Why Left Wing Idealism is a good thing, in spite of the fact it never works.

As you know, I am no "Lefty." No tattoos, never a head for hippy hair, no staubs in my navel or bottom lip or rings in my nose, because who I am has nothing to do with trivia.
Most importantly, in my old age, I understand the difference between idealism as a way of life and the practicalities of my faith. Christ once said, "You will always have the poor (John 12:8)." And, in that statement is the difference of which I write.
The Left believes in the "war on poverty," never admitting to its abject failure, always believing that this existential reality is something other than existential. Anti-aging creams are the rule of the day, in spite of the fact that aging is undeniable. I mean, if these creams worked, my entire body would be cream colored 24/7 . . . . . . . and, sadly, I am talking about a lot of cream. Deep down inside, we all know that a "world without war" is not possible, history proving the point . . . . . not to mention the innate failure of the human spirit. And, then, there is all this talk that "we are not alone" in the Universe, that billions of similar-to-earth planets exist, just waiting for us to make the (25 trillion mile) journey and start propagating with wild abandon. "Global Warming" rescue will never work, either. I mean, we can't prevent a single earthquake or volcanic eruption, so why do we believe we can control the weather?
But there is a "positive" to all this Left Wing silliness: "idealism" is driven by an unwillingness to surrender to those things that will, without a doubt, defeat us in this life, and, I think that is a good thing. The "practical life," on the other hand, is too often driven by surrender, and a refusal to even try to escape or improve or seek compromise. God bless the Right Wingers; they keep our feet on the ground. God bless the Libs; they keep us looking to the stars and the hope of a brighter future. I don't think we should ever denigrate either. Too bad we will never get along. Such is the nature of a dialectic reality, my friends.