Farmers, home builders, ranchers and county comissioners will be pleased with this:

The EPA has abused its power under the Clean Water Act, for years,  extending is circle of influence to the supervision  every puddle of water on existing lands,  effectively countering private property rights on such lands.  

Understand that the One World agenda has no place for "private property rights."  Its not fair.  Besides,  the land belongs to us all,  not to the rich who can afford to buy property  . . . .  Crap rhetoric that works to subjugate us all.  

Understand that private property rights are critical to a free society.  The Dems,  our nation's consummate Double Tongued collective,  pretends to care about home ownership,  claiming that the poor,  folks who cannot afford private home ownership,  should have the right [anyway] to own their own home.    On the other hand,  this same collective wants to take away private property rights and works in every way to destroy our property rights.  They have been at it for years and years   . . . . . . .   and the EPA 's abuse of the Clean Water Act is proof of this abuse,  proof of this anti-American agenda.  

Today,  President Trump signed an Executive Order that revokes the Clean Water Rule.   In Wyoming,  the EPA used this law to fine a rancher 35,000 dollars a day for digging a stinking watering hole for his cattle,  on his own land,  out in the middle of nowhere, $35,000 a day.  This kind of Left Wing radical B.S. is coming to an end.  

Like I keep saying,  the adults have moved back into our White House.  

Trump's 24 minute video interview on Fox and Friends (Tuesday morning 2/28).


Sometimes it is just fun to gloat, especially when the other side is as arrogantly hateful as it is:

Trump's State of the Presidency Congressional speech,  tonight,  6 pm pst.
BTW,  the video gets very rewarding at 7.37 and beyond.  

Remember this Texas Rangers joke?

So the outlaws surrendered,  after a single Texas Ranger showed up for the gun fight.  The outlaws complained that they were outnumbered,  that the gun fight would not have been fair.  

Me?  I am thinking this is Trump versus the whiners on the Left.  They are the ones who wanted to fight.  And at every turn, their butts wind up at shoulder height, with them screaming,  "Oh,  not again.  Look at how thin skin he is."  

Whatever.  Me?  I always think it funny with a bully loses a fight.  

Trump continues to beat the opposition press at their own game(s).

Journalists play better offense than defense. Give them the ball, and they’ll sleuth out the hidden crumbs of information, filling the scoreboard with touchdowns. Assign them to a dangerous story, and they’ll exhibit the bravery associated with U.S. Marines. Ask them to work late, and they’ll labor all night and file copy at dawn, rat-eyed from exhaustion yet happy and ready for the next story.

But criticize them and ask them to justify what they do and how they do it? They go all go all whiny and preachy, wrap themselves in the First Amendment and proclaim that they’re essential to democracy. I won’t dispute that journalists are crucial to a free society, but just because something is true doesn’t make it persuasive. The chords that aggrieved journalists strike make them sound as entitled as tenured professors. This behavior was on display last Friday after President Donald Trump disparaged the press at CPAC and on Twitter. Later that day, Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, amplified the CPAC insult by excluding CNN, Politico, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and others from an off-camera briefing   . . . . .    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski demanded that the press boycott the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner “until the White House’s abhorrent behavior towards members of the press stops.” Her Morning Joe co-host, Joe Scarborough, likewise insisted, “All news organizations must refuse to attend briefings where major outlets are excluded because of critical coverage.”

Notes:  The remainder of this article is worth reading.  The author sees the press playing into the hands of the Trump Administration.  I mean,  does anyone seriously think that by boycotting Administration pressers,  President Trump will be repented or even disappointed.  Good grief.  Of course not.  In fact,  it is Trump who has walked away from the coming Correspondent's Dinner, and,  his absence will hurt the ratings for that dinner.  I mean,  what fun is there in roasting someone who is not there.  

"They will never get those tax returns. They have no legal right to them. Period. And last evening, they were told "no" again.

House Republicans defeated a Democratic attempt to publish President Donald Trump’s tax returns Monday evening, after the issue was forced to a floor vote by use of an obscure parliamentary move.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) filed a privileged resolution Monday night calling on Trump to release his tax returns, saying the detailed documents could aid ongoing investigations into potential links between the president, his associates and Russia. 

The proposition was soundly defeated in the House.  

Understand that Trump complied with 2016 campaign law in publishing a 140 page Tax Summary.  Actual tax forms are not a requirement for a presidential candidate.  

All the Dems,  are doing here,  is trying to get dirt on those who have worked with Trump,  in the past   . . . . .   for the purpose of harassing those same people.  The moment Trump releases his returns,  his business associates will become victims of never ending Democrat harassment.  

This headline will make your day.

