Biden thinks we all have forgotten the lies told us about ObamaCare . . . . and I do mean intentional lies.

Matthew Choi / Politico: Biden: Republicans are either liars or ‘really stupid’ for claims about pre-existing conditions

Black approval of Trump is now at 40% . Here is how that poll breaks down:

Just as important as the black vote demographic,  is the white vote:  53% approve, 47% disapprove.

I have charged that the Left is comng to the point of actually hating the white man. Here is evidence that leads me to that conclusion (video)

An open letter to a Democrat friend

Larry, millions on the Left hate white guys, i.e. Activist Blacks, Louis Farrakhan and his Democrat voting Nation of Islam, Alvin Sharpton, and his BLM.; All those universities drafting courses on dealing with "white privilege," the condemnation of the Constitution as a "white man's document." While many whites "have it made," there are more whites in poverty and on food stamps than the other ethnic groups . . . so much for "white privilege" and having it made. "White privilege" didn't give me crap that I didn't have to work for --- correct me if you think I am wrong. Taught myself carpentry, cabinet construction and installation, couldn't find a job after Carter so I created my own business. Rebuilt my '56 Ford stepside with no mechanic background . . . did it on my own with no help from family or friends. And it ran when I was finished. Painted my '55 Chevy with no background for that, as well. My point? There is a difference between being self taught and this so-called "white privilege" White Privilege is a fantasy of the Left if you weren't born rich. Sorry, but what - specifically - gives me an advantage over a hard working Asian, a hard working Hispanic or a hard working Black? As I see it, "white privilege" is little more than an excuse for failure. Let's agree to agree on this one because me being wrong is just not in the cards, on this.

This is what the Progressive Dems call "progress," our children being taught about sex from athiests and pervs.

Megyn Kelly versus NBC News . . . . and they are scared stiff.

EXCLUSIVE - ‘It’s all out war’: Megyn Kelly is looking to get a multi-million-dollar fee PLUS her $69M contract in exit talks claiming NBC 'destroyed her career' - and is threatening to expose execs

  • Megyn Kelly and NBC are still in exit negotiations and multiple sources close to both sides claim Kelly is looking for millions on top of her $69M contract payout
  • 'She wants more money on top as compensation for what she believes is NBC’s attempt ... to end her career,' said an insider close to the deal
  • An NBC source with knowledge of the situation said that Kelly is also refusing to sign an NDA unless she gets additional money from the network 
  • 'Megyn is happy to honor an NDA, if NBC is willing to honor one as well,' said a source close to Kelly in response to that
  • ‘She wants to tear the place down ... and her team is telling everyone that she won’t be happy unless others are out with her,’ said an NBC exec
  • An NBC insider called this all a 'pathetic attempt to distract from her blackface comment and gain negotiating leverage'

Megayn Kelly versus NBC News and she is pissed!!!

Megyn Kelly has adopted a scorched earth policy in her exit with NBC multiple sources tell
The embattled host is now after additional money on top of her contract payout sources close to both Kelly and the network tell, and threatening to expose executives and on-air talent to help her achieve her goals.
’It’s all out war in negotiations between Megyn and NBC,’ said one source close to Kelly. 
‘She doesn’t just want the remainder of her $69 million contract, she wants more money on top as compensation for what she believes is NBC’s attempt to not just have her off the air but to end her career.’
An NBC source with knowledge of the situation said that Kelly is also refusing to sign an NDA unless she gets that additional money from the network, although a source close to Kelly claims it is not money that is the issue.

Hillary proves her racist tendencies with this comment. No wonder blacks are leaving the Democrat Party.

Hillary Clinton jokes that all blacks 'look alike' after interviewer confuses Eric Holder with Cory Booker

You all know that if Trump had joked in this way,  we would be talking about it right up to election day.  Blacks need to unify against their historic plantation owners,  and tell them to go to hell.  Enough of the plantation!!!!  

Heather Nauert may be our next U.N. Ambassador.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert is reportedly under consideration to replace Nikki Haley as United Nations ambassador.

According to reports released on Monday, Nauert is a leading contender to fill the position.

Her job as a spokesperson with the State Department requires a thorough and ongoing study in world politics.   She has been serving the State Department for nearly two years.  Heather came from Fox News where she reported world and local news.  Because of her assignments at Fox and her service with State,  she would be as knowledgeable a representative as is available.  Excellent choice.   


She is an American journalist and current acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs and Spokesperson for the United States Department of State since March 13, 2018 and April 24, 2017, respectively.[1] She is a former ABC News correspondent and Fox News host (1998 -2005) as a news reporter. 

Amerian citizenship is a birthright only to those children whose parents are citizens. - so says Trump. We agree.

President Donald Trump will issue a future executive order to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants and some other non-citizens, he told Axios on HBO in a Monday TV interview.

Slaves were not citizens,  but,  somewhere along the way,  it was decided that their children,  born in this country,  were citizens at birth.  We have not needed this law for decades.  Time to say "good bye."

Who started the current cycle of civil unrest?

When a political party meets in secret,  to conspire against a political opponent before he has been sworn into office,  before he has had an opportunity to do anything,  right or wrong,  the answer to the question is obvious.  It is the party of the so-called "resistance." 

Now,  a more complicated question is this:  who is responsible for continuing this cycle of civil unrest.   Trump is a fighter and his comments undoubtedly contribute to the problem,  BUT  . . . .  it is Hillary who funded the Steele Dosier that started this whole mess,  and,   is on record making it clear that she and her cronies have no intentions of being civil until Trump surrenders his agenda.  

If you don't want to play by the rules,  and the Dems have rejected the rules relating to election victory,  you suffer the consequences.  Trump will finish his first term and on the way to that reality,  he will have done 20 years of "damage" to the agenda that is bent on taking this nation away from Constitutional law and the great traditions upon which this nation was founded.  


