Myth: The 1996 Federal shutdown was a disaster for the GOP. Here is the truth and the myth is an outrageious lie.

I will make this short and sweet.  In 1994,  the GOP shocked the nation by winning control of both houses of Congress  . . . . .  first time 40 years and no one saw it coming. 

Newt’s House shutdown the government for a brief period in early 1996.  The midterm elections were held that November (1996).

That unmitigated disaster the Left keeps talking about?  Well,  Newt’s House lost 3 seats and remained (very much) in control of that legislative body, falling from control of 230 seats to 227 after the '96 elections;  the Senate actually picked up 3 seats to increase its majority from 52 seats to 55.  

In other words,  GOP paid no price whatsoever and instead,  put itself in position to force a balanced budget for the next four years.  

What happens in a "shut down?" ----- Oh, almost nothing. One thing for certain, unless you are in the military, you will not be affected at all.

Federal workers will be furloughed but will continue to work,  knowing that in due time,  they will be paid in full. 

Post Office stays open.

Medicare and Social Security checks will be sent out.

Some of the National Parks will be closed for a time.

And Obama may not pay the military,  consider his anti-military bias. Good news  !!!  The military will be paid with IOU's.  

ObamaCare will continue to “function,”  Obama telling us there is plenty of money for that service  (which,  of course,  there is not).

In short,  this shutdown will not affect the average American citizen at all  . . . . . . “not one dime” to quote Obama 

The war of words can be framed this wise: Serving President Obama versus Obama serving we, the people. Hollywood vows to serve Barack Obama.

Middle School aged kids where shown a pro-mo film involving a number of Hollywood types and music celebs pledging to “serve Barack Obama,”  “to serve the presidency.”  Following an uproar from a number of school parents,  the principle, Dan Koch,   made this statement:

 “The ‘I Pledge’ video we viewed yesterday included some messages about serving President Barack Obama. We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff. The video conveyed a message that people serve the presidency when in fact our elected officials serve the people. We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials, that office serves each of us as well. I sincerely hope that as participants in Wednesday’s event what you took away from the experience was to choose to make a difference in your world.” 

I think he pegged it.  But we should all be concerned that Hollywood does not agree with the statement,  nor does it see the importance of pushing forward with the fact that our politicians,  including Obama,  are there to  serve us.  
Read the full account at The Blaze.

54% of Californians may loose insurance coverage and that is just the beginning of the story.

1) California: 58,000 will lose their plans under Obamacare. The first bomb dropped in California with a mass exodus from the most populated state’s Obamacare exchange. Aetna, the country’s largest insurer, left first in July and was closely followed by UnitedHealth. Anthem Blue Cross pulled out of California’s Obamacare exchange for small businesses as well.
Fifty-four percent of Californians expect to lose their coverage, according to an August poll.
2) Missouri: Patients of the state’s largest hospital system — which spans 13 hospitals including the St. Louis Children’s Hospital — will not be covered by the largest insurer on Obamacare exchanges, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. Anthem covers 79,000 patients in Missouri who may seek subsidies on Obamacare exchanges, but won’t be able to see any doctors in the BJC HealthCare system.
3) Connecticut: Aetna, the third largest insurer in the nation, won’t offer insurance on the Obamacare exchange in its own home state, where it was founded in 1850. The reason? “We believe the modification to the rates filed by Aetna will not allow us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans and meet the service expectations of our customers,” said Aetna spokesman Susan Millerick.

4) Maryland: 13,000 individuals covered by Aetna and its recently-purchased Coventry Health Care won’t be able to keep their insurance plans if they want Obamacare subsidies on the exchanges. Aetna and Coventry canceled plans to offer insurance in the exchange when state officials wouldn’t allow them to charge premiums high enough to cover costs.  

Editor's notes:  See the Daily Caller's commentary on the remaining 6 states,  understanding that these are not the only states in the nation affected by the rolling disaster we call "ObamaCare."  The summary reason for the exodus of nationally ranked insurance companies is found in this statement by Aetna:  “We believe the modification to the rates filed by Aetna will not allow us to collect enough premiums to cover the cost of the plans and meet the service expectations of our customers,”

Here is the scary part:  If it doesn't work for private business,  it will be nothing but a money pit when the Feds take charge.  Obama has recorded record taxation increases on the Middle Class since taking office.  ObamaCare insures this record pace to continue,  and the Socialist/Progressive theory allows for these increases,  believing that the money makes the concerns of the poor,  those who can't or  will not work to qualify themselves for life in a new and technical society.  As things stand,  today,  the poor can "earn" as much as $34,000 per year as participants in the several entitlement programs available to the so-called "poor."  

