Attire needed for the coming Hillary/Trump contest:

Wear hazmat suits with an open port on the backside for quick evacuation, so you don't miss anything on the TV. 

20,000 Dems quite the party to join the Republicans. Good for Trump or an orchestrated effort by the Dems to influence the GOP primary process???

Nearly 20,000 Bay State Democrats have fled the party this winter, with thousands doing so to join the Republican ranks, according to the state’s top elections official.
Secretary of State William Galvin said more than 16,300 Democrats have shed their party affiliation and become independent voters since Jan. 1, while nearly 3,500 more shifted to the MassGOP ahead of tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” presidential primary.
Galvin called both “significant” changes that dwarf similar shifts ahead of other primary votes, including in 2000, when some Democrats flocked from the party in order to cast a vote for Sen. John McCain in the GOP primary.
The primary reason? Galvin said his “guess” is simple: “The Trump phenomenon,” a reference to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, who polls show enjoying a massive lead over rivals Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others among Massachusetts Republican voters.  (text from the Boston Herald, here).

Since 1952, GOP voter base much more consistent than the Dems. Not so much this year. (see the chart).

Percentages of Democrats and Republicans who voted for the nominee in the other party.  Nixon was the man in '68 and '72, Reagan in '80 and '84.   I am surprised to see that the GOP has a much more consistent voter base than does the Democrat Party. 

1952 23% 8%
1956 15 4
1960 16 5
1964 13 20
1968 26 14
1972 33 5
1976 20 11
1980 33 15
1984 26 7
1988 17 8
1992 23 27
1996 15 19
2000 13 9
2004 11 7
2008 11 10
2012 8 7
Share of party’s voters voting against its presidential candidate
Sources: Gallup (1952-1972), National Exit Polls (1976-2012)

Predictions: Hillary and Trump will lock up their nominations on Super Tuesday. There. I said it. No need for any follow up or soap-opera type coverage. Only question remaining: How deep will be the division on the Right?

Count me in, not because I support the GOP but because Trump is a liberal buffoon.

McConnell claims GOP lawmakers will sacrifice White House, drop Trump ‘like a hot rock’ if he’s nominee

Republican voters need only look to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to understand that GOP lawmakers will willingly sacrifice the White House in order to…

Never mind "conservative principles." Sessions endorces Trump making "principles" a thing of the past. Good grief.

Jose A. DelReal / Washington Post: In major blow to Ted Cruz, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorses Donald Trump for GOP nomination  —  MADISON, Ala. — Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), whose hard-line conservative stances on immigration and trade have made him a favorite of the party's base, endorsed Donald Trump's White House bid during

I am not a Trump fan, but he is right about the wall . . . . that's about it.

I am not a Trump fan, but,  that is as much because he is an uneducated buffoon and con-man.  A few of his ideas actually work.    Here is an example:  We have heard him tell us ad nausea that Mexico is going to pay for the southern border wall,  and,  Mexican leadership is furious. 

Border walls work.  As an example is on the California border, and, it is a double wall   . . . . .   and,  again,  it works.  Secondly,  we (the U.S.) give Mexico millions if not billions of dollars a year.  Obviously,  we simply tell that government "pay for the damn wall,"  or,  take more than enough aid and trade advantage away from Mexico to cover the costs of the wall, if they refuse   . . . . . . .   and,  Vicente Fox has to know this.   That is why he is so angry  . . . . .    because he can't say "no" in any meaningful way.  

I hasten to add that while Trump's claim that Mexico will pay for the wall is is an easy one to defend,  his plan to "round them all up and send them back to Mexico" is nothing short of asinine.  If,  for no other reason,  the deal breaker, here,  is the legal process issue;  each of the 11 million (it was "20 million" 8 years ago, btw) are candidates for a legal court review,  and,  immigration reviews,  in today's legal economy,   take more than 500 days,  on average,  to complete, making mass deportations impossible.  Do I really need to do the math?  

The reader should know that my opposition to Trump is not a close call.   While some of his opinions work for me  (after all, he is a "populace" candidate),  the fact that he is clown,  a marital cheat, an outright thief when it comes to intentional and numerous bankruptcies,  and his allegiance to mandated healthcare, planned parenthood and a more liberal Supreme court,  are all reasons for my opposition.   

Hillary just beat Sanders (in S. Carolina) 73% to 26%. Why do some of you think this is news?

To be honest about this distinction,  Hillary is a big government progressive  and Sanders is a big government socialist.  Neither believe in a balanced budget,   and,  probably do not believe that this country can go "bankrupt" in practical terms.  

What is the difference between socialism and progressive theory?  Glenn Beck at the Blaze says, "NOTHING."  But the conservative think tank at Heritage gives us this contrast:  

Both Socialism and Progressivism use government power to control economic outcomes. The methods they use, however, are different. Socialism, strictly speaking, involves the government’s ownership of the means of production in a society. In a socialist economy, there are no private corporations that manufacture goods. All factories and companies belong to the state. Progressivism, by contrast, allows private ownership and control of corporations and manufacturing (thus a private economy and markets), although it does subject them to extensive government administration mostly through heavy regulation as well as other controls.  


Cruz really is no better than Trump. This is what will be played 24/7/365 if Cruz wins the nomination - that and his intention to send border patrol into our cities and round up 20 million illegals.

Donald Trump really is a con man. See Testimony #2 on his "Trump University."


Besides cheating investors out of millions and millions of dollars in four strategic bankruptcies, we have the Trump University scam. He really is a con man.

MSNBC has sidelined the racist babe, Melissa Harris, as relates to coverage of primary news this weekend. They also terminated race-bater, Al Sharptoin, a couple of months ago. .

They pay her to regularly play ugly race cards, baiting an ignorant liberal audience.
On Friday, Melissa Harris-Perry turned on her employers, publicly accusing MSNBC bosses of messing with her show because she is black.
Are they shocked to find that she really believes her own race-obsessed, paranoid gibberish? (See some of her greatest hits, below.)

Harris-Perry has revealed she will not be hosting her MSNBC show this weekend, citing schedule pre-emptions and a loss of control that have left her feeling “worthless.”
In an email to coworkers, Harris-Perry said she felt her show had been taken away without any discussion as weeks of election coverage have kept her on the sidelines, according to The New York Times which obtained a copy of the letter.