Trump Wants To Cut EPA’s Budget By $2 Billion, Cut 3,000 Staff

Notes:  After years of an American Despot's weaponization of the  federal government,  the first reversal of said authoritarian abuse of power,  comes to the EPA.  
This agency, when defeated in court,  would ignore the court's opinion,  and pursue it's persecution of whoever happened to be in its sights.  
Example:  (From the LA Times)
Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington — The Supreme Court strengthened the rights of property owners who are confronted by federal environmental regulators, ruling Wednesday that landowners are entitled to a hearing to challenge the government's threats to fine them for alleged Clean Water Act violations.
The 9-0 decision revolved around procedural matters and did not resolve questions about the reach of the act, which has been the subject of different legal interpretations.
But it is a victory for an Idaho couple, Mike and Chantell Sackett, who faced fines of up to $75,000 a day if they didn't restore a small wetland the Environmental Protection Agency said they had filled on a Bonner County lot where they planned to build their home.

Notes: Three months after this 9-0 Supreme Court beat down of Obama's EPA,  this bastard agency,  under Obama's thumb,  decided to ignore the court's opinion,  and began,  anew, persecuting the Sackett family,  including threatening them with more fines. 

It is only fitting,  that this agency be taken down.  For my money,  it can be fully abolished.  If not,  certainly the GOP Congress needs to write legislation that limits this federal agency.  Of course,  if and when the Dems get back in power,  they will simply ignore the law and proceed with their brand of  "environmental justice."  

Matt Lauer tries to carry water for the liberal media and its attacks on President Trump. See the video. You may start liking Bush, again.

“But there’s enormous division right now. And although President Trump has said he hopes to unify the country, have you, in the first month, seen him do or say anything that, in your opinion, would be an attempt to heal the wounds of the election?”  For GW's answer,  go to 125 on the video scale.  I think his answer was great and very supportive of Trump:


Here is another story we should not believe, coming out of the NY Times:

Jennifer Steinhauer / New York Times:
Trump and Paul Ryan Head for a Clash Over the Budget, and Ideology  —  WASHINGTON — President Trump's proposal to slash domestic spending in order to preserve the two biggest drains on the federal government — Social Security and Medicare — has set up a battle to determine who now controls the Republican Party's ideology.
Notes:  Understand that Jennifer Steinhouer is an anti-Trumpster.  Throughout her article, she never calls him President Trump.  Instead it is Mr. Trump  That should tell you where she is coming from,  within itself.  
But more than this,  she does not have the insided track on anything.  Ryan and Trump meet nearly every day.  Steinhouer pretends that Ryan is just now realizing that Prez Trump not only saved the GOP from  a terrible end,  he has political clout that is overwhelming.  
Understand that Trump is the ideological center of the GOP,  today.  Ryan knows this.  And Trump has the power of the veto.  I do not believe a Trump veto is something that can be defeated,  as things stand today.  
But the veto will not be the card Trump plays.  Instead,  he will take what he can get,  and come back for more.  Now,  it might take a year,  into the next legislative season,  but I believe that this is what he will do.  And if he is correct with his tax reduction policies,  GDP will be improved.  So too,  his political cashe. Success in politics adds to one's popularity and,  then,  to his political muscle.  

Myth: A border tax of 20% will require a 20% hike in retail pricing. Not true. Here is why.

Myth:  A border tax of 20% will not translate to a 20% hike in retail pricing  . . . .   not even close.  Here is why.

We are talking about an import tax on specific items.  They are calling it a "border tax."  

Let's cut to the chase: 

Let's say ConAir builds a plant in Mexico, but, not all ConAir product will be built in Mexico,  which gives the company a retail solution to it's obvious sales problem.  All the company needs to do is raise the price on its other product line(s) in an effort to marginalize the cost of the items coming into this country from Mexico. If the American ConAir stores sold 10 other cooling/solar product,  and,  for the sake of simplicity,  these sales were all equal in volume,  an increase of 2% per retail category, would take care of the problem.  We can argue the math,  here, but surely you get the point.  

Take Ford.  Lets say their F 150 is built in Mexico,  but the Taurus,  the very popular Mustang,  the Ford Expedition,  the very popular Fusion and Focus are all built in the States.  The solution is, again,  obvious   . . . .   jack up the retail by a percentage (maybe less) per items sold,  and,  you have the border tax completely marginalized.   

The Oscars are no longer the popular event of yesterday.

With this headline,  we learn:  TV Ratings: Oscars Drop to 32.9M Viewers, Telecast Takes a Bigger Hit With Younger Set

Notes:  In fact,  this is a 44 year low,  as to ratings.  More than this,  the number of those watching to the bitter end was about half the total who watched from the beginning.  Such is an educated guess,  but is a typical scenario as relates to the Neilsen ratings.  

Definition:  Actor - someone who pretends to be someone or something she is not.  Turns out this is the same definition for a "hypocrite." 

Manhattan Institute makes the case against ObamaCare


The best statistical estimate for the number of lives saved each year by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is zero.