November 6, we will vote for . . . .

36 Governors
35 Senators (25 are Dems)
435 House members

President Trump is interviewing to replace Kavanaugh on the D.C Circuit Court.

According to reports, Neomi Rao was recommended to serve on the D.C. Circuit by former White House counsel Don McGahn.
Rao is currently an administrator for a sub-agency of the Office of Management and Budget, and was a former clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
President Trump has appointed multiple federal judges, spending his first year in office filling seats at the Supreme, District and Appellate Court levels.

Yes Dorthy, it is true. Our Universities are now proganda mills for the Global/Socialist community,

53% of US undergrads afraid to disagree with outspoken professors on political, social issues — poll
US college campuses have traditionally been known as havens of free speech among students, but now professors are increasingly sharing their opinions — and many undergraduates are afraid to disagree with them, a new survey found.

Rasmussen has Black approval for Trump at 36% and, now, here comes Kanye's effort to exit blacks from Democrate political plantations.

Kanye West designs shirts urging ‘Blexit’ from Democratic Party
A movement, calling for ‘Blexit’ or exit of blacks from the Democratic party has been launched, and quickly got designer treatment by a prominent Donald Trump supporter – rapper Kanye West.

A major victory for pro-life advocates in the Left Wing State of California. No, prolife clinics do not have to mention abortion as an option . . . . period.

Understand this:  The High Court does lean Right.  While Roe v Wade does not seem to be threatened by reversal,  it is clear that the 1970's law can no longer be used as carde-blanche in the Nazi-like effort to impliment abortion-on-demand and spread its murderous intent nation-wide without the option pro-life clinics offer.  While Roe v Wade will stand,  it is clear that amendments to this law/practice,  will be part of the future for pro-life advocates ~ editor.


Judge Brings End To California Law Requiring Pro-Life Groups To Promote Abortion

Politics | Kevin Daley**
The Supreme Court said it likely violated the First Amendment
 A federal judge in San Diego has permanently barred enforcement of California’s Reproductive FACT Act, which requires pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to disseminate information about abortion.
The Friday order follows a June 26 Supreme Court decision that found that the FACT Act likely violates the First Amendment.
“The government has no business forcing anyone to express a message that violates their convictions, especially on deeply divisive subjects such as abortion,” said the Alliance Defending Freedom’s Michael Farris, who represented a coalition of pro-life groups challenging the law. “California disregarded that truth when it passed its law forcing pro-life centers to advertise for the abortion industry. The district court’s order puts a permanent end to that law in light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June, which rightly found that ‘the people lose when the government is the one deciding which ideas should prevail.'”

**   Kevin J. Daley is the Daily Caller News Foundation's Supreme Court reporter. Follow him on Twitter @KevinDaleyDC.

Accusing GOP leadership of being anti-Semitic is to miss the point of the anti-Semitism within the Progressive Socialist Party.

American Jews are not faithful to Israel.  And,  Barack Obama was the most anti-Semitic president in our history, divulging Isreal's nuclear secrets  to its Arab enemies,  snubbing Netanyahu in public,  and working the the Iranian nuclear deal,  an agreement that would have  allowed Iran to become a nuclear power by 2015  (10 years from the date of the agreement in 2015).  This blog opposes the three men named by Reuters,  not because they are in any way religious Jews,  but because they are Socialist Pigs.  Try not to laugh too hard after reading the following excerpt  ~  editor.

WASHINGTON, Oct 28 (Reuters) - Democratic donor Tom Steyer on Sunday denounced as anti-Semitic. . . 

About the Mini Bomber and his plan to cause death and destruction.

After he mailed them,  was he going to drive to each location and trigger them with his cell phone?  Would he go to New York,  first,  then to D.C., then to Florida,  then to California?  Kind of silly when you actually stop to think for a minute or two.  In addition to no cellular triggers, neither were there any timing devices  . . .  so how in the world was he going to explode these devices?  Answer: he said they were never intended to explode.  If you can't answer my questions,  you have no clue how he was going to explode these devices. 

A critical question that absolves Trump of any causative relationship with the Mini Bomber:

‘He’s 14 Years Old Living In An Adult Body,’ Says Cesar Sayoc’s Former Lawyer

So,  if he is mentally immature as a matter of course,  neither Trump nor the Democrat Party are responsible for this clowns antiques.  Understand that the Mini Bomber is a registered Democrat disappointed in the direction his party has taken.

"Critics say . ." and who are these critics?

BuzzFeed News: Critics Say The Trump Administration Hasn't Done Enough To Stop Right-Wing Extremism

Who are these critics?  Answer:  The Trump hating media;  the Trump hating RINO population (a vanishing herd);  the control freaks in our universities;  and,   the fearmongers in the Democrat Socialist Party  . . . .    so OF COURSE, "critics say  . . ."  

In other words,  this is a nothing burger headline meant to imply that "normal people" are on the side of reason, when in fact,  he is opposed by the European Socialists in our midst,  those who want to replace our Constitution with U.N. treatises, the end of U.S. borders (but not the borders of other nations), and,  One World government located in Belgium or some such foreign location.

Question: If all 11-15 "bombs" were fake, unable to explode, what will be his criminal charge?

Fake bombs are serious violations,  but what law has been violated?  It's kind of like being assaulted by a person carrying an unloaded handgun.  So,  we have a Trump supporter using fake bombs to send a message,  and this morning,  a Trump hating white man (A Democrat?) killing 11 in a Synagogue shooting.  


This did not surprise the editor of this blog:

Report: Bodybuilder Cesar Sayoc Admits the “Pipe Bombs” Wouldn’t Hurt Anyone – And He Didn’t Want to Hurt Anyone

Many of us already suspected the bombs weren't lethal ,  but the actions of BLM burning our cities and ambushing our cops was deadly business as was the Sanders disciple with a gun at the GOP ballpark. 