This editor has made a final decision, and it is . . . . .

The GOP clown show reached new heights,  last night,  with Trump standing in the middle,  pretending that he is a  righteous candidate.  My choices included Kasich on the outside,  then Dr. Carson, CarlyFiorina and my last hope,  Marco Rubio. 

If Trump gets the nomination,  I will work to develop a split party.  One thing for certain,  I am not voting for Trump.  Hillary is soulless when it comes to politics,  but Trump is Hillary x10 when it comes to being an empty suit and opportunist.  He is self serving to the max,  a man who thinks nothing of cheating people who have depended on him,  an outright fraud when stating his beliefs and preferences,  and criminal when it comes to the foundation of a "college,"  suckering hundreds of folks into his creativity crap.

Again,  if I have anything to do with it and Trump wins the nomination,  I will work to start a "separatist movement" within the GOP.  In other words,  if Trump wins the nomination, that will spell the end of the GOP and I will do all I can to insure that reality (the Dems have already moved into the camp of the communist/socialists, so,  I no longer care about them at all). 

one con artist deserves another:

Going, going, con !!!!!!! 

How phony is the Obnama alliance with powers in the Middle East? Well, Turkey just announced that it will wait for the next president to craft a workable strategy against ISIS.

Politico:And, above all, the skepticism about the cease-fire deal reflects the Turkish ruling establishment’s loss of confidence in Moscow’s negotiating partner in Syria — Washington. Officials in Ankara say they doubt the U.S. has the political will to see that this or any other agreement is upheld.

After nearly five years of watching Washington fumble the Syria crisis, Turkish officials say they are giving up on the Obama administration and will await its successor to craft a strategy for sorting out the Middle East’s expanding conflict.

Melissa "I need some muscle over here" Click was fired after Missouri University lost 2,5 million in donations.

University of Missouri (MU) professor Melissa Click has been fired after a vote by the school’s board of curators, three months after she grabbed national headlines for attacking a student journalist trying to cover a protest.

Previously, MU officials insisted Click’s job would be safe at least until a tenure review process was completed next summer. But after months of heavy pressure from Republican lawmakers who wanted Click off the government payroll, the board of curators voted four to two to have her dismissed early.

Thursday night debate Schedule: CNN with all five GOP candidates. Saturday - Dem primary in S Carolina. March 1 is Super Tuesday for both parties.

Gov. Sandoval of Nevada has just declared that he is not a candidate for the Supreme Court. .

Gov. Sandoval of Nevada has just declared that he is not a candidate for the Supreme Court, thus foiling Obama's "plan A" for dividing and conquering the GOP.  

Think how silly Obama looks,  scheduling a meeting with GOP leadership about Sandoval when,  in fact,  Sandoval was never consulted by the Slickster and does not want the Court appointment.  Understand that Sandoval understands Obama's sinister plans to plan to destroy the GOP via treating him as if a pawn.  

No.  Whatever this presidential jerk does in the time remaining until the end of his term,  he does on his own.  

Chuck Grassely and Senator McConnell not only are no shows for a meeting with Obama, but did not take phone calls from the Rogue President.

Chuck Grassely and Senator McConnell were not only no shows for a meeting with Obama, this morning,  but did not take phone calls from the Rogue President, yesterday,  as our Resident Loser tried to suck them into a meeting with him about their stance against any of his potential appointments.  

Finally,  a little payback for the years and years of being marginalized and ignored by Obama Hussein.

I do not believe that this will be an election issue of any serious import.  We will soon find out.  Saturday is a primary in S Carolina and next [Super] Tuesday,  we have several Democrat primaries.  The tournout for the first several primaries, thus far,  have been down by 30% for the Dems,  in a year that the GOP is setting records for every primary,  thus far.  If the GOP move against Obama's court appointee is an issue,  we will know by this time,  next week.  I am betting that such will not be the case.  

Now, some political science professors believe Trump can win the general election.

Christopher Cameron / The Statesman:
Political science professor forecasts Trump as general election winner  —  A professor of political science at Stony Brook University has forecasted that Donald Trump has a minimum 97 percent chance of winning the general election as the Republican nominee.  —  Professor Helmut Norpoth's …

If Trump is inevitable, here is what I hope his candidacy will be about.

No one is more of a conservative ideologue than me.  But years of being falsely promised action supporting the re-establishment of  Constitutional governance by members of the GOP,  I have given up. 

Trump is nothing close to my choice (Marco Rubio) but if he is the heir apparent to the GOP nomination,  I do believe the following:  

1.  He will not destroy the GOP.  McCain did that back in 2008. 

2.  He will get certain things done such as rebuilding our military,  send ISIS to the hell they deserve, deal with our border problem and do something substantial with regard to the V.A. , and actually create real jobs as opposed to the sham that was the  "created or saved" policy of lies told to the American period for going-on eight stinking years.  Understand that I have long believed we need a CEO as president,  rather than a governor or some clown who has never done an honest day of blue-collar work in his life has has no educational background directly related to his job as "president." 

I do not believe he will send the Border Patrol into our neighborhoods to gather and deport 11 million illegals as Ted Cruz has threatened to do [again] just two of days ago.  And I have reason to believe this.  I would encourage the reader to go to Trump's wedsite, here,  and read his paper on "immigration."  It is well written, comprehensive and does not include a single word about "mass deportations."   I am thinking there has to be a reason for this deliberate omission. 

Black staffers at Krystal Hamburgers refused service to a local police officer.

The entire staff of a fast food restaurant called Krystal in Alabama refused to serve a police officer, and the establishment is now receiving some serious backlash.
Thank you, Beyonce.

Special shout out to Barack Obama, as well.

Obama is treated with the same regard he has extended to the GOP during his seven year run as the most divisive president in our lifetimes.

Obama calls senators to discuss high court pick ...
2 days ago - President Obama spent part of his weekend calling Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee about the process to ...

Nobody returned his calls.  About time.  As Obama has said,  "Elections are the best kind of revenge."  

Payback is a beotch.  

Funny how two losers to Rubio and Trump think it wise to attack Rubio for not winning in Nevada. Kind of silly, no ?