Certainly, there are individuals who have benefited from various of its provisions. But attempts to claim broader effects on public health or thousands of lives saved rely upon extrapolation from past studies that focus on the value of private health insurance. The ACA, however, has expanded coverage through Medicaid, a public program that, according to several studies, has failed to improve health outcomes for recipients. In fact, public health trends since the implementation of the ACA have worsened, with 80,000 more deaths in 2015 than had mortality continued declining during 2014–15 at the rate achieved during 2000–2013.

Key Findings

The Affordable Care Act has led to substantial increases in Medicaid enrollment but shows no effect in the aggregate on private insurance coverage; a lower share of non-elderly Americans had private insurance in 2015 than at the start of the recession in 2007–08.
  • Economic recovery, not the ACA, has driven changes in private insurance coverage: during 2007–10, total employment fell 5.5% and private insurance coverage fell 7.0%; during 2010–15, total employment rose 8.8% and private insurance coverage rose 9.5%.
  • The share of non-elderly Americans with private health insurance fell from 66.8% in 2007 to 65.6% in 2015.
  • By contrast, the share of non-elderly Americans enrolled in public insurance, primarily Medicaid, has increased from 18.1% in 2007 to 25.3% in 2015, accounting for the entire reduction in the uninsured share of the population.
Studies showing positive effects from health-insurance coverage focus on private insurance, not Medicaid.
  • In Oregon, researchers studied the effects of expanding Medicaid coverage and found no improvement in health out- comes. Numerous other studies support this finding for specific conditions and procedures, for Medicaid expansions and for public health spending generally.
  • Where studies do find that Medicaid has a positive effect, it is for pregnant women and young children— groups whose coverage was not expanded by the ACA.
A statistical claim that the ACA saves large numbers of lives should be supported by evidence that it has reduced mortality rates; yet the opposite occurred.
  • In 2015, age-adjusted mortality rose and life expectancy declined in the United States for the first time since the early 1990s.
  • Nor is it the case that states adopting the ACA’s optional Medicaid expansion performed better than those rejecting it; to the contrary, mortality in 2015 rose more in Medicaid expansion states.
  • Despite implementation of the ACA, there were 80,000 more deaths in 2015 than had mortality continued to decline during 2014–15 at the same rate as during 2000–2013.

Source:  Manhattan, here

Well, Hollywood got it wrong in November. Last night, it happened to them again.

Well,  Hollywood got it wrong in November.  Last night,  it happened to them again. Moonlight was Best Picture,  but La La Land was first announced as such before that announcement was corrected.  

And how apropos is this?  The last act at the Oscars was an announced mistake.  First time in Oscar history.  They got the wrong "winner."  Think about it.  The folks in La La Land got it wrong in November,  and,  last night,  La La Land was shot down   . . . . . .   again.  

An omen?  Seriously, resident evil just might be on the wrong side of all this hostility.  Time will tell   . . . . .  but for certain,  what is going on during this time,  is not "American" any more than it is rational.  

And La La Land is clearly in trouble.  

A review of the OFA training manual

From the Editor:     Before reading this post,  consider the last sentence:  “This is a fight we can win,” OFA recently told its foot soldiers. “They’re starting to waver.”

Before we all get crazy about this organizational frontal assault from the Globalist forces within the Democrat Party,  understand that these folks are organizing to disrupt scheduled meetings.  No meetings,  no disruptions.  Its that simple.  There are many ways of staying in touch with one's constituency that does not give opportunity to these Marxist pigs.  Small townhall meetings,  televised to the local community, with an equal number of Democrats and Republicans is an obvious strategy.  A televised/twitter conversation would be another excellent idea.  

Let's not play their game, folks.  We are in a fight for the life of this nation.  It is the Patriotic Nation versus those who want to redistribute the wealth of this country as they destroy the United States' sovereign power in a world of evil doers.    

The review: 
The manual, published with OFA partner “Indivisible,” advises protesters to go into halls quietly so as not to raise alarms, and “grab seats at the front of the room but do not all sit together.” Rather, spread out in pairs to make it seem like the whole room opposes the Republican host’s positions. “This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.” It also urges them to ask “hostile” questions — while keeping “a firm hold on the mic” — and loudly boo the GOP politician if he isn’t “giving you real answers.”
“Express your concern [to the event’s hosts] they are giving a platform to pro-Trump authoritarianism, racism, and corruption,” it says.
The goal is to make Republicans, even from safe districts, second-guess their support for the Trump agenda, and to prime “the ground for the 2018 midterms when Democrats retake power.”

