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I am willing to bet that many of you all have forgotten this violation of campaign finance law.

FLASHBACK: Remember When Obama Campaign Was Fined $375,000 for Campaign Reporting Violations AND NO JAIL TIME?

Critical quotes from the Obama's :
July 2, 2008, Obama had this to say: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

MICHELLE OBAMA: "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."

“ . . . . . . they have become a generation of activists possessed with that most American of ideas – that people who love their country can change it.” -- Obama the Radical

On September 30, Van Jones told MSNBC "I think everybody should hold onto your seats. October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back."

 The Star Act,  the most comprehensive child-health legislation ever passed into law  was a . . . .  (video);postID=3703386923710191610

The questions surrounding Barack's lies per the Churchill bust are answered in this article:

Is Barack a Muslim?  see this list -

Obama's warming plan hits the poor while accomplishing next to nothing. 
The Daily Caller:   President Obama’s global warming plan would cost America’s poorest families billions annually, according to a report published Thursday by the Manhattan Institute.
The study estimates that Obama’s global warming plan would increase the costs of living for the poorest American families an additional $19 billion per year  . . . . .  Data modeling created by the EPA and run by the libertarian Cato Institute shows that the Clean Power Plan would only have adverted 0.019° Celsius of warming by the year 2100

Mady's updates:  July 5 and June 20 entered as drafts. 

Climate accord 'irrelevant,' and CO2 cuts could impoverish the world: (CNBC report).

 2014 Review of ObamaCare:

Obama's Christian faith should be in question:
A black pastor talks about Obama's Christian claims and,  in his comments,  mirrors comments of this editor,  who rejects the notion that Obama,  is,  indeed,  a Christian.  If he is to be considered a Christ follower,  it may be along the lines of Black Liberation Theology as espoused by Jeremiah Wright.  The article can be found,  here.  Let's never forget that he ordered the symbolic lettering for name "Jesus" to be covered over before giving a commencement address,  in 2009,  at Georgetown.  See that news article,  here.

 Climate scientists caught falsifying climate data in a 15 year scandal, reported here:  Also,  my article on global warming will be most useful to the research minded reader :

Democrats are the party of Big Money.  Here is the ammo needed to ruin the Progressive lie that the GOP is all about the rich:   ---

Initial enrollment numbers versus insurance industry reports: 
Conclusion"  6.7 million enrolled during first enrollment period.  Question:  of the 4 million folks who were kicked off their existing programs,  how many are included in the initial enrollment numbers?
Keep in mind that this first enrollment was limited to individual policy holders;  best estimates show a population 16 million.
Under the same header,  keep in mind that the first lie following the initial sign-up period was "8 million." That number was accepted as gospel as Obama beat back GOP criticisms.  Turns out the GOP was right,  all along.  The 8 million number was revised down by 700,000,  and again,  by 400,000 giving us an initial enrollment of 6.9 million,  including 26 year olds living with their parents and most of the 4 million whose existing policies had to be replaced with ObamaCare.

Why the Hispanic vote might not be critical to a GOP presidential victory,  in 2016:

Hillary's own words against Bush now apply to Obama.  She needs to explain "if not,  why not?"