Black Youth meet with Trump at the White House. Things are changing . Listen (video) to what Trump shares with these black youth. Worth the time (42 min)

Go to 35 min on the video and listen to his comments there.  Very well received.  
His acvtual commentary for these black youth begins at the 4.16 mark on the video.

Click on image to enlarge.  Its kinds cool.

42 min. conversation:  Trump with a huge room full of blacks.

This blog supports Megyn Kelly. She is gone from NBC, but has the last laugh, pocketing virtually all of her 69 million dollar contracted agreement.

Update: It appears Megyn Kelly will not be returning to “Today” – not tomorrow, not ever.
That’s according to a story in the Daily Mail, which confirmed on Thursday afternoon that the former Fox News star has agreed to leave the network after she defended the use of black face in Halloween costumes during a panel discussion on Tuesday, triggering an intense backlash that reverberated across twitter.
But while the damage to Kelly’s reputation and career from her brief but disastrous stint at NBC may be irreparable, at least she will walk away with the entirety of her $69 million contract, thanks to the “no-break” deal she reportedly signed when she announced she would be joining the network in January 2017, after declining to renew her contract at Fox News. The timing of her departure announcement is still TBD, but the deal is as good as done, one executive said.

An open letter to those who are pretending this bomb event is all about Trump and his supporers.

The bomber has been on police radar since 1991, nearly three decades before Trump. He is a Southern Democrat who left that party with nowhere to go. His first bomb threat was in 2002, two decades before Trump.

Until this event, all previous bombers were radical Democrats: Ted Kosinski, the F.L.A.N, The Weathermen and Green Peace.

Biden talks about taking Trump out back and kicking his ass. Maxine Waters encourages folks to harass and drive Trump supporter off the streets and into hiding, telling them "You don't belong here anymore." Hillary refuses to be civil until she and her lackeys are back in power. Sharpton, Farrakhan, and BLM all threatened physical violence against the Right. And then you have killers (Bernie Sanders supporters) going to a ballpark, hoping to kill 15 -20 members of the GOP baseball team. Finally, there have been well over 100 threats on the lives of Trump, his wife his sons and their families. 

So go to hell pretending this is all about Trump.

They caught the bomber. He has been around since 1991 and made his first bomb threat on 2002, almost two decades before Trump

Here are 9 minutes of Megyn Kelly doing battle with flaming liberal, Kirsten Powers. No wonder they hated her at CNN and NBC

We support Megyn in her troubles with NBC and the false accusations she is facing.

"They" (i.e. Harry Reid) allowed for the nuclear option. And, BECAUSE OF THAT, the Supreme Court is now a more conservative court.

Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength. And you heard how the Republican members led by Mitch McConnell, the president really demeaned the confirmation process ~  Hillary Clinton  (October of 2018)

Editor:  Understand this,  when the Democrats came to the "confirmation process,"  having met secretly before the hearings began,  there is no "process" for them   . . . .  just a phony posturing,  a pretense at caring for the truth.  Again,  when they had already decided before the hearings came to order,  they are lying about "process."  AND,  they would have done exactly the same for anyone on President Trump's list. 

Thank you,  Harry Reid and the Obama Leadership Team.  Clearly,  "they" never thought they would be out of power at any time  . . .

Just to be clear, at this moment in time, there are more of us who care than there are of you who are killing our cops and burning cities.

No article, just this historic fact. 

Here is a great site listing all of the President's accomplishments to date.

I didn't vote for Trump in 2016,  but I will in 2020 and the following lists are the reasons why.  His accomplishments are 
right out of a conservative's dream manual. 

One of many schemes to steal the wealth of the United States and this one cost us billions.

Did You know
Patrick Goodenough | October 25, 2018

McCain's seat is up for grabs and the GOP candidate just got some very good news.

Rachel Leingang / Arizona Republic: Last Slide  —  The Arizona State Troopers Association this week withdrew its endorsement of U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema in the heated U.S. Senate race after members said they weren't properly consulted on the matter.

The election news for the Dems keeps getting worse according to Larry Sabato.


By Kyle Kondik
Managing Editor, Sabato's Crystal Ball


The battles for the state governorships are getting more volatile as Election Day nears. We are moving three races, Kansas, Oregon, and South Dakota, to Toss-up.
-- Republican odds of holding the Senate are as good as ever.
-- The playing field continues to expand in the House.

Megyn Kelly may have lost her morning show over this and the persistent efforts of the Mob.

Megyn Kelly may have lost her morning show over this and the persistent efforts of the Mob.  Here is her crime:  

"But what is racist?" Kelly asked. "Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character."

And with those words,  the whiners and cry-babies at NBC and the NAACP,  have finally succeeded in ending Megyn's programing success at NBC What a classless bunch of jerks the Left Out Ones have become.  Wha, wha, wha.

Add Maxine Waters and these two guys to the list and you have now crossed over into the "Ridiculous."

UPDATE: Joe Biden and Robert DeNiro Targeted with Bomb Packages

last week's numbers for CNN. Good thing CNN is contracted in s 50,000 hotels or they wouldn't have an viewership.

CNN failed to crack the top five most popular channels from Oct. 15 to 21 and fell behind Fox News, ESPN, TBS, MSNBC and Nickelodeon.
CNN placed 11th in total viewers, wedged in between TNT and the USA Network with an average total of 609 thousand viewers throughout the week.

The Associated Press, as Left as you can get, has bad news for the Democrat:

NEW YORK (AP) — In the closing stretch of the 2018 campaign, the question is no longer the size of the Democratic wave. It’s whether there will be a wave at all.
Top operatives in both political parties concede that Democrats’ narrow path to the Senate majority has essentially disappeared, a casualty of surging Republican enthusiasm across GOP strongholds. At the same time, leading Democrats now fear  . . .

