something that poses critical issues as to fueling and safe return.  Because of the treatise with the northern nation,  those issues are resolved.

Apparently,  the Obama Administration decided to expose this secret arrangement because its efforts to stall an Israeli strike on Iran were not going well.  This bit of traitorist idiocy was exposed in the media via John Bolton,  former Ambassador to the U.N., yesterday, on FoxNews.  You should know that  Ambassador Bolton is not the only principle critical of what this Administration has done.  The magazine, Foreign Policy,  carried this news without revealing its sources and Israel,  itself, has questioned the source of this top secret leak.

This Administration is no stranger to this sort of betrayal of trust.  Back in early 2011,  Obama,  in his zeal to write a new START treatise with Russia, agreed to give the Russians secret information as to every Trident missile the U.S. supplies to Britain 

I'll bet none of you knew this.  I reported it at the time,  but the Marxist Media did not.

Final point:  understand that when Obama talks of the support his Administration has given to Israel, "the most support in modern times,"  he is just kidding.  Nothing of that nature is true.  In fact,  he has proven to be a near enemy of the tiny nation. His angst with Israel offers reason enough to vote him and his cohorts out of office.

End notes:

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Obama's First Quarter (2012) Report: An Unmitigated disaster - maybe the worst in American history for a sitting president.

In a somewhat random bit of reporting,  think about this 1st Quarter report;  it is a near total disaster.

Obama is defeated in the Senate (today) with his attack against oil subsidies.  Not even his Democrat buds wanted this thing.

Yesterday morning,  he lost a House vote on his budget proposal,  414 - Zero. Remember last year?  He lost a Senate budget vote 97 to Zero on that occasion.  How does a sitting president score a "zero" with members of his own party.  Surely,  they know how this must look.

He was reversed in his effort to cancel all or most coal mining contracts,  in a decision known as Mingo Logan versus the EPA and the reversal was at the hands of one of his own appointees.Understand that on January 22, 2007 – After completing an environmental statement, the Army Corps gave Mingo Logan a permit under section 404 of the Clean Water Act allowing the company to discharge fill material into nearby streams.  Four years later,  almost to the day,  (January 13, 2011) the  EPA revokes the permit which was “unprecedented in the history of the Clean Water Act.”  Coal companies were furious.  Of course,   Mingo Logan filed suit,  seeking a  summary judgment, claiming that the EPA had exceeded CWA § 404(c) authority.  The court's decision saved 250 jobs and millions of dollars already spent on the project.  

His legal defense of ObamaCare at the Supreme Court stunk up the place.  Absolutely no one from the Left thinks the performance was anything but a "train wreck."

Monday, he was caught on camera playing patty-cake with the Russian president, Medvedev and bragging about being "more flexible" after the election. Of course, that has become a major campaign clip and the fire storm that has followed,  is still blazing.

Last week he pretended that he was pro-Keystone and was laughed out of town in a visit to Oklahoma.

Last Friday,  he stuck his foot in his mouth with regard to the Trayvon Martin shooting and did nothing to claim things down or help,  in any way.

His Chevy Volt has suspended production due to lack of sales.

Chrysler sold out to Fiat, in a loss to the American taxpayer of 1.5 billion dollars.

The jobs report he made, a week ago, last Thursday,  arguing for the lowest first time claims averages since 2008 was proven to be untrue this Thursday;  the Department of Labor missing the total number of first time claimants by 16,000 people,  the largest forced adjustment in a decade.

Gas continues to climb in price and he has no clue how to deal with that issue.  When he took office,  the price per gallon was $1.84.  Today,  it is $3.91 and rising.

In January, the High Court voted against his effort at forcing religious institutions into hiring non-believers.  That decision was 9 - 0.  His own appointees voting against the law. (Hosanna/Tabor Lutheran Church v the EEOC)

In February,  he lost the Shackett v the EPA as that regulatory agency claimed to be above the law in terms of any review of its decisions against property owners.
That High Court decision was, also, unanimous,  with all Court justices voting against Obama.

And to think,  it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

If you are tired of the devious nature of Obama's style of leadership, you'll love this article by Peggy Noonan.

Obama, looking more and more the loner,
intent on his own agenda and support
each and every day. 

