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Update:  BTW,  Mady began modeling less than 6 months ago. has entered her portfolio
in three different national contests,  and finished in the top 20% in each.  She is taking a
series of Monday college classes dealing with clothing and swimsuit design,  and color
sketching.  She will make your own protype clothing as well as continue her modeling
career.  There are plenty of models in this world,  but Mady has an unique modeliong
expression that sets her apart from the others.  She does not plan on getting a degree
at this time,  and is using specific college course that will advance her career.  She plans on
being self-taught and self employed.

Comey's firing is not only justified, Big Bird should be in jail.

Preface:  Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to get off his ass and open an investigation into the Hillary Clinton cover-up including James BigBird Comey's role in the cover-up.  

Remember all that talk about the uncontested character of James Comey?  GOP and Democrat opponents of Trump,  all.  Brennan politicized the CIA as never before;  Clapper, NIA head,  proved to be a liar under oath,  and now,  James Comey,  has been shown to be an imposter.  Turns out,  according to FoxNews (the first to report but not the last),  Comey had made his decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton,  one of the most crooked politicians of the modern era,  a full two months before the end of the sham investigation he was pretending to be conducting  . . . .  two months.  His decision not to prosecute,  preempted (preempted = "came before" those interviews) 17 interviews including Hillary's meaningless interviews.  

No wonder Comey did not show up for the Hillary FBI interview.  No wonder she was never sworn to tell the truth.  No wonder there was no recorder in the room nor was there  publication of her crap "testimony."  NOW it all makes sense.  Comey was scamming the American people.  What a piece of crap. 

If "they" can't get Trump, they are going to get someone.

In order to save face for a failing political witch hunt,  Mueller is working with New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to bring state level charges against Manafort in an effort to corner Trump. If convicted under state law,  President Trump would not be able to pardon Manafort.  

What a sham.  All this attention given to a fantasy prosecution,  and all "they" can get,  is serious dirt on a non-body performer.  Let's remember this failing,  come 2018. 

When Pelosi knows what Paul Ryan refuses to admit, you know that Conservatives have more than one problem.

The video shows Antifa at a rally in Berkley.   They are chanting, "No Trump, no wall, no USA at all."  On Tuesday, the local affiliate for CBS News,  filed this report:     

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin on Monday said it is time to confront the violent extremism on the left by treating black-clad Antifa protesters as a gang. ... “I think we should classify them as a gang,” said Arreguin. .

Watch the short video.  You will hear their chant,  an anti-America chant, and make note of the colors  (black is the color of choice for "anarchy"  and red,  the color of choice for communism as a political movement).  These people have been around for decades,  in Europe,  and have demonstrated at the DNC, the WTO, and the G-20.   To them,  everyone not in their movement, is a fascist.  That "A," immersed in red (in the video),  stands for Antifica and its communist ties. 

It appears that some within political leadership,  as well as the media,  are beginning to realize that an alliance with this movement,  is a disaster for our nation.  Wednesday,  Nancy Pelosi came out against Antifa,  by name,  When San Fran leadership (Pelosi and Mayor Arreguin) seen a problem,  well, you know we really have a problem.   

Trump has a shot at being a good president !! So says Dianne Feinstein.

After an hour-long “conversation” with former East Bay Rep. Ellen Tauscher, California's long time Senator,  Dianne Feinstein (1992 to present),  shocked a crowd of over 800 people at the sold-out Herbst Theater, when she omitted talk of impeachment and ended her comments with this admission:  

“The question is whether he can learn and change,” Feinstein said.  “If so, I believe he can be a good president.”

Rachel beats out Hanity but FoxNews still dominates cable news.

Forbes:   MSNBC host Rachel Maddow had the most-watched show in cable news in August, ending the month with 2.783 million total viewers, according to data released by Nielsen Media Research. It was Maddow’s second month in a row as No. 1.

Maddow narrowly beat Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, who had 2.679 million total viewers. The remaining shows in the top five for the month were Fox News’ Tucker Carlson (2.483 million), MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell (2.352 million) and Fox News’ The Five (2.351 million). Maddow was also first among adults 25-54, the critical demographic to advertisers.

While Maddow and O’Donnell were among the best performers in prime time, MSNBC still trailed Fox News Channel. FNC averaged 2.2 million viewers in prime time, putting Fox in first place among all cable networks in prime for the month. The networks dissect the ratings data in myriad ways, but Fox has plenty to tout, including a 14-month streak as the top-rated cable network based on total day ratings and 188 straight months at No. 1 in cable news (total day and prime).

And with this story, we discover that the FBI is committed to and complicit in the Hillary Clinton cover-up.

Washington Times:   Hillary Clinton’s case isn’t interesting enough to the public to justify releasing the FBI’s files on her, the bureau said this week in rejecting an open-records request by a lawyer seeking to have the former secretary of state punished for perjury.
Ty Clevenger, the lawyer, has been trying to get Mrs. Clinton and her personal lawyers disbarred for their handling of her official emails during her time as secretary of state. He’s met with resistance among lawyers, and now his request for information from the FBI’s files has been shot down.
“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” FBI records management section chief David M. Hardy told Mr. Clevenger in a letter Monday.
“It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” Mr. Hardy wrote.

I have noticed that more and more Democrats are experiencing the final stages of OCPD disorder. Get treatment.