This Conservative Blog says, "PROVE US WRONG" and that will be the end of that. take it to the bank, Conservatives do not bomb their opponent(s). Never have; never will.

The Daily Beast: Pro-Trump Media Insists Bomb Threats Against Clinton, Obama, CNN are ‘Pure BS,’ a ‘False Flag’  —  Oh God.  —  Minutes after news broke of “potential explosive devices” being mailed to the homes of former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, along with CNN's New York City studio 

Editor:  Think Unabomber,  the Weathermen or FLAN . . . .  all radical liberal groups.  Add in Antifa,  BLM,  the New Black Panthers,  Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam,  Al Frankin and his mob,  ACORN,  Green Peace and any number of animal rights groups,  and you have a political party that sponsors domestic terror in the extreme.    This editor is not aware of any political group not related to the older Southern Democrats who do such things.  Go back 15/20 years,  and you have nothing related to a conservative bombing campaign.  

Has the Mob, the Caravan and the Kavanaugh confirmation backfired on the Democrats? Here is the Crystal Ball polling analysis.

Republicans lead in Nevada, Democrats in Wisconsin; Cruz ahead in high-profile Texas Senate race

By UVA Center for Politics

Editor’s Note: This is a special edition of the Crystal Ball. We'll have our regular issue tomorrow.

New Reuters/Ipsos/University of Virginia Center for Politics polls show Republicans ahead in key races in Nevada and Texas, while Democrats lead in the Wisconsin Senate race and both parties are locked in a close race for the Badger State’s governorship.
These are the second polls that Reuters/Ipsos/UVA Center for Politics has released of these states. The results in each states are as follows, with results from the previous polls in parentheses (* indicates incumbent):
Nevada Senate: Dean Heller* (R) 47%, Jacky Rosen (D) 41% (September: Heller 46%-43%)
Nevada Governor: Adam Laxalt (R) 46%, Steve Sisolak (D) 41% (September: Laxalt 43%-40%)
Texas Senate: Ted Cruz* (R) 49%, Beto O’Rourke (D) 44% (September: O’Rourke 47%-45%)
Texas Governor: Greg Abbott* (R) 53%, Lupe Valdez (D) 38% (September: Abbott 50%-41%)
Wisconsin Senate:  . . . .   

Brian Kilmeade waits almost a full year before this complaint. So is Brian an enthusiastic Trump supporter? Maybe not

Federal Election Commission filings show Kilmeade gave just over $600 and the payment was processed on the day of Trump’s inauguration.
Kilmeade’s money went to the primary election cycle as it came in well after November’s 2016 presidential election, according to The Hill.
Fox News provided a statement to The Hill and said it has no rules restricting on-air talent from buying holiday gifts.
“Even if I wasn’t in this business, I would never be giving contributions out to people. Especially after an election,” Kilmeade told The Hill. “I have no interest in giving to any campaign about anything.”
Source of text:  The Daily Caller.

Real terrorism or a Democrat election trick to indict Conservatives? I mean, Hillary has made this into an election issue

Federal agents say they are working on the theory that it's one group, or one person. Also...the fact that none of them detonated is more significant than people may realize. I am told that's a "huge clue". 
 Until August of this year,  Housely was employed by FoxNews.

 Last week,  Hillary said:  You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand 
Within minutes of the announcement as to the existence of these bombs,  Hillary, on national television,  was making an election issue out of today's events.

  • A bomb sent to the offices of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: no details as to where this bomb was found,  as of this writing. No one at the offices. 
  • The Clinton home in Chappaqua:  bomb was found at a mail distribution center.
  • CNN: boomb was sent to the Internet address for CNN,  not to the actual office of
  • CNN and was addressed to exCIA Chief Brennan,  who actually works for MSNBC.
  • George Soros two days ago, found on the perimeter of his property. 
  • President Obama:  bomb was found in a mail distribution center.
  • A bomb has been sent to Eric Holder:  too early for details on this event.

Reasons to believe that this is a Progressive Left Wing trick.

Fact:  not one of these devices was ever going to harm anyone.

Fact:  All of these devices were located where they would be discovered.

Fact:  They were actual bombs but not placed in locations that would

National Debt: Nations we borrow from and why.

( - The total national debt increased by more than a trillion dollars in Fiscal 2018, reaching $21.5 trillion at the end of September; and the FY '18 budget deficit was almost $779 billion.
Although the situation is "very disturbing," it cannot be blamed on Republicans alone, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told Bloomberg News on Tuesday:
It's driven by the three big entitlement programs that are very popular – Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. That's 70 percent of what we spend every year. The subject we were just discussing, the funding of the government, is about 30 percent of what we spend.
There's been a bipartisan reluctance to tackle entitlement changes because of the popularity of those programs. Hopefully, at some point here, we'll get serious about this. We haven't been yet.

Erdogan (air-der-on), President of Turkey, is every bit the immoral dispot as anyone in Saudi Arabia

Erdogan  (air-der-on),  President of Turkey,  is every bit the immoral despot as anyone in Saudi Arabia.  

There are 73 journalists in Turkish prisons  . . .   by comparison 41 in China and 20 in Egypt.

He has killed/imprisoned more than 200,000 of his own citizens and military leaders in the past two years and is, by definition,  a Radical Sunni Muslim  . . .   no friend to the United State.

The NYT continues its campaign of lies and misinformation:

Editor:  Its not about race and fear;  it is about 14 to 20,000 people storming our borders,  wanting to simply walk into the United States ahead of 1 million  immigrants who do it legally,  every single year  . . . .  so who is really stoking race and fear in this case?  It ain't Trump. 