The House voted on Harry Reid's Senate bill (yes, one man runs the Senate) and sent the bill back to Reid with these demands:

1.   Delay Obama Care for one year since it is not ready for prime time, anyway:  its 50 state exchanges are not functioning as they should, big business has been granted a delay until 2015, and on and on.
2.   Get rid of the medical device tax.  Congressmen on both sides of  the aisle think this is a repressive tax and will cause medical costs to rise,  significantly.
3.   And,  if the Dems decide to shut down government,  we must continue to pay the military,  no exceptions. 

All of which sounds perfectly reasonable.  Personally,  I have never believed there will be Federal shut-down.  All such talk is scare tactics coming [exclusively] from the Left and its Minion Media.  

Colleges Top 25 and Oregon is #1, Alabama is #2 (in more ways than one). Go Ducks.

1. Oregon 4-0
2. Alabama 4-0
3. Ohio State 5-0
4. Stanford 4-0
5. Clemson 4-0
6. Louisville 4-0
7. Florida State 4-0
8. Georgia 3-1
9. Texas A&M 4-1
10. UCLA 3-0

24.     Fresno State  (Editor’s home town school)

Go to Breitbart for the full list of top 25 teams.  I am thinking they finally got this list right.

Obama offers support and praise for a terror group singled out by the Canadians for its ties with Pakistanian terror (see the video/read the article).

We begin with Obama,  once again,  giving praise to a radicalized Islamic organization in this video of praise and appreciation for the work and service of the Islamic Society of North America,  the same organization Canada just excluded from tax exemption for its terror related activity.  

From the  Toronto Sun:

The Canada Revenue Agency has revoked the charitable status of an Islamic group after it says it distributed over $280,000 to an agency allegedly linked to a terrorist organization in Pakistan.  The CRA announced Friday it will strip the Islamic Society of North America Canada’s Development Foundation of its charitable status.

After a nearly two-year-long audit of its books, the CRA said it found evidence linking the group to an organization that funds a terrorist organization in Pakistan.
His father was Muslim.  His name is of Muslim origin.  He was taught in a Muslim school in Indonesia.  He first press conference after being confirmed as "president,"  was with a Muslim news service based in the Middle East - before he talked with the American press. He disregarded "red flag" warnings from the FBI concerning CAIR and its terror related alliances,  and now this,  praise being offered to a group with provable terror ties.  

Like I have said before,  "He may not be a Muslim,  but he sure enjoys acting like one."  

They called it an "interview" but it was actually a full-on debate between David Gregory, the darling media bully of the Left, and Senator Ted Cruz.

In this debate/interview,  David Gregory forsakes the objectivity of a reporter,  and plays the role of the Socialist/Progressive's front man.  While Gregory was not overbearing,  he was persistent and presented the debate concerning ObamaCare as effectively as it can be presented. 

Clearly,  Gregory’s goal was to box Cruz in and defeat him before a national audience.  You cannot watch this discussion without appreciating both the sincerity and rhetorical skill of both men,  but,  in the case,  especially,  Senator Cruz.  He won me over,  with this performance. 

You have a few minutes.  Take the time and sit down; listen to this back and forth between very skilled opponents and you will come away appreciating Ted Cruz for what he is  . . . . . .  a front runner in the  New GOP.  

The general opinion of the American electorate is this: Obama is not doing a satisfactory job.

A Summary Review of the latest Thomson Reuters/IPSOS poll showing Obama with a 39% approval rating and a 64% concensus opinion that the nation is “headed in the wrong direction.” 

First,  let me dispel the notion that this poll is heavily weighed in favor of the Democrat alliance.  Although the separation is stated as 40% Democrat and 30% Republican (numbers given within the report, itself), still,  this same report gives us a numerical separation of just 32 Democrats.  The report states 643 Democrats interviewed to 611 Republicans.  Based on this last bit of information,  we will not argue the results. 

And the result includes these rather alarming statistics:

A full 64% of the nation believes we are headed down the wrong path.

71% of all Independents share in this belief,  a number high enough to cause alarm with Democrats,  as they face a mid-term election in 14 months.  There are signs that this coming election will be as much a “wave” election as was the 2010.  This particular stats is one of those signs. 

Understand that the “line item” polling issues  (Medicare, ObamaCare, Foreign Policy, Environment,  Women’s Rights, Social Security, Taxes, and so on), within the scope of this polling survey,   are more the result of an uninformed constituency rather than an out growth of the disposition of the electorate.  In other words,  Democrats do very well in this survey on issues of the environment,  Social Security, Medicare,  and health care,  in spite of the fact Medicare is 42 trillion (yes,  with a “t”) in debt.  Ditto for Social Security,  where the nation owes more than  17 trillion in unfunded (that means we don’t have the money) liabilities.  ObamaCare,  as we all know,  is severely flawed,  inoperable in it’s present form,  and unsustainable as to future indebtedness.  In fact,  it promises to be in more debt,  within 30 years,  than Medicare and Social Security combined . . . . .  yet folks who receive benefits from these programs do not admit to any serious problems. 