Both Kaisch and Cruz already hitting Rubio for failing to win Nevada

She is an activist for Syrian refugees. Surprised?

You might know Milana Vayntrub as Lily [Adams] from AT&T commercials. A refugee herself, Vayntrub is now using her fame to help Syrian refugees. She recently traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos where she made a video of her trip and started the Can't Do Nothing movement to bring money and attention to the refugee crisis.

Story by Jacob Shamsian and editing by Adam Banicki

Facebook and Twitter have agreed to cancel out ISIS accounts. We need to support these decision and give credit to both men.

Understand that both Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, hold to a political point of view that is wildly "other" to mine.  Yet,  I admit that they have taken a rather courageous stand.  Of course,  I know there is a buffer that helps to insure their physical safety,  but nothing is written in stone except for the fact that the two have been named as targets of ISIS.  Hats off to their decision and prayers for their safety. 

Turns out, President Bill Clinton appointed the judge who has become a major problem for the Hillary politicial machine.


Orders Hillary aides to be questioned under oath on emails...

The above two headlines are critical issues for the Clinton political machine.  Here is what the judge said, " . . . . .  Sullivan, a judge in federal court in Washington, D.C., said there was at least 'a reasonable suspicion' that open records laws were undermined  . . . .  "

What you may not know:  Sullivan is a Democrat and was appointed by Bill Clinton.   

Nevada: Trump with 46%, Rubio at 25% and Cruz at 21.3 with 20% of precincts reporting.

"But despite the hype, Rubio still failed to beat Donald Trump."  So says Cruz who,  at the time his campaign released this statement,  was running 5 points behind Rubio.  And the folks over at CNN are now admitting that Trump could (?) pull off a victory against Hillary. 

Read more:

Update (Wednesday morning):  And now,  it is final:  Cruz came in third,  lost the evangelical vote by a huge margin,  lost the Hispanic vote,  and has proven himself to be a unsavory choice for the nomination.  Couple this with his third place "victory" in S Carolina,  a state in which he did not win a single county and lost, big time,  in the evangelical north part of that state,  and you have the functional end of his candidacy.  

Update #2:  Old attendance record for the Nevada Caucus was 44,000.  Yesterday ?  More than 70,000 !!  Tell me that the GOP base is not ready to vote in the coming election,  enough so as to scare the fire out of the Democrat leadership.  

This would have never happened under present day Progressive/Flower Power rule.

Hillary may be required to justify, under oath, her decision to use a private server for ALL of her work as Secretary of State.

A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that State Department officials and top aides to Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath about whether they intentionally thwarted federal open records laws by using or allowing the use of a private email server throughout Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
The decision by U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of Washington came in a lawsuit over public records brought by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal watchdog group, regarding its May 2013 request for information about the employment arrangement of Huma Abedin, a longtime Clinton aide.
Officials with the State and Justice departments said that they were aware of the order but declined to comment further, citing the ongoing litigation. Discovery orders are not readily appealable. An attorney for Abedin declined to comment.
Sullivan set an April 12 deadline for parties to litigate a detailed investigative plan--subject to court approval--that would reach well beyond the limited and carefully worded explanations of the use of the private server that department and Clinton officials have given.
Sullivan also suggested from the bench that he might at some point order the department to subpoena Clinton and Abedin to return all emails related to Clinton’s private account, not just records their camps previously deemed work-related and returned.
 “There has been a constant drip, drip, drip of declarations. When does it stop?” Sullivan said, “This case is about the public’s right to know.”   (Wa/Post, here).

Megyn Kelly to host townhall for the GOP (Wednesday night). Trump goes 3rd grade and refuses to show.

Trump has nothing to say that is important, anyway,  so who cares.  And if Cruz does not start calling names and talking about his fantasy "Reagan coalition,"  it could be an informative night. 

Would someone tell me why this is news ?? And, what difference it makes.

Tim Carpenter / Topeka Capital-Journal:
Kathleen Sebelius endorses Hillary Clinton for Democratic presidential nomination 

Schedule this week and next week's Super Tuesday schedule: Gop and Democrats

Tuesday:  Nevada Caucus for GOP  (Kascih ops out of this event).
 .............   S Carolina Primary and the end of Bernie Sanders.  

Update:  Add a Wednesday townhall with four of the five remaining candidates (excluding Trump who is too much of a 3rd grader to attend the Megyn Kelly hosted townhall).  

Thursday evening:  GOP debate on CNN.  

Next Tuesday is March 1  -  Super Tuesday 

What are the Super Tuesday states?
Democrats and Republicans: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont and Virginia.
Republicans only: Tennessee primary and Alaska caucus.
Democrats only: American Samoa caucus.

About the NY Times and its intended strategy versus Donald Trump.

The paper has an hour long "documentary" against its long time enemy,  Donald Trump,  complete with additional hours of sidebar stories.  That is what is getting ready to happen to the Donald. 

Bad news if this was about anyone but Trump.  

First,  he is the only hardball politician the GOP has had in my life-time. Throw trash at him,  and he will definitely throw it back in spades.

Secondly,  do you all understand just how much dirt is piled in the Clinton's backyard?  I would not be surprised to hear that the Clinton's and the DNC are begging the Times to hold off on such stories.  Guaranteed,  Trump's history is not as morbid as the Clinton's.  But,  it is all past history.  Will it be left in the past?  Not a chance in 800 hells.  The Clintons and the DNC have never run a campaign that was not full of sleaze, outright lies, and half truths.  There is no doubt in my mind,  that Trump is not intimidated in the least.  

Understand that Rubio is my choice,  but if it is Trump,  Hillary is the choice that will transform this nation as she confirms all of Obama's illicit behavior during the past eight years. 

Sadly,  this election is stacking up to be the dirtiest election cycle in the modern age  (since FDR).  Add the same time,  it could be fun,  depending on who wins out in the end.  For certainly,  our political world is about to change.  Get ready for the ride.  

Ever heard of Charles Koch, one of the men the Marxists within the Democrat party love to hate? Here are some of his comments and they sound a lot like Bermie Sanders !!