Trump and G.O.P. Candidates Escalate Race and Fear as Election Ploys

President Trump on Monday sharply intensified a Republican campaign to frame the midterm elections as a battle over immigration and race, issuing a dark and factually baseless warning that “unknown Middle Easterners” were marching toward the American border with Mexico.
The unsubstantiated charge marked an escalation of Mr. Trump’s efforts to stoke fears about foreigners and crime ahead of the Nov. 6 vote, as he did to great effect in the presidential race. Mr. Trump and other Republicans are insistently seeking to tie Democrats to unfettered immigration and violent crime, and in some instances this summer and fall they have attacked minority candidates in nakedly racial terms.
Mr. Trump is now railing daily in speeches

Did you know that our first nationalist president was George Washington with 42 presidents to follow?

'I'm a nationalist!':  Trump makes the stunning confession he noted his aides warned him against  —  During President Donald Trump's rally in Houston, Texas, he claimed that he was a “nationalist.”  —  “A globalist is a person who wants the globe to do well, but frankly not caring about our country so much,” Trump said.

Now the Radical Left sees asking if you are a citizen of this country as a major problem. Little did we know that Congressional majorities are, in part, established by a count of the immigrant population.

The Supreme Court on Monday shielded Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from answering lawyers’ questions in a lawsuit challenging his decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census form.
The government had asked the Supreme Court to block questioning of Ross as part of a lawsuit filed by several states, including New York, and civil rights groups. The groups are seeking to stop the administration from adding a citizenship question to the decennial count.   If the citizenship question is added to the census form,  that, in turn, could cost states with large immigrant populations representation in Congress and federal funds distributed on the basis of population.

Will this carry through to election day? No one knows.

Its a 2,000 seat arena and there were a few empty seat. Are we looking at 2016 all over again . . . and what does this mean for 2020?

2,000 w/zero outside
18,000 w40,000 outside

Avenatii, the Creepy Porn Lawyer, was just told he has to pay a 4.85 million dollar bill to his Ex's lawyer.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A California judge has ordered Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti to pay $4.85 million to an attorney at his former law firm.
The ruling was issued Monday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Avenatti didn't attending the court proceeding.
The judge said Avenatti must pay the money because he personally guaranteed a settlement with Jason Frank in a lawsuit over back pay.

There are only two sexes and then there is counseling.

President Donald Trump’s administration is considering defining gender as a static, unchangeable, biological fact that is designated at birth and can never be altered.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is seeking to create a legal definition of sex under Title IX, a federal civil rights law the deals with education, The New York Times reported Sunday after obtaining a memo from the administration.
HHS will define gender as determined “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and

And this clown thinks the people want him to run for President? Good grief.

People are really getting tired of the Democrats and their "resistance" movement.

Antifa Thug Who Berated 9/11 Widow Identified, FIRED FROM JOB


Since Obama already weaponized the IRS, I would use that agency to go after rapper TI until I broke him from sucking eggs.

A serious criticism of the Climate Change Left: Lots of facts in this video

In addition to the facts found in this video,  understand that it is never "global,"  only regional.  Further,  if "tide rise" is a necessary result of Warming,  why has Big Business not began to move off Manhattan Island;  the island nations of the world not moved to the closet mainland,  and,  Hawaii and Long Beach continue to build on the West Coast,  less than 300 yards from the "rising" oceans? 

why should I care if whats-her-name is not singing at the next Super Bowl?

(Reuters) – Pop superstar Rihanna declined an offer to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show because she supported former National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his protest against racial injustice, according to media reports.

Editor:  of course the truth is this -  Kaepernick is a cop hating,  Flag bashing,  "the Constitution is a white man's document" protester.  And,  why should I care if whats-her-name is not singing at the next Super Bowl?  

Booker has his own sex scandal brewing:

Democrat New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is now being accused of sexual assault by a man.
On Saturday, an anonymous man released a detailed four page document claiming the incident happened back in 2014.   He claims Booker followed him to the bathroom, touched him inappropriately, and approached him for oral sex.   The man has reportedly talk to two lawyers about the details of the encounter.  It is not known whether he has hired legal counsel.  

Here is an early report regarding the Mueller Report being issued after the November elections:

From the Daily Caller: 
Attorneys working on the Russia probe or past special investigations are warning President Donald Trump’s critics to prepare for disappointment when special counsel Robert Mueller releases his report following the November elections, Politico reported Friday.
The media has covered Mueller’s Russia probe since May 2017, with commentators on both the right and left arguing that Trump’s presidency hinges on its result. Politico, however, spoke with defense attorneys on the Mueller probe and more than 15 other government officials with experience in the Trump-Russia, Watergate, and other investigations. They said the report is likely to underwhelm. . .

Our economic relationship with the Saudi's is as much a reality as is our relationship with the despotic nation of China. Get used to that fact.

In a 20 minute interview with the Wa/Post,  President Donald Trump redefined  his stance that Saudi Arabia's story about the killing of journalist Jamaal Khashoggi, but, gave a strong vote of confidence to the younger Saudi Crown Prince,  Mohammed bin Salman, arguing the United States' relationship with the kingdom is key to his administration's policy objectives in the Middle East  . . . .   and that is a fact.  
"Obviously there's been deception and there's been lies," Trump said in an interview with

They cut his head off, probably will alive, pulled fingers off his hands, cut him up with a power saw. Oh, don't forget the acid they brought to the party. " Brutal" is not the word for any of this. But Iran killed 3000 of our soldiers. thank you very much Barack Obama.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi died after a fight that took place in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, Saudi state media reported on Friday afternoon.

 <<<  They are telling us that this guy took on 15 Saudis ?  What a crock.  but why do we care.  The Saudis are not more honest brokers of peace than Obama's Iran. All Middle East governments are authoritarian. 