When folks are impressed with the seriousness of the debt,  whether nationally or with each of these several program,  they vote in favor of dealing with the issues.  When the GOP has failed to communicate the critical nature societal debt at all levels,  they lose power and influence. 

You can find the actual survey here,  Judge for yourself.  

Yes, the southern white racists in the South have moved into the Republican Party, but need to be openly rejected by one and all. A 15x15 Confederate Flag in the name of peace? So much barnyard is my conclusion.

By Associated Press, Published: September 28
CHESTER, Va. — Hundreds gathered Saturday in freshly cleared woods along Interstate 95 to celebrate the raising of a Confederate battle flag, an event that stirred strong opposition from those who view the flag as a symbol of division.
Those who attended the raising of the 15-by-15-foot flag from the Army of Northern Virginia said the ceremony was not intended to offend, but to honor the South’s war dead in the Civil War.

“The reason why we’re here is to honor the soldier,” said James Thompson, 50, a North Carolinian now living in Richmond. “We don’t see it as a slavery issue.”  (If you want to read more, go to the Washington Post).

Editor’s notes:  This event is so much crap,  plain and simple.  Understanding that the Southern Democrat South cost the lives of over 530,000 because of their stance on slavery, forcing this nation into a civil war over the issue of freedom for a single race of people.  My family fought with the North,  in that war,  and I have no patience for this “in your face” nonsense.  If these morons wanted to “honor the dead” in that war,  they should have flown an American flag,  not a confederate imitation celebrating the worst pain the nation has faced since its inception. 

Is this Virginia action protected as free speech?  Of course,  but so too, is this posted protest.  In fact,  I believe I am under obligation to speak out when this type of buffoonery raises its ugly/ignorant/trash talking/un-American head.  
When I was in college,  back in the early 1960's,  the South was the exclusive property of the Democrat Party.  But,  that party "went liberal" and these raciest,  moved into the GOP,  sadly.   They are not the only racist collective,  however.  The Congressional Black Caucus is equally racist and even more vocal.  At least the southern bigots in this story,  have no party to turn to,  no one in the GOP will do their bidding  --  not true when it comes to the CBC and the Socialist Progressives.  

And the Congressional Black Caucus would rather proceed with a law that is not ready for prime time than act responsibly.

Update: in the same Saturday night House speech as quoted in the original post, Ms Moore decided it was appropriate to change the biblical text found in Galatians 6:7, which reads, "Be not deceived,  God is not mocked,"  a warning some of us need to reconsider btw;  Moore's inspired (no doubt) version goes this way as she foretells the displeasure of the American people with the House vote over this weekend:  "Be not deceived;  the People will not be mocked"  as if the people had anything to  do with the writing of ObamaCare.  

P.S. You do remember this moron was booed while giving a speech at the 2012 Democrat National Convention, no?  

Original Post:

 Well,  it is not news,  but the verbal assault against traditional America continues with this bit of silliness.

Rep Gwen Moore is a House Democrat bent on the redistribution of wealth, taking from those who work hard,  have money-making ideas,  and are willing to invest in their ideas.  She is part of the larger cabal that has no respect for the rule of Constitutional law,  the early historicity of this nation,  the founding principles that do not support taking from the "haves," and the place and function of a free society when that society opposes her socialist agenda.  

The Congress is teaming with such malcontents.  And they are willing to say just about anything in an attempt to  influence folks on behalf of their self-serving political agenda.  Example:  Yesterday,  this woman stood up and denounced the House vote to delay ObamaCare for one year with this comment,  "This bill is an effort to bring the nation to its knees to punish the U.S. for reelecting Barack Obama" (or words to that effect).

She complains while ignoring these facts:

1.  The major unions of this country want this bill (ObamaCare) delayed until their complaints concerning the work week and loss of benefits have been addressed,  and Big Labor is a primary source of income for the present day Socialist/Progressive Movement.  It is hardly a part of the teaparty.  

2.  None of the 50 state insurance exchanges have been set up . . . .  none,  regardless of the what you read or hear from the Left,  and this information comes from Left Wing Establishment Media such as the WaPost,  Salon abd the Daily Beast.  

3.  As of this writing,  there is no ability to protect or secure the information being collected to run this maniac institution.  

4.  There is no no ability on the part of Central Planning to verify or check on the individual income claims of the millions who will be coming into the  system.  This information is needed to establish reimbursement needs.  Currently,  the Feds are in a position of having to trust in the individual's income claims.  

5.  The employer mandate has been postponed until 2015 by the Obama Government.  This fact,  in and of itself,  should be enough reason to postpone the implementation  of ObamaCare for at least 12 months.  

The facts of the matter give us this conclusion:  ObamaCare,  after three years,  is simply not ready for implementation, Ms Moore's childish rants to  the contrary.  

