Trump is definitely gaining ground on absentee Hillary.

His problem may have more to do with the Unprincipled Republicans willing to sacrifice all of the their political values to Hillary than give Trump  their vote.  

Counter to this defection is the "unknown" Trump voter.  How many union folks will cross their socialist bosses to vote for Donald?  How many blacks,  silent now for fear of physical harm from their neighbors and family,  will press the button for the Realtor?  How many US born,  English speaking Hispanics will give him a chance.  He has opportunity with 40% of American Hispanics who have English as the "native" tongue.  How many first time voters,  folks not on anyone's polling logs,  will come out to vote for the man?  And Independents?  He is running behind Hillary in Ohio by 3.8% but has a 17 point lead in that state with Independents.  

In Florida,  he is 23.7% down.  N. Carolina, down 1.7%.  and Nevada -  down 2.3%.  

Understand that if he wins Ohio  (no thanks to the moronic Kasich),  Florida and N Carolina,  and keeps the states that Romney won,  he wins the election.  

The really big news of the day is this:  Trump has cut Hillary's polling lead by half  in just three weeks of "staying on message."  

Now you know.