They announced the arrests of eighteen individuals in connection with Khashoggi’s death, many of whom were the same people caught on camera entering the consulate. Saudi officials also denied the reports that Khashoggi was dismembered, instead blaming his death on a fight that broke out in the consulate.

“So we know that General Ahmad al-Assiri has been relieved of his duties. He is the man that CNN has been reporting without naming him was the one to oversee this operation, but it is another official who is possibly even more interesting. His name is al-Qahtani. He is incredibly senior within Saudi Arabia’s power structure,” Clarissa Ward said.

This editor is free to label the Democrat Party as "Nazi." Dems do the same to Conservatives but without sound reason. Here is what I have in mind with the word "Nazi."

There are only two forms of governance:  One:  which is the product of a free people, and, two,  that which is controlled by a federal government.  Stalin, Mao, Hitler,  Castro,  Chavez and on and on are all representative of the evil that  works against a free people.  Is Socialism related to the Nazis or whatever your despot preference?  Yes and in this wise:   Before the killings (exterminations) began,  there was the loss of gun ownership, and, free speech,  as well as structured governmental attacks on established religion,  the loss of certain domestic freedoms the right to public assembly and private property ownership,  an appeal to the arrogance and ignorance of youth,  organized demonstrations against established or existing governance,  and the end to modernity . . . . .   all of these things are part of what the Democrat Party is all about.   Is  the Democrat Party "Stalinist or Nazi" ? Specifically  . . . .  no.  Rather,  The Democrat Party policy is THE gateway to the evil seen in Historic Despotism.

Congressional predictions from Midknight Review:

House:  The Dems will have a 6 member majority in the House which will require a certain level of bipartisanship if they want to get anything written and passed on to the Senate. 

The GOP will have a 3 member majority in the Senate and will be able to confirm Federal judges and treatise. 

While the Dems will have subpoena power,  so will the Senate.

There will be no impeachment of either Trump or Justice Kavanaugh.

If tax reform is a product of the House and Senate,  the Dems will not be able to forestall the coming tax breaks past into law this past legislative season.  Child credits will double from $1,000 per child to $2,000 per child.   Our standard deductions will double come April 15.  If you do not have a lot of deductions,  (most deducts will be gone),  you will have more income after taxes.  My standard deduction is $12,000 per year.  That will double to $ 24,000.  If they did not get rid of the mortgage interest deduction,  wife and I should come out with a little extra cash.

The difference between a Nazi Socialist and an European One World Socialst if found in the fact that Nazis are willing to exterminate parts of the population

Nancy Pelosi on Democrat Agenda ‘If There’s Collateral Damage to People Who Don’t Share Our Views, Well So Be It'

Red Wave ???

Red Wave Rising: Over 12,000 Voters Change Party Affiliation in Wyoming – 90% to Republican

In April of 2019, we will recevie a $2,000 child tax credit instead of the current $1,000 and the doubling of our standard deduction. Mine will go from $12,000 annually to $24,000 and the Dems want to get rid of all that.

Ylan Mui / CNBC: Kamala Harris and other prominent Democrats want to repeal Trump's tax cuts and replace
  • With midterm elections 2½ weeks away and the 2020 presidential race around the corner, prominent Democrats are embracing an ambitious idea: Repeal and replace the $1.5 trillion Republican tax plan.
  • The proposals would get rid of the tax cuts and, in turn, funnel that money into government-guaranteed cash for low- and middle-income households.
  • Possible White House contender Sen. Kamala Harris announced a plan this week that would give working families up to $6,000 each year, with the option of receiving monthly payments.

Donny Deutsch, one of the Nazis** at MSNBC came up with this "novel" idea:

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch encouraged Democrats to “exaggerate” their claims about Republicans so that they can win in the 2018 midterm elections.
Deutsch made his plea directly to Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez during a Friday interview on “Morning Joe.”

Editor:  I'm sorry,  but haven't they been doing this for 40-50 years are more? 
**  Derfinition:  A Nazis is a socialist who wants to exterminate half of the population, or,  at least take away all their rights.

Proof that Liberl women have lost the Feminist Wars

You know women are losing the Feminist Wars when they are being replaced with "female" robots and blowup sex dolls (we used to call those things "balloons"). Good grief.

Six weeks ago, Ted Cruz was in a very tight race so he asked our Pesident to help in his campaign. Bam!!! His campaign just took off.

President Donald Trump’s rally in Texas for Republican Sen. Ted Cruz is moving to a larger venue after the demand for tickets for Monday’s event exceeded expectations, according to the president’s 2020 campaign manager.
“Response for tickets to #MAGA rally in Houston [Monday, Oct. 22] has been HUGE and unprecedented! This will be an epic rally, so we’re moving to Toyota Center,” tweeted Brad Parscale. “Want to make sure everyone coming knows the venue change!”

For the record, I am more Cherokee than Warren is, . . . . seriously

Don Jr. and the exotic Kimberly Gilfoylesee on video for first time.

Madyson Rose Update with 13,900 followers

Up close & personal 👀 I know many of you were wondering why I’ve stopped doing as much bikini
modeling and started doing more portraits. Well, I want Instagram to know me for me: from my silly facial expressions to my crazy hair to my weird nicknames and everything in between. Instagram needs authenticity... and it doesn’t always have to be in a bikini (although living life in a bikini wouldn’t be too bad 😋). Fun fact: my childhood nickname was peanut 🤓😎 What was yours?

Don't forget that the Dems lost 64 House seats in 2010 Midterms.

No article

Now it is wrong to show respect for Trump as the President of the United States?! And the woman principle, a political activist, was transfered to another school.