In the latest PPP poll, 76% of the GOP constituency is "conservative" or "very conservative" and another tidal-wave midterm is just 14 months away. .

According to a new PPP poll, which has Sen. Ted Cruz the top choice for the 2016 Republican nomination, those who describe themselves as “very conservative” make up 39 percent of the splintered party. . . . . .   Among the conservative voters, Cruz is the leading choice for the GOP nomination. He won 34 percent of that group. But he also shows remarkable crossover as 32 percent of the “very liberal” crowd also prefer him.  We conservatives are taking our party back.  

Out of work, out of luck, lower take-home, no saving capability for future needs and a work week that has been redefined down to 29.5 hours --- all because of the genius of the Obama/Progressive Socialists and the Stooge GOP that now supports this fiasco.

From,  because the other Progressive financial reporting publications do not care that you have this information:  

ObamaCare's impact on jobs is hotly debated by politicians and economists. Critics say the Affordable Care Act, with its employer mandate to provide health insurance, gives businesses an incentive to cut workers' hours. This year, report after report has rolled in about employers restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week — the point where the mandate kicks in. Data also point to a record low workweek in low-wage industries.

In the interest of an informed debate, we've compiled a list of job actions with strong proof that ObamaCare's employer mandate is behind cuts to work hours or staffing levels. As of Sept. 25, our ObamaCare scorecard included 313 employers. Here's our latest analysis, focusing on cuts to adjunct hours at nearly 200 college campuses. The ObamaCare list methodology is explained further in our initial coverage; click on the employer names in the list below for links to supporting records, mostly news accounts or official documents.

We'll continue to update the list, which we encourage you to share and download into a spreadsheet to sort and analyze. If you know of an employer that should be on the list and can provide supporting evidence, please contact IBD at . . . . . .  

Click on this link for the full list of 313 employers.  Keep in mind that the worst of this story is not found with these cut backs, but the thousands of terminations due to worries over ObamaCare.  

Boehner gets tough and takes a stand that represent his caucus membership. And his demands are most reasonable.

"Bold" print emphasis is mine,  not the Speakers  ~ blog editor.  

House Will Vote on Plan to Keep Government Open, Stop ObamaCare
Posted by Speaker Boehner's Press Office

September 28, 2013

Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and GOP Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) released the following joint statement:
“The American people don’t want a government shut down and they don’t want ObamaCare. That’s why later today, the House will vote on two amendments to the Senate-passed continuing resolution that will keep the government open and stop as much of the president’s health care law as possible.
“The first amendment delays the president’s health care law by one year. And the second permanently repeals ObamaCare’s medical device tax that is sending jobs overseas.
“Both of these amendments will change the date of the Senate CR to December 15th. We will also vote on a measure that ensures our troops get paid, no matter what.
“We will do our job and send this bill over, and then it’s up to the Senate to pass it and stop a government shutdown.”

- See more at:

Editor's notes:  You should know that ObamaCare is simply not ready for prime time.  NONE of the 50 exchanges are up and running as promised.  There are no comprehensive security checks in place to protect your information.  The employer mandate has been postponed until 2015,  and, there is no system in place to verify individual incomes,  income needed to determine subsidy needs for the working poor.   

The Speaker's postponement may not be enough time.  If we are going to have to bear this legislative idiocy,  certainly,  it  needs to be fully implemented in total.  

A Christian minister imprisoned in Iran's worst prison for 8 years for sharing his belief about Christ and Obama makes no mention of him in his "historic" dealings with Iranian leadership.

I was so impressed to see Senator Ted Cruz kneeling  with Jordan Sekulow and the pastors who were praying for Pastor Saeed Abedini’s release at the vigil in front of the White House today.  Like Governor Palin, he is not ashamed of his faith.   It reminded me of George Washington praying at Valley Forge.   Governor Palin and Senator Cruz are definitely made of the same cloth, with a servant’s heart and a sincere faith.

Summary Report of Yesterday's Senate Fiasco: We now know that McCain and his RINO Herd, are only pretenders when it comes to the advancement of radical socialism.

<<<<<  Editor with two of his daughters,  both Christian worship leaders,  both "top of their class" in school,  both favorites with the fat guy in the middle.  

I am sure most of you already know what happened,  yesterday,  in the Senate,  but,  just in case,  here is a quick summary review:

It takes 60 votes to end debate or discussion on any bill that comes to floor of the Senate.  By rule,  all Senators have the right to be heard and to speak as long as they choose.  After discussion is ended by Senate vote,  again by a 60 vote total,  the proposed bill is voted on and can be approved by the Senate by as little as 51 votes,  or a simple majority.  Hapless Harry knew he could not stop debate without the support of some Republicans and he has refused to consider any amendments to ObamaCare. 