“Even the safest [Republican] will be deeply alarmed by signs of organized opposition,” the document states, “because these actions create the impression that they’re not connected to their district and not listening to their constituents.”
After the event, protesters are advised to feed video footage to local and national media.
“Unfavorable exchanges caught on video can be devastating” for Republican lawmakers, it says, when “shared through social media and picked up by local and national media.” After protesters gave MSNBC, CNN and the networks footage of their dust-up with Chaffetz, for example, the outlets ran them continuously, forcing Chaffetz to issue statements defending himself.
The manual also advises protesters to flood “Trump-friendly” lawmakers’ Hill offices with angry phone calls and emails demanding the resignation of top White House adviser Steve Bannon.
A script advises callers to complain: “I’m honestly scared that a known racist and anti-Semite will be working just feet from the Oval Office … It is everyone’s business if a man who promoted white supremacy is serving as an adviser to the president.”
The document provides no evidence to support such accusations.
Protesters, who may or may not be affiliated with OFA, are also storming district offices. Last week, GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher blamed a “mob” of anti-Trump activists for knocking unconscious a 71-year-old female staffer at his Southern California office. A video of the incident, showing a small crowd around an opening door, was less conclusive.
Separately, OFA, which is run by ex-Obama officials and staffers, plans to stage 400 rallies across 42 states this year to attack Trump and Republicans over ObamaCare’s repeal.

“This is a fight we can win,” OFA recently told its foot soldiers. “They’re starting to waver.”

All of the text, above was taken from the N.Y. Post, here. 

Many believe that "OFA"  is short for Organizing for America.  There is nothing American about this group.  Rather,  its official title is Organizing for Action.  It is about tearing down our Constitutional governance.  This is why Barack Obama took out a life-time lease on a home in D.C.  


Suggestion: GOP congressional figures should avoid all "townhall" meeting that are disrupted by Disruptors from the Left. Without a congressman in attendance, they are forced to . ., . . . .

Here is what happened:  This past Thursday,  a group described by the local Cleveland news source, "  . . . . . .  as the liberal activist group Indivisible CLE,    held their own town hall meeting in Cleveland without Portman. Hundreds attended and voiced concerns at a cardboard cutout of Portman’s face. 

Suggestion:  GOP congressional figures should avoid all "townhall" meetings marked for confrontation by the OFA and other Disruptors from the Left.  Without a congressman in attendance,  they are forced to   . ., . . . .  reveal their true colors.  

These folks are trained to ask "reasonable" sounding questions,  then shout down the answers given to them.  But without a GOP representative in attendance,  these clowns are left with nothing to do but to demonstrate their liberal trash talking rhetoric.  And that is exactly what happened in the Portman case.  No Portman?  Fine.  So the trash talkers moved in and their cover was blown.  They were not constituents.  They were,  in fact,  trouble makers and nothing more.  Punks out to cause trouble and deny the free speech rights of all others in attendance.   

Notes:  Go to the Individible Cleveland facebook to realize the radical,  harmful nature of this group.   The Democrat Party is touting "resistance," per the words of Hillary Clinton,  and is pushing a mob-rule mentality.  They could not be more unAmerican.  We must never give this nation back to these imposters.  

Proof thatTrump is using his hotel as a "pay for play" site. Upon further investigation, maybe not.

The Left has made a big deal of this   . . . .   a Saturday (?)  party/gathering of Middle East dignitaries,  meeting at the Trump Hotel,  complete with the attendance of Donald Trump.  Keep in mind that the hotel is no longer attached Trump in any way whatsoever,  but his attendance at the event proves that he is still working a "pay for play" scam.   So goes the fake news cycle.  

Problem:  The event used in this crap report,  took place on Wednesday.  Trump was seen in the area  (not in the hotel) on Saturday.  Reuters and NPR ran the story,  but immediately took it down when the time discrepancy was verified, according to the Daily Caller, here.

 Source for the followng:
8 hours ago
Ana Marie Cox Retweeted Ana Marie Cox
CORREX: event was not the same night.
Ana Marie Cox added,
  • Ana Marie Cox Retweeted Ana Marie Cox
    Kuwait switching their venue still seems… Problematic.
    Ana Marie Cox added,

    His boy was a hero/is a hero. The dad? Not so much.

    This father lost is son on a mission in Yemen,  a few weeks ago.  He is angry at President Trump for the loss,  in spite of the fact that President Trump only granted the request to attack, but, did not call for attack, nor,  did he plan the assault. 

    The father is a Democrat willing to use the death of his son to help "take down Trump."  It is that simple.  How do I know?  Well,  because that is what he is doing.    Last year, Owens (the Dad) went after Trump for criticizing the "Gold Star" father who criticized Trump at the DNC.  Like I said,  he is a Democrat.  