One of my 10,000 readers has a problem with OCPD disorder,  closely related to OC/PC disorder.   Here are the symptons.  Maybe it will help some to see their problem and begin to deal with it.  You can't over come it (compulsive/disorder) but you can manage it:  

People with OCPD have the following characteristics:

  • They find it hard to express their feelings.
  • They have difficulty forming and maintaining close relationships with others.
  • They’re hardworking, but their obsession with perfection can make them inefficient.
  • They often feel righteous, indignant, and angry.
  • They are quick to criticize the "hypocrisy" of others. 
  • They often face social isolation.
  • They can experience anxiety that occurs with depression.

Christie proves he is the bigger hypocrite (no pun intended).

Christie calls Cruz 'disgusting' over Sandy vote

Turns out that Chris Christie,  the man who hugged Obama,  is trying to get even with Cruz for his vote against the Sandy relief fund.  What the media doesn't want to tell you is this:  Cruz's no vote was based on his rejection of all the crap the Dems put into that bill.  

No one believes Antifa is about concerned citizens concerned for national peace . . . . . except Paul Ryan and maybe McCain and Romney.

Washington Post:
Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis  —  “Anti-fascist” members gather Sunday in Berkeley, Calif. (Amy Osborne/Agence France-Presse via Getty Images)  —  Last weekend in Berkeley, Calif., a group of neo-communist antifa — “anti-fascist” — thugs attacked peaceful protesters at a …

I am now reporting "fake news" and "gossip news" in lumps. It is not one story, per day, it is 10 or 15. Here are nine and twos ago, I posted 6.

Washington veteran tells ‘Vanity Fair’ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are irrelevant

 Politico: Melania's stiletto sideshow  —  As the first lady departed to see storm fallout in Texas, Twitter erupted with critiques of her shoe choice.

  Josh Dawsey / Politico: Trump relishes role as chief executive of Harvey response

  Melania's stiletto sideshow

  Politico: Trump relishes role as chief executive of Harvey response

  NBC News: Presidential Pardons Might Not End Russia Prosecutions

  New York Times:   How to Get Rich in Trump's Washington 









































Melania, looking good, travels with her man to Texas and the Left has another fit.

BTW,  she wore tennis shoes while in Houston.  In other words,  this is not fake news,  it is an outright lie. 

Biz Pac Review:   Several journalists mocked first lady Melania Trump’s choice of shoe as she and President Trump departed the White House on Tuesday en route to Texas.
The first lady wore black cropped pants, a green bomber jacket, and black stilettos as she exited the White House for Marine One.
“Melania’s shoes are impressive but perhaps not what I would wear to a city submerged in floodwaters,” wrote Elizabeth Bruenig, an assistant editor at the Washington Post.

Editor's notes:  Bruenig is a Harvard grad,  a youngster with little historical perspective, who actually thinks her opinion about Melania shoes is worthy of national comment.  Pathetic.  

Just know that the Wa/Post (she is also an editor at that rag) is in full agreement.  Turns out our national Stalinist news outlets are more about gossip than news.  And when "news" is the subject, nothing put into publication by the Stalinists can be trusted.  Fact.   

Remember when the Left mocked hard right evangelicals for claiming natural disaster being the judgement(s) of God?

For twenty /thirty years,  we heard the mocking tone of the Stalinists as they made fun of people of faith,  in general,  and hard right evangelicals in particular,  as some voiced opinions that put the judgement of God at the center  of environmental disasters.  

And why this evangelical opinion?  Because they believed their cause (the evangelicals) was so righteous that God MUST have intervened via disaster.  

Turns out,  we have all lived long enough to see a 180 degree reversal.  But,  their "god" is nature, and her judgements are imposed because of political (not moral) decisions !!  Texas voted for Trump, therefore,  Texas deserves the full force of Harvey.  (see this tweet). 

Fake News story #387- James Mattis tells the troops that their president is failing them. (This was not even a good lie)


“You’re a great example of our country right now.  Our country, right now, it’s got problems that we don’t have in the military. You just hold the line until our country gets back to understanding and respecting each other and showing it.”

Anyone think the short version of Mattis comment,  above is, "The President is failing you?"  

Good grief.   

Update:   From Breitbart:

Pentagon officials say Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was not rebuking President Trump when he told troops last week during a visit to the Middle East to “hold the line,” but was referring to the need for civility in the U.S. — something he’s done multiple times in the past.

“The secretary’s remarks echoed the president’s remarks at Ft. Myers. The secretary has spoken about the need for civility in his Face the Nation interview, West Point, and a tribute to John Glenn,” said Pentagon Chief Spokesperson Dana White in an email to Breitbart News.
And Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Rob Manning told reporters on Monday: “When he referred to holding the line, what I interpreted from that was he was speaking to the stability that U.S. armed forces provides our nation.”  

Note to readership:  I have decided not to post,  today.  There simply is no story as big or as critical as what is going on in the Gulf.  Already an all-time record 50 inches of rain,  if the levee's start breaking or the dames cannot store any more rain,  this thing is going to get far far worse.  16% of the nation's oil/gas supply has been cut off.  The Addicks Reservoir,  created by the construction of a 61,000 foot earthen dam,  is beginning to overflow.  More than 3,000 homes lay immediately down stream.  A second reservoir,  the Barker Reservoir,  has reached capacity,  today,  as well.  

God bless this country and the Gulf region.  

Isn't it always about money with this family. What a pathetic American politician. Rides her husbands coattails and loses two elections.

Hillary Clinton will be back in the spotlight this fall for an unprecedented, big-ticket, 15 city,  book tour for her new tome What Happened, with tickets priced as high as $1,200.


Jim Brown lays down the law for those Browns players who knelt instead of standing for the Anthem. 'Bout time someone stood up for America.