Yesterday,  he allowed discussion on a financial bill,  a “Continuing Resolution,”  which included defunding ObamaCare,  to be voted on as presented to the Senate by the House.  The vote of 79 to 19 to end debate succeeded.  Within 30 minutes of that vote,  Reid presented the same bill but without the defunding clause.  Since the Senate had closed debate,  only 51 votes were needed.  All but  two Republicans voted against this altered bill and the Democrats won another round on ObamaCare,  54 to 44. 

Problem for the GOP:  everyone knew Reid was going to use this tactic to get his way  . . . . .   everyone.  Knowing this to be the case,  prior to the vote to end debate,  the only option for true conservatives opposing the mess we know as “ObamaCare” was to support Cruz and others, and refuse to end debate until concessions were made by the Democrats as to needed corrections to this poorly written bill.  As it turns out,  a vote to end discussion,  understanding what Reid was about to do to the House bill,  was a vote to support of ObamaCare AS IS,  without any repair whatsoever.  The second vote simply did not matter and the  Big Government boys -- McCain,  Graham,  and 25 other Senate Republicans -- won the day for Barrack Obama and against the will of the people.  . . . . .   despite all the blow to the contrary coming from the feckless mind and mouth of John McCain.

In the end,  GOP Senators told   their constituencies they knew better than the people,  and voted for continued Democrat rule on this matter.  We now know that  McCain and his RINO Herd,  are only pretenders when it comes to the advancement of radical socialism.  Debate on that conclusion ended with the Senate vote to end debate on ObamaCare. 

Time to move these pretenders out of office or take our 15 million votes somewhere else come election day,  even if it means Hillary becomes president.  

Cruz moves up the popularity ladder as Obama and McCain falter.

From Daily Mail because the American media refused to run this lede story:   

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the tea party darling who staged an unsuccessful 21-hour-long quasi-filibuster this week opposing government funding for The Affordable Care Act, has emerged as Republican voters' top pick for the 2016 presidential nomination, according to a poll released Friday.   

The Public Policy Polling survey [PPP] found that 20 per cent of Republicans favor Cruz, followed by 17 per cent for Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, 14 per cent for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, 11 per cent for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and 10 per cent each for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.  Louisian Gov. Bobby Jindal polled 4 per cent. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum brought up the rear, with 3 per cent support each. Nine per cent said they supported someone else, or had no opinion.  

Editor's notes:  I listened to several hours of Senator Cruz's 21 hour speech.  It was great; much of it was on point and not one word spoken by the Senator denigrating his opposition or bashing those within his own party who took time to slander him and his effort.

It is time for new leadership within the GOP and that effort is well on its way.  With all the talk of Obama being our first black president and the historic tone of the 2008 election,  most folks have forgotten that McCain lost that election by just 7% of the popular vote,  and he lost because informed conservatives refused to support him and the grand hypocrisy he represents.  

There can be no question as to whether McCain is a Big Government,  compromising fool.  Heck,  he even supports a terrorist leader in the Syrian rebellion as he holds hands with the likes of Dick Durbin and Charles Schumer.  Disgusting.   

Christie mouths off, again, and, again, is on the wrong side of the debate. My advice to Christie: "You should not talk with your mouth; hurry and take another bite."

From Newsmax:
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday “responsible Republican leaders” would not allow the government to shut down.   “That, by definition, is a failure. You’ve gotta work it out,” Christie, a Republican, said in a segment set to air Sunday on “CBS This Morning,” Politico reported.

[Surely he is not thinking of compromising our values and the traditional freedoms of those whom you govern in order to "work it out," is he????]

Christie didn’t name any GOP politicians, but his remarks came the day after Texas Sen. Ted Cruz finished a 21-hour speech on the Senate floor advocating for the defunding of Obamacare. Both he and Cruz are seen as possible GOP contenders in the 2016 presidential race.”I think there’s got to be a solution other than that,” Christie said in the CBS episode, reported. “I don’t think we should be doing that. . . . . . I think it’s always irresponsible if you’re running the government to be advocating for shutting it down,” Christie said.

["Advocating" ???  Who in the world is "advocating" a shutdown?  geeeesh,  and he wants to be "president"  ??!!!  Sorry,  but we already have someone who does not listen to what is going on around him.]

Editor’s notes: Hey Pal  (to quote McCain),  its called “stand your ground.”  The rule goes like this:  if the enemy comes after you in a threatening manner,  you are allowed to use whatever force necessary to defend yourself.  Cruz and others are defending “us” from the tyranny of “them” and who is talking about shutting the government down,  anyway?  Certainly not conservatives,  but how would you know that since you are thinking with your puckered lips, still remembering the good old days when you made love to Obama days before the 2012 elections. 

Just another reason why Christie will never get my vote in either the primaries or in the general election.   

Friday will reveal the good guys in the battle to defeat or postpone or repair ObamaCare . . . . . . . and the pressure is mounting.