    In 2011, Navy Seal Ryan Owens,  the son who lost his life recently,  was tasked with escorting the bodies of 17 of his fellow SEALS home following a CH-47 helicopter crash in Afghanistan.  Understand that this incident the greatest single disaster in Seal Team history.  As the helicopter came in for a landing,  it came under attack from forces on nearby roof tops.  Barack Obama ordered defending forces to "stand down" for fear of killing civilians, and,  the copter was shot down with 32 men on board.  Keep in mind,  that 12 weeks prior to this attack,  VP Biden had publicly identified "Navy Seal Team Six" as the special op force that killed Osama bin Laden.  Before Biden ran his mouth,  the Taliban did not know who was responsible for the death of Osama.  The CH-47 transport and its destruction was revenge for that event,  yet,  no complaints from the press or, in this case,  from the father of Ryan Owens.  

    Sorry,  the Dad is a jerk.  What a shame   . . . . .   but he is no more a jerk than John McCain who used this incident to bash the President,  as well.  
    Want to leave a comment?   Simply address your comment to  If it is not full of filthy assertions and/or intellectually dishonest commentary,  it will be published as a featured post without your email address or your name.  In fact,  if you do not give me express permission to add your name and/or address,  it will be automatically excluded.   If there is a post you are responding to,  indicate that in your mail.    I don't expect to see any such emails from the liberal Left,  being that their cowardice is limited to "anonymous" commentary and threats.  Understand that you can disagree with my point of view.  You just can't do so in such a way as to kill active brain cells in the process of reading your mail.

    Read more here:

    Well, I got my first "comment" under the new rule.

    First,  here is the new rule: 

    Printed at the bottom each post,  you will find this statement:  Want to leave a comment?   Simply address your comment to  If it is not full of filthy assertions and/or intellectually dishonest commentary,  it will be published as a featured post without your email address or your name.  In fact,  if you do not give me express permission to add your name and/or address,  it will be automatically excluded.   If there is a post you are responding to,  indicate that in your mail.    I don't expect to see any such emails from the liberal Left,  being that their cowardice is limited to "anonymous" commentary and threats.  Understand that you can disagree with my point of view.  You just can't do so in such a way as to kill active brain cells in the process of reading your mail. 

    The comment?  "Why the f . .   did you come up with this rule?  Afraid of real dialogue.  Can't stand the heat so you burned down the kitchen.  Can't allow facts thrown your way that totally debunk your conservative "agenda?"   What a joke you are.  We are running your kind out of town.  Guaranteed.  Just wait and see  and it will start happening this summer."  

    I have written to this clown,  now that he is no longer a cowardly "anonymous."  I must give him credit for having the courage to identify himself.  Most Progressive Disruptors hide in the shadows.  

    If he responds to my return post,  I will update with that response.   

    But to answer his questions:  The reason for closing the "anonymous comment line" is rather obvious.  the New Progressives  (most of them Millennial,  I believe) were raised without any serious rules,  got trophies and stars for their participation.  Their mom's put bumper stickers on their cars,  bragging on their child's nothing accomplishments,  and,  now,  after 20 years of this sort of parental crap,  we have a generation of adults who think society owes them "success" and associated privilege.  

    I actually believe that it is the Millennial class  (born 1982 - 2004) who demonstrates in the streets,  cries about this past election,  has little claim to mental stability,  has no respect for others,  refuses to obey the rules,  and,  in short,  cannot handle reality.  And it will take time from these folks to "pass through the system"  (a scatological term used with purpose and fore-thought).   

    Another phony bites the dust.

    “There’s no protected class for me,” the former NAACP branch president told The Guardian. “I’m this generic, ambiguous scapegoat for white people to call me a race traitor and take out their hostility on. And I’m a target for anger and pain about white people from the black community. It’s like I am the worst of all these worlds.”
    Dolezal has applied for over 100 jobs, but has received no offers, even from a supermarket. She has, however, been offered work in porn and reality TV. While a friend helped pay her rent for February, Dolezal expects she’ll lose her home next month.
    Notes:  So there is truth in the phrase, "What goes around comes around" ??    She did this to herself,  pretending to be someone she is not,  and not for "the cause,"  but to take possession of all the professional advantages black minorities actually have.  In the end,  she is poor,  nearly naked and homeless, and still not black,   all because she refused to play the game by the same rules the rest of are forced into doing.

    Want to leave a comment?   Simply address your comment to  If it is not full of filthy assertions and/or intellectually dishonest commentary,  it will be published as a featured post without your email address or your name.  In fact,  if you do not give me express permission to add your name and/or address,  it will be automatically excluded.   If there is a post you are responding to,  indicate that in your mail.    I don't expect to see any such emails from the liberal Left,  being that their cowardice is limited to "anonymous" commentary and threats.  Understand that you can disagree with my point of view.  You just can't do so in such a way as to kill active brain cells in the process of reading your mail.

    From the White House: (Those of us who support this President ARE very optismistic that he will take this nation down the right path).


    In just two days, President Donald J. Trump will deliver his highly anticipated first Address to a Joint Session of Congress.

    There is an incredible spirit of optimism sweeping across the Nation, and in preparation for this address, the President has hosted numerous listening sessions at the White House. During these meetings he has heard from men and women from all over the country about issues that are impacting American families, communities, and workers.