Every Browns Player Stands for the Anthem After Jim Brown Lays Down the Law


Fake News - a collection. In today's news, CNN alone posts seven pathetic "news" stories:

I call all this "fake news." 


CNN Obsessed With Donald Trump’s Fitness [VIDEO]

Donny Deutsch: Trump Could Be A Sociopath [VIDEO]

Donny Deutsch Blames Trump For ESPN Fiasco [VIDEO]

Ana Navarro Melts Down When GOP Rep Calls Her Liberal [VIDEO]

CNN Congratulates Itself For Hurricane Harvey Rescues [VIDEO]

 (VIDEO: Don Lemon Calls Trump ‘Unhinged’ In Wild Rant After Arizona Rally)

(VIDEO: Stelter: ‘I Feel Uncomfortable’ Questioning Trump’s Fitness)




With Dem Mendez on trial for embezzelment (14 counts), this news may be very important going forward with tax reform.

Democrat Tim Ryan Amenable To GOP-Style Tax Reform [VIDEO]

11:02 AM 08/24/2017
Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan revealed Thursday that he supports lowering the corporate tax rate and simplifying the tax code, two core components of GOP tax reform.

We can't impeach Trump for acting as crazy now as he did during the campaign. So says a Democrat Senator.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy asserted Monday that Trump cannot be impeached for fulfilling his campaign promises.
During an interview with WFSB, Murphy responded to claims from fellow Democratic lawmakers and pundits that Trump is mentally unfit for office.

“I don’t see President Trump acting any differently as president than he did during the campaign,” Murphy said. “His speeches as a president for these rallies are just as bizarre as they were as a candidate, so I haven’t really seen any change in behavior.”

Source:  Daily Caller. 

Fake News story ##241 - Oh No !!! Trump's lawyers were helping run his businesses during the 2016 campign.

Natasha Bertrand / Business Insider:
Trump's personal lawyer emailed Putin's spokesman for help on a business deal during the election  

This is "fake news" because it is soooo trivial. 'Nuff said. 

Once again, the Steele Dossier that started this nonsense about Trump being a Russian agent, has been debunked. First by the FBI and now . . . . . .

Fox News:   The Russian attorney who met with Donald Trump Jr. in a highly scrutinized meeting last summer sought to distance herself Friday from the infamous anti-Trump dossier, following testimony from a Senate witness that she worked with the firm behind that document on a separate project.     

Natalia Veselnitskaya slammed the dossier as “cheap gossip,” in an email sent in Russian to Fox News. Her translator sent an English version of the original message, which was reviewed and verified by Fox News. 

“When I read some parts of this ‘dossier’ in the media I laughed,” Veselnitskaya said. “What kind of idiots does one have to take Americans for to think that they can believe that stupid and incompetent [and] absurd [dossier]?”

The same email, in a confusing passage, also seemed to both defend and question the co-founder of the firm behind the document.

Barack wanted a private civilian security force becaue he "didn't trust the US military."

Barack wanted a private civilian security force because he "didn't trust the US military."  I mean,  why give local police forces an advantage over Antifa and BLM ??  You can't have an in-the-streets rebellion if the police can shut you down,  right?

Trump is about to issue an Executive Order to reconstitute the DOD's program 1033  (established in 1992),  which sends unused military equipment and supplies to local law enforcement,   a program that was placed on hold by Barack Obama.  

Executive Order Wording: 
"The gear recycled through the Department of Defenses's 1033 program includes everything from ammunition and vehicles to office supplies  . . .  Under that program,  assets that would otherwise be scrapped can be repurposed to help state, local,  and tribal law enforcement better protect public safety and reduce crime. " 

Even the Wa/Post knows who the violent types really are:

Kyle Swenson / Washington Post:
Black-clad antifa attack peaceful right wing demonstrators in Berkeley  —  Their faces hidden behind black bandannas and hoodies, about a 100 anarchists and antifa — “anti-fascist” — barreled into a protest Sunday afternoon in Berkeley's Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park.
Editor:  Antifa and BLM are the armies of the Obama uprising.  In the beginning of his administration, Barack talk about doubling the size of the Peace Corp,  arguing that this country needed a national security force larger than the military and just as well funded.  

While his pundits argue that this referred [only] to the Peace Corp,  the fact that he made no effort to increase the size of the Corp is evidence that he had something else in mind.  It started with ACORN,  and has devolved into Antifa and the BLM.  Understand that [only] these "civilian security forces" have grown while the Peace Corp is 7,000 strong, today,  versus 8,000 in 2008. 

Trump Schedule || Monday, August 28, 2017

Trump Schedule || Monday, August 28, 2017

10:30 am || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
11:30 am || Receives a national security briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
3:15 pm || Meets with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland
4:20 pm || Holds a press conference with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland; East Room

Note from the editor:  I would think that after all the negative talk about Tillerson's disagreement with the way the President handle Charlottesville,  this lunch meeting is most significant.  As I see it,  the two men can disagree without acting like impetuous children.  

Fake News story: #387: They are still hung up with this Russian fantasy . . . . and they think this qualifies them to govern?

Trump's decision to pardon Joe Arpaio could be a crucial piece of evidence in the Russia investigation   -  per AOL report.  

Notes:  The argument being that Trump's pardon of Arpaio establishes a pattern for obstruction of justice.  Problem:  His pardon was perfectly legal and cannot be considered "obstruction of justice"  by anyone who is not OC-DC . 

The Stalinists create their own polls and then post them as "news."