Peggy Noonan "nails it" when it comes to her observation on Obama: 

WSJ Op-ed:  Something's happening to President Obama's relationship with those who are inclined not to like his policies. They are now inclined not to like him. His supporters would say, "Nothing new there," but actually I think there is. I'm referring to the broad, stable, nonradical, non-birther right. Among them the level of dislike for the president has ratcheted up sharply the past few months.
It's not due to the election, and it's not because the Republican candidates are so compelling and making such brilliant cases against him. That, actually, isn't happening.

What is happening is that the president is coming across more and more as a trimmer, as an operator who's not operating in good faith. This is hardening positions and leading to increased political bitterness. And it's his fault, too. As an increase in polarization is a bad thing, it's a big fault.

The shift started on Jan. 20, with the mandate that agencies of the Catholic Church would have to provide services the church finds morally repugnant. The public reaction? "You're kidding me. That's not just bad judgment and a lack of civic tact, it's not even constitutional!" Faced with the blowback, the president offered a so-called accommodation that even its supporters recognized as devious. Not ill-advised, devious. Then his operatives flooded the airwaves with dishonest—not wrongheaded, dishonest—charges that those who defend the church's religious liberties are trying to take away your contraceptives. . . . . .  finish reading the article here.

So. How did the war go with Ra Ra Rushy? He beat back the advancing hordes and the battlefield silence of the defeated is making itself heard.

Rush and wife, Kathryn Rogers
On Monday of this week,   the 630+  radio stations airing the Rush Limbaugh Show were told by his syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, that they could and should resume scheduling “barter” ads during his programming hour. Stations are required to run these ads in exchange for paying discounted fees to Premiere for  airing Limbaugh’s show.  You may have heard Rush refer to "Clear Channel."   Clear Channel owns Premiere.  Clear Channel had ordered Premiere to stop with the barter ads,  until things settled down.  That ban was on for a mere two weeks.  

The charge against Rush was lead by Media Matters, a 501c3 operating in violation of its "non-political" register as a 501c3,  but which government cares about the rules,  especially when they affect the Lift Wing? 

While Media Matters pretended to be concerned from women rights and the civility of our national discourse,  in the end,  it was all about the death of the Rush Limbaugh show.  And , like little children sensing free candy,  they swarmed around the Second American Conservative Hero (after Reagan), but failed to bring him down. Only two of his 630 station kingdom quit his programming,  one in Hawaii and the other in the blue state of Massachusetts. Virtually all of his long term sponsors remained with the program and two of the sponsors leaving the show tried to reverse their decisions,  but were denied by Rush.  

Understand that during this month long ordeal, emails supporting Rush were coming in at a 15 to 1 ratio.  Media Matters has a core group of volunteers working with MoveOn.org, of around 2 million members (they claim 5 million) who are dedicated to the cause of assassination via techno-weaponry and [especially] the social network.  The Left thinks their world is so much larger than these two million embattled volunteers,  but,  as it turns out,  such is the Left's  core constituency.  Two million against the TEA party movement of 35 million ?!  Bring it on !!  

Understand, this is just the beginning.  "They" know that this election is even more important for their movement than it is for the Truth.  Expect them to go down swinging.  They cannot have another 2010 midterm election,  and they know it.  

Me?  I am attending a MoveOn.org "training" session on April 14.  They think I am one of them.  Should be fun. I will report on the meeting later. 

In review, both sides agree: the Administration's High Court arguments were not what all thought they might be In fact, the Administration seemed wholly unprepared for the questions of the Justices.

Adam Serwer, owner of the huge and very liberal  "Mother Jones" blog,  is relatively furious.  I believe his opinion is typical of those on the Left  - more than disappointed to the point of being discouraged. 

Serwer wrote:  "Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. should be grateful to the Supreme Court for refusing to allow cameras in the courtroom, because his defense of Obamacare on Tuesday may go down as one of the most spectacular flameouts in the history of the court….

'What is left?'  Justice Antonin Scalia demanded of Verrilli, 'if the government can do this, what can it not do?'….

Justice Samuel Alito asked the same question later. 'Could you just—before you  move on, could you express your limiting principle as  succinctly as you possibly can?' …. Where the lawyers challenging the mandate invoked the Federalist Papers and the framers of the Constitution, Verrilli offered jargon and political talking points"  

Serwer concludes with this observation: If the law is upheld, it will be in spite of Verrilli’s performance, not because of it."  

