Trump still has options in dealing with the immigration issue.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.
An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.
In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants. 2019 is currently on pace to reach the highest levels of illegal immigration in a decade.
“If you take a ship and it holds 1,000 people maximum — one more person and the ship is going to collapse,” the official explained. “The country is full.”
“Our hospitals are full, our detention centers are full,” they added.
ICE facilities were forced to release 100,000 illegal immigrants in the first three months of 2019 because of overcrowding in detention centers. (RELATED: Overwhelmed ICE Facilities Forced To Release Illegals)
Separately, the president unveiled a new immigration plan Thursday that focuses on border security and merit-based legal immigration. The plan, which was co-authored by top aides Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, would increase the proportion of visas granted to highly-skilled immigrants and also establish a self-sustaining border security fund.

You are looking at the end of female sports . . . . . . and who wants to date a pretend woman, anyway?

As Congress begins debating the Equality Act, the Heritage Foundation warns that if the bill becomes law it will prove the death knell for women’s sports.

The House is voting on the Equality Act (H.R. 5) this week which, in the words of Duke Professor Doriane Lambelet Coleman, “will be the end of girl’s and women’s only sports,” Heritage reported.

Wife of dead cop praises Trump (video)

Now Barr and release the Mueller Report, but not before the judge ruled.

BREAKING: Judge Orders Portions of Mueller Report Unredacted – Then Released to Public

Can the Dems force AG Barr to break the law? Ultimately, no.

Schiff Vows ‘Enforcement Action’ Against Attorney General Bill Barr After Mueller Report Deadline dems force to Passes

General Flynn fipps on Trump or did he?

One might be inclined to believe that "they finally got him  . . . .  Trump that is,  on obstruction charges"  except for two very important things:

None of the following articles charge Trump with obstruction,  and,  in fact,  there was no obstruction.  Rather,  Trump cooperated with all of Mueller's demands,  never using executive privilege as a tool to "obstruct."  So,  drop dead on this nonsense.  ~   editor 

NBC News:
Flynn told Mueller people tied to Trump and Congress tried to obstruct probe  —  The communications could have affected “his willingness to cooperate,” special counsel Robert Mueller wrote in court filings.  —  Former national security adviser Michael Flynn told investigators that people linked …
Discussion: Raw Story and The Week
Washington Post:
Judge orders public release of what Michael Flynn said in call to Russian ambassador  —  A federal judge on Thursday ordered that prosecutors make public a transcript of a phone call that former national security adviser Michael Flynn tried hard to hide with a lie: his conversation with a Russian ambassador in late 2016.
Kyle Cheney / Politico:
Prosecutors: Person ‘connected to’ Congress tried to influence Flynn's cooperation with Mueller  —  An unidentified person “connected to ... Congress” allegedly tried to influence former national security adviser Michael Flynn's willingness to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation …
Allison Quinn / The Daily Beast:   Michael Flynn Helped Robert Mueller in WikiLeaks, Obstruction Probes

Alabama passes anti-abortion bill. What happens next?

Alabama passes an anti-abortion bill.  What happens next?  If the 1990s are an example,  there will be mass hysteria on the Left,  death threats against anyone who opposes the killing of the unborn,  and open rebellion.  That is what was threatened the last time abortion was threatened.  This time,  it is not just Alabama.  Its law is the harshest,  but there are more than 20 states considering "heartbeat bills"  and the majority of Millennials hate abortion.  

So yes,  there will be violence.  It is what the Left does.  

Lets see if this story goes anywhere. Turns out that the Bidens are in it up to their eyeballs.

Brent Scher / Washington Free Beacon:
Hunter Biden's China Deal Partners Include Mobster Whitey Bulger's Nephew, John Kerry's Stepson

In fact, all of Trump's folks should do this. After all, enough is enough.