CNS News is reporting that  21 House members have sent a letter to all GOP Senators, warning them against a cloture vote on the Continuing Resolution, a resolution that contains funding for ObamaCare without any legislative effort to amend the bill or repair any of its critical issues.  11 GOP Senators are prepared to vote "yes" for ending debate on the CR and,  in effect, support ObamaCare as it is   . . . . .    11 GOP Senators out of 46 lead by the GOP's resident Loser,  John McCain. 

The Good Guys

House signators include:  Signers of the letter include: Dave Schweikert (R.-AZ),  Charles Boustany, M.D. (R.-LA ), John Culberson (R.-TX ), Steve King (R.-IA), Ted Yoho DVM (R.-FL ), Thomas Massie (R.-KY), Lynn Westmoreland (R.- GA), Jack Kingston (R.-GA), Jeff Duncan (R.-SC), Paul Broun M.D. (R.-GA ), Ron DeSantis (R.-FL), Michele Bachmann (R.-MN), Matt Salmon (R.-AZ), Steve Stockman (R.-TX), Louie Gohmert (R.-TX), Walter Jones (R.-NC), Scott Garrett (R.-NJ), Scott Perry (R.-PA), Mark Meadows (R.-NC), Tim Huelskamp (R.-KS).

Believe it: Americans see Putin as a more effective leader than Barry and it is not even a close call.

Text from Breitbart.  Read the article and see the video discussion of Russia’s recent and effective Syrian strategy and admit that Obama has been played as America is seen as weak and foolish in a world of fever pitched despots. 

When asked, "Which world leader was most effective during the Syrian chemical weapons crisis?", 49 percent of Americans gave the nod to Putin while only 25 percent pointed to Obama. . . . . . . . .    In response to, "Which world leader was the least effective during the Syrian chemical weapons crisis?", Obama got 44 percent while Putin only received 10 percent among those polled. 

Here are the morning headlines from Drudge. And, none of it is good news for the failing ObamaCare fiasco.

If you do not confess Islam, this is what happens to you. Anyone still believe the war on terror does not exist or that it is not religious in nature?

From the Daily Mail because the American Snooze Media is busy supporting the Obama pretense that Jihad does not exist, that we are not involved in a religious war with Radical Islam:  

Soldiers told of the horrific torture meted out by terrorists in the Nairobi mall massacre yesterday with claims hostages were dismembered, had their eyes gouged out and were left hanging from hooks in the ceiling.
Men were said to have been castrated and had fingers removed with pliers before being blinded and hanged.
Children were found dead in the food court fridges with knives still embedded in their bodies, it was claimed.
Most of the defeated terrorists, meanwhile, were reportedly discovered ‘burnt to ashes’, set alight by the last extremist standing to try to protect their identities.
The horrifying details came yesterday as the first pictures emerged from within the wreckage of the building, showing piles of bodies left strewn across the floor.
A third of the mall was destroyed in the battle between terrorists and Kenyan troops.
Lying in the rubble are feared to be the bodies of as many as 71 civilians who have been declared missing by the Kenyan Red Cross.
With detectives, including the FBI and the Metropolitan Police, still unable to reach the wrecked part of the mall for fear of setting off explosives, it could take up to a week to determine exactly who is still inside.
Yesterday, soldiers and doctors who were among the first people into the mall after it was reclaimed on Tuesday, spoke of the horrifying scenes inside.
‘You find people with hooks hanging from the roof,’ said one Kenyan doctor, who asked not to be named.
‘They removed eyes, ears, nose. They get your hand and sharpen it like a pencil then they tell you to write your name with the blood.
‘They drive knives inside a child’s body.
‘Actually if you look at all the bodies, unless those ones that were escaping, fingers are cut by pliers, the noses are ripped by pliers. Here it was pain.’

Palin continues to put pressure on Obama. Let's not forget, her challenge for a public debate still stands.

Our president was delusional and contradictory when he declared in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly, “The world is more stable than it was five years ago” (exactly when he swooped into office to calm the rising tides). But then in the next breath he listed examples of how it’s not more stable. All he needed to do was ask the Christians of the Middle East who are being targeted everywhere we look by Islamic extremists on their deadly march. This same president has declared that “Al Qaeda is on the run.” Yes, they apparently ran to places like Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Syria, and perhaps here next for all we know. It’s not like they haven’t attacked our homeland before. Good Lord, “delusional” is a generous term. The world right now is a tinderbox, hardly stable.

Instead of calling out the President’s deceptive comments, his reliable lapdogs in the media turn their attention and ire on Ted Cruz for daring to stand up for the American people. Maybe if Ted had worn pretty pink running shoes he’d have gotten more respect from the same leftwing media that gushed over the Texan state senator who filibustered in the Texas legislature for the right to late term abortions of babies (a position at odds with the sentiment of the majority of Texans and Americans).
See the link below for more on Obama’s U.N. speech delusions and contradictions. It’s truly unbelievable.