    Now is your chance to give your input. We want to know what issues you want President Trump to focus on and your ideas for the future of our country.

    It will only take a couple minutes to complete the survey.

    Take the Survey Now

    The President is checking off the promises he made to the American people, and he won’t stop until the job is done.

    The forgotten men and women of this great Nation will be forgotten no longer. That is the heart of this movement. As President Trump has made clear, this is your country and this is your Government, and now we want to hear from you.

    Take the Survey Now

    How ridiculous is this headline?!


    Notes:  Turns out that more than half of all of earth's animal populations are already extinct !!  

    What we have here is another headline posted under the marker,  "BFD."  Good grief.  If more than half of all species have already died off,  a reasonable person would conclude for the possibility of that sort of thing continuing to happen.  

    But "they" want you to believe that this worthless but obvious fact is the sign of a man made crisis,  proof that man is a pathetic steward of this earth's resources.    

    In the end,  there is nothing shocking about this bit of "news,"  except for the suspicion that the liberal community thinks this is "news."     

    Want to post a comment? Here is how.

    Simply address your comment to  If it is not full of filthy assertions and/or intellectually dishonest commentary,  it will be published as a featured post without your email address or your name.  In fact,  if you do not give me express permission to add your name and/or address,  it will be automatically excluded.

    If there is a post you are responding to,  indicate that in your mail.  

    I don't expect to see any such emails from the liberal Left,  being that their cowardice is limited to "anonymous" commentary and threats.  

    Understand that you can disagree with my point of view.  You just can't do so in such a way as to kill active brain cells in the process of reading your mail.

    Saturday will be the day the Democrat Party cuts all ties with its past.

    Names are not important for the sake of this post.  Just know that the Democrat Party will choose a new leader later today.  The choices?  On the one hand,  they have an Obama type Hispanic and on the other hand,  there is a radical Muslim/Angry black man   . . . . . .   and at last count,  the Radical Muslim is leading in the vote count.  

    They lost Middle America in the last election,  so they are moving further to the Left,  as some sort of remedy (?).   

    And these are the intellectual giants of the political world????  Good grief. 

    Dems admit what we already know: The protests at GOP townhalls are organized by the Dems.

    Pretending to be in popular demand does not win elections.  You would think that the Dems would have already realized this. 

    A group that’s taking a stand against Republicans holding town hall meetings with their constituents was founded by a former Hillary Clinton staffer and has ties to liberal billionaire George Soros.
    The Town Hall Project was started by Jimmy Dahman, who worked as field organizer in Iowa for Clinton during her failed presidential bid. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the company that owns the group — The Action Network — is in the same Washington, D.C. building as a Soros-funded organization…
    …According to the Free Beacon, The Action Network’s staff includes former Service Employees International Union (SEIU) executive Mark Fleischman; Brian Young, a former campaign staffer for Howard Dean and John Kerry; Jeffrey Dugas, who has worked for John Podesta and Sen. Elizabeth Warren; and former SEIU employee Rich Clayton, a veteran of the labor group Change to Win.