Washington Post: Judiciary chairman says Trump Jr. should plead the Fifth to Intelligence panel  —  The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee encouraged Donald Trump Jr. to invoke his right against self-incrimination and refuse to answer questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee if he complies 

Dylan Stableford / Yahoo News:
Sen. Lindsey Graham advises Donald Trump Jr. to ignore Senate subpoena

Byron York is a great journalist. His article, here, is worth the read

Byron York / Washington Examiner: Why was FBI so wrong in Trump-Russia wiretap warrant?

Can you believe the Dems are finally being investigated?

New York Times: Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry  —  WASHINGTON — Attorney General William P. Barr has assigned the top federal prosecutor in Connecticut to examine the origins of the Russia investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter

Slowly but surely the wall is being built.

Helene Cooper / New York Times: Pentagon Shifts $1.5 Billion to Border Wall From Afghan War Budget and Other Military Projects  —  WASHINGTON — The acting defense secretary, Patrick Shanahan, notified Congress on Friday that he intended to shift $1.5 billion that had been designated for the war in Afghanistan and other projects

The Hill gives us this story that proves the bias of the FBI in the early days of its "investigation."

The Hill:   If ever there were an admission that taints the FBI’s secret warrant to surveil Donald Trump’s campaign, it sat buried for more than 2 1/2 years in the files of a high-ranking State Department official.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec’s written account of her Oct. 11, 2016, meeting with FBI informant Christopher Steele shows the Hillary Clinton campaign-funded British intelligence operative admitted that his research was political and facing an Election Day deadline.
And that confession occurred 10 days before the FBI used Steele’s now-discredited

Trump is changing the federal court bias. THATS why "they" hate the man.

President Trump, who already has had a mammoth impact on America’s judicial system by appointing over 100 judges and flipping the Pennsylvania-based Third Circuit Court of Appeals to majority Republican appointees, is posed to flip another Circuit Court of Appeals: The Second Circuit. There are 13 Circuit Courts of Appeals in the U.S.
As Bloomberg Law reports, on Wednesday the Senate confirmed Joseph Bianco to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Another judge, Michael Park, is expected to be confirmed later this week. Bloomberg noted, “When Trump makes additional appointments for vacancies that will be left by two judges who recently announced their retirements, Dennis Jacobs and Christopher Droney, the 13-member court will be majority Republican-appointed.”

The nation is ready to move on

58% of the nation in a recent Harris Poll are ready to move on from the Russian nonsense. 

41% also believe there is too much investigation into Don Trump,  the highest percentage of the four categories polled. 

Congress only has a 22% approval rating.

In the 2018 midterms,  the Dems had a 7% lead over the GOP going into the election.  That lead has shrunk to 2%

STEM students know that mental health was the bigger issue versus guns.

Students at a vigil for the STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch reportedly walked out of the event after Democrat politicians Jason Crow and Michael Bennet made remarks and students said the tragedy was being politicized.

Outside, students chanted: "Mental health!"  ~  twitter

No estimates but several thousand attended Panama City Beach. No Progressive candidate has had a crowd half this size.


We can answer Maddow's question:

Matthew Chapman / Raw Story:   Maddow wants to know why Trump Jr. is being brought into ‘clarify’ testimony when others were prosecuted

Simple,  because Don Jr. was never charged with lying or collusion or extracirricular and nefareous activity   . . . .   I told you the answer was simple.

A list of ransom and pay for play ordered by Obama:

NEVER FORGET: Barack Obama Paid Louis Farrakhan $364,500 to Teach Islam in US Prisons

 . . . . .   or the 5 million he paid for the 9 American hastages taken when the Muslim Brotherhood was taking over Egypt or the million he paid in the Bergdal trade or the 1.5  billion he paid to Iran in untraceable coins shipped in the middle of the night.   Barack was and is the biggest phoney since "phoney" was created. 

Maybe we should ask him. It certainly looks like a bad idea especially since Don Jr. volunteered to show up.

