Why this will be my reporting on Colin Kaepernick

Kaapernick is part Italian and part black  (his father).  He was adopted by a white family at a very young, pre-school, age, and, excelled in sports and scholastic performance through college.  

He was raised a privileged white kid in the Central Valley of California  (Turlock).  

His value as a quarterback has diminished over the years.  He was rejected by Dallas during the off-season,  but some believe that was due to his stated refusal to wear a sticker on his helmet,  supporting the police,  after the Dallas [cop] massacre.  

His decision to indict all of America as a racist nation,  and to continue to insult the local police forces of this country,  is a pathetic example of his social immaturity.  He is not courageous.  He is stupid.

As I write,  I ask the reader this question:  name me a single city on the West Coast, that has been charged with police brutality against blacks.  I am talking from San Diego to Seattle  . . . .  and do this without running to Google.  My point?  What the killers in Black Lives Matters do not admit,  is this,  the "brutality issue" is one of several large but local metropolitan areas.  It is NOT a sweeping,  national problem.  

Folks in Frisco are buying his jersey so they can burn them,  in public.  Good for them.  We do not need another brain dead pundit making up crap as he challenges the very nation that made him a multi-millionaire.