    Test: Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda

    The White House
    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release

    Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda

    - - - - - - -
    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to lower regulatory burdens on the American people by implementing and enforcing regulatory reform, it is hereby ordered as follows:
    Section 1.  Policy.  It is the policy of the United States to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.
    Sec. 2.  Regulatory Reform Officers.  (a)  Within 60 days of the date of this order, the head of each agency, except the heads of agencies receiving waivers under section 5 of this order, shall designate an agency official as its Regulatory Reform Officer (RRO).  Each RRO shall oversee the implementation of regulatory reform initiatives and policies to ensure that agencies effectively carry out regulatory reforms, consistent with applicable law.  These initiatives and policies include:
    (i)    Executive Order 13771 of January 30, 2017 (Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs), regarding offsetting the number and cost of new regulations;
    (ii)   Executive Order 12866 of September 30, 1993 (Regulatory Planning and Review), as amended, regarding regulatory planning and review; 
    (iii)  section 6 of Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), regarding retrospective review; and
    (iv)   the termination, consistent with applicable law, of programs and activities that derive from or implement Executive Orders, guidance documents, policy memoranda, rule interpretations, and similar documents, or relevant portions thereof, that have been rescinded. 
    (b)  Each agency RRO shall periodically report to the agency head and regularly consult with agency leadership.
    Sec. 3.  Regulatory Reform Task Forces.  (a)  Each agency shall establish a Regulatory Reform Task Force composed of:
    (i)    the agency RRO;
    (ii)   the agency Regulatory Policy Officer designated under section 6(a)(2) of Executive Order 12866; 
    (iii)  a representative from the agency's central policy office or equivalent central office; and
    (iv)   for agencies listed in section 901(b)(1) of title 31, United States Code, at least three additional senior agency officials as determined by the agency head.
    (b)  Unless otherwise designated by the agency head, the agency RRO shall chair the agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force.
    (c)  Each entity staffed by officials of multiple agencies, such as the Chief Acquisition Officers Council, shall form a joint Regulatory Reform Task Force composed of at least one official described in subsection (a) of this section from each constituent agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force.  Joint Regulatory Reform Task Forces shall implement this order in coordination with the Regulatory Reform Task Forces of their members' respective agencies.
    (d)  Each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall evaluate existing regulations (as defined in section 4 of Executive Order 13771) and make recommendations to the agency head regarding their repeal, replacement, or modification, consistent with applicable law.  At a minimum, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall attempt to identify regulations that:
    (i)    eliminate jobs, or inhibit job creation;
    (ii)   are outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective;
    (iii)  impose costs that exceed benefits;
    (iv)   create a serious inconsistency or otherwise interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies;
    (v)    are inconsistent with the requirements of section 515 of the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act, 2001 (44 U.S.C. 3516 note), or the guidance issued pursuant to that provision, in particular those regulations that rely in whole or in part on data, information, or methods that are not publicly available or that are insufficiently transparent to meet the standard for reproducibility; or
    (vi)   derive from or implement Executive Orders or other Presidential directives that have been subsequently rescinded or substantially modified.
    (e)  In performing the evaluation described in subsection (d) of this section, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall seek input and other assistance, as permitted by law, from entities significantly affected by Federal regulations, including State, local, and tribal governments, small businesses, consumers, non-governmental organizations, and trade associations.
    (f)  When implementing the regulatory offsets required by Executive Order 13771, each agency head should prioritize, to the extent permitted by law, those regulations that the agency's Regulatory Reform Task Force has identified as being outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective pursuant to subsection (d)(ii) of this section.
    (g)  Within 90 days of the date of this order, and on a schedule determined by the agency head thereafter, each Regulatory Reform Task Force shall provide a report to the agency head detailing the agency's progress toward the following goals:
    (i)   improving implementation of regulatory reform initiatives and policies pursuant to section 2 of this order; and
    (ii)  identifying regulations for repeal, replacement, or modification.
    Sec. 4.  Accountability.  Consistent with the policy set forth in section 1 of this order, each agency should measure its progress in performing the tasks outlined in section 3 of this order.
    (a)  Agencies listed in section 901(b)(1) of title 31, United States Code, shall incorporate in their annual performance plans (required under the Government Performance and Results Act, as amended (see 31 U.S.C. 1115(b))), performance indicators that measure progress toward the two goals listed in section 3(g) of this order.  Within 60 days of the date of this order, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (Director) shall issue guidance regarding the implementation of this subsection.  Such guidance may also address how agencies not otherwise covered under this subsection should be held accountable for compliance with this order.
    (b)  The head of each agency shall consider the progress toward the two goals listed in section 3(g) of this order in assessing the performance of the Regulatory Reform Task Force and, to the extent permitted by law, those individuals responsible for developing and issuing agency regulations.
    Sec. 5.  Waiver.  Upon the request of an agency head, the Director may waive compliance with this order if the Director determines that the agency generally issues very few or no regulations (as defined in section 4 of Executive Order 13771).  The Director may revoke a waiver at any time.  The Director shall publish, at least once every 3 months, a list of agencies with current waivers.
    Sec. 6.  General Provisions.  (a)  Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
    (i)   the authority granted by law to an executive department or agency, or the head thereof; or
    (ii)  the functions of the Director relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
    (b)  This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
    (c)  This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

        February 24, 2017

    Move over NY Times. You are no longer "special" to much of anyone

    Michael M. Grynbaum / New York Times:
    White House Bars Times and 2 Other News Outlets From Briefing  —  WASHINGTON — Journalists from The New York Times and two other news organizations were prohibited from attending a briefing by President Trump's press secretary on Friday, a highly unusual breach of relations between the White House and its press corps.
    Notes: What is "highly unusual" in all this is the notion that the Times was barred from anything.  Turns out that this was an impromptu presser in a side room at the White House,  following the President's CPAC speech on Friday.  Room was limited and the NY Times, Politico, and CNN (among others) were not invited,  but,  were given transcripts and video's of the presser.  These folks are just angry that they are no longer being treated special.  That's it.   

    BTW, the Wa/Post,  FoxNews, Breitbart,  ABC, CBS, NBC, One America News Network, and the Washington Examiner were included.  Plenty of liberal news representation in that grouping.  Get over yourselves.  You lost the election.  Pay back is a bitch,  such as it is.  

    Taking Friday and Saturday off. Attending the AMP Conference in West Covina.