Here is a video made by the RNC. It sums up the oppositions view of the Obama performance.  It seems both sides agree.

From my mailbox - Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball on the approaching election - and it is all good for the GOP.

Add caption
By Alan I. Abramowitz
Senior Columnist, U.Va. Center for Politics
In today's Crystal Ball, Alan Abramowitz -- whose election models are among the best in the business -- provides an early look at what they tell us about the race for the House and the Senate. We suspect that these models are a little pessimistic for Democrats at this early point, although we agree with Alan's conclusion, which is that Republicans are in strong position to keep control of the House and that they should at the very least cut into the Democrats' 53-47 edge in the Senate. Forecasting models are an important tool in helping to predict elections, but they are not the only tool the Crystal Ball uses. A holistic approach -- using polling, models, and race-by-race evaluations -- gives a fuller picture, and this is how we traditionally make our projections as Election Day approaches.
A relatively simple model incorporating four predictors -- the number of seats the Republican Party holds going into an election, whether it is a presidential or midterm election year, the net approval rating of the incumbent president, and the standing of the parties on the generic congressional ballot -- can be used to forecast the seat swing in House and Senate elections well before Election Day. The model accurately predicted the Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives and Senate in 2006 and the Republican takeover of the House in 2010.
After estimating the models based on the results of all House and Senate elections since the end of World War II, the forecasting equations for the 2012 House and Senate elections are as follows:
CRHS = (1.35*GENBALLOT) + (.21*PRESAPP) – (.36*PRHS) – (19.6*MIDTERM) + 86.1
CRSS = (.18*GENBALLOT) + (.05*PRESAPP) – (.81*PRSS) – (2.9*MIDTERM) + 14.8,
Where CRHS is change in Republican House seats, CRSS is change in Republican Senate seats, GENBALLOT is the average current Republican margin on the generic congressional ballot, PRESAPP is net presidential approval coded according to the party of the president, PRHS is previous Republican House seats, PRSS is previous Republican Senate seats, and MIDTERM is a variable distinguishing Republican and Democratic midterm elections from presidential elections that is coded +1 for midterms under a Republican president, 0 for presidential elections and -1 for midterms under a Democratic president.

The model is considerably more accurate for House elections than for Senate elections, which is not surprising given the much smaller number and greater competitiveness of Senate elections. However, the two equations are actually very similar. In both models, the generic ballot and presidential approval have significant effects on seat swing, and midterm elections produce a consistent swing against the president’s party. In addition, in both models, and especially in the Senate model, the more seats Republicans are defending, the greater the Republican seat loss. In other words, exposure predicts losses.
Based on the most recent polling results, which show a near tie on the generic ballot and a net presidential approval (approval minus disapproval) of close to zero, the House forecasting model predicts a very small Democratic seat gain (2-3 seats) in the House but not nearly the 25 seats Democrats would need to take back control of the House. On the other hand, the Senate forecasting model gives Republicans a good chance to regain control of the Senate with an expected pickup of 6-7 seats. That is due almost entirely to the fact that Republicans are defending only 10 Senate seats this year while Democrats are defending 23 seats.
The Senate forecast especially should be interpreted cautiously because the Senate model has a fairly large error term due to the small number of seats in each election. And of course, it is still early and both the generic ballot and the presidential approval variables could change over the next few months. However, both have been fairly stable in recent weeks. Based on these results, it would be surprising if Republicans did not hold onto their majority in the House in 2012 and gain at least a few Senate seats.

Last weeks claims report was touted as the best 4 week average since 2008. Turns out that was not even close to being true.

You will  have to take your time with this post.  The "point of post' is to
report the truth about the "first time unemployment claims" of the past five weeks.

Feb 18  --  353,000 first time claims (an adjusted total)
Feb 25  --  354,000 first time claims (an adjusted total)
March 3 -- 365,000 first time claims (an adjusted total)
March 10 - 354,000 first time claims (an adjusted total)
March 17 - 364,000 first time claims (an adjusted total)  Note:the first report for this week was 348,000, 16,000 short of being accurate.  

and the most recent report issued today,  Thursday, March 29, for the week ending . . . .