Top Republican Lawmakers in Both Chambers Slam Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr For Issuing Don Jr. Subpoena


GOP Administratie status decides to strike a blow versus Don Trump, Jr.,

“It’s the first congressional subpoena — that we know about — of one of President Trump’s children,” Axios added. “The subpoena sets up a fight that’s unprecedented in the Trump era: A Republican committee chair pit against the Republican president’s eldest son.”
This development is particularly significant because the Senate Intelligence Committee–chaired by Republican Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and run by the GOP-controlled Senate Majority–pushing to subpoena Trump, Jr., comes in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluding his investigation. Mueller found no evidence of collusion, or conspiracy,

Maybe the walls are closing in or James Comey.

The Hill:
James Comey’s planet is getting noticeably warmer. Attorney General William Barr’s emissions are the suspected cause.
Barr has made plain that he intends to examine carefully how and why Comey, as FBI director, decided that the bureau should investigate two presidential campaigns and if, in so doing, any rules or laws were broken.
In light of this, the fired former FBI director apparently has decided that photos of him on Twitter standing amid tall trees and in the middle of empty country roads, acting all metaphysical, is no longer a sufficient strategy.
No, Comey has realized, probably too late, that

Here is what an enemy of the people looks like:

NEVER FORGET: Barack Obama Paid Louis Farrakhan $364,500 to Teach Islam in US Prisons

Of course Obama knew about the spying . . . . . he ordered it.


Lets not forget that Susan  Rice and Samantha Powers spent most of 2016 na dpartof 2015 unmaking names in the FISA court records  - -  -  illegally   - - -   gathering information to be used by Obama and company after he left the WH . Talk about "subversive."  

. . . . because Congress has access to his 30 hour testimony to Mueller without "executive privilege" being asserted.

Katherine Faulders / ABC News: White House instructs former counsel Don McGahn not to comply with congressional subpoena  

30 hours is enough.  

Why McGahn need not testify to the House Committee.

The Democrats keep asking ,  "What does Trump and Don McGahn have to hide,"  as the two continue to refuse to appear before the House committee.  The reader should be reminded that McGahn testified to the Mueller people for 30 stinking hours.  If the Dems want to read what McGahn knows,  they can read his testimony to Mueller.  There is no need for McGahn to testify again.

Ken Starr and Trey Gowdy openly critical of Mueller in their appearacne on The Story.

Former special prosecutor Ken Starr called special counsel Robert Mueller’s letter to Attorney General William Barr an “unfair whiny complaint,” during his Monday appearance on “The Story With Martha MacCallum.”
Mueller wrote a letter to Barr in March, alleging that Barr’s four-page summary of the Mueller report “did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this office’s work and conclusions,” before adding that, “There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation.”

“In terms of what you said earlier, Ken Starr, I want to ask you about — you said Bob Mueller deserves the sharpest criticism for sandbagging Bill Barr. What do you think about that?” MacCallum asked.
“Terrible. Well, his letter that was then leaked on the very eve of Bill Barr’s testimony, was essentially, I believe, an unfair whiny complaint when he wasn’t saying that the letter,

Another preposterous UN report on climate change:

In a recent UN "biodiversity report,"  We are being told that since 1980,  greenhouse emissions have doubled  (but have actually decreased in the U.S.  ~   editor ) ,   that 1 million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction.   Here is what makes this report so much BS:  it charges that the global temp averages have risen 33 degrees!  

The Dems are in their "silly season."

The House Judiciary Committee issued a report citing Attorney
General William Barr for contempt over a panel subpoena seeking Special Counsel Robert Mueller's full un-redacted report. 

Here is the problem,  the redated portions of the Mueller Report.  Vol II,  totals less than 1% of the report.  There is NOTHING in the report that has been hidden from the Democrat congress.  There is nothing in the report that can be changed without a court order.  Consequently,  there is nothing leading to "contempt" that can be charged to AG Barr.  

Of course, this will be settled before 2020 by the Supreme Court . . . . reversed and settled.

Caroline Kelly / CNN:
California Senate approves bill requiring presidential candidates to submit tax returns  —  (CNN)California's Senate approved a bill this week requiring presidential candidates to submit five years' worth of tax returns in order to appear on the ballot, joining 18 other states in a jab …

"They" simply do not care how many see their level of corruption. Amazing.