A North Carolina high school principal was replaced after she asked a student to take off his Trump jersey at a patriotic-themed football game.
Cindy Gordon, the former principal at Harnett Central High School, asked Matthew Collins, 18, to remove the jersey because it was political, according to WRAL Friday. The front of the jersey read “USA” in red, white and blue and the back of the shirt had the word “Trump” with the number “45” written below.
Gordon informed Collins that some parents were complaining

Turns out there is no test for Native Indians.

According to a report by the Boston Globe, there is no Native American DNA available for genetic testing “because Native American leaders have asked tribal members not to participate in genetic databases.”

Therefore, in order to test for Native American ancestry, genetic researchers have to use samples from other parts of the world.

“To make up for the dearth of Native American DNA, Bustamante used samples from Mexico, Peru, and Colombia to stand in for Native American. That’s because scientists believe that the groups Americans refer to as Native American came to this land via the Bering Strait about 12,000 years ago and settled in what’s now America but also migrated further south,” the Boston Globe explained.

According to the American Indian and Alaska Native Genetics Resource Center, no DNA test can “prove” that someone is American Indian because there are no unique genes for American Indian ancestry.

Here is what they are not telling you about the Saudi journo and his "disappearance"

They are reporting that the police found hard evidence of his murder.  

Look,  this is not a mystery.  The man gets out of his car,  tells his fiance that if he does not return,  contact authorities;  then he enters the consulate never to be seen again . . . . . .   except on video.  Turns out that the Saudi consulate,  located in Turkey, was thoroughly bugged for sound and video.  They have the murder and dismemberment on film.  

This was the news of three days ago.  Today,  no one is making mention of this fact.  No one is denying it,  rather, they are just ignoring this fact.  Saving face for Turkey??  I mean,  just because the Saudi consulate is in Turkey does not give Turkey the right to bug that consulate  . . . . .   and others ??   

Clearly the Saudi killers did not know they were being filmed.  In time there will be an admission of guilt at some level,  because the killers have no choice.  Saudi Arabia will have to say that these men were "rogue" operators,  that the Saudi government did not know of the event,  nor did it order the killing   . . . .   and the beat goes on.  

Now you know. 

Right about now, I am thinking Stormy wishes she had a different lawyer, one who was actually trying to help her.

Breaking: Judge Drops Stormy Daniels' Lawsuit Against President Trump, Forces Her To Pay His Legal Bills As Well

Turns out the defamation lawsuit was not such a good idea.  Now,  that she has lost that case, she has to pay Trump's legal expences.  And,  she has Avenetti to thank for her failings.

Who knows when Warren decided the fight to prove she is an American Indian was worth the battle. And just 21 days before the elections!! Even the Cherokee Nation says her DNA tests prove nothing.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld attacked Senator Elizabeth Warren for continuing to claim she’s Native American despite the results of her DNA test, and that said by doing this she opens the door for anyone to claim they’re oppressed on “The Five” Monday afternoon.
Early Monday morning, Warren released a video in which she announced that she took a DNA test to prove she’s Native American. The Boston Globe originally claimed that the DNA test revealed Warren was somewhere between 1/32 and 1/512 Native American, however they then corrected their story saying the numbers are actually between 1/64 and 1/1,024.  
“Her Native American ancestry may date back six to ten generations. She’s potentially 1/1,024 Indian which is 0.09%. Using such standards, I am Asian, which is why I can’t get into Harvard,” Gutfeld stated. “Did she or did not list herself as a minority in law school directories when it suited her, then removed it when he didn’t?”

After spending more than a week denying his death, the Saudis are about to confess . . . .

Saudis preparing to admit Jamal Khashoggi died during interrogation, sources say  —  Ankara, Turkey (CNN)The Saudis are preparing a report that will acknowledge that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death was the result of an interrogation that went wrong,

Warren a Native Indian? No reason to believe that nonsense and here is why:

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren released the results from a DNA test Monday proving that she has statistically less Native American DNA than the average American white person.

Warren’s DNA results are significant because of her extensive history of claiming Indian and Cherokee heritage in her political and professional career. Warren released the results of her test, which showed her to potentially have 1/1024 Native American DNA dating back six to 10 generations. This sets the lowest bound of Warren’s Indian DNA at .098 percent and the highest at 3 percent

Joe Biden in 2020, for real???

CNN Poll: Biden Leads Field of 2020 Democratic Hopefuls

Just to be clear,  back in 2008,  Biden ran for president along with Hillary and Barack.  Barack and Hillary split 36 million primary votes with 18 million each and Biden?  Well he came in last with 68,000 votes.  In other words,  no one wanted him as President then.  But he is the rescuing servant, now ????  

Sorry but making fun of Democrat Civil War hero's really is funny, in this case.

A post on the City of Savannah Government Facebook page asks: 'Who did this?! ... It may look funny but harming our historic monuments and public property is no laughing matter, in fact, it's a crime.'

Police spokeswoman Keturah Greene says officers are investigating the incident involving the Nathanael Greene Monument, which was reported Thursday.

10 min of elites laughing at Trump's run for the presidency. . . . . and we got the very last laugh.

Newt Gingrich: We are in a life or death struggle with evil forces on the Left:

Mob rule and the New Democrat Party. . . . . bring it on !!!

No "consensus " when the Dems were busy stacking the courts, so what are they crying about?

Feinstein about the three Trump appointments to the 9th Circuit:
“I repeatedly told the White House I wanted to reach an agreement on a package of 9th Circuit nominees, but last night the White House moved forward without consulting me, picking controversial candidates from its initial list and another individual with no judicial experience who had not previously been suggested,” she said in a statement.

Senator Harris and the 9th Circuit:  
“Instead of working with our office to identify consensus nominees for the 9th Circuit, the White House continues to try to pack the courts with partisan judges who will blindly support the president’s agenda, instead of acting as an independent check on this administration,” Harris spokeswoman Lily Adams told The Sacramento Bee.