March 24 - 359,000 first time claims (yet to be adjusted)

As you can see,  these numbers,  coming directly from the Department of
Labor (see our page "Labor Stats" in this blog's menu bar) confirm a very
slow recovery.  Certainly,  the numbers are down from four years ago,  but
there is no reason to believe that the Obama Stimulus has any influence on
the present recovery,  at all.  And, most definitely,  there is no substance to the claim that the current weekly claims report allows for "the lowest average in 4 years."

End notes:  

The new unemployment first-claims report for the week ending March 24 is 359,000.  We are told that this is 5,000 LESS than the week before and
everyone applauds.  "Improvement is being made!"  Right?  Ahhhh,  not

Understand this: the "first report" or "advance" report is always adjusted
upwards in the ensuing 7 day period.  On Thursday of each week,  the Feds release two numbers,  the "first report" for the week ending on the previous Saturday AND the corrected number for the week before that last and most
recent report.

Two weeks ago,  the first claims report was 348,000, giving the Obama government the lowest 4 week average since 2008 !!  Turns out this was a
lie.  That "first time claims report" was actually 364,000 ( and Obama says "Ooooops"); housing starts are down to a 10 year low and things are not
getting that much better.

First report for week ending March 24 is 359,000. This will be adjusted
upward by this time next week:



Advance March 24
March 17
March 10
Prior Year1

Initial Claims (SA)
Initial Claims (NSA)
4-Wk Moving Average (SA)

First report for week ending March 17:


Advance March 17
March 10
March 3
Prior Year1

Initial Claims (SA)
Initial Claims (NSA)
4-Wk Moving Average (SA)

About this weeks total (and I am talking about the March 17th report) we have this, taken directly from the web:

Posted on March 23, 2012 by Comerica Economics ... Initial Claims for Unemployment Insurance fell by 5000 for the week ending March 17, to 348000. ... And we are seeing reports of gradually improving builder confidence ... The last time we were consistently below 350000 on initial claims was in the first quarter of 2008. . . .  

Turns out not of this was true.  The actual first time claims number was not 348,000 but a whopping 364,000.  In the three years I have been keeping track of these numbers,  this is the first report that adjust upwards more than 5,000 claims.  The average upward adjustment is 2,500 to 4,000 with "4,000" being rare. 

Want to know why we are not hearing Obama demanding that congress "pass my budget and pass it now?" You are not going to believe the reason.

Want to know why we are not hearing Obama demanding that congress "pass my budget and pass it now" ?????  

It just got voted down,  in the House of Representatives by a margin of 414 to Zero. 

Last year (2011) you will remember that the Democrat controlled Senate voted down that Obama budget by a margin of 97 to Zero.  

Look,  I know I anger you libs.  But, really,  this is no longer about Democrat and Republican.  If the man cannot get a single vote for his budget,  two years running,  does that not tell you he is in over his head ??  

Another One Bites the Dust: Mingo Logan Coal Company v. EPA ----- Obama's EPA loses another battle

District Court Judge Amy
Jackson rules against Obama 

On March 23, Judge Amy Jackson, an Obama appointee on the US District Court for DC, released her opinion in Mingo Logan v. EPA and it was not good for the Marxistmeister.
Obama lost the Hosanna/Tabor Lutheran Church v the EEOC decision in which he tried to force a church to hire an unbeliever as a teacher.  The decision was a Supreme Court ruling, 9-0  (Jan 23,2012) His two appointees voted with the majority. 
He lost the Sackett versus the EPA case,  in which his EPA tried to move against a court decision in demanding compliance from the Sackett family without offering them any legal recourse.  The Supreme Court ruled 9 - 0 against the Obama Administration.   (Feb 26, 2012).  Two of his appointees voted with the majority.  
Now, On March 23,  we have the District Court decision against the EPA,  ruling that it did not have the power to invalidate confirmed contracts,  especially those signed 4 freaking years ago!  The Obama Administration has gone into "coal country"  with a blotted EPA mandate to invalidate established contracts in the name of environment health.  
Understand that on January 22, 2007 After completing an environmental statement, the Army Corps gave Mingo Logan a permit under section 404 of the Clean Water Act allowing the company to discharge fill material into nearby streams.  Four years later,  almost to the day,  (January 13, 2011) the  EPA revokes the permit which was “unprecedented in the history of the Clean Water Act.”  Coal companies were furious.  Of course,   Mingo Logan filed suit,  seeking a  summary judgment, claiming that the EPA had exceeded CWA § 404(c) authority.  The court's decision saved 250 jobs and millions of dollars already spent on the project.  