From the LA Times:  resident Trump’s poll numbers are bad and getting worse. He began his presidency on shaky ground; on Inauguration Day, only about 45% of Americans said they approved of the job he was doing. Since then, it’s been a bumpy ride downhill. Last week, the Gallup Poll reported that Trump’s job approval had sagged to a low of 34%.
Other surveys’ findings are slightly less dire, but all show the same downward trend. No president has fallen so low in public esteem so early in his tenure in the history of modern polling.

Notes:  The Stalinists create their own polls and then post them as "news."  Never mind that they were ALL wrong two weeks out from the 2016 election.  Never mind that no one can show a connection to these failing polls to election results.   Never mind the 5 or 6 special elections,  all won by the GOP.  Never mind that no other president in our history has been targeted by so many for so long.  

Paul Ryan goes out of his way to oppose President Trump. Why? He wants you to know that he is a Never Trumper.

AOL;  President Donald Trump should not have pardoned a former Arizona sheriff who was convicted of criminal contempt in a case of racial profiling, the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, said on Saturday.

Trump announced on Friday he was pardoning Joe Arpaio, an anti-immigration hardliner found guilty last month for flouting a 2011 court order that barred officers from detaining Latino motorists solely on the suspicion they were illegal immigrants.

"Law-enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon," Ryan said in a statement.

Editor's notes:  Never mind that this was a misdemeanor conviction.  The fact is this:  Arpaio's deputies actually stopped people for other reasons.  When asked for their papers,  the illegal non-citizen types, were arrested and given a court date.  There was no profiling.  The no-borders judge did not agree.  

Ryan should know that a bogus,  partisan,  legal opinion does not change the fact that the sheriff was acting within the law.  

Understand that Arpiao had been challenged by the legal system on a number of occasions over the years.  In every case,  he was proven to be within the law.  On this final occasion,  his officers,  acting exactly as they had done before,  lost the argument in court   . . . . .   proving,  of course, the partisan nature of this "conviction."  

Ryan should keep his mouth shut when he does not know what he is talking about.  This is the same Paul Ryan who very recently defended Antifa as a peace keeping assembly of concerned citizens.  Time for Ryan to be forced out of Congress.   Maybe he is a globalist,  after all,  and in the same vein as Hillary or Barack Obama.  

Daily Kos, another far Left publication run by the mentally ill, thinks Harvey is racist. Good grief.

The end of "reality denial" and the transgender in the military, at least for now.

Washington Times:   President Trump signed a presidential memo Friday night ordering the Defense Department to stop accepting transgender people for military service.
The memo outlines Mr. Trump’s announcement on Twitter last month that he would impose a ban on transgender people serving in the U.S. military, and officially requests the Pentagon to begin carrying out the ban.
“In my judgment, the previous administration failed to identify a sufficient basis to conclude that terminating the Departments’ longstanding policy and practice would not hinder military effectiveness and lethality, disrupt unit cohesion, or tax military resources,” Mr. Trump wrote, “and there remain meaningful concerns that further study is needed to ensure that continued implementation of last year’s policy change would not have those negative effects.”
It instructs Defense Secretary James Mattis to examine how to handle transgender people who are currently serving in the armed forces, believed to number more than 2,000.

Harvey's predictable path of destruction

The Morons have taken over the Democrat Party. Forget about "globalism." Think Dummkauf.

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter believes President Trump is “literally” trying to “kill our communities” on a scale comparable to Adolf Hitler.

Note: Surprising,  many blacks in the Democrat Party believe her line of crap ~ editor. 

“We wouldn’t as a movement take a seat at the table with Trump because we wouldn’t have done that with Hitler. Trump is literally the epitome of evil, all the evils of this country, be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia and he has set out the most dangerous policies not just that impacts this country but that impacts the globe,” Patrisse Cullors, one of BLM’s three co-founders, told the Los Angeles Times in a Friday interview.

“And so for us, the answer is not to sit with Trump but to resist him and to resist every single policy that he’s implemented that impacts our communities.” 

Text by The Daily Caller, here. 

Kasich and Hickenlooper are thinking about making fools of themselves in 2020.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican, and John Hickenlooper, the Democratic governor of Colorado, are said to be “gaining momentum toward a possible joint independent bid for president in 2020,” according to the far far Left publication,   Axios.

Editor's notes:  Running as "independents???"  Obviously this is not a serious bid for the presidency.  Rather,  just another phony effort at taking votes away from Trump in his 2020 bid for re-election.  Don't you know that the people voting for these two dreamers,  will not be Trump voters,  anyway.  Kind of silly   . . . .   and their campaign speeches will be real sleepers.  

NY Times brands Venice Italy mayor as "right wing." The good news is this: Scream Allahu Akhbar in a public squire and Venice police will kill you. Cool . . . . from a right wing editor,.

NY Times reports:   The right-wing mayor of Venice has courted controversy by claiming anyone who yells “Allahu Akhbar” in the city’s St Mark’s Square will be shot.
Speaking at a conference, Luigi Brugnaro said Venice was safer than Barcelona, where 13 people were killed this month when terrorists drove a van down Las Ramblas.
“In contrast with Barcelona, where they had not set up protection, we keep our guard up,” he said. “If anyone runs into St Mark’s Square shouting ‘Allahu Akhbar’, we will take him down. A year ago I said after four steps, now after three. I will say it in Venetian: ‘Ghe Sparemo’ (We will shoot him).”
Mr Brugnaro proudly recalled the arrest in Venice in March of four suspected Kosovan jihadists . . . . .  