How Convenient. FBI ‘lost Notes’ From August 2015 Meeting with IC Inspector General Regarding Hillary Clinton’s Private Server

Pelosi fears revenge politics

Glenn Thrush / New York Times: Pelosi Warns Democrats: Stay in the Center or Trump May Contest Election Results  —  WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not believe President Trump can be removed through impeachment — the only way to do it, she said this week, is to defeat him in 2020 by a margin so “big” . . . . . 

Lets not forget that some within the FBI predicted Hillary would win by 1000 percent.  Dems are so afraid of being treated in the same manner they treat others.  I say they should NEVER command fair treatment unter the law,  sense they reject the very laws that command "fairness."   They drowve us to ourfirst Civil War,  invented the KKK and killed 4,000 blacks with that social invention,   segregated our military during each of the two World Wars,  prevented blacks from voting using the Jim Crow laws they (the Dems) wrote,  staging the ambusing of our cops,  make free political speech a criminal concern,  fully fund the strategy that the means justify their social goals. 

This is not an honest attempt for justice but raher a sympthetic tactic used to ban guns, in a practical/legal sense of the world.

The Connecticut Supreme Court granted gun-maker Bushmaster Firearms a stay in the Sandy Hook victims’ lawsuit, as the manufacturer readies its appeal to the nation’s highest judicial tribunal.   Bushmaster produced the XM15 rifle shooter Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

Should the appeal be granted,  the case would not be heard until 2020.   

The Left simply does not care about logic or what is obviously right.  Guns [still] don't kill anyone;  people do    . . .   and that is an inescapable truth.  When guns are taken away,  you have the Hollacost or Venezuela or Cuba or   . . . . .     

Until guns are successsfully taken from evil people,  the righteous must have the right of possession   . . . .   period.  

They really cannot cite Barr for comtemp sense his House appearance, should it occur, is fully voluntary.

Attorney General Barr a no-show for House Judiciary hearing, Nadler seeking contempt

Trump our-shines Obama's performance on the economy.

President Trump’s approval rating on the economy has soared to an all-time high, according to a CNN poll released on Thursday.

In the survey, 56 percent said they approve of the way Trump in handling of the economy, compared with 41 percent who disapproved. Trump has consistently been in the mid-40s and low 50s throughout his term, but the 56 percent rating is a new high.
“Here’s is the Trump card for the president: 56 percent of Americans approve how he’s handling the economy,” gushed CNN’s political director David Chalian in a report about the poll. “This is the highest number we’ve ever seen in CNN polling. … That 56 percent, if you stack it up historically, it’s the high-water mark in the entirety of the Trump presidency in CNN polling.

Trump goes after Obama ally.

President Trump considers designating Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group.

The Brotherhood maintained a six man presence in the Obama WH.  When taking over Egypt and holding 9 Americans hostage,  Obama paid the Brotherhood 5 million dollars for their release.  Never forget.  They called it a "bail bond" but the money was never recovered.  It was ransom money,  plain and simple.  

To hear CNN talk, Mueller is on a rampage. They say Mueller said that Barr misappropreated his concluding points in the report. Actually, here is what Mueller actually said:

From the Wa/Post we have this: 
"When Barr pressed him whether he thought Barr's letter was inaccurate,  Mueller said he did not [think so],  but felt that the media coverage of the letter was misinterpreting the investigation [outcome] 

I wonder how many times this gets  misreported. 

Update:  Turns out that this Wa/Post headline was/is a lie.  The truth is above: 

LEAK: Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Complained Bill Barr’s “Principal Conclusions” Did Not Capture ‘Context’ of Trump Probe

Those Civil War statues of Democrat/Confederate war heros? They have to put them back.

Turns out that a Federal Appealate Court has determined that the Civil War statues are protected under the War Memorial Acts.  You can't steal them,  deface them or in any other way use the statues to deny our history.  So get over it.  

An interesting side lite is this:  back in 1975,  Joe Biden voted to return Robert E Lee's citizenship.  Wanna bet he won't campaign on that !!!!!