The Left celebrates the Gallup fact that only 1 quarter of the nation supports the teaparty - which continues to be the largest voting block in modern American history.

From the Left Wing Rag, Salon:    As far as the American public is concerned, the party is over — or at least it should be.  According to a new poll from Gallup, less than one out of every four Americans considers themselves a supporter of the Tea Party, a dip of 10 percent from three years ago and just one percentage point away from an all-time low.    Twenty-seven percent of Americans count themselves as opponents of the Tea Party, and 51 percent opted to stay on the sidelines and registered as neither or having no opinion.

Editor’s notes:  And the Lefties celebrate the demise of the teaparty movement,  but wait !!!  , there is more:  Ask yourself this question – “since when is a voting block of 25% of the American people that which speaks to the death of a [any] movement?"    Seriously.  Gallup tells us support for the movement is down to a mere 25% and, and,  the dopers at Salon (or is it, "saloon")  think this means the “party is over.” 

Really?  And which Leftist movement maintains numbers that are even remotely similar to the size and scope of this conservative, national, grassroots movement?  I have no clue as to where to start looking.  

The fact remains that the teaparty continues to be the single largest political influence in national politics, today.  Anyone want to bet that its presence will not be profoundly felt,  in the coming 2014 elections???    

Pelosi is a non-practicing Catholic and some within that faith are tired of her.

From the editor:  I have never understood why Pelosi or Kerry or any of the other pro-abortion Catholics in Congress continue to receive communion,  when,  in point of fact,  they are in gross violation of Catholic Church law.  Finally,  church officials are beginning to speak out.  While Pelosi has the right to speak her mind (this assumes a lot,  if you know what I mean),  she should not have the right to claim her Catholic faith,  when she stands opposed to a fundamental tenant of that faith and the directives of the Pope. 

Understand that a refusal to offer communion is a close kin to excommunication.  

Vatican Official: Pelosi Shouldn’t Receive Communion:   Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke said that Nancy Pelosi should be denied communion because her support of abortion is in conflict of her Catholic faith. He took particular issue with the minority leader’s refusal to comment on abortionist and murderer Kermit Gosnell because she said “as a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground” for her.

“To say that these are simply questions of Catholic faith which have no part in politics is just false and wrong,” Cardinal Burke said in an interview with The Wanderer, a Catholic newspaper. “This is a person who obstinately, after repeated admonitions, persists in a grave sin — cooperating with the crime of procured abortion.”

“For Catholic institutions or individuals to give recognition to such persons, to honor them in any way, is a source of grave scandal for which they are responsible,” he continued. “In a certain way, they contribute to the sinfulness of the individuals involved.”

The cardinal said he feared for Pelosi “if she does not come to understand how gravely in error she is” and called on her to look to St. Thomas More as inspiration; More was a 16th-century member of Parliament who was executed for defending his Catholic faith.

Democrats may not be the only politicians called to task, in the 2014 elections.

WASHINGTON — Following the epic, 21-hour speech by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, supporting the defunding of Obamacare, either voters made so many calls to establishment Republicans that their phone lines melted, or those GOP leaders took their phones off the hook.

Even in this age of digital wizardry and limitless voicemail, callers could not get through at all to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.    A message said the senator was experiencing a high volume of calls and directed members of the public to call back later or visit his website.

It was the same story with the man who was the face of the GOP in the 2008 elections, former GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.   His phone was off the hook, too. Callers got a message stating his voicemail box was full.  The Arizona senator apparently had other matters on his mind during the Cruz speech, tweeting, “Final episode of #Broadchurch tonight – one of the most entertaining shows on TV right now.”  

Editor's notes:  We should not forget Rand Paul's filibuster and Obama's retreat from his position defending American assassination by drone.  McCain ran around D.C. bloviating on the subject and announcing his opposition to Obama's policy while Paul actually got Obama to back off his position and move in another direction.  And now,  Ted Cruz orchestrates a dynamic rebuttal to the positions of Socialist Progressives and the RINO Herd.  Understand that only 11 Republican Senators out of 45 will vote for moving Harry Reid's version of the ObamaCare funding bill,  through the Senate and back to the House.  If they all stood in solidarity,  like they pretended to do back in 2010 when their votes did not count,  we stop this bill in its tracks.  Time to send these people packing.    

ObamaCare: Surprise, surprise, millions found in waste, fraud and theft.

In the first summary by Treasury of ObamaCare (for 2010,2011 and 2012),  federal bean counters could not account for 67 million dollars spent without any verifiable records as to where the money went  (in other words,  the $67 million was, indeed, spent,  but Accounting has no idea into whose pockets this money went) .  More than this,  for y2012,  6947 hours of labor was reported that could not be accounted for;  Accounting totaling 6947 less hours than what was reported. Were these bogus hours,  reported for the purpose of lining pockets and making money "under the table?"  No one knows,  and,  of course,  we should know.  