Go ahead and tell me this isn't happening, today, in our streets,

Special note:  Here is as concise a statement as to what Barack Obama has done and is doing to this country. 
May of 2008  MICHELLE OBAMA described the mission  of her and her renegade husband: "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."
I reject him and all that he stands for,  not because he is black, but because he does not believe in America as it was created  . . . . . .  true back during his reign of tyranny,  true today as he works behind the scenes,  out of his office/home in DC, to plan and push forward his own personal rebellion.  
We can only hope that the nation's police force(s) keeps these ignorant rebels and killers in check until the rebellion fades away for lack of an substantial success.  So far,  so good.  

The next time Paul Ryan defends Antifa, maybe he should read this:

No word in the following reference about Obama being at the center of the cop killers in BLM or the newly formed hate group,  Antifa,  but,  if you are a student of Rule for Radicals as is Obama,  you know that he is the director of this in-the-street revolution.  It is his dream come true.  His Secret Service code name,  one the Barack chose for himself,  is Renegade and for good reason  ~ editor

Armed Antifa Group Calls For Revolution, Seizing Property, And Violence Against Police.  Blame this on Barack Obama.  This was his plan all along. 

An armed Antifa group is launching a new cell in Philadelphia, with support from the “alt-left” alternative media.
The group currently hosts anti-police workshops called “Our Enemies in Blue.” The group draws inspiration from convicted murderers and calls for violence against the police, theft of goods, and armed insurrection.

Antifa websites like It’s Going Down, Sub.Media and Insurrection News have been promoting the group, which calls itself the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, calling on their readers to donate to a Fundrazr account for the creation of the new cell.
The press release the group published in far-left media is filled with hyperbolic claims about how “mosques are being ruthlessly bombed” and how “LGBTQ are being battered.”

“The destruction of black life continues unabated as millions languish in the plantations of the modern day slave system,” the group states.

Trump may end DACA after all. He is close to making a final decision. We wouldn't have DACA if Obama had acted within existing law.

President Trump is seriously considering ending DACA, the Obama-era policy that shields some illegal immigrants from deportation, before conservative state attorneys general file a court challenge to the program.
Sources familiar with the deliberations tell Axios, here,  that Trump has made no final decision, and the White House continues to receive advice from the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Jeff Sessions strongly believes Trump should end DACA; DHS, however, has a more nuanced position, and Trump himself has said he's sympathetic to the children helped by the program.

What is DACA? Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — a program Obama introduced that shields illegal immigrants from deportation and temporarily gives them permits to work and study in the U.S., so long as they arrived as children.
Why this matters: If Trump rescinds the program, it will affect a huge number of people. At least 750,000 people currently have DACA status. Despite promising on the campaign trail to immediately rescind DACA, Trump has wavered since taking office, saying he feels for these children who were brought to the country through no fault of their own. The Trump administration has continued to issue new permits under the program, and with its future unclear, many families are confused and anxious about their futures.
What the administration believes: The Trump administration doesn't believe it has the legal authority to maintain the current program; and DHS has made clear that if Congress wants to keep the principles of DACA in place, it would need to introduce legislation to do so.

Is Trump keeping or trying to keep his campaign promises? Of course he is and America agrees:

A George Washington University battleground poll found that 51 percent of voters agreed with the statement “Donald Trump had been keeping his campaign promises” with 44 percent disagreeing.

Sarah Palin is holding her own in her libel suit aganst the NY Times

NY Times:   Is the New York Times botching its legal defense against Sarah Palin’s libel claim? In June the Times published an editorial containing fake news about the former Alaska governor and GOP vice-presidential candidate. Now the newspaper is seeking to have her lawsuit dismissed. But Mrs. Palin’s legal team says that Times lawyers are demanding a legal standard that would effectively make it impossible for any public official to win a libel case.

In the June editorial, which followed the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others, the Times recycled a bogus claim that Mrs. Palin had incited Jared Lee Loughner to shoot Rep. Gabby Giffords in 2011. The false allegation hinged on the publication of a map 

 The day after the editorial first appeared online in June, the Times posted a correction saying that it had “incorrectly stated that a link existed between political rhetoric and the 2011 shooting of Representative Gabby Giffords. In fact, no such link was established.” 

Editor's notes:  In other words,  the Times debunked its own story original story (2011),  claiming that a Palin campaign map was linked the Gabby Gifford shooting,  then,  in June of this year,  restated the debunked claim.  

The June story was "corrected" by the Failing Times,  but too late to avoid the libel suit Palin would bring against the commies at the Grey Lady.  

Madyson Rose Update: Today is her birthday. Her birthday present? She just broke 10,000 pageviews

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That the White House is in turmoil? Well, that is changing and the following helps to explain why:

The Stalinist in our media have lost one of their tiresome arguments:  That the White House is in turmoil. Well,  that is changing and the following helps to explain why:  

If you are a frustrated Trumpster, like I am, here is some good news:
First, for your own peace of mind, you all need to accept this reality: We have an emotional sophomore in our White House with terrible speech habits but a genius mind for political strategies and making speech. This duplicitous reality is something most of us are not used to, unless your dad or granddad happens to be me.

Trump has named General John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. I know you all know this, but maybe not this: John Kelly was the general of the entire Southern Command under Barack Obama, an absolute dufus when it came to waging or managing war. Kelly took orders from Barack. Don't you know there were times he was given an order, followed by a brisk walk back to his office, at which time he slammed the door closed and shouted "X@##@, *" . . . . . . right? My point is this: Kelly is used to dealing with civilians telling him what to do. He deals with it and gets the job done. That is his track record.