Democrat leadership threatens to ignore the Supreme Court if it does not decide in his favor.

In a veiled threat to the Supreme Court,  Senator Richard Blumenthal issued this statement,  yesterday, March 28. after the Court's third day of hearings:

This court would not only have to stretch, it would have to abandon and completely overrule a lot of modern precedent, which would do grave damage to this court, in its credibility and power.   The court commands no armies, it has no money; it depends for its power on its credibility. The only reason people obey it is because it has that credibility. And the court risks grave damage if it strikes down a statute of this magnitude and importance, and stretches so dramatically and drastically to do it.”

Blumenthal is telling all who will listen,  that if the Court goes too far off the reservation,  Democrats will simply ignore its judgments.  He is talking "structured chaos,."  His threat is both real,  and straight out of someone's socialist handbook.

We listen to the High Court and comply with its decisions, even when we do not agree,  because it is the final word in this land,  the "third rail" if you will,  of our Constitutional form of governance.  Credibility has nothing to do with it.    If he is talking about abandoning that form of governance,  Blumenthal is on the edge of declaring war against the United States of America.

If our side "loses"  with the Court's published decision in late June, we will comply and work within the framework of the law to change what we can.  If the other side thinks they have a better way of dealing with their disagreement, it may be time to take it to the streets.  For damn sure,  we are not going to sit around and watch while others decide to abandon the Constitution and go the way of  Europe or Russia or Cuba or whichever loser country "they" admire.

You would have thought we had learned our lesson with the tragedy of the first Civil War.  Maybe not.  Who would win such a war?  Well,  I can tell this much, every military leader in this nation has sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.  You can take it from there,  moron.

This campaign ad seems most appropriate:

Forget, for a moment, what they are saying. What does it mean when they are patting each others arms as if buds? (video)

I don't like the idea that Obama is patting Medvedev's arm as if he was some kind of friend of the Russian president.  Secondly,  when Obama speaks of being "more flexible after the election,"  I hope that means that he knows how to bend over and kiss his skinny black butt good bye.  Now that is flexibility I can live with. 

Nation's Oldest Professional Cheerleader; Age 40

Laura Vikmanis - oldest cheerleader at age 40

Keep this video for future reference.

Is the birth certificate forged?  Maybe it is something we should consider after the coming election.  Sheriff Arpaio makes an hour and twenty minute presentation that should be considered.  I am not saying that the birth certificate is forged,  but I am saying that no one should decide for the rest of us.  Fox News will be no more interested in this matter than is the Marxist Media.  In fact,  I am certain that no one at Fox took time to view the evidence coming from the Arpaio investigation.  

This information was presented on March 1 of 2012,  without mention anywhere in the media.  We have seven months to defeat Obama,  not enough time to delve into this matter.  You can bet one thing for certain;  should Obama lose his re-election campaign,  this will become a matter of serious import.  He  will be gone,  but his influence will remain and even that,  must be eradicated.  

The editor's man-bike . . . . .Sometimes we know there is life after politics.

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Here is the "man bike" set up for inter-state travel.  The engine (an 1800 vtx 2003) has more power than that little '96 Honda Accord in the driveway.  The riding season is here,  although I rode a couple of times a week during the winter.  This Saturday,  I am riding with 1000 other bikers in a benefit for wounded cops.  It is a poker run and will take most of the day.  Kiss off a 100 bucks for doing nothing but sitting on my flabby butt, looking keen and mean.

Saturday morning around 6:30 am,  some of us will meet in a small town to the south for breakfast, then travel to Visalia (about 60 miles to the south) and begin the ride from there .  There will be food and the "blessing of the bikes,"  before we start the ride,   the second time my bike has been given a blessing.  "BS !!"  you say?  Well,  I should have been down and dead on three separate occasions during the past year.  Pardon me for being a believer.  And if I die over the weekend?  Well,  I guess I will die a believer.  Sue me.