On winners and losers:  Democrats and Republicans have too often favored policies and regulations that pick winners and losers. This helps perpetuate a cycle of control, dependency, cronyism and poverty in the United States. These are complicated issues, but it’s not enough to say that government alone is to blame. Large portions of the business community have actively pushed for these policies.
On justice within the legal system: Today, if you’re poor and get caught possessing and selling pot, you could end up in jail. Your conviction will hold you back from many opportunities in life. However, if you are well-connected and have ample financial resources, the rules change dramatically. Where is the justice in that?
Arbitrary restrictions limit the ability of ex-offenders to get housing, student or business loans, credit cards, a meaningful job or even to vote. Public policy must change if people are to have the chance to succeed after making amends for their transgressions.
On the war on poverty:  Since its launch under President Lyndon Johnson in 1964, we have spent roughly $22 trillion, yet our poverty rate remains at 14.8 percent. Instead of preventing, curing and relieving the causes and symptoms of poverty (the goals of the program when it began), too many communities have been torn apart and remain in peril while even more tax dollars pour into this broken system.

The probability of a Trump candidacy has just multiplied exponentially.


By Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik, and Geoffrey Skelley
Sabato's Crystal Ball
If you had told us when Donald Trump entered the race that he would take second place in Iowa, win New Hampshire easily, and then triumph in South Carolina, you’d have needed smelling salts to revive us. But he’s done it, and no one else has really been able to shake the intense hold he has on aeb Bush’s candidacy died long ago, even if it took another poor performance to convince the candidate of that. Three Bushes were one too many -- and we’ve said that from the day he announced. He was the epitome of the establishment in an anti-establishment year, and his candidate skills proved underwhelming,
Ben Carson may persist, and some Republicans think that’s OK because most of his voters might otherwise migrate to Cruz, who is perhaps even more unacceptable to the party’s establishment power centers than Trump. Maybe Carson will stay in just to spite Cruz over lingering bad blood from Cruz’s Iowa antics: The Cruz campaign suggested Carson was dropping out of the race when he wasn’t.
John Kasich may be able to compete in places such as Massachusetts and Michigan in early March, and hang on to win Ohio with the hope that his delegates prove crucial. But he just isn’t built to play in enough states, nor does he have a broad enough appeal in the GOP, to truly challenge for the nomination.
Most mainstream Republicans will sooner or later move to Rubio, but will it be soon enough? He can’t keep on finishing second or third -- or fifth, as he did in New Hampshire. You have to start winning, but where?
Trends from Iowa and New Hampshire manifested themselves once again in South Carolina. Trump did better among voters with lower education levels, while Rubio did better among the more educated. Cruz did well with the most conservative voters, but he doesn’t show much appeal outside of the hard-liners. To have a shot, Cruz must do well in the most religious and conservative states. Unquestionably, South Carolina is one of them, yet Cruz didn’t get a single delegate. Cruz is well-funded and has some theoretically promising states coming up on Super Tuesday -- like his home state of Texas -- but his hopes of winning the nomination seem to be dwindling, at least at the moment.
Now that Bush is out, Rubio might want to consider a daring gambit -- openly offering Kasich the vice presidential slot in exchange for the Ohio governor’s support. (Ronald Reagan did something similar much later in his 1976 campaign, right before the Republican convention, and while it didn’t work out, Reagan shook up conventional wisdom. It is a tactic worth considering.) If Rubio can somehow push Kasich out after Bush’s exit, it seems reasonable to think that the lion’s share of their supporters would go to him, and in a three-way race, that could be enough for Rubio to start getting the victories he has failed to secure so far. However, Kasich seems inclined to continue to run, and the Republican power brokers who favor a Rubio-Kasich ticket probably won’t take the risks necessary to make this happen.
Let’s make no mistake: Trump, amazingly, is in a commanding position to become the Republican presidential nominee. The fact that he won about the same share of the vote in New Hampshire and South Carolina -- two wildly different states -- shows the broad appeal of his campaign among a significant portion of the Republican electorate. As we noted in the Crystal Ball on Thursday, we’re rapidly approaching a critical point in the Republican primary process: After Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, and Ohio vote on March 15, nearly 60% of the Republican delegates will have been won. If someone is going to beat Trump, Rubio probably has the best shot, but the hour is growing late for all of the non-Trump candidates.

Day #6 of Obama's decision to trivialize the death of Antonin Scalia, the Constitutional scholar Barak wishes he could have been.

Editor's notes:  the following are released statements of the several court justices,  offering comment as to the good nature and brilliant legal exegete that was Antonian Scalia.  No comment is more praise worthy and comprehensive than that of Ruth Ginsburg,  Scalia's mirror opposite.  And,  nothing blunts the [Scalia] criticism of lesser men/women than Justice Ginsburg

Statement of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:
Toward the end of the opera Scalia/Ginsburg, tenor Scalia and soprano Ginsburg sing a duet: “We are different, we are one,” different in our interpretation of written texts, one in our reverence for the Constitution and the institution we serve. From our years together at the D.C. Circuit, we were best buddies. We disagreed now and then, but when I wrote for the Court and received a Scalia dissent, the opinion ultimately released was notably better than my initial circulation. Justice Scalia nailed all the weak spots—the “applesauce” and “argle bargle”—and gave me just what I needed to strengthen the majority opinion. He was a jurist of captivating brilliance and wit, with a rare talent to make even the most sober judge laugh. The press referred to his “energetic fervor,” “astringent intellect,” “peppery prose,” “acumen,” and “affability,” all apt descriptions. He was eminently quotable, his pungent opinions so clearly stated that his words never slipped from the reader’s grasp.
Justice Scalia once described as the peak of his days on the bench an evening at the Opera Ball when he joined two Washington National Opera tenors at the piano for a medley of songs. He called it the famous Three Tenors performance. He was, indeed, a magnificent performer. It was my great good fortune to have known him as working colleague and treasured friend.

 More commentary from Ginsburg concerning her friend,  Antonin Scalia,  can be found here.

Statement of Justice Anthony Kennedy:
In years to come any history of the Supreme Court will, and must, recount the wisdom, scholarship, and technical brilliance that Justice Scalia brought to the Court. His insistence on demanding standards shaped the work of the Court in its private discussions, its oral arguments, and its written opinions.
Yet these historic achievements are all the more impressive and compelling because the foundations of Justice Scalia’s jurisprudence, the driving force in all his work, and his powerful personality were shaped by an unyielding commitment to the Constitution of the United States and to the highest ethical and moral standards.
In the fullness of time Justice Scalia’s beautiful family will be sustained by the force and dynamism of his intellect and personality, attributes that were so decent and so powerful; but now they mourn. We give them assurances of our deepest sympathy and our lasting friendship.

Statement of Justice Stephen G. Breyer:

Nino Scalia was a legal titan. He used his great energy, fine mind, and stylistic genius to further the rule of law as he saw it. He was man of integrity and wit. His interests were wide ranging as was his knowledge about law, this Nation and its Constitution. He loved his family. He also loved ideas, music, and the out of doors. He shared with us, his colleagues, his enthusiasms, his humor, his mental agility, his seriousness of purpose.  We benefitted greatly. His contribution to the law was a major one. Our hearts go out to Maureen and his family. We have lost a fine colleague and a very good friend. We shall miss him hugely.

Statement of Justice Clarence Thomas:

Justice Scalia was a good man; a wonderful husband who loved his wife and his family; a man of strong faith; a towering intellect; a legal giant; and a dear, dear friend. In every case, he gave it his all to get the broad principles and the small details right. Virginia and I are deeply saddened by his sudden and untimely death. Our prayers and love go out to Maureen and the Scalia family. It is hard to imagine the Court without my friend. I will miss him beyond all measure.

Statement of Justice Samuel Alito:

Martha-Ann and I are deeply saddened by the terrible news. Nino was a remarkable person, and I feel very honored to have known him and to have had him as a colleague.  He was a towering figure who will be remembered as one of the most important figures in the history of the Supreme Court and a scholar who deeply influenced our legal culture. His intellect, learning, wit, and memorable writing will be sorely missed, and Martha-Ann and I will deeply miss him as a friend. We will keep Nino, Maureen, and their family in our prayers.

Statement of Justice Sonia Sotomayor:

My colleague Nino Scalia was devoted to his family, friends, our Court, and our country. He left an indelible mark on our history. I will miss him and the dimming of his special light is a great loss for me. My thoughts are with Maureen, his children, and his grandchildren.

Statement of Justice Elena Kagan:
Nino Scalia will go down in history as one of the most transformational Supreme Court Justices of our nation. His views on interpreting texts have changed the way all of us think and talk about the law. I admired Nino for his brilliance and erudition, his dedication and energy, and his peerless writing. And I treasured Nino’s friendship: I will always remember, and greatly miss, his warmth, charm, and generosity. Maureen and the whole Scalia family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Statement of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (Retired):

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of my dear friend and colleague, Justice Antonin Scalia. Nino was a tireless public servant who left an indelible mark on the Court and on our jurisprudence. His gifts of wisdom, wit, and wordsmithing were unparalleled, and he will be sorely missed.

Statement of Justice John Paul Stevens (Retired):
Nino Scalia was a good friend, a brilliant man with an incomparable sense of humor, and as articulate as any Justice who ever served on the Court. He has had a major impact on the development of the law, and earned the respect of all his colleagues. We will all miss him.

By March 16, 60% of GOP delegates will have been won. The election is here, folks.

Trump holds lead in 8 upcoming primary states...

Add to the above headline,  the fact that Trump is leading in 10 of the next 14 primaries

What is the lesson learned with regard to Jeb Bush? Money does not always buy an election. Good to know, right? m

Day #5 since Obama's decision to disgrace the memory of Antonin Scalia

Our resident 3rd grader,  making the point:  "I am not at Scalia's funeral because today is the day that I have to review all these names and related information for the vacant Supreme Court seat.  Can't wait until tomorrow.  Never mind that I already have my choices in mind.  Never mind that this binder is for the sake of this photo-op.  Never mind that my minions will believe anything I tell them.  Never mind that I am doing all this for the sake of winning the election.  I have no intentions of the GOP working with me on this selection  . . .  I mean,  I have not allowed them to work with me on much of anything.  Why start now."

Democrat Caucus 2008 was 120,000. Same caucus yesterday, 80,000. That's all you need to know. (no article).

Day #4 : Obama's disrespect of Scalia keeps him away from the funeral, and why ?

Day #4 : Obama's disrespect of Scalia keeps him away from the funeral,  and why ?  Simnple.  First, he hates the conservative white population.

His first decision as president,  even before moving into the WH, was to return the bust of Winston Churchill against the wishes of that government.

He attended and approved of a church that preached Black Liberation Theology,  which included a rejection of the White Jesus,  replacing him with a Black Jesus,  but more than this,  a theology that reject the founding of this country by "white slave traders,"  and the documents they authored.  His disdain for the High Court as a body of shared ideologies is palpable. In his first State of the Union Address,  he took time to rebuke the Court,  something never done before in a State of the Union speech.  His success rate in defending his radical ideas,  has been around 47%,   far far less than any other president  . . .   again demonstrating his disdain for all things Constitutional.

His refusal to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral was an equally egregious decision  . . . . .   a fool in a world of giants.

And today,  his contempt for Justice Scalia.  Some will remind us that Obama and his rebel wife attend the church yesterday,  "paying tribute" to the justice   . . . . . . . .    for an entire two minutes.  

Just know this:  anyone,  and I mean ANYONE, who gives honor and respect to Al Sharpton,  is, himself,  worthless as one who pretends to be an unity,  and vile as the heart of black Occupy movement. 

All of the above is the first consideration   . . . .   Obama's hate for the Right.

Secondly,  and perhaps the larger reason,  is the fact that this funeral upstages how the people feel for Scalia versus any thought of sadness at the death of Obama.  If the tables were reversed,  I would go golfing in memory of the Slickster   . . . .    me and millions of Americans   . . . . .    and I am not a golfer  (but neither is Obama).

Now you know. 

Reshaping the Court . . . . . maybe a little.

Scalia Death Offers Best Chance in Generation to Reshape Court...

Editor's notes:  I understand that Sacalia will never be replaced,  which means,  the Court will be forever changed to some degree.  But before you run around the room screaming,  "All is lost,"  keep in mind that in due time,  Justice Ginsburg will pass,  and she is Scalia's mirror opposite   . . . .   and she will never be replaced.  

I could be wrong,  but I believe that one of the gifts of the passing of time,  will be a consistent, balanced Court.  

Of course,  the Republicans need to insist on a Right leaning justice because the Dems will demand a Left leaning justice.  But they will,  and the fight will end in balance,  and life will go on.  


Over the past 60 years, the Dems have refused to vote on GOP Supreme Court nominees . . . so what is the problem with the GOP following their lead?

Dems passed a 1960 resolution to prevent Supreme Court appointment ahead of election

By Julie Grace Brufke In the wake of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death, President Barack Obama said he plans on nominating a successor despite Senate…

GOP primary process is straight-up honest; the Democrat process could not be more rigged for the Establishment. Here is proof.

Bernie has 55 delegates versus Hillary's 481.
She beat Bernie by 0.1 of a point in Iowa and was destroyed in New Hampshire but she has 9x the delegate vote.  Anyone think the Millennials will be happy about this come election day, 2016 ?   

Trump has 17, Cruz has 11 and Rubio has 10. 

Today's poll is significant. In January, Trump held a 16 point lead over Cruz (36 to 20). Today, that lead stands at 5%.

I am no Cruz supporter, but Trump will not do what I want with regard to the Supreme Court and Cruz will   . . .   should he somehow survive the national election. 

Day #3 of an idiot's decision to refuse to attend Scalia's funeral.

The GOP leadership needs no more motivation to disregard Obama - totally - in the time remaining while he pretends to be dictator than Obama,Hussein's refusal to honor Antonin Scalia in his death.  

Cruz's citizenship will have a court hearing, after all.

Illinois judge agrees to hear lawsuit filed against Ted Cruz stating he should NOT be eligible to run for president because he was born in Canada
  • A Cook County Circuit Court judge in Chicago, Illinois will hear a lawsuit on Friday filed against Ted Cruz 
  • Illinois voter Lawrence Joyce filed the suit claiming Cruz should not be on the state primary ballot next month because he was born in Canada 
  • Cruz has stated before that he is an American citizen despite being born in Canada and having a Cuban father because his mother is American 
  • Donald Trump has frequently questioned Cruz's eligibility throughout his campaign 
  • A similar lawsuit has been filed against Cruz in Alabama by five voters who are all Trump supporters 
  • A Fox News poll has Cruz leading Trump nationally for the first time 

Aaah, the next generation is going to be even more mental than their Millenial parents.

UPDATE: Rutgers Students Hold Group Therapy Session After Conservative Journalist Speaks on Campus...

Aaah, the next generation is going to be even more mental than their Millennial/Gen X  parents and the Flower Children within the Boomer generation  

We are all sooo screwed.  

By March 5, nearly half of the primary season will have been written into the books.

By Geoffrey Skelley
Associate Editor, Sabato's Crystal Ball

After months and months of endless fascination with Iowa and New Hampshire, the bulk of the primary season will be contested over just the course of a single month. Between Feb. 20 and March 5, a whopping 37 states and territories will hold at least one party’s nominating contest, many both. In order to prepare our readers for this flood of primaries and caucuses, we wanted to take a look at each one and try to assess what their electorates are like and what history tells us about whom they might be inclined to support. This week, we sketch out the Republican calendar from Feb. 20 through March 15. Next week, we’ll tackle the Democrats. The Crystal Ball will be following the South Carolina Republican and Nevada Democratic results on Saturday night. We will be posting a reaction to the results on Saturday night or Sunday morning on, or look for the link on Twitter @LarrySabato, @kkondik, and @geoffreyvs.
One over-arching reality has to be taken into account when considering the Republican race: Although it’s possible that Donald Trump may have a support ceiling of some kind, he has a broad base of support from an ideological and geographical perspective, unlike the other GOP candidates. If one looks at crosstabs in exit polls and horse-race surveys, it’s possible to see Trump competing for a plurality of the vote almost everywhere as long as the Republican candidate field remains crowded. Trump’s candidacy is more about personality than ideology, and that has enabled him to appeal to the many different parts of the Republican Party, regardless of whether we are focusing on different wings or groups within the party or examining geographical bases of strength for the candidates.
Despite his somewhat forced religiosity, Trump garners ample support from many white evangelical Christians, who will be a majority of voters in many GOP contests, particularly in the South. Only born-again voters who prioritize issues important to the religious right over security, immigration, and the economy are less likely to back the business mogul. Trump has solid blocs of support among self-described very conservative, somewhat conservative, and moderate Republican voters, and if he isn’t winning one group, he’s often leading among the other two.
Geographically, Trump can compete everywhere, from sea to shining sea. Ted Cruz may have a chance of battling for the lead in South Carolina and the rest of the religious, conservative South, but he won’t be expected to do much in Massachusetts or Vermont on March 1, and many of the states best-suited for him are front-loaded on this cycle’s calendar. John Kasich isn’t really trying to make waves in South Carolina, instead focusing his energy on states such as Michigan, which votes March 8. Plenty of polling has suggested that Marco Rubio has broad potential appeal, but his struggles in New Hampshire and the word out of his camp that Rubio would be happy with a third-place finish in the Palmetto State leave that analysis open to question. Super-establishment candidate Jeb Bush isn’t close to leading in any polling, state or national.
Lastly, it’s worth noting that the delegate allocation rules in many states may boost Trump as long as the GOP field remains crowded. Many Super Tuesday states (and others) have 20% minimum thresholds that candidates must reach statewide and/or in individual congressional districts to qualify for delegates. The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog recently laid out the ramifications of such rules with Crystal Ball contributor Joshua Putnam. The long and short: If a fair number of primaries and caucuses on March 1 have results that look somewhat similar to what happened in New Hampshire, with Trump winning a solid plurality while the rest of the vote is heavily fragmented, there could be states where only Trump meets a 20% requirement. In some states, that could mean sharing delegates with the second-place finisher (statewide and/or in districts); in others, it could give him a “backdoor winner-take-all” victory, enabling him to win all or most delegates from a state with only a plurality.
With these circumstances in mind, here’s our look at the upcoming Republican contests. So far, only Iowa and New Hampshire have voted. After March 15’s primaries have concluded, 36 states and territories will have voted on the Republican side, and close to 60% of all GOP national delegates will have been awarded.
-- The Editors

Schumer wanted an 18 month delay in Bush nominees (2007); Obama tried to filibust Alito (2006); and now this bit of hisotry.

As first reported by The Washington Post – S.RES. 334, also known as Expressing the Sense of the Senate That The President Should Not Make Recess Appointments to the Supreme Court, Except to Prevent or End a Breakdown in the Administration of the Court’s Business – passed the Senate in a 48-33 vote in an attempt to prevent former President Dwight Eisenhower from filling a seat last-minute.

Here is why I stopped listening to Glenn Beck two/three years ago:

Scott Greer / The Daily Caller: Glenn Beck: God Brought About Scalia's Death So America Would Vote For Ted Cruz

In the glory of his comprehensive shallowness, Obama wants you to believe that he regrets his filibuster efforts in 2006.

Jordan Fabian / The Hill:
White House: Obama ‘regrets’ his filibuster of Supreme Court nominee  —  President Obama “regrets” filibustering the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2006, his top spokesman said Wednesday, though he maintains that the Republican opposition to his effort to replace Justice Antonin Scalia is unprecedented.
Editor's notes:  Absolutely no one should believe Obama's regrets.  Keep in mind that he will not honor Scalia in death.  There is no reason, then,  to think that he would honor conservative candidates in real time.   Nor does he have a conscience for telling the truth.  His lies are beyond number and,  in the case of his healthcare reform,  his lies were monumental,  Obama lying about every specific point of that bill   . . . . . . . .   and I mean "every single point." 

Some on the Left want s you to believe that Trumjp is not allied with Israel.

Mark Hensch / The Hill:
Trump: I'll be ‘neutral’ on Israel and Palestine  —  GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday refused to pick sides in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.  —  “You know, I don't want to get into it,” he told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski during a MSNBC town hall in Charleston, S.C.
Editor's notes:  In addition to a failure to comprehend opposition statements,  the militant Left has no willingness to tell the truth or have an honest discussion  (kind of the same problem Ted Cruz has).  The headline above is a perfect example of what I am talking about.  Trump was asked who was right in the Isreali/Palestinian and refused to take sides,  arguing that such would harm any opportunity he might have to make a deal between the two sides.  Is he pro-Israel?  No one who listens to Trump misunderstands his allegiance to Israel  . . . . . . . .  no one.  
Now you know.  

I am a retired minister after 14 years and thoroughly reject the claims of Cruz and Glenn Beck as to God's selection of Cruz as our next president. Frustrating.

One of Ted Cruz ‘s biggest supporters think there’s a very powerful force behind the Texas senator’s bid for the White House, and it’s responsible for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death during an election year.
On Tuesday, conservative radio host and vocal Cruz backer Glenn Beck asserted on his talk show that God brought about the death of Scalia so America would “wake up” and vote for Cruz   . . . . . 

In 2013, Rafael Cruz, who’s an ordained pastor, said in a sermon at a church in Irvin, Texas, that his son is “anointed” from high above to serve as a “king” to bring about the “great transfer of wealth” from the wicked to the righteous.
The sermon given by the elder Cruz is in line with the fundamentalist sect of evangelical Christianity known as dominionism. Dominionists preach that America should be governed by their interpretation of biblical law and be ruled exclusively by devout fundamentalists.
In August, Cruz’s Iowa campaign chairman Matt Schultz claimed God is guiding the Texas senator to be America’s next president.
“God raises special men and women to protect his people, and I believe this is one of those moments in time. … Ted Cruz is that man who God has prepared for this moment in time,” Schultz said at a rally with Cruz in attendance.

Well, turns out that Chuck Schumer is not as radoical as some might suppose.

The White House on Wednesday lambasted Sen. Chuck Schumer, calling into question his national security credentials after he criticized the Obama administration over homeland security funding.
New York officials, including Schumer, have called on the White House to restore counterterrorism funds to a federal program sending grants to state and local authorities.

In a statement Wednesday, Schumer called the antiterrorism program “the cornerstone of effective prevention against terrorist threats” and said it helps police do what they can to keep New Yorkers safe.
“It makes no sense for the administration to slash critically needed antiterrorism funding, especially at a time when we are all on high alert,” Schumer said. “I pledge to fight tooth and nail in Congress to make sure that [Urban Areas Security Initiative] funds are increased in New York City and across the country.”
“At some point Sen. Schumer’s credibility in talking about national security issues, particularly when the facts are as they are when it relates to homeland security, have to be affected by the position that he’s taken on other issues,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest shot back.

Earnest said that the UASI account has $600 million in it and the Obama administration has proposed pouring a further $255 million into the program in 2016. “This year’s contribution into that account is almost twice as much as New York officials have spent out of that account over the last two years combined,” said Earnest, who added that New York receives more funds than most local communities because of how large it is and also because it’s “a high-profile target of terrorists.”

He then called out the senator for a vote he took last year rebuffing the administration over its nuclear deal with Iran and other world powers. “Sen. Schumer is somebody that came out and opposed the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Earnest said. “He was wrong about that position, and most of his Democrats disagreed with him in taking that position. And when people look at the facts here when it comes to funding for homeland security they’ll recognize that he’s wrong this time, too.”

Obama in his arrogance and self love, will refuse to attend the funeral of Justice Scalia thus justification for resisting any of his nominees.

Understand this,  there is no good reason to refuse to attend this funeral,  except pure hatred of those who have principled differences with him. 

This act,  alone,  justifies the GOP position that finds itself refusing to consider any of his nominees to the High Court.  From now to the end of his worthless term,  this piece of spoiled meat has no place in the American scene.  

No president in history has risen to this kind of stupidity and bias against the opposition party   . . . . .   and the sad truth of the matter is this:  Obama has governed as if he hated the white founders of this country and the opposition party that proudly honors the genius of their written opinions  (i.e. the Constitution,  the Declaration,  etc.)

Frankly,  after seven years,  I passionately write:  Obama can go to hell.  

1987 NYT editorial statement; same paper, same socialist bias. The GOP is only following the Times lead.

How To Beat Trump 101.2.

Most argue that the Trump opposition is greater than Trump's support,  but, the opposition support is divided into four camps.  If that is true,  and Trump does not win the nomination before getting to the Convention,  the debate/vote at the convention will come down to "Trump versus one of the four."  I say,  he cannot win if that is the scenario.  Time will tell   . . . .   but this may be the only path to defeating Trump. 

This storyline has been around since Scalia died. I have no plans to report on this story because it is simply silly conspiracy nonsense. 'Nuff said.

Leon H. Wolf / RedState:
Okay, the Scalia Assassination Conspiracy Theories are Getting Out of Hand  —  Generally, when a 79 year old man who was known to be in poor health is found dead in his bed with no signs of a struggle, reasonable people do not immediately include “assassination” even if the deceased happened …

The editor with his doctor-son, wife and the oldest grandson at a Christian Evidence conference in Pamona, Ca., this past weekend.

Another example of Trump speaking out of sheer ignorance.

Donald J Trump for President:
DONALD J. TRUMP RESPONDS TO THE LIES OF SENATOR CRUZ AND WARNS OF LEGAL ACTION  —  Ted Cruz is a totally unstable individual.  He is the single biggest liar I've ever come across, in politics or otherwise, and I have seen some of the best of them.  His statements are totally untrue and completely outrageous.
Editor's notes:   If you do not know this,  you should:  in talking about "free speech" and the First Amendment   . . . . . . .    it is all about free political speech even more than free speech in general.  When the Dems or Donald Trump  indicate reprisals for political speech,  lies or truth,  they are talking about actions that are anti-Constitutional,  in and of itself.  Trump talks of suing Cruz as if his case would be entertained by any court in this land.  No chance.    

Now you know.

Dems threatened a longer boycott of GW Bush's nominee(s) to the Court.

They were convinced that a Democrat would win the coming election and stated a determination to wait to confirm a High Court nomination until after the 2008 election . . . . . .  18 months into the future.  Enough of the high minded pretense of the Dems.  The GOP is only doing what the Dems would be doing,  should the reality be different  . . . . .  period.

Sanders just held a rally in Colorado . . . with 18,000 in attendance !!! (no article).

Trump is back to threatening to run Third Party. So, hurry up and leave.

“I signed a pledge,” Trump said. “But the pledge is not being honored by them. ... They are in default of their pledge.”  (read the article,  here). 

Editor's notes:  Me?  I say,  let this over-bloated clown go third party.  He knows he cannot win   . . . .   which means he is in this election cycle for the sake of Hillary.  Take it to the bank:  he will not take Scott Brown or Rudy Giuliani or any of the big name Republicans who have come on board.  He will lose the conservative media and the right to be a part of the national debate.  And he will actually have to start spending some of his own money   . . .     millions and millions of dollars of his own money.  Not a chance.  

Oh,  he will take his Confederate nation with him,  but who cares. These clowns don't vote anyway.   As soon as he leaves the GOP,  the IQ coefficient will rise by 20 or more points.  

Read more here:

For Cruz to pretend that he is shepherding a national revival is preposterous. Here is why:

Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:
Ted Cruz Preaches at South Carolina Church: “There Is a Spirit of Awakening, A Spirit of Revival... Sweeping This Country”  —  Ted Cruz preached at the Community Bible Church in Beaufort, South Carolina on Sunday. … Senator Cruz spoke for an hour from the pulpit.  —  News Channel 6 reported on the senator's visit.
Editor's notes:  I an a conservative and member of a Baptist Church in spite of the fact that I do not claim to be a "Baptist."  You would think I would agree with the Cruz statement headlined above.  Not the case.  Rather,  I see his statement as the worst kind of pandering,  as shallow an appeal to the Evangelical community as has been the case this election cycle.  Disgusting.  If there is a revival going on,  it is best described as "nationalism."  Making patriotism a part of some kind of litmus test is fine with me.  But to make a particular religious point of view is wrong.   Make no mistake:  Cruz is not just talking about issues that appeal to the Evangelical community.  No,  he is talking an Evangelical take-over of this country or so his words seem to imply.  

Understand that the Evangel Community is not monolithic in its foundational circumstance.  There is a reason why Baptist do not attend the Catholic Church or recognize Catholic leadership.  There is a reason why Catholics do not recognize any other Christian church in an authoritative sense.  There are more than 400 Christian denominations in this country,  all of them disagreeing with the others on some critically important issues.  For Cruz to pretend that he is shepherding a revival is preposterous. 

The recommendation that ends it for me and Trump

Rebecca Savransky / The Hill:20 minutes ago
Code Pink praises Donald Trump after debate  —  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is being praised by Code Pink, a group working to end U.S. wars and militarism that has protested the Iraq War.  —  Trump garnered support from the organization during the GOP debate Saturday night … 

Editor's notes:  'Nuff said.

FYI: Scalia's death was from natural causes.

Associated Press: Scalia's Body Being Flown Back; He Died of Natural Causes

Just to be clear, Obama, himself, tried to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito. Thanks for the example, Barack.

In January 2006, then-Sen. Obama joined 24 colleagues in a futile effort led by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of now-Justice Samuel Alito.

On January 29, 2006, Mr. Obama told George Stephanopulos on “This Week” that he would “be supporting the filibuster because I think Judge Alito, in fact, is somebody who is contrary to core American values, not just liberal values, you know. When you look at his decisions in particular during times of war, we need a court that is independent and is going to provide some check on the executive branch, and he has not shown himself willing to do that repeatedly.”  (ABC News, here)

ABC News is reporting that the WH is rulng out a recess appointment to fill the void left by Scalia's passing.

White House Rules Out Recess Appointment to Replace ...
2 hours ago - The White House is ruling out a recess appointment for its eventual nominee to the Supreme Court.
Editor's notes:  Soooo   . . . . . . .   Obama is being a nice guy about this?  I mean,  the Senate is in recess.  
Understand that Obama wants this situation to dominate the election cycle.   It really is that simple.  More than this,  a recess appointment can be reversed,  in time.  
Can't you hear Hillary screeching:   "  The business of the United States of America is far too important to allow our high court to function as a broken judicial body. "
Never forget:  Obama believes that a manufactured crisis is far too valuable to waste.