I do not believe the General will leave his post in frustration.
And look at what has happened. Bannon is gone (because of Kelly), and, the leaks from the WH have all but stopped. Trump still tweets, but, Shirley-don't-you-know, Kelly had to know the boss was going to continue with the tweets . . . . . it is what Trump does for fun. But did Trump name names in that Phoenix speech? Nope. Trump got as close to violating that restriction as he could, like a sophomore might do, but did not name names . . . . . and the press did not have a fit. Apparently, if you don't name names, you can get away with your comments.

One final point: The fact that Trump went from Reince Priebus to Sean Spicer, to Scaramuccie to General Kelly . . . . each man a stronger personality type than his predecessor. Why didn't Trump say, "Screw it, I don't need a Chief of Staff or communications director?" Why? I say, Trump realized that he needs help so he replaces one strong man with another stronger man until he gets to a General who is used to taking orders from a civilian, and - still - getting the job done. Hats off to Trump for not running away from his reality. Talk about genius . . . . the decision to enlist Kelly is just that. I am keeping my fingers crossed . . . . . all two of them on my right hand.

The Stalinist in our media have lost one of their tiresome arguments: That the White House is in constant turmoil.

If you are a frustrated Trumpster, as I am, here is some good news:

First, for your own peace of mind, you all need to accept this reality: We have an emotional sophomore in our White House with terrible speech habits but a genius mind for political strategies and making speech. This duplicitous reality is something most of us are not used to, unless your dad or granddad happens to be me.

Trump has named General John Kelly as his Chief of Staff. I know you all know this, but maybe not this: John Kelly was the general of the entire Southern Command under Barack Obama, an absolute dufus when it came to waging or managing war. Kelly took orders from Barack. Don't you know there were times he was given an order, followed by a brisk walk back to his office, at which time he slammed the door closed and shouted "X@##@, *" . . . . . . right? My point is this: Kelly is used to dealing with civilians telling him what to do. He deals with it and gets the job done. That is his track record.

I do not believe the General will leave his post in frustration.

And look at what has happened. Bannon is gone (because of Kelly), and, the leaks from the WH have all but stopped. Trump still tweets, but, Shirley-don't-you-know, Kelly had to know the boss was going to continue with the tweets . . . . . it is what Trump does for fun. But did Trump name names in that Phoenix speech? Nope. Trump got as close to violating that restriction as he could, like a sophomore might do, but did not name names . . . . . and the press did not have a fit. Apparently, if you don't name names, you can get away with your comments.

One final point: The fact that Trump went from Reince Priebus to Sean Spicer, to Scaramuccie to General Kelly . . . . each man a stronger personality type than his predecessor. Why didn't Trump say, "Screw it, I don't need a Chief of Staff or communications director?" Why? I say, Trump realized that he needs help so he replaces one strong man with another stronger man until he gets to a General who is used to taking orders from a civilian, and - still - getting the job done. Hats off to Trump for not running away from his reality. Talk about genius . . . . the decision to enlist Kelly is just that. I am keeping my fingers crossed . . . . . all two of them on my right hand.

Have you noticed that the leaks have stopped. And, the path to the president's ear now has some serious controls placed on it.

Apparently anybody and everybody had a shot at influencing the President with their own brand of "the facts."  Not any more.  All materials crossing the President's desk must be vetted by General Kelly.  This change follows the pattern of previous Administrations.  It is not something original with the General  ~  editor.  

“Kelly moves to control the information Trump sees,” by Eliana Johnson and Nancy Cook: “Confronted with a West Wing that treated policy making as a free-for-all, President Donald Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly is instituting a system used by previous administrations to limit internal competition —and to make himself the last word on the material that crosses the president’s desk. ... In a conference call last week, Kelly initiated a new policy making process in which just he and one other aide — White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a little-known but highly regarded Rhodes Scholar who overlapped with Jared Kushner as an undergraduate at Harvard — will review all documents that cross the Resolute Desk.

“The new system, laid out in two memos co-authored by Kelly and Porter and distributed to cabinet members and White House staffers in recent days, is designed to ensure that the president won’t see any external policy documents, internal policy memos, agency reports, and even news articles that haven’t been vetted. Kelly’s deputy, Kristjen Nielson, is also expected to assume an integral role.”

This report was filed by Politico,  here.  

By omitting three names in his Phoenix speech, Trumnp silienced the Disabled Media. Salute !!!!

Kaitlan Collins White House has paperwork ready for Joe Arpaio pardon  —  STORY HIGHLIGHTS  —  Washington (CNN)The White House has prepared the paperwork for President Trump to pardon former sheriff Joe Arpaio when he makes the final decision to do so, CNN has learned

Editor:  Just to be clear,  Arpaio's six month sentence has not yet begun.  If,  or when,  that happens,  most believe the Prez will give Arpaio a pardon  (as opposed to commuting his sentence). 

Clearly,  General Kelly had convinced the President NOT to announce the pardon in his Phoenix speech.  Trump got as close to violating that "rule,"  without naming names or revealing details.  Everyone knew who he was talking about,  but the next day,  the Tiresome Media did not pitch a fit and go into a two day rant about the pardon.  Simply leaving out the name served the President well.  Diddo for the criticism of McCain and that other Flake.  He "got on their case" to be sure,  but,  without naming names and the next day,  almost no rant in the Mentally Disabled Media.  

Hats off to the General and our Commander.  


Remember the Globalist Media assuming that Trump's generals had refused to allow for the transgender ban?

Here is how executive orders work:  The Prez writes the order,  and the various departments figure out how to make the order comply.  The Pentagon did not refuse Trump's ban on transgendered soldiers.  They accepted the order,  and developed a plan for its implementation.   The following headline and lede story,  gives you all the details you need to know   . . . . . .   and "yes," the military still takes its orders from the Commander quite seriously  ~  editor.