Dems are watching their hold on the Black Voter disappear, and now this:

MSNBC:    “One-third of Latinos identified as conservatives,” he said. “A quarter identified as Republicans. A poll there from a couple of weeks ago had Trump’s approval in one hitting at 41 percent with Latino voters. I’ve seen it between 35 and 41 percent.”

Editor:  If President Trump can pull in margins of 35% within both the Black and Hispanic communities in the coming elections (especially 2020),  he will win a rather one-sided victory.  Understand that Middle Class America is not socialist,  highly academic,  or globalist in its world view.  And these are the people Trump is bringing into the GOP.  By 2020,  The Dems will be the party of the elitist globalists,  and the GOP will be the party of Middle Class America.  Guess which party will have the power at the ballot box

Apparently the effort to frame Trump with Russisan Collusion charges did not get the job done. That's why they are all hiding from the truth.

Innocent People Don’t Act This Way: DAG Rosenstein Declines House Interview, Fusion’s Simpson Pleads the 5th

By the time "they" get Trump out of office,  he will have done all the damage he can do to their subversive agenda.  

Hail to the Chief.


Senator Jeff Flake "retires" because he could not win re-election in Arizona. His Democrat replacement believes the following:

I believe these things make the Democrat candidate un-electable.

Democratic Senate Candidate: It Would Be “Inappropriate” to Ask Anarchists Not to Destroy Property

Senate Democratic Candidate: “I Don’t Care” if People Go Fight for the Taliban Against US

Dem Senate Candidate Kyrsten Sinema: “Arizona Is the Meth Lab of Democracy”

Marsha Blackburn is up 14 points in her Senate race.

The latest political polling in Tennessee shows GOP Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn with a solid 14-point lead over her Democratic challenger, former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen.
The news of Blackburn’s strong lead comes days after singer Taylor Swift’s much publicized endorsement of Bredesen on Sunday, an announcement some felt led to a 65,000 spike in Tennessee voter registrations.  [Actually, the registration spike was due to an appraoching deadline date and nothing more ~ editor].
“As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn,” Swift wrote via Instragram. “Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me.”

Of course "The Conners" will fail. Understand, Roseanne Barr wrote the offending tweet, not Rosanne Conner.

Executives at ABC now believe that their decision to fire Roseanne Barr from their revival of Roseanne was a mistake and the network’s spin-off series The Conners may flop, according to a report from Mail Online.

Two senior executives at the network told the outlet that ABC President Channing Dungey’s decision to immediately fire the actress and cancel her show after she made racially charged comments about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett was a “knee-jerk” decision that they would later regret. 

The Mob has made Ted Cruz "enemy # 1" and are spending a record amount to defeat him.

Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke raised 38.1 million dollars in the third quarter of 2018 in his bid to defeat Ted Cruz in the Novemeber elections.    Democrat Rick Lazio raised 22 million in a New York campaign back in 2000.  The Progressive Mob Party sees Ted Cruz as vulnerable and,  in their desperation to stop the Conservative Movement from dismantling their subversive political agenda,  has made Cruz "target #1." 

Yesterday was "gay pride day." Miss "We should love everyone" Handler decided to use the occasion to insult Lindsey Graham. Wonder what she will do on National Bitch Day.

Comedian Chelsea Handler used the occasion of “National Coming Out Day” on Thursday to imply that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is a closeted homosexual.  

Comment from a gay reader:    Imagine using THIS day to insult and shame Lindsey Graham for being gay because you think he’s in the closet, instead of encouraging and supporting LGBTQ people who may be struggling today to accept who they are. This joke literally is the antithesis of what today is about.

Hats off to Mitch. That's 30 Federal Court judges in two months.

The Senate approved a package of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees Thursday, notching another 15 confirmations just days after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was installed on the U.S. Supreme Court.
The confirmations came as half a dozen Democratic lawmakers, particularly those in red states, were pressed to return home to defend their Senate seats for the final stretch before the November midterm elections.
 Condemnation from progressive interest groups was swift.   “This deal was totally unnecessary and it is a bitter pill to swallow so soon after the Kavanaugh fight that so many progressive activists poured their hearts and souls into,” said Chris Kang, chief counsel of Demand Justice, a liberal advocacy group. “This period will be long remembered not just for the historic number of judges Trump has been able to confirm, but also because of how passive Democrats were in response.”
Test from The Daily Caller.
And a hardy "thank you" to the Dems for providing the GOP with the Nuclear Option that has made all this possible.   

Re hurricanes, there is reality and, then, there is the Wasington Post.

Preface:  before reading the excerpt from the Wa/Post,  keep in mind that we only had two devastating hurricanes,  this season,   and only one was of the  "rapid increase"   variety,  namely Michael.  Florence was a very typical but monster Cat Three storm.  What happened during the hurricane season (June through November)?   Nothing of a news worthy nature.  And now,  the season is nearly over.  Did you know that major storm violence has been on the decrease for the past 30 years?  Michael is very much the exception,  hardly a pattern event as is being suggested in the Post's article.  In fact,  in the 11 years since Katrina  (2005),   there have been only two Cat Three hurricanes in the Gulf.   Things are NOT getting worse.

Wa/Post :   The unforgettable thing about record-setting Hurricane Michael will always be how rapidly it became a near-Category 5 storm, perfectly timed for a sneak attack on the Florida Panhandle.
On Tuesday morning, Floridians knew a storm was coming but not how strong it would be. As of 5 a.m., Michael was a strong Category 1 hurricane with a minimum pressure of 973 millibars, a measure of atmospheric pressure indicating that air is rising in the storm, pulling winds toward its center. The official forecast took the storm up to mid-Category 3 at landfall.
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