And so,  the issue of fraud and waste begins.  It will only grow and,  sadly,  without the benefit of such reporting.  Understand that reports will be made,  but our National Snooze Media will not be reporting such information any more often than it reports the billions [and trillions ??] lost to waste,  fraud and theft in Medicare and Social Security.  

You can find this report at  

There are 45 GOP Senators. Only 11 voted against defunding ObamaCare. With all that McCain type rhetorical blow, you thought there were more, didn't you?

McCain still does not understand why he is the GOP's resident Loser.

"Elections have consequences,"  yes.  But McCain really does not believe that,  does he?  I mean,  he lost the 2008 election and looked like a whiny chump in the process,  yet he thinks he continues to be the driving force in the GOP.   

Indeed,  we lost the 2012 presidential election,  as well,  but why?  

By ignoring the teaparty influence and [especially] Sarah Palin.  Millions stayed away from the voting booth,  in 2012,  because they were not happy with the party's nominee.  Look,  Romney was the last man standing.  All teaparty types self destructed during the primary season,  but that does not change the fact that a true conservative did not get the nomination,  nor does it change the fact that the RINO Herd within the GOP tried to win the election without catering to the party conservatives.  They were hoping to send a message to the teaparty,  i.e., we do not need you anymore.  When will the McCains of this world figure this out:  The GOP cannot win a national election while it ignores the reality of a growing conservative influence within the party?  

In fact,  the majority of Americans neither supported the President or approved of ObamaCare in 2012.  Virtually all pre-election polls showed Obama in serious trouble and ObamaCare considered a high priority campaign issue.  If,  in fact,  that was an accurate picture of the pre-election world,  "we" lost that election simply and only because "we" did not cater to and energize the party's base.    

The ticket to national prominence is a united and conservative voice.  When will McCain figure that out or is he so dedicated to the Progressive cause (his version) that his eyes are shut to any other consideration?

Palin uses her Facebook to issue a call to actions.

Palin writes:

The U.S. Senate has some arcane procedural rules, and as ordinary Americans our eyes glaze over trying to decipher them. But it’s important for us to understand that Sen. Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare are worthwhile and doable.  

We shouldn’t preemptively surrender the fight to those who rammed through this outrageously burdensome and unaffordable ploy for government control of health care even though some are trying to convince us that the fight is futile. Just because a fight isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting.

This defund movement boils down to a very simple request. As Andrew McCarthy recently pointed out: “Obama himself has already unilaterally and unconstitutionally defunded aspects of Obamacare, including repugnant accommodations for big corporations, Obama insiders, and members of Congress.” All we’re asking is that the rest of America “get the same relief from this awful law that Obama cronies, the ruling class, and the politically-connected get.”

Please call your senators and politely ask them to stand with Senator Cruz. This is especially important if your senator is a Democrat up for re-election in a red state in 2014. That would be Senators Mark Begich (D-AK), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Mary Landrieu (D-LA), and Kay Hagan (D-NC). Remind them politely that we are watching their votes very carefully and even a procedural vote that shuts down this debate will be regarded as a vote for Obamacare, and there will be consequences for them at the ballot box next year. The same goes for Republicans up for re-election. We definitely expect them to stand shoulder to shoulder with Senator Cruz through thick and thin.

The number for the Capitol Hill Switchboard is 202-224-3121. Ask for your senator’s office. You can also find their contact information and contact them online at
Remember, we elected these senators precisely for moments like this. If they can’t do anything with the power we’ve given them through their elected office, then perhaps it’s time for them to retire and let someone else have a go.

Opposition to Obamacare carried us to victory in 2010. And 2014 is just around the corner.

- Sarah Palin

11 minute video interview with Sarah Palin gives Cavuto a boost in his ratings:

Strike one for the week: Iranian leadership tells Obama they are not interested in meeting with him. Strike two for the week: Brazil tells Obama to take a hike, as well. Wow! The man makes us proud, every week he is in office, no ?

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday delivered a stinging rebuke of electronic espionage by the National Security Agency, telling a gathering of world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly that American eavesdropping constitutes “a breach of international law and an affront” to Brazil’s sovereignty.

“Without the right of privacy, there is no real freedom of speech or freedom of opinion, and so there is no actual democracy.   Without respect for [a nation’s] sovereignty, there is no basis for proper relations among nations.”

She canceled her scheduled meeting with Obama,  this week,  because of his Admistration’s efforts to spy on a Brazilian oil company and,  on the president of Brazil, herself.  Turns out that Obama’s NSA accessed Rousseff’s personal email account(s) ,  sending that president into a rage. 

First,  Iran refuses Obama’s invitation for a “sit down,”  and now,  Brazil does the same.  Kind of funny,  no?   

Source:  see the article in the WaPost,  here.