According the genius New York Times, the GOP is weak with minorities because of Trump (?).

Jeremy W. Peters / New York Times:
As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears Its Future in the West  —  PHOENIX — Republicans in Western states fear that Donald J. Trump could imperil their party for years to come in the country's fastest-growing region as he repels a generation of Hispanics, Asians and younger voters who have been altering the electoral map.
Editor's notes:  As a reminder, The GOP had good numbers with Hispanics under Bush 43.  Why?  Because he supported "sanctuary cities," high risk mortgages to low income minorities, and,  did nothing to solve the border patrol issues.  Outside of that bit of history,  there is no historic evidence that the GOP is or was making significant advances within the minority communities.  Trump is doing nothing to alienate that voting block(s).  
Certainly,  the beginning of his campaign was thoughtless,  but he is not a politician.  He really never thought any more about his opinions than the rest of us (on both sides of the aisle) until he decided to run for the presidency.   Over the past several months,  his views have been modified and, even, changed.   

Understand that for every example of thoughtless rhetoric on Trump's part,  I can quote 10 examples from the Progressive/Democrat side of the aisle.  So stop with the nonsense that he is anymore the "bad guy" than Hillary and Bill.