Here is what the Right is fighting to protect:

Mission Statement: This blog reviews the news of the day in light of 242 years of American history. "Nationalism," a modern-day pejorative, has been our country's politic throughout history, until 2008. Obama changed that narrative. Trump is seeking a return to our historical roots. Midknight Review supports this return to normality. 

Understand and accept that George Washington was our first "nationalist" President with 42 presidents to follow in consecutive order ending with GW Bush 43.  Barack Obama hoped to end that history.  Knowing that "globalism" is the very opposite of "nationalism,"  Barack had hoped to bring us into the 21st century with a Globalist Agenda which included a first step at tearing down our US Constitution via UN treaty.  

Hillary Clinton and her political buds,  believe that the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land,  can be replaced via UN Treaty.  As Secretary of State,  she tried to secure gun control law via a treaty with the U.N.,  a move that failed but one that revealed the Left's sinister agenda per U.N. membership.  

Now you know.

Professor Jon Turley, a Democrat, makes this prediction with evidence. You should click and read the full article . . . . . now.

FYI:  This post was a reference post for Turley's article.  Happy to announce that since posting,  this article has 121 hits just through Midknight Review and in less than 36 hours.  

Why Trump will win the wall fight

Ann Coulter is obsessed with her own sense self worth. In the end. her contribution to the Conservative cause since 2016 is fairly worthless.

Editor:  Look,  I don't think Trump should have signed the current border law created by House Dems with the blessing of House Republicans,  but,  for me to then argue that Trump is a do-nothing idiot is to ignore what the man has accomplished in two years.  So,  Coulter can take her skinny little backside somewhere else,  she gets no play on Midknight Review.   

Ann Coulter cranked up her battle with Donald Trump again Friday with another broadside about his border wall tactics. The conservative commentator declared that the “only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”
Trump scrambled earlier Friday to distance himself from her and her vitriolic comments about him, claiming in a Rose Garden address Friday, to everyone’s surprise: “Ann Coulter, I don’t know her. I hardly know her. I haven’t spoken to her in way over a year.”
In the announcement of his national emergency declaration to divert funding for the wall, he added that Coulter had “gone off the reservation” in her increasingly harsh criticism of him.

Declarations of Emergency by the President beginning with Carter:

Carter:  2

Ronald Reagan :  6

George H Bush:   5

Bill Clinton   17

G W Bush:   13

Barack Obama:  12

Donald Trump:  3

If the Socialist Left hopes to pay for its Creen New Deal, how is that possible when they sabatoge such deals like Amazon moving to New York?

AOL. COM   ;     Notch another victory for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
The freshman Democratic representative celebrated online retailer Amazon’s decision Thursday to scrap its plans to build a new headquarters in her New York City district.
“I think it’s incredible,” Ocasio-Cortