Paul Ryan is not nearly as unpopular as the Marxist Media portrays

There is no denying the recent video of Paul Ryan at aPaul Ryan is not nearly as unpopular as the Marxist Media portrays townhall meeting, fielding the disgust of many of those in attendance, but, the video below is of a much larger townhall meeting and the man gets a standing ovation.

Understand that the majority of folks approve of cutting spending. The GOP ran on this platform, last November 2 (the midterm elections) and destroyed the competition in doing so.

Remember all the lies told about "popular opinion" running 2 to 1 against the GOP in Wisconsin? Turns out that was a pure D lie. Ditto for the new charge that folks do not want major changes in our national spending habit. Know this: libs have morphed from "idealism" to living in Lala Land. There is a difference. Thank God they do not get it !!!

The picture to the left, and we do mean Left? Well, last week, the Marxist Media ran stories about a protest outside one of Ryans's townhalls, another in which he was cheered.

The picture? This was the "protest" crowd outside that townhall. Apparently, liars do not embarrass easily, either. One must ask, "Why only three people?"

The answer: no one is buying their nonsense.

"Demonic" is Coulter's newest book. Want to know how the Left thinks and strategizes? Then, this is the book for you.

This Ann Coulter masterpiece gives you insight into how the uber Left actually thinks.

In a word, "demonic" pretty much catches their mental state and strategies.

Buy the thing and learn what you need to fear.

The book deals with the following:

Other issues Coulter tackles in DEMONIC:

  • The left's demonization of its enemies and idolization of its leaders

  • Innumerable left-wing conspiracy theories

  • The Democratic Party's coddling of violent mobs

  • False history of civil rights given by the media

  • The gruesome annihilation of the French revolution as opposed to the American Revolution

  • The truth about the original Tea Party; ObamaCare and other liberal ideas

  • Liberals' ferocious lies about the bestial rape of the Central Park jogger

  • The New York Times' promotion of violent mob uprisings from Castro to Khomeini

  • The desperate need for approval of the typical liberal.

What MoveOn is doing about Paul Ryan -- they think I am one of them .

***Did you see yesterday's New York Times front page headline? "Voters attack Republicans on Medicare."
Your fellow MoveOn members got specific credit in the paper of record for stirring up Republican town hall meetings across the country.1 But they need your help to keep going. Click here and donate to keep the pressure on the House Republicans who voted to kill Medicare.***

Dear MoveOn member,

Representative Paul Ryan—the architect of the Republican plan to kill Medicare—was booed at his own town hall meeting this week.2 His detractors—including MoveOn members—were among the chorus of constituents across the country denouncing the blatant Republican attack on working Americans.3

Polls show that the Republican plan is deeply unpopular, with 80% of registered voters opposed, including 73% of Republicans and even 70% of tea party supporters.4 Republicans have clearly overplayed their hand, but polling won't be enough to save Medicare from their radical ideology.

If there's one thing we've learned together from years of MoveOn activism, it's that you have to seize the moment. The press is hot on the story, with coverage by CBS, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post on the voter backlash to the Republican plan. This is the crucial tipping point, but we'll lose out if we don't act on it.

Right now we need to fund advertising, online actions, viral content, and a continued grassroots field effort targeting and punishing every House Republican who voted to kill Medicare (that's all but 4 of them). Can you help fund the fight to save Medicare?

Yes, I can contribute $5 to help oppose the Republican plan

We worked too hard and fought too long for healthcare reform to let this threat to Medicare stand for one moment longer. And we lost too much in the last budget fight to let the Republicans hold Medicare hostage, so they can win their demands to cut programs that create jobs and benefit working families.

There's only one way to understand the Republicans' budget plan. It's a naked, unapologetic attack on working Americans for the sake of Big Insurance and the richest of the rich:

  • It abolishes Medicare's guarantee of medical care for Americans over 65, throwing them at the feet of Big Insurance.
A blatant falsehood. In fact, the Ryan plan makes NO CHANGES to Social Security for seniors over 55 years of age, period. -- jds
  • It uses that money to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans below their already historic lows—down to 25%.
The plan cuts taxes for all income groups. The belief is that this will double or triple collected tax receipts. Understand that Ryan is not cutting taxes collected. Rather, he is cutting tax rates for all Americans, while increasing the amount of taxes collected. This strategy worked under JFK, Reagan, and Clinton (with his corporate tax cuts).
  • It leads to bigger debts and deficits over the next decade, according to the independent, nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.
Obama's plan leads to even more deficits according to the CBO. The big difference between the two plans, however, is that the CBO numbers did not included projected and increased collectibles because of the Ryan tax cuts. In fact, his plan will more than than pay for itself. Obama's plan will not.

To stop radical ideologues like Ryan and the Republicans who follow him, we have to punish them politically—and punish them in such a way that no one will think to threaten Medicare like this again.

These clowns do not get the fact that Medicare is more the problem than is Social Security. Apparently, MoveOn has forgotten that Obama cut $500 billion out of Medicare in order to "pay" for his health care plan. Ryan's plan actually saves Medicare, rather than destroying it.

Together we have the power to do that, by harnessing the discontent and anger over this plan, and focusing it into political pain for House Republicans. Many of us, making even a small contribution, can fund that campaign to save Medicare.

Job approval numbers for Obama indicate that folks already know how they will vote.

As you can see, nothing changed . . . . . . . . . . . in well over a year and a half!!

Since the end of September, 2009, Obama has scored between 45% and 50% on average, indicating that folks have made up their minds about this phony in our White House.

On this blog, Rasmussen used to be a daily concern, but no more. Watching Obama's approval numbers is kind of like watching a soap opera; catch the show a couple of times a month and you pretty much know what is going on.

And, Obama has no one to blame but himself. Not only is he the worst thing that has happened to the Democrat Party in my life time, he is his own worst enemy. Talk about "foot in mouth" disease !! The man wears a size 11D mouth .

Headlines and what the Smithmeister has to say about each.

Published Friday AM
Headline One, at the top of the list is this: GALLUP: U.S. confidence plunges, only 27% say economy is growing... Kind of makes you wonder who these people are. Understand that there are those in this economy who have positioned themselves for times such as these. I will bet these folks are the "rich," however. Those folks know the difference between the "economy" and their personal bank account. By the way, only 21% of the nation, according to Rasmussen, believes we are on "the right track."

Our second headline has to do with the jobs crisis, something that has been with us for nearly three years. JOBLESS CLAIMS 429,000... Second week in a row the first time unemployment claims have risen. A month ago, the Obama crowd was hoping that this number would be around 340,000 by now. It is sad to say, but the devastation in the South over the past couple of weeks, will give rise to an increased jobs situation. I expect the unemployment numbers to decrease within the next couple of weeks. If not, well, that is really bad news. We are at the beginning of the harvest season, and the summer work months are just around the corner. We keep our fingers crossed.

The "royal wedding" has taken up the vast majority of headlines over the course of the past three days (especially). I think this our only mention of the event. I can think of nothing more irrelevant short of Obama announcing the creation of a another investigative committee or the formulation of another economic plan.

Obama whips up supporters with jokes about birth certificate........Who cares about the birth certificate. He took three years to come up this document and has lied with regard to all of his major campaign promises. This headline brings to mind another observation, however. Has anyone noticed that this phony only campaigns in front of audiences that are going to vote for him anyway? One possible exception is the military. He may be the most unpopular Commander in Chief in our history.

Turns out that Donald Trump curses.
Trump Drops F-Bomb in Vegas... Will I cover this man's political dealings? Nope. He is no more a conservative that I am an Obama insider and, I have no intentions of arguing the point. If the TEA Party winds up giving him substantial support, I will have lost faith in the movement. Would I vote for Trump if he got the nomination? Yes. But I will not cover his comings and goings, now that he finished getting Obama to jump when he says "frog." he he he

Corporate Business takes down Corporate Law via yesterday's Supreme Court decision.

This is really big news and it pleases the heart of this anti-greed conservative:

Consumers have been able to band together to sue corporations, but the Supreme Court rules in a Southern California case that firms can force customers to arbitrate their complaints individually. The ruling is seen as a major victory for corporations.

I know, "we" all hate Big Business, so, this is automatically a bad decision. And one of the cornerstones of class-warfare has been taken down. Add this to Citizens United (back on Jan 25, 2010) and you have the High Court affirming that corporate America is entitled to basic, fundamental rights like . . . . . . . . the right to exist after a lawsuit has been filed.

With today's decision, it is affirmed that the individual has the right to continue a lawsuit for damages, but he/she is no longer able to destroy a company via the "collective bargaining" power of a "class action" lawsuit. The ugly little secret as to class action suits is this: the lawyers involved in the suit, the lawyers driving the lawsuit, are the only ones, typically, who make any serious money.

I personally know of two individual, this past year, who where represented in different class action lawsuits. One got a check for $7.00 and the other received a check for $12.00. Of course, there are plenty of examples of individuals making hundreds or, even thousands, as the result of class action, but only after the lawyers involved took their millions out of the deal.

Class action lawsuits are the crown jewels of the "sue the hell out of everyone" industry. I have a son who is a lawyer. I could not be more proud of the boy (he would prefer "man"). After getting out of law school some 15 years ago, times were tough, but he refused to get into the "sue everyone and everything that moves" industry.

This blog is not the format for a debate on the issue, but, suffice it to say, that the High Court has made a consistently "Constitutional" decision.

Does this open the door for the advancement of "corporate greed?" I don't know, but I do know that the solution to such is not to leave Constitutional principles in the dust, to make up our own rules and in the creation of these rules, to benefit a very small part of our society, namely, the corporate world of the lawyer.

Understand that most "corporations" are found in the small business community. Wne we stop to think about it, it is Small Business more than Big Business that is benefited in this decision

We are in Libya while Syria murders 400 and Obama is busy publishing his birth certificate !!!!!! And, the news gets worse.

Hundreds Quit Syria's Ruling Party in Protest Over Violent Crackdown...

WH 'done little' to stop brutal Assad...

U.N. won't even 'condemn'...

Syria Slated for Seat on UN Human Rights Council Despite Bloodshed...

"OK, so where are your college transcripts?"

Click on image to enlarge.

Indeed, it does look official, but Mr. Transparent had three years to make it look that way, no ?

Look, the man has broken more major campaign promises than any president in modern history. Of course most Americans do not trust the man.

Having said that, we hasten to say that this ends the matter for us. If it is fake, time will give us that information, maybe. There is not enough time before the 2012 elections to work for impeachment (for lying to the American people, if for no other reason).

Our only question is this : why did it take so long to produce this document ?

Answer (from an Obama spokesman) : Obama did not have time to fool with such trivial matters.

Our response: Didn't have time? Really ?? He played 61 rounds of golf during the past 27 months -- that took him more than a full month . . . . . . . . playing games . . . . . . . for a stinking month . . . . . . during working hours, no less . . . . . . . . and he didn't have time ???

Let's not forget that Chris Matthews of MSNBC fame, asked for the document. Let's not forget that Hillary Clinton started this whole "birther" business during the 2008 primary campaign.

Understand that Trump beat Obama every way but loose on this matter and, after hearing about the publishing of the certificate, said, "OK, so where are his college transcripts?"

You have to laugh.

The word is out: there are those on the Left bound and determine to make the 2012 presidential election about racism

Here is a first shot across the bow of the huge collective that opposes Barack Obama and it goes something like this:

If Obama is defeated, it will be for one reason and one reason only: rampant racism in this country.

Travis Smiley (poorly named, by the way) has this to say on MSNBC:

"I said over a year ago that this was going to be, this presidential race, Lawrence, was going to be the ugliest, the nastiest, the most divisive, and the most racist in the history of this Republic," PBS host Tavis Smiley said on MSNBC.

Travis Smiley is a very qualified black speaker and radio host. But his agenda for Obama is a "black agenda," one, we might add, that is reflect in Michelle Obama's "senior" paper while at Harvard. In that paper (I have a copy of this manuscript) , Michelle put forth the belief that educated black folk need to return to their roots and benefit the black community, in view of the notion that they have been so poorly mistreated and under represented, historically speaking.

I have been fairly impressed with Mr. Smiley, but our quote, above, is a real disappointment. Understand that the only people talking about violence and hate and racism are the folks on the Left and, now, Travis Smiley has joined their ranks.

Anyway, buckle up because if the elections were held today, Obama would be rejected in startling fashion. It will not be because he is black, rather, it will have something to do with his golf game, his after hours party behavior, his refusal to serve all the people, his willingness to identify with true racists such as Jeremiah Wright and, over this past weekend, pastor Smith of Shiloh Baptist Church. Incredible.

You may not know much about Pastor Smith, but, suffice it to say, his rhetoric is quite similar to Jeremiah Wrights . . . . . and this is where the Obamas chose to honor Easter.

Point of post: the defeat of Obama in 2012, should that happen, will be blamed on an extreme racial climate. You have been forewarned.

No bama is becoming a serious problem.

Dollar's Decline Speeds Up...

Honestly, where is Obama on this. Understand that the decline of the dollar is a far greater humanitarian threat than anything going on in the Middle East. So, where is Obama ?

120 shot dead in Syria over the weekend...
Remember that Libya invasion? It was for humanitarian reasons. 500 dead in Syria and where in the world is Obama? Kind of makes that whole Liberal "humanitarian" thingy a facade, do you think??

Note: the total number of civilians murdered in Syria by their government is now over 400 and Obama's spokesman, Jay Whatever, tells us that Syria is different from Libya, more strategic. Funny, but the difference escapes us. Bush branded Syria as one of the members of the "axis of evil," not Libya, and did so for good reason. Apparently, Obama knows better.

The birther issue continues to rage and where is Obama? Understand that the "birther" issue may be the least of Obama's concerns. Turns out that he has spent millions of dollars hiding more than his birth certificate. If it is on file in Hawaii, there certainly is no good reason why he does not produce the thing, but he refuses. Many believe there is information on the certification that he does not want to be made public. Ditto for his employment records, his school and college transcripts, any papers he may have written at Harvard or Chicago U. The only things we know about Obama's past are the things he wants us to know and he has spent millions to insure the opaqueness his past. That is a fact. As long as he hides from his past, he should expect folks to wonder why. We know less about Obama than any president in our history. How is that for a fact?!! Heck, we can't even find one of his students. Of course he taught at Chicago, but where are his students, extolling his greatness and bragging about the honor of having been taught by a President of the United States??

Inflation is here, but the Federal government does not count fuel prices nor food prices as it calculates inflation. Good grief. And where is Obama on this issue. Brush 43 and others before him, committed to this fraud. Obama is not the first. But look, he could expose this fraud, blame his favorite patsy (Bush), and skate away clean on this matter --- so where is Obama and why is he not trying to score points with this issue?

Most importantly, the business of being president is a full time job. In times past and with other men, the presidency was a job that demanded 18 hour days. Turns out that Obama has even redefined this job.

Unless he is campaigning, he is a 40 to 50 hour a week dude, looking forward to the evening party and being a great father. Understand that in the first 26 months of his presidency, he took 61 outings to the links. Stop and think about it, for a moment. It takes a person 4 to 5 hours to play a round of 18 holes which means, of course, that Obama took a little more than a month's worth of time, work time, to play a game. And then there is his love for round ball. How much time is spent in endeavor? No big deal if he didn't see golf as an important item, to be scheduled into his work week. His first social secretary resigned after a year with Obama. Nothing newsworthy about that except for the fact that in the article I read, detailing her time with Obama, it mentioned that she had organized and conducted 332 after hours White House parties and gatherings.

So, when I ask, "Where is Obama," as relates to his presidency, I am not kidding around. The man is not a hard working president. And, now that the nation needs leadership from the top in the worst of ways, he has decided to commit to non-stop campaigning. If "non-stop" is too broad a term for some of you, know this: the man does not have time to campaign at all. The dollar may be demoted as the world's trade currency on Obama's watch and where is the man? He has stuck our nose into Middle Eastern affairs in a way that no other president has done, and where is it getting us -- what are the long term benefits of this action? He tour South America back in the days of his Apology Tour and followed that up with what? Answer: absenteeism. That tour built no bridges and now, he is now in Columbia and Brazil trying to build diplomatic bridges by promising to being their number one trading partner. Diplomacy based on "we want to be your number one customer" is nothing more than the solutions of a man who cares not for the exceptional nature of this country. He is selling us down the river and [perhaps] not for ideological reasons. Maybe, just maybe, it is because he does not know what else to do !!!!

Note from Editor: I am in Denver on a new job. First day today. Will be blogging extensively this afternoon, late.

We will discuss Obama's Christian faith. The article will not be our first of the day but it will be one of the more comprehensive. If you do not understand "Black Liberation Theology," you might find this article of value.

I have an article on our absentee president. It is finished but I have not cleaned it up and proof read for publishing.

We wonder why the murder of more than 400 Syrian civilians does not draw the same reaction from Obama as did the Libya thingy we are doing in that country.

And, what in the world are we doing in Libya, anyway?

We will present the old Obama and the New Obama in a few radical quotes back in the day when he was a radical and compare those with the New Obama, a man full of Christian faith and values, ready to go to war at a moments notice, one who bemoans the fact that bi-partisanship is not the rule of the day.

I intend to talk about "safe investments" during this time of confusion.

How do I know if a particular poll is meaningful? We have the answer to this problem

Rules for polling analysis:

Understand that the polls this editor sees as predictive include

a) issue related polls that, on issues, mirror the overriding concerns of the people and,

b) opinion polling as to the approval percentage of the current president's (Obama, in this case) job related effectiveness. In other words, Obama can score 55% on an "approval poll" but, only 42% on "job effectiveness" in the same poll. I ignore anything that smacks of a popularity contest.

c) A third factor in polling analysis is whether or not the poll was taken of "most likely voters." If not, I disregard that poll and most polls are "random called" polls. If you use "random calling" and your target audience is on a university campus, or the District of Columbia or Jacksonville, Mississippi, your results will be screwed in favor of that demographic and may not be representative of the larger population.

d) Forth, I consider two things together: the bias of the polling entity (all polls have a bias) and the demographics of that particular poll.

e) Fifth, I concern myself with polling trends, not a one time, result oriented poll designed to make the evening news. Polls that rate at the bottom of the scale, in my book, include anything from the "major" media (NBC and its mentions, ABC and CBS) and, USA Today, Five Thirty Eight, the Public Policy Poll, the New York Times and the Washington Post (which includes the Public Policy Poll).

f) Finally, I make note of a poll whose results run counter to what one would expect when bias and demographics are considered. For example, if a poll taken of college students by USA Today found that the majority of those polled were leaning away from federally funded abortions, well, I would think this to be important, especially if I could determine that this was a representative trend.
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Obama's Daily Schedule - we are keeping tabs on him since he retired from the work of the presidency.

April 22, 2011

8:55 am PDT ||
Departs Los Angeles
4:15 pm EDT || Arrives Andrews Air Force Base

Note: no public appearances for Saturday, April 23

Our source for many of the facts of this segment, run daily since April 20, is found here and here.

Obama hands over Passover to the Muslims.

Passover is all about deliverance from the Judgment of God, Almighty, against the pagans in Egypt. Obama takes this Jewish celebration and turns it on its head, making Passover symbolic of the Egyptian Muslims deliverance from there own kind. Note especially that last paragraph:

The story of Passover – which recalls the passage of the children of Israel from bondage and repression to freedom and liberty – inspires hope that those oppressed and enslaved can become free, The Seder, with its rich traditions and rituals, instructs each generation to remember its past, while appreciating the beauty of freedom and responsibility it entails.

This year, that ancient instruction is reflected in the daily headlines as we see modern stories of social transformation and liberation unfolding in the Middle East and North Africa.

Understand that 90% of the "freedom fighters" Obama praises would stop their rebellion in a heartbeat to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. I have mentioned this idiocy before, but I really can't get over the abject stupidity of the comment.

One of my most popular posts, in the top ten of all that I have written over the past two years is the article that reads, "Obama is not a Muslim but he often acts like one." You would think that this clown would stop doing that, but "oh no," he just has to continue insulting Israel at every turn and, apparently, at every level.

The real pisser with this idiot is this: he is governing out of a sense of his own, personal agenda. I mean, this man has set down and thought up an America that would be like . . . . thus and so, and, he has [maybe] 8 years to pull it off.

Of course, he will continue to make his millions (5.5 mill in 2009 and 1.8 million in 2010) while "fairness" and "shared sacrifice" would be principles for those who live under his tutelage. You see, fairness and shared sacrifice are never the bondage of those at the top of any socialist scheme, and we have decades of history as proof of this point.

Obama's take-over of the Jewish Passover is borne of his personal agenda; too bad Israel doesn't figure in that strategy.

Even Left Wing polling is going against the Promise Maker

Hey William, here is one of your Leftist polls. New York Times/CBS poll. --- can't get anymore Left of center than these guys.

From the Times/ABC poll:

Disapproval of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy has never been broader — at 57 percent of Americans — a warning sign as he begins to set his sights on re-election in 2012. And a similar percentage disapprove of how Mr. Obama is handling the federal budget deficit, though more disapprove of the way Republicans in Congress are.

. . . . . Republicans can take as a positive sign . . . . . . 55 percent of poll respondents said they would rather have fewer services from a smaller government than more services from a bigger one, as opposed to 33 percent who said the opposite, a continuation of a trend in Times/CBS polls.

The opposition by Tea Party supporters to raising the level of debt the nation can legally carry was shared by nearly two-thirds of poll respondents, including nearly half of Democrats; administration officials say blocking the government from raising that limit could force it to default on its debt payments.

But with 70 percent of poll respondents saying that the country was heading in the wrong direction, the public was not exhibiting warm feelings toward officeholders of either party.

Editor's notes: one thing I have observed as true in all this poll taking, is this: when folks think poorly of congress, the real predictors are a) , how is the same party president perceived and b), which party is perceived as working against the will of the people. It makes little difference how congress "rates." An example of this theoretical opinion is 2010 midterms; while the GOP rated slightly lower than the Democrats on many issues, they destroyed the Democrats in the congressional elections because

* of the terrible showing of presidential performance over the course of Obama's first two years, and

*the perception that the Dems had governed against the will of the people.

In all the polls prior to the midterm elections, Obama was successful in his strategy of passing the buck to Bush, but, in the end, the voting public expected more of the Promise Maker. Although talk is cheap, it comes with a heavy price when it produces nothing but excuses and the blaming of others ----- a lesson the Promise Maker has not learned to this day.

A second observation as a result of this poll is this: the Left Wing bias of both the New York Times and ABC news could not cover over the fact that the fundamental concerns of the TEA Party movement has broad-based approval. The midterm election did nothing but energize the TEA Party base. I believe that they - the 40 million member TEA Party Movement - will out perform the socialist partnerships of the AFL-CIO, SEIU, ACORN and the Organizing for America collective belonging to Obama in the coming election.

Obama thinks 2012 will be about rhetoric and big money. I think it will be all about Obama.

Update: Oooops. Almost forgot . . . when I wrote of the bias of the Times/ABC survey, that its "bias could not cover" over the results of this poll? Well, I meant that in a most demonstrable way. the Lefties tried to stack the poll in their favor. This is most obvious as we note the demographics of the poll: 25% Republican , 33% Democrat, 41% Independent.

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Two Obama Supporters Beat Down a Cracker inside a McDonalds and no one helps.

This is not your normal beat down. What you see in this video is two angry Black women hating the Cracker. The fight gives them an opportunity to vent their anger. This is rage against the white man -- kind of like what Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan encourage their Black followers to do. Too bad she wasn't "packin."


Four news items out of Japan's recent national disaster.

In case you were wondering, it looks like the final death count is around 27,000, according to FoxNews reports. Midknight Review projected a count of between 20,000 and 30,000, four days into the disaster and, sadly, it turns out that we were spot-on. I want to point out that we were making our projection at the same time established news was talking about "five to ten thousand people." The difference between my amateur effort and establishment news (including Fox) is this: I kept track of reports that included the disappearance of 8,000 people from one community, the washing away of a 10,000 resident town, and the disturbing sights of trains washed away and cars being covered over in the 30 foot title wave that caused so much damage. I am saying this, the Established Media does not do its job. I did nothing in making my projection that could not have been done by the Establishment.

Moving on.

We have the terrible news of 27,000 dead. Coming in behind this revelation is the good news that the government of Japan has decided to build 100,000 homes for those who lost all their possessions/homes in the disaster. Japan is one of the most prosperous nations in the world, but hardly debt free. This decision will add to their financial problems but appears to be necessary.

My question is this: could we, the United States, get so far in debt that our ability to serve the people, in a similar disaster, would not be possible?

A third area of concern, in Japan, is the continuing matter of the four nuclear reactors involved in what appears to be some level of "meltdown." This has not been in the news, as of late, but the problem has only worsened over the past few weeks. At least one reactor has burned through its containment floor and, it is now believed that the 120 - 150 courageous technicians working in and around these reactors, may be so compromised, in terms of radioactive exposure, that they will not survive into the distant future.

Finally, there is the question of "collateral" damage. What will be the final effects of the nuclear component in the Japanese circumstance as to bordering nations, the Japanese citizenry, farmland and ocean food supplies and the exposure, if any, to our nation ?

It appears that this story will be "news" for sometime into the future.

There is a small but revealing photo gallery of the crisis here.

State sponsored schools are doing this to your children. Be sure to sit around and do nothing about it. Nothing is so easy to do !!

From Fox Nation comes this video of young students singing an earth day song at the Riverwood Elementary School in Tennessee. The song contains these lyrics, ”Boycott, petition, let the big business know; that if we mess it up here, there’s no else we can go.”


Apple and Google Collect User Data _ And You Are Surprised ????!!!

Lots of trivia out there that is, well, trivial.

For starters, we have the evolving media scandal** that Apple IPhones and Google Android phones collect and store data and, if evil persons were to get their hands on either of these phones, your personal and [perhaps] financial life would be in a world of hurt.

Some facts: from what I can gather, the information collected is huge but stored for only a few months.

Some, if not most, of this data is used for refining the phone service and tracking trends that offer technological opportunities for the manufacturers.

You, we, have not had private lives for well over two decades. The cameras in your computer can be used to spy on you. Cookies in your computer allow the techno world to track your web searches, to load phony or unwanted information into your computer, and even into your browsers.

The rumor that "they" can track your every move is not exactly true. They use GPS "coordinates" to "triangulate" or discover your general location. Understand that if you think this means that someone is watching you, your every move, you being one out of 250 million cellphone users, well, you are just being a little silly.

And what is most amazing is the fact that now that we have a radical Lib in our White House, the evils of the Patriot Act are, strangely, are not so bad. Our privacy, under this Administration, has been violated to degrees that far exceed any of the Law and Order make-believe plots dealing with subject.

Turns out that snail mail and limited landline phone service are not bad things. At least, your privacy stands more in tact than otherwise. Me? I don't really care. The rage against the system must continue and "they" cannot stop that rage or bottle up the rebellion. We will take our nation back.

** Media scandal = is a problematic issue the media sits on and develops in order to make money. While the media does not invent most scandals, they are the ones to decide which stories to "blow up" and which to ignore. Fox is no less guilty of this than MSNBC or network news.

Obama, busy with endless "scare" campaign for president , forgets to tell folks the truth his cuts to Medicaid and food assistance programs.

Let's not forget that in August of 2010, Stimulus II went out to the various states as an emergency measure to help teachers. That money had already been set aside in the Stimulus I, but all of that money went to the stinking teacher union legacy programs.

Anyway, in order to pay for Stimulus II, Obama cut 12 billion dollars out of the the food stamp program for the elderly and poor -- 12 billion !!! AND, in his push for ObamaCare, cut medicaid by $500 billion. Both programs are designed to exclusively benefit the elderly and the poor.

Again, what Obama is preaching against, he has proven to be all the more guilty. While Obama is busy with his "Paul Ryan is lying baby killing politician," he forgets to tell the truth about himself.

Understand that the biggest lie of all is this: Obama is a friend to the poor and "lower" middle class. That is simply not true.

His energy "program, " a knee-jerk affair pushing for solutions that will not be in play for two decades or more, is increasing the cost of gas at the pump and heating supplies in the homes -- all to the detriment of the poor.

Poor families with children have to buy two cars in order to get around town. Schools teach tolerance for the Queer Nation types while working for proficiencies in nothing else (we exaggerate but not by much). Kids are not allowed to even have fun anymore, the Liberal Nation seeing extreme danger is playing games and eating specks of salt. Obama and his kind once discussed the possibility of painting all US highways white, to reflect head' to paint all residential and commercial roofs white, as well. No, when you have people who take even a couple of seconds to discuss such idiocy, you know that our nation is in serious trouble.

And the Left thinks we are the morons. Geeeeesh.

Point of post: just remember that Obama is the enemy of the food stamp program and Medicaid for the poor, not the GOP or Paul Ryan.

Obama is not campaigning. Oh, really? Anyone seen his schedule, lately.

We were told, last week, when Obama announced the beginning of his 2012 campaign, that he would not be involved in the campaign for months because "he has a job to do."


Like all - as in "every single" - his promises, this statement is not even close to being true. He has made campaign speeches every day since the announcement. Here is Obama's schedule for the two days. Note that we are giving you his itinerary for two of the week's "work days." While Clinton was busy "dropping drawer" during the work week, Obama is playing games (basketball and golf) and campaigning.


9:40 am || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser; St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco
10:35 am || Departs San Francisco
11:30 am || Arrives Reno, Nev.
11:50 am || Town Hall meeting on the deficit; ElectraTherm, Inc.
1:30 pm || Departs Reno
2:45 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
5:30 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #1; The Commissary at Sony Picture Studios
6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #2; Soundstage 30 at Sony Picture Studios
6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at fundraiser #3; Tavern Restaurant

  • 9:40 a.m. Obama delivers remarks at a DNC event
  • 10:35 a.m. Obama departs San Francisco, Calif.
  • 11:30 a.m. Obama arrives in Reno, Nev.
  • 11:50 a.m. Obama participates in a Shared Responsibility and Shared Prosperity town hall where he will discuss his vision for bringing down our deficit
  • 1:30 p.m. Obama departs Reno, Nev.
  • 2:45 p.m. Obama arrives in Los Angeles, Calif.
  • 5:30 p.m. Obama delivers remarks at a DNC event
  • 6:55 p.m. Obama delivers remarks at a DNC event
  • 7:50 p.m. Obama delivers remarks at a DNC event
He is campaigning and his schedule proves the point.

You should know that "DNC" is short for Democrat National Convention. And why is he campaigning a full year and half before the 2012 elections, the earliest official beginning in modern history ? And the final answer is . . . . . . . . . . . . . he is so far behind in the numbers game that he may never get his big-eared head above water before November of 2012.

Forget the "polls." Most of them will are run by partisan Democrat socialist and are not dependable for that very reason. We have run articles in which we analyze the actual numbers the percentages purport to resent.

I have posited two numerical estimates. One, on the high end of the guessing game, gives the conservative opponent 73 million votes and the losing Marxist/Socialist Democrat, 58 million votes.

A second estimate looks like this: 60 million folks voted against Obama in 2008. Every one of these people will vote and vote against the Stranger in our White House. He garnered 69 million votes, by the way. Keep our baseline numbers in mind ( 60 and 69). Understand that Obama in down in every demographic on the books: down 30 points among "academics," down 56 points among Hispanics, down 5 points among Blacks, down "double digits" with women, white males, and, down from 52% to 35% with Independents. If he improves within most of these national demographics but still gives up 5% in swing votes, the baseline changes to this extent: Obama 64.5 million votes to the GOP candidate's 64.5 million votes.

If you believe, as I do, that somewhere between 3 and 5 million conservatives did not vote at all, in protest to the Establishment GOP and its henchman, John McCain, the final popular vote count would be Obama, 64.5 million votes to the good guys total of 67.5 to nearly 70 million votes. This is my version of "best case scenario." O

Never, ever forget that Obama spent three quarters of a billion dollars to win an election by 7%. And that was before he had a visible reputation. If that does not cause concern in the Democrat ranks, it is because they have never sobered up from the 1960's. Understand that they will not be able to duplicate the good feelings of the electorate to the levels of the 2008. Those days are gone and, so too, is his chance of winning re-election. At least, that is my theory.

Obama is angry and we know why.

It is kind of funny, how the Marxist Media portrays Obama. "He is cool and challenging when under fire." That is what they want you to believe. The facts of the matter are quite different. Turns out he hates confrontation unless, of course, he is the instigator. "Cool" left the building two years ago.

In a local interview on a Texas station, last Friday evening, Obama became obviously angry with the interviewing reporter, Brad Watson, for, first, correcting him and then, challenging him on a couple of additional issues. Obama had claimed that the Texas vote against him in 2008 was by only " a few points." The fact was, Obama lost in Texas by 12 points and may lose by 20 points in 2012. Watson corrected Obama on this and Obama began to steam. But, more than being wrong on this point, Obama resented being interrupted and told the reporter so, in no uncertain terms, at the end of the interview. Understand that Obama filibusters his answer, preventing reporters from asking more than a few questions. Brad Watson did not let Obama pull that trick and Obama get angry.

After the interview was over, a White House spokesman made it clear that Brad Watson might not get another interview . . . . as if that were news to those of us who know who Obama really is. OF COURSE THERE WILL BE NO FURTHER INTERVIEWS WITH WATSON.

Obama, as a community organizing functionary, was little more than a union punk who ordered businesses to do things his way, under threat of retaliation. He brought that kind of thuggish behavior to our White House. His "tough guy BS stance" is not unnoticed; the Right is getting more and more determined to kick his butt out of office by the same measure of victory as the midterms. The Left thinks his "in your face attitude" is the ticket to winning the election. I have seen Liberal reactionary after Liberal reactionary praise Obama for returning to antagonist of old. They think his presidential crap will win the election.

I have a theory about the 2012 elections. I believe that the 2012 election will include a collusion of forces, working against Obama . . . and I think he is fully aware of what he is up against. That is why he is campaigning now, 18 months before the election; he is so far behind in the polls that he thinks he can no longer wait to begin his campaign.

In the fall of 2009, the financial magazine, Bloomberg, took a survey of Wall Street executives and CEOs; 77 % thought Obama was anti business. They won a major Supreme Court decision just after that decision, announced on January 25 of 2010 (Citizens United) . The decision gave corporate America the right to spend money in political elections. Obama was furious and chided the Justices in his State of the Union speech, two days later. Know that he doubled the spending of the hapless John McCain, but that will not be the case, this time around.

A second electoral consideration if this: if he continues to act like a punkish tough guy, he will not win back the Independents lost over the course of the past two years. They hate that type of thing.

Third: he is about to start pulling troops out of Afghanistan. If that country reverts back to the enemy, he will be blamed for the inhumane waste of over a 1,000 American soldiers, killed in his ridiculous war effort. General Patraeus should be Court Marshaled for supporting this presidential moron. No one is thinking of our soldiers, not even the generals in charge of their safety. No one in this country should ever support military advancements organized by Liberals. It is just that simple, especially when that includes troops on the ground. They are idealistic morons when it comes to fighting a war. "Fair" should have nothing to do with the matter . . . only winning and winning as fast as possible.

Bush won the Iraqi war. Obama is on the verge of losing two wars; Afghanistan and Libya. If I have anything to do with this, Obama will pay at the ballot box for his criminal behavior in this regard.

Fourth, inflation will be in full swing by the time the 2012 elections roll around. That is my prediction. Non-partisan voters vote their pocket book. If inflation is full blown, Obama cannot win re-election. Understand that if inflation was counted using the methodology of the 80's, inflation would be somewhere between 6 and 8%, but the game players in the White House do not count fuel increases and food hikes.

If GM motors finally fails, Obama will take a hit for that circumstance. Know this: General Motors is not in the shape the Obama spin machine wants you to believe. There is a boycott of GM products and it includes about 25% of GM's recent customer base. The current headline in Forbes (April 19, 2011) is "Treasury to sell GM stake, end Myth of a Profitable Auto Bailout." Obama has misappropriated funds (Fannie.Freddie or TARP) to make it appear that GM was paying off its loans, that all was well with the sick auto giant. He raped teacher and police union retirement funds in order to take over GM and put it in the hands of the auto union. Some of those teachers and police voted for Scott Brown back in special election of January , 2010.

Finally, there is the very real possibility that the Supreme Court will rule ObamaCare unconstitutional and do so before the general election. The nation will note this defeat and vote the bums out of office.

Understand that 60 million people voted against him the first time. All of those people will make the same vote, again. If he loses a swing vote collective of just 4 million votes, moving from his column to the GOP, Obama will lose that election. Just 4 million swing votes will give him a vote count of 65 million to 64 for the GOP plus the under reported 3 to 5 million conservatives who did not vote in the election in protest to the McCain candidacy.

Ben Stein told Fox News' Neil Cavuto, today, that he did not think Obama was a smart man. Neither do we. Look, when you get up and tell the nation that all we have to do to get off Middle Eastern Oil is to tune up our cars and air up our tires, well, you know you are not working with an Einstein.

Pure Palin on Hannity: Part I Someone tell me where she is wrong? On anything ?



Midknight Review editor, age 66, must return to the work force because of Obamanomics.

I will not be able to blog quite as much as in the past, beginning this weekend. I have come out of retirement to function as VP in charge of Marketing for a nation wide construction company. Dang. On Sunday, I travel to Denver for several weeks and then to Forth Worth and if you think I was pissed about things before, wait a few weeks.

My wife and I live in California, one of several socialist states in our union. Some of our retirement is tied to the financial health of this state and we are afraid the State of California will renege on its obligations. The public unions of this state are determined to keep their benefits, even if it means the death of the state . . . . . and it does. These people are worse than morons, they are subversives who only care for themselves and their minority union. California owes these unions $500 billion in unfunded legacy liabilities. We have failed to balance our state budget each year for 30 years and now, the time has come to pay the piper.

You will never hear the truth about what is happening in this Democrat jewel of a state, but here are two examples from one stuck in this communist filled commune: Fresno Unified, third largest school district in the state, will have to cut 71 million from its budget, this year alone. And the district in which I have coached for four years, will close its two elementary schools, move those kids to our Middle School campus. That school will be our new elementary campus and the 7th and 8th graders at the Middle School will go to the high school campus. You can't make more radical adjustments than that and we all have the blind selfishness of the SEIU (among others) to thanks for this hopeless mess.

You might ask, "What about the Stimulus money that Honest Abe Hussein said had created or saved 3.5 million jobs?" None of that money went to our school systems. None. This State, under the radical steroid abuser, Arnold Schwartennothingburger, used that money to help balance the State books. . . . . . . . the schools and the children be damned.

I will continue to blog, but the job will come first. Let not give up the ship. This world class traitor to the American dream needs to be gone and we have 17 months to see to it that he is defeated.

Obama holds "immigration meeting" today and does not invite the Governors of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. Idiocy.

Who were invited to this meeting, one held today in Washington D.C. ?? Only those who support comprehensive immigration concerns.

This is as incredible a faux pa as anything this Incompetent has done, to date.

Understand that these omissions (the Governors of the three border states) tell us all, in bold print, that Obama is no more interested in negotiated solutions than he is a deep seeded Christian or a leader of this nation. Understand that there is no other way to look at this eventuality than to conclude that he snubbed the Governors who were most intimately involved in the situation and did so with great purpose.

Instead, he invited the other idiot, Arnold Swarzenburger, the owner of Facebook, Mayor Bloomberg and others; liberals and open border types, all. Understand that he ignored his promise to the Hispanic community to pass "comprehensive immigration legislation" during his first year in office. That's right. He promised this would happen before the end of 2009. Instead, he decided to kill the pension programs of teachers and police unions as he took over GM; to pad the pockets of his political friends and union members with the passing of the Stimulus; and, spending the remainder of the year cramming ObamaCare down the throats of those who opposed his efforts in record numbers.

Again, he could have passed immigration reform during 2009, as he promised, and not a single Republican could have raised a finger to stop this reform. The Hispanics know this and have departed his ranks to the tune of 56% . This number, alone, makes him a loser in 2012 and Obama knows it. That is why he began his personal campaign for re-election last week and has made campaign appearances every day since then.

Monkey pictures of Obama should have no place in the Conservative Movement. Stop with this kind of crap and join in the effort to defeat Obama.

I hesitate to bring this picture up, but it is everywhere on the web, mostly on Leftist blogs. Of course, what these hypocrites frequently do is this: they will use a picture such as this to typify the whole of the conservative movement while pretending that they never do such things. The truth is this: they are the ones who start most of the slanderous rhetoric that frequents the political dialogue of this day. You can scroll down on this main page and finds one or two examples of what I am talking about.

Anyway, back to the picture. Our readers have never seen a picture such as this, on this blog. I have friends in the bloggosphere that do, but not me. First, it is not a true depiction of a black man. Obama's mother and father, of course, look nothing like the picture. But more than this, how they look is beside the point.

Understand that when we print this type of trash, we insult folks like JD Watts, or Congressman West or Colin Powell or whoever. In addition, it gives the hypocrites on the Left the opportunity to give us their version of righteous indignation. More than this, we reduce ourselves to the same brain dead pool of morons we oppose. And, once again, the picture is besides the point.

That Joker picture of Obama? Well, it was the Left who first came up with this type of characterization.

Obama is a Marxist/Collectivist freak who needs to be thoroughly defeated because he is wrong on the issues, not to mention the historicity of this nation. We have our hands full exposing his radicalism without producing pictures such as the one in this post. If such were to ever typify the conservative movement, we would deserve to lose the coming election.

I am telling you this: the future of this country depends on our being the most formidable force possible. That cannot happen if we put such disgusting pictures center stage on our blogs. I hope that some of you will reconsider such pictures as you stand with the larger movement against Obama.

Obama, once again, demonstrate his ignorance as to matters of faith.

The man who prays to the Muslim god, has something to say about the Passover, as if he understands what Jewish deliverance is all about. This picture was taken in April, 2009, and is an official White House photo taken by someone named Peter Souza.

Sometime yesterday, I came across this headline and story: Obama: Passover message reflected in Muslim uprisings...

What an absolute moron !! To take a Jewish holy day and give the world a lesson on the Muslim struggle for freedom in the Middle East, is beyond stupid. In fact, it is down right mean.

This a man who is as religious as a broom handle, talking about a subject of which he knows nothing and moving on, no doubt thinking he has impressed those who listened with his sensitivity for Islam's struggles and its moral equivalency to the Jewish deliverance of 3600 years ago.

Look, this is a man who sat at the feet of Jeremiah Wright, the Black Liberation Theology buffoon who fashions himself a "theologian" because he has read Bultmann. Understand that Black Liberation Theology is borne of the movement that pitts the White man's god against the Black man's god. It is, in fact, a rejection of God and his Christ. and Obama listened to this nonsense for more than two decades.

He is the Post Modern Man when it comes to American Exceptionalism, the US Constitution as the foundational document and matters of the Christian faith.

We Christians should never, never forget Obama's assault on Christianity, that day in 2009, when he attended the University of Georgetown, a Roman Catholic school, and ordered the three letter Latin symbol for "Jesus" covered over, as a condition of him delivering a commencement speech on that campus. Unforgetable !! A man who would do such a thing is no friend of the Christian faith. In fact, that is something that is not even debatable. A man who will cover over the name of Christ or get on his knees in a Muslim mosque and pray to a Muslim god is no Christian . . . . not even a confused Christian. Now, can the Christ of God forgive this clown? Of course. We dare not speak for God's judgment. But understand this, while we are not to judge the world, we as Christians, are given the charge to judge those who claim the name of Christ. The difference is found in the judgment of eternal destinies versus a judgment of right and wrong in the "here and now."

Point of post: to document the fact that Obama's failed qualifications even extend to what he claims to believe.

Suggestion: why not take the Jewish Passover and teach a lesson on Jewish deliverance in a Middle Eastern world bent on its destruction?

90% of all rhetorical / political filth comes from the Left. . . . just like the good old days back in the 60's.


Understand that the Right has no such extreme as is pictured here. Indeed, the Right's extreme includes violence. The Left's extreme includes violence mixed with treasonous behavior. Maybe this has more to do with the fact that this is an Oregon crowd. No ??!!

What would your family finances look like if you did "ecomioncs" like the Federal Government? We have that word picture.

If you were proportionally in debt, compared to the Federal Government, your income for the year would be 48,000 dollars. Your annual spending would be 78,000 dollars and your credit card debt would be 281,000 dollars -- again, all this for a single year of living the high life.

Can anyone, anyone at all, say these words, "This is crazy wrong" ?

You cannot "box in" a man who will say anything to score a point. We have two examples.

On "Signing Statements"

“I taught the Constitution for 10 years, I believe in the Constitution and I will obey the Constitution the of the United States. We’re not gonna use signing statements as a way to do an end-run around Congress, alright?” --- Obama (2008)

Truth: Obama was a lecturer at the University of Columbia from 1992 to 1995 and a "senior lecturer" from 1996 through 2004. He taught three summer sessions (only) during this period of time. At Columbia, a "senior lecturer" has "professor status" but is not tenured, or in fact, paid on the same scale as a full-time professor. At, we have this: "Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1983 with a BA in Political Studies (International Relations). At Harvard Law School he was editor of the Law Review and graduated with a JD, magna cum laude, in 1992." Turns out that he was never Editor of anything nor did he publish any articles to the Law Review. Can we confirm his place in the top 15% of his class. Not at this point in time. Was he honest in his claim to not use "signing statements" as an end run around Congress? Well, he just signed another "statement," last week, declaring what he would enforce or follow as he signed the 2011 negotiated budget into law.

Lesson to be learned:
you cannot box in a man who will say anything to make a point.

Obama and Reid on Opposing Debt Increases

The fact that we're here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. Leadership means 'The buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit. - Obama (2006)

“Why is it right to increase our nation's dependence on foreign creditors? Democrats won't be making an argument to support this legalization, which will weaken our country.” - Harry Reid (2006)

Over the past few days, both Obama and Harry Reid have been apologizing for opposing the debt ceiling increases under George W Bush. Turns out their opposition was mere "politics."

“I shouldn’t have done that. I’m kinda embarrassed I did. It was a political maneuver by we Democrats" (Reid - April 14, 2011 ).


Obama on making the same vote as did Reid : ""That was just an example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country," Obama said. "And I'm the first one to acknowledge it." (April 15, 2011)

Lesson to be learned: it is hard to box in a Democrat on much of anything they have said in the past.

The Obama of Fantasy Land versus the Real Obama

Helen Fisher, an biological anthropologist, gives us this bit of nonsense - her insights into the personality of Obama. Before getting to these words, she made the claims that Obama's entrance into a room tells her much about this man, and then

[I] think he’s an Explorer/Negotiator. For a black man to seek the presidency, he’s clearly a risk-taker. He’s got a lot of curiosity, he’s creative in the way he addresses problems and handles people. I also think he’s a Negotiator, because he’s caring. This man cares about the whole world. He was trying to improve the South Side of Chicago as a young men when he could have gone to Wall Street and made a million bucks. He has wonderful verbal skills and people skills. Two traits he has that indicate elevated activity in the dopamine system, which relates to the Explorer: He has a very expressive face, and he moves with a style…watching him and Bush walk down the stairs to the helicopter, he walked gracefully, like an Explorer would, and Bush lumbered do

Fisher wrote this before the two years we now have to compare Obama's personality with Mss. Fisher's perception. Turns out he is a bully, not a negotiator. He cares only for those who support him or might be moved to vote for him, hence his rejection of more than half the nation's population. She talks of Obama's decision to ". . . . improve the South Side of Chicago as a young man when he could have gone to Wall Street and made a million bucks." In stead, he did not improve anything in Chicago, got himself elected to national office and made 5 million bucks in that effort. According to Mss Fisher, his two most manifest traits, functioning as windows into his personality, are the expressions of his face and the stylish way "he moves." Geeeesh. His most pronounced facial expression is one of anger and his stylish walk is . . . . . . well . . . . . . . I actually have no clue as to what she has in mind with this comment except for this, I think she is in love with guy.

Obama has done all that he could possibly do to sequester his past. There are no transcripts of his college days, no papers, no lecture notes. There was no press corp when he went to Hawaii to visit his dying grandmother -- not a single picture after Obama got off the plane. I do not care why these things do not exist; I just know that they are nowhere around, by his edict.

And folks like Mss. Fisher are few and far between in these last days. Last year, Barbra Streisand skipped out on a $35,000 per plate fundraiser she helped to organize and just last week, Ophra announced that she would not be endorsing anyone for the 2012 campaign. 67% of Hispanics voted for Obama in 2008. That number is down by 56% (more than half) according to Michael Barone, a highly respected Democrat pundit, senior writer for US News & World Report and principal coauthor of The Almanac of American Politics. .

Point of post: to demonstrate what the Marxist Media wants to hide from view, that Obama is far less popular within his base than folks can imagine.

Videio of Palin in Wisconsin. Where was the Establishment Republicans ?? Hidding under the pickle ??


Video from Breitbart/ the text is ours

A thousand or so braved the cold of Wisconsin to attend a speech by Governor Sarah Palin. Unlike the union crowds of times past, with their 40,000 shipped in from out of state (AFL-CIO/SEIU/ACORN/ORGANIZING FOR OBAMA thugs and demonstrators), these folks were residents of the state, a part of the working class that handed Scott Walker and his GOP Congress a referendum borne of last week's surprising election.

That referendum centered around the election of Judge David Posser. Before the election, the unions and their media pundits lied up one side and down the other, telling folks that public opinion was 2 to 1 against the Walker decision to limit (not abolish) union collective bargaining excesses. "The GOP had awaken a sleeping giant" or so we were told by everyone from the thuggish Richard Tumka (AFL-CIO President) to Chris Matthews on MSNBC.

These folks never get this right. The sleeping giant is the conservative (not necessarily right wing, btw) majority that is the American voting populace -- now more so that ever before.

The referendum? Well, the Marxist teachers' union was going to claim a referendum with a vote margin of 204 votes. That was the plan. Turns out that Posser won with 7,300 votes and that is the "referendum's" final count.

Signs of things to come? Perhaps we should not get to excited but, it certainly is an encouraging start.

And Palin's influence was everywhere, embedded in the Taxed Enough Already movement that is sweeping the nation and bringing this great country back to its foundational base.

Is this a campaign speech? We don't know. I am not sure that Palin knows, at this time. But, let me ask you this question. Why was the Establishment GOP not in attendance during any of this Wisconsin challenge. Where were the Mitt Romneys and Newt Gingrichs and Huckabees . . . . Donald Trumps ?

Of the leading GOP "candidates," on one offered more support to this effort, from outside the state, than Sarah Palin. Just keep our question in mind: Where were the Romneys and Gingrinchs and Huckabees and Trumps? Where were they? I am thinking this is a more important question than these four "front runners" want us to believe.

Obama gets last laugh with regards to the 2011 budget agreement. Time for him to get out of town.

Here is Obama, teaching one in one of his three summer classes at the University of Chicago. He was a "senior lecturer" for six summers (1996 -2004) , teaching three classes during those summers, hardly a "law professor" as he claims. On the board, Obama is teaching his class about the power base of the evil corporate world, a precursor to the teachings found in the book, Rules for Radicals.

Obama is working his skinny little butt off trying to shore up his base. With all of his rhetorical strategies, a convoluted soup of promises and lies, we can forget who his base really is. Let's identify them using the words of the fat Michael Moore: "You are one of us." The man [Obama] is no more a "moderate" Democrat than he is a passionate Christian or the past Editor of the Harvard Law Review. Know this, you cannot teach the principles of Rules for Radicals and not be a radical politician and we have at least one picture of him teaching the principles of Saul Alinsky. The fact that he is a proud "community organizer" is proof enough of his radicalism but we have that dang picture and two years of political deceit to prove our point.

So, he is a radical Leftist, a man who believes in a One World economy and an international system of justice; a man who believes that wealth belongs to the unionized workforce; a man who believes that the unprincipled poor of this country deserve and are owed an income that puts them on equal material standing with the "haves" of our society. Marx and Engles (communist innovators) called this "dialectic materialism," this taking from the "haves" and giving it to the "have nots." Obama believes in all this crap.

As a result, he will be busy - for the next 18 months - inflaming passions, pushing back against the patriots of this great nation and their Constitution, and trying to recreate the damaged connection between himself and his Marxist base. I call them "Marxist" because I, as representative Baby Boomer Man - went to college with these punks. They were proud Marxist then. Nothing has changed, as I see it . Understand that the Radical Left can be as politically harsh as us TEA Party folk and it was the radical Left that put him into office in 2008. He knows this and so do they.

Of course he needs the non-partisan voting population, often called "Independents." But he cannot abandon the far far Left and gain in the final vote count by doing so. How he manifests his radicalism while pretending to be a political moderate will spell the end of his political career or push him over the top in the 2012 election.

He is not "moving to the center" to attract votes and win an election. Not at all. His efforts as to Queer Nation and the 2% these gay blades represent in the military is an example of of the "new Obama," you know, the man who is moving to the middle. He has ordered "gay sensitivity training" for the military, at all levels, whether at home or in combat. Such "training" is going on as I write this post. Understand that his rules of engagement have put our troops in danger and have prevented them from winning the war in Afghanistan. Our military cannot search out the enemy and attack the enemy unless and until that enemy force shots first. In some cases, we have to administer Miranda rights. In most cases, we have to release the enemy combatant (also known as Murdering Muslim Jihadists) within 96 hours of their capture. One account I recently read had that soldier telling the reporter that since being in Afghanistan, all of the captures he knew of, had been released under this policy. And now, Queer Nation gets to benefit from battlefield instruction to the normal people in our army.

In another venue, Obama's summons of Paul Ryan to his budget speech for the singular purpose of insulting Ryan to his face, is indicative of the kind of politic we can expect from Obama. That was not a budget speech. It was the first shot of his 2012 presidential campaign, a declaration of war on the Right and conservative minded Independents. It was a 9 page "budget," 7 pages of which were the words of his speech. By contrast, Ryan's budget proposal was 89 pages long. You tell me which is the proposal and which is the speech.

In that speech, Obama introduced the proposition of a controlling 15 man council that would take charge over deficit matters, apart from the work of the legislative branch. You may not understand that he has spent most of his first two years either kissing up to the 111th congress or circumventing that legislative institution altogether, depending on what it is he is trying to do. He has done more to add to the irrelevancy of the Congress of the United States than any president in our history. The plan to circumvent congress with that 15 man council, as laid out in his second and most recent "budget" speech, is borne of his contempt for congress.

His "signing statement" of yesterday is another. Understand that the two sides, the GOP and Obama, forged an 11th hour agreement finalizing the working structure of the 2011 fiscal year. As he signed that agreement into law, this past week, he, also, committed to a "signing statement" in which he specified the parts of that "agreement" he does not intend to enforce or follow. Presidents have issued signing statements for decades. He is no different in that fact. But, when combined with his disdain for congressional processes, this signing statement was especially rude. You can read of the facts of this signing statement in an ABC news release recorded here. Understand that his signing statement is a declaration that Obama will not abide by the agreement he helped pass into law. Clearly, it is time for the death of the "signing statement." Why anyone thought that this would never be misused is beyond me.

Understand that Obama has taken the fringe agreements of our system and have used them to his political and ideological advantage.

The signing statement is being used to, by Obama, to rewrite legislation without the input and approval of congress.

He uses to the regulatory powers of the EPA, the FCC, the SEC to enforce net neutrality, elements of cap and trade, and "legislate" against those on Wall Street that do met with his approval.

He has/had more than 50 "czars" (Bush 43 had 16 - a record until Obama) as he works his personal agenda for this country. Know this: a "czar" has an office, staff, in most cases transportation and a budget and is considered "presidential staff." As presidential staff, none of these people can be subpoenaed or forced to talk about what they are doing. They have "executive privilege" and are only responsible to our Marxist Omama (correct spelling, btw).

Finally, he as a thing called "executive order." He can use that to open the borders, pardon 11 million illegal aliens, confiscate properties for the State, order bankruptcies (ala GM), raped stockholders and on and on.

All of the above and more, has to do with the methodology of his ideology. He talks a good game. You agree. You join his freaking union and all is well. If not, he treats you as if you deserve to ride in the back of the bus, and, off to the dictator's party we all go.

After two years of this Marxist nonsense, we have learned that Congress, over the years, has given the presidency of the United States the powers he or she needs to function as if a dictator. The 113th congress (after the 2012 elections) has no greater responsibility than to defrock the presidency of its dictatorial powers. You can bet that no Establishment Republican or Democrat will participate in this "house clean." That is why the next election needs to be about the Big Government Establishment of both parties.

What is most important in terms of this particular election is this: Obama believes that now is the time to transform the United States of America. He believes he has enough of the populace behind him, supporting him, that he can actually pull off this Marxist/Socialist/One World takeover. That is what this election is all about. He has passed enough of his legislative agenda, combined with his misuse of the regulatory powers of the presidency, to complete the task, even if he loses the Senate. He, himself, must be defeated and ridden out of town.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.....It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. --- Ronald Reagan

Tough guy Obama blasts the GOP in private discussion caught on tape.

While at a Chicago fundraiser last night (Thursday), Obama had this to say about the GOP in a private conversation that was recorded without his knowledge:

"I said, 'You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We'll have that debate. You're not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we're stupid?'"

With reference to the GOP's push against Planned Parenthood, he claims to have told Speaker Boehner, "Put it in a separate bill. We'll call it up. And if you think you can overturn my veto, try it. But don't try to sneak this through."

Later in this clandestined discussion, this clown who claims to be the President of the UNITED States of America, had this to say, "When Paul Ryan says his priority is to make sure, he's just being America's accountant . . . . This is the same guy that voted for two wars that were unpaid for, voted for the Bush tax cuts that were unpaid for, voted for the prescription drug bill that cost as much as my health care bill--but wasn't paid for."

Understand that this know-nothing president supported the notion that we "pass the healthcare bill so that we could find out what is in it" but complains about the Republicans "sneaking" in their agenda !!

And let's clear up one thing: there is the claim everywhere on the web that the 38.5 billion dollar cut forged by the GOP and signed into law by Obama is actually 358 million dollars in actual cuts. Yesterday, we had more than 450 readers come to this blog looking for information having to do with the current budget battle and, by rite of extension, the 2012 presidential campaign.

The readership needs to understand that the Marxist media will do whatever it has to do push Obama into his next term They know that if he loses the 2012 election and the GOP takes back the Senate, the legislative and regulatory advances for One World and Marxist redistributive causes will be reversed. They simply cannot lose the 2012 election. As a result of this reality, everything written by these Leftist supporters will go to the purpose of misinforming the population.

"They" want you to believe that the GOP and John Boehner accomplished next to nothing in the "so-called 38.5 billion dollar Continuing Resolution" in question. OK. I have not confirmed anything for myself, but let's go with a 356 million dollar cut in progressive legislative programs. What about the 38.2 billion dollars claimed by the GOP?? Are "they" saying that the GOP just made up that number hoping against hope that no one would discover what they have done? Talk about stupid !!!

First, the 356 million will result in as much as $500 million in program cuts from this current budget over the next 10 years. Secondly and, apparently, the bulk of this savings deal is the confiscation of funds that are "left overs" from other programs including TARP and unused funds in the Stimulus bill. These two programs, alone, have accounted for trillions of dollars transferred from one financial source to another. In the case of TARP, the last accounting I read was for 24 trillion. Apparently none of this is illegal, but, rather than being used for its intended purpose, TARP morphed into a slush fund of gargantuan proportions. Don't believe me? Try googling "TARP and 24 trillion " and see what you get.

The GOP secured the future for voucher programs; something that Obama had opposed. They took one billion out of EPA funding.

Point of post: I am going to continue to trust Boehner and the GOP leadership in both houses of congress. I am willing to give this GOP leadership until the next election to get things turned around. Heck, we all know that there are billions of dollars of special deals and special interest programs that have been hidden from plain sight. Our leaders need time to learn of these programs and begin to install their repairs.

Never forget this axiomatic truth: when the Marxist media gives you a story that effects how you feel about the conservative movement or the TEA Party or the individual players in the movement, that "information" is exactly what they want you to believe. If their lips are moving or their pins are bleeding ink, they are either lying or they are manipulating the truth to serve their purposes.

If you disagree with the statement, thinking it is far too general, you have not acquainted yourself with the strategies of the socialist reformers. In the book, Rules for Radicals, there is an entire chapter dedicated to the principle of "means and ends;" 23 pages under the title, "Ends and means" in which the author justifies the use of "particular means" to "accomplish particular ends." Saul Alinsky is the author and this 1971 book is still in print !! Why? Because the radical agenda continues to need direction and a well stated strategy. Hillary served as an intern under this well educated idiot and wrote her senior thesis on the life of Saul Alinsky. He died in 1978 as I remember.

Next week, we will be reviewing chapter two of Alinsky's book and his convoluted effort at justifying the anecdotal use of means to accomplish whatever "particular purpose" he and his kind deems as moral. Situation Ethics was a very popular book and concept at the time of Alinsky. His book is the political strategy borne of a dynamic and situational ethic based upon the whims of the Marxist do-gooders.