From the WSJ:  

White House Sets Rules for Military Transgender Ban

Guidelines expected to direct Pentagon to stop admitting transgender people, gives Mattis power to remove those serving

By the way, there is nothing scientic about "the polls."

When polling gives an opponent a favorable position,  the Globalist Media (for example) runs that poll until the next poll is released.  In such cases,  polls are used as propaganda  in addition to raising money for the "winning" side. 

The Left believes that "consensus" establishes "fact," thus poll after poll after poll.  Consensus ("97% of all scientists") is used to established the "fact" that man can stop global warming.  Of course,  there is zero evidence for this,  but the Globalists use "consensus" to establish this "fact,"  and raise/redistribute money using this bit of faux logic.  Never mind that all scientists believed the earth was flat,  at one time,  or that Pluto was a planet, or that eating more than two eggs a week would kill you, or that men can become women, or that Hillary would be our next president.  

But more than the notion that man can accurately predict the future,  we have the polling nonsense that polls often include "an error co-efficient of plus or minu3 or,   plus or minus 4.2."   Nobody knows what that "fact" means outside of the effort to quantify the accuracy of the poll.  Think about that for just a minute.  "They" want you to believe that "accuracy" can be measured.   The poll in question,  is to be  "97% accurate,"  that is what "plus or minus 3 points" means.  I maintain that a poll is not "accurate" if there is a 3% chance that it is wrong.   Look,  there is a difference between being "accurate" and "being accurate most of the time."  Put a single bullet in a revolver,  point at your head,  and pull the trigger.  "Most of the time,"  no problem. 

And,  the notion of "plus or minus" is bogus to begin with.  The number is wholly arbitrary and useless for that reason.  It is a made-up number.  

Finally,  in political polls (at least), the criteria used for the survey can be used to manipulate the outcome.  For example,  most Globalist polling results will weight the survey in favor of a particular side.  Most often,  we find that Globalist or partisan polling will ask more Democrats for their opinion versus Republicans or Independents.  Gallup often asks 23% more Democrats for their political opinion versus Republicans.  Such a poll only works if 23% more Democrats vote than Republicans.  But never mind that bit of logic,  these clowns use such polls to tell us what the nation believes, and,  in that pretense,  they suppress the voter turnout of the losing side.  I mean,  who will go to the polls if their side is "losing" by 21 points, as was the case in the Clinton/Bob Dole election (per NBC news),  the eve of election day.  Dole actually lost by 7 points.  

Understand that these "scientific polls,"  in the final analysis,  are never right.  While an outcome may have been predicted,  the margin of victory is almost never correct.       

'Nuff said (as I reach for another cup of coffee,  laughing at that last thought). 

Like I keep saying, "Polls have little to do with actual election results." Here is a perfect example of "dualing polls."

Tom Jensen / Public Policy Polling:
Trump Holds Steady After Charlottesville; Supporters Think Whites, Christians Face Discrimination  —  PPP's newest national poll finds that Donald Trump's approval rating is pretty steady in the wake of the Charlottesville attack, probably because his supporters think that whites and Christians … 

Steven Shepard / Politico: Poll: Trump hits new low after Charlottesville  —  President Donald Trump's approval rating has hit a new low following a week in which a majority of voters believe he did more to divide the country than unite it, a new POLITICO/Morning

Trump dealt with two issues, last night, and did so in typical Trumpian fashion.

The first criticism I heard following his Phoenix speech was this:  
"He is re-litigating his original statement on the Charloteesville riots."  

Indeed !!  And why?  Because the Left Wing Media thinks it's objection(s) to the President's original statement allowed for the continuance of the White Supremacist movement, and proved him to be a racists.  Shep Smith at Fox is taking this position along with his buds at CNN and MSNBC, not to forget many in GOP leadership.  

The president does not want this Stalinist explanation to be the "official" summary of his statement,  and we agree.  So he is fighting back,  He made it clear,  last night in Phoenix.  He was right and righteous in his comments.  Had they been stated by Obama,  nobody,  and I mean nobody,  would have challenged what was said.  

Secondly,  the President dealt with the matter of his agenda,  and whether or not that campaign agenda is gone.  The answer,  in clear and concise terms,  is No.  To the point that the Wall will be funded to some extent,  or he will refuse to sign any legislation funding the federal government.  

CNN uses "white supremacist" as cover for banning all conservative groups doing business in "the land of the brave and home of the free (?)"

PayPal is quietly cracking down on white-supremacist accounts - Aug ...

7 days ago - PayPal has blocked payments to several white supremacists ... "If we become aware of a website or organization using our services ... despite PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy, which bans the promotion of hate, violence and racial intolerance. ... Evropa, Radical Agenda and the Revolutionary Conservative.

Editor's notes:  Sounds reasonable?  PayPal setting itself up to police the nation's speech?  Problem: Given enough time, this is only a cover for banning all conservative speech.  

Don';t believe me?  Think about this:  the above headline was published by CNN  (who else) seven days ago.  Nine hours ago,  
we have this headline and it is a slap in the face to all true globalists: 

 PayPal Reinstates Conservative Sites | The Daily Caller
9 hours ago - PayPal reinstated the accounts of two conservative websites it banned after receiving blowback over their decision. PayPal notified Jihad ...

And there you it,  PayPal caught trying to determine what you,  as a citizen of this nation, will be allowed to read and view.  