       Update:  BTW,  I have decided to permanently discontinue the comment line.  We won the election, and, the Left has gone "postal."  All of the Left Wing commentary to this blog is "anonymous" and as foul mouth as only the Left knows out to be filthy.  They do not have a handle on logic and cannot entertain intelligent and dispassionate conversation.  In fact you cannot read their comments without losing I.Q. points.  
      Update #2:  Saturday morning, I will blog for an hour or two,  for what it is worth.  
      If :
    • You have attended church for years and know you’re called to share your faith but struggle to actually do it
    • You’re new to Christianity and want to learn more about why you can trust the Bible
    • You’re feeling discouraged that a family member isn’t a believer and seems bothered by faith conversations
    • You know apologetics well but don’t know how to use it to impact others
    • You’re a parent who wants to help your children keep the faith even after they leave home

    Its Thursday and time for Mady Rose.

    Madyson Houseman

    Just a girl trying to make it in a big world
    She appreciates your help   . . . .   "liking"
    her photo features.  

    Go to Mady's site, here, and like 
    what you like.  

    or her primary agent, jonlorentz

    When we started featuring Mady Rose on Thursdays,  her following was at 2000.  Today she has a following of 4,044.  She writes her "Pops"  (that would be me) and says, Thank You to your readers !!  

    1,200 were expected at anti-Trump rally. Only 173 pledged to attend. Second failed rally in two days.

    The group Not My President’s Day announced a rally scheduled for Monday in Boston had to be canceled, according to a statement Thursday.

    The rally would have been in the Boston Common from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. EST. The group announced it was not granted a permit, but it’s also worth noting that only 173 of the 1,200 individuals invited to the event said they planned on attending.

    They make it sound as if we are sending them to their deaths,

    An underground network is readying homes to hide immigrants  —  Los Angeles (CNN)A hammer pounds away in the living room of a middle class home.  A sanding machine smoothes the grain of the wood floor in the dining room.  —  But this home Pastor Ada Valiente is showing off in Los Angeles …

    Notes:  We are not sending them to the ovens.  We are  just sending back to their homeland.  Dividing their families???   Can't their family members go with them????   

    The McLaughlin/Associate {post Trump's press conference} survey is all good for the People's President.

    This McLaughlin survey included 1,000 folks,  divided 31% (independents), 33% (Republican) and 36% (Democrats)   . . . .  a very acceptable demographic.  More than this,  the survey was taken after that now famous press conference by the President. 

    Trumps favorable  rating,  today,  is 50% to 46%.  In the beginning of February,  those numbers were reversed  (46/50) and in February of 2016,  his unfavorable  rating was 62%.  

    His jobs rating is 51/44 up from 48/48 at the beginning of February.

    Right track - wrong track:  41 to 48 .  This compares to a right track/wrong track in January,  under Obama, was 28 / 62.  

    Of those who support Trump, the protests to keep illegals in this country:  20% approve,  a whopping 78% disapprove.   

    I use Drudge as a news portal. But his commentary stinks. Here is an example.

    Go to the story,  after reading this headline, Pelosi breakdown? Repeats words, tells audience to clap, Kasich 'gov of Illinois'...    ,  and tell me whether you see a Nancy Pelosi who is any more of a dunce than she has been for the past decade. or not.   Sorry, Matt,  but I don't see it.  Stick to posting headlines and leave the commentary to folks who are not so damn partisan.   And know this: The Dems do not need your help in sounding like a bunch of whiny children begging for more candy. 

    That strange babe at MSNBC is having da record run, but she is not the only one.


    Notes:  Worried?  I mean, Maddow is speaking to a record sized audience while Trump's popularity numbers are running at record lows,  for a President at this time in his presidency.  

    Let's put this in context.  Political interest is high across the board.   Fox News and five of its daily programs are also on a record pace.  While Maddow averaged 2 million last week,  programs such as O'Reilly,  Hannity, Tucker Calrson Tonight, the Five and Bret Bair's commentary,  are all running between 3.5 and 4 million viewers.   

    While MSNBC is racking up a 1.58 million daily  (24 hour broadcast) audience,  Fox is at 2.7 for its 24 hour count   . . . . .    a record.  

    And Maddow is the only MSNBC program to brag about.  

    Sorry to burst your bubble,  if you are a committed global/commun-ist,  but them are the facts.  

    Now you know the truth and its context.     

    Scientists have discovered 7 planets that could could could support life. They are only 40 years from here.

    Ooops,  I said 40 years.  I meant to write, "40 light years."  I love the way NASA couches this discovery:  

    Yes,  they said "just" 40 light years away.  Light travels 6 trillion miles in a single day.  You do the math,  but this discovery is completely meaningless as far as any of us or our families, generations removed.  
    Sadly, that fact will not stifle the dreamer talk coming from our "scientists."  Just know this:  there is absolutely no evidence of any kind that other civilizations exist "out there," or that, in some way,  will will benefit from the NASA discovery.