Point of post:  Never deny the fact that the Democrat Party is aggressively pursuing it's opposition to free speech.  It is no longer a political party that holds up our Constitution as the legal standard for this country,  period.  PayPal has the approval of party leadership,  but not the American people.  And the Daily Caller headline proves my point.  PayPal has backed down.  Just know this:  PayPal business executives have not changed their minds.  They will try this again and again and again,  until their unAmerican action survives.  

Trumps plan in Afghanistan? To quote reagan, "We win, they lose."

This - Pelosi's objection to the troop increase in Afghanistan -  is exactly why the Democrats should never pretend to understand "war."  You don't tell the enemy how many troops you are sending to kill them,  where they will be deplored,  and, how long they will be there.  Eight stinking years of Barack proves my point beyond debated.  He couldn't win a war if it was being fought by untrained and undisciplined bedouins,  and they are,  and he didn't.  

The Hill:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other top Democrats hit President Trump on Monday for failing to offer much detail during his anticipated speech laying out the strategic future for the 16-year-old war in Afghanistan.
“Tonight, the President said he knew what he was getting into and had a plan to go forward,” Pelosi said in a statement Monday. “Clearly, he did not. The President’s announcement is low on details but raises serious questions.”

Creating a stable environment within Afghanistan is an entirely doable possibility.

Latest military/Afghan estimates give us statistics that make success in Afghanistan a serious possibility.  
While the Afghan government only controls 60% of the nation,  the Taliban has a serious controlling presence in just 10% of the nation.  The remaining 30% is controlled by a number of very aggressive "tribes,"  tribes who do not fear the Taliban and can be as vicious as the terrorist.  As a result,  the Taliban has no desire to include Afghan tribes in their conflict. The fight is about that 60%.

Strategists believe that if the government can control closer to 70% of the country including the larger metropolitan areas,  and can defend that status,  the US mission, creating a stable Afghan environment, is more than possible and could be deemed "successful" by these statistical standards.  

Anything that comes from CNN is probably so much barnyard.

AOL:   A former spokesperson for Breitbart has warned that the conservative media outlet could try and help get President Trump impeached if he stops supporting their issues. 

Kurt Bardella said on CNN Monday, “Breitbart is going to go fully aggressive at the agenda that they advocated for. Trump was just a vehicle for them to try to prop up that agenda, but they will not hesitate if Trump deviates at all from any of the rhetoric that he said over the campaign. They’re gonna go full tilt.” 

Editor's notes:  So this Kurt Bardella is such a stanch conservative that he runs to CNN with his news alerts and threats ?? !!   Understand that Breitbart played a role in Trump's election,  but Trump made Trump's campaign work,  not Breitbart.   

Well, they are not going to get him with this Russian Spy thing. So they have moved on to . . . . .

Anyone notice the change?  Months and months were wasted on this Russian Agent nonsense.  No evidence,  "not a smidgen" as Barack would say. 

So now,  they are going to try using the 25th Amendment (mental illness) and if that doesn't work, their next trump card is "racisim."  

In the end,  the only "trump card" the Mental Class has working for them,  is the re-election cycle (2020).  And if the nation's economy is booming,  the Dems will not win that election.  

Antifa is a domestic terror organization bent on revolution the Obama way.

Understand that "antifa" is short for "anti-fascism." Since fascism as historically defined is not a serious movement within the United States,  only a vacant charge against anyone and everyone on the Right,  its usage in the Stalinist Media is based on a collection of lies.  The worst of the antifa lies is this notion that antifa can bring peace through violence.  Its base population are the cop killers and wannabee asinines  known as Black Lives Matters.

Congress has refused to allocate money for the new border hires, but that has not stopped Trump

Editor's notes:  In the end,  this is not about a broken campaign promise,  but about a Congress that can't get anything done (actually,  it is a Senate problem).  Still,  like the closer he is,  millions and millions have been saved in border patrol costs,  because of Trump and his policies.  Leadership does not cooperate, so,  Trump takes a different route to get things done. 

PAPER: In January, Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened...    Seven months later, construction of the wall has yet to begin, the number of Border Patrol officers has actually dropped by 220, and immigration agents are on track to deport 10,000 fewer people this year than in President Obama’s last year in office, the latest figures show.
To be sure, part of Trump’s crackdown is showing dramatic results. Illegal border crossings are down 22% compared with last summer. Arrests of people in the country illegally have surged 43% since January, including longtime residents who bought homes, paid taxes and raised families here.
The sharpest increase in arrests was of undocumented migrants without criminal convictions – 24,189 under Trump, nearly three times as many as Obama in the first seven months of last year.

Is this the second or third time one of our war ships have run into another boat. Too much happy weed ??? Updated

USS John S. McCain collides with merchant ship near Strait of Malacca...

Update: 10 sailors are missing

The guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain was involved in a collision with the merchant vessel Alnic MC while underway east of Singapore and the Strait of Malacca, according to officials with U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs.
There are ten sailors missing and five injured, officials say.
The collision was reported at 6:24 a.m. Japan Standard Time, while the ship was transiting to a routine port visit in Singapore.
The ship is currently sailing under its own power and heading to port.
Initial reports indicate John S. McCain sustained damage to her port side aft. The extent of damage and personnel injuries is being determined.
Search and rescue efforts are underway in coordination with local authorities. In addition to tug boats out of Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Navy ship RSS Gallant (97), RSN helicopters and Police Coast Guard vessel Basking Shark (55) are currently in the area to render assistance, according to the U.S. 7th Fleet Public Affairs.
An Emergency Family Assistance Center has been established for family members. The phone numbers are (315) 243-1728 for on base and 011-81-46-816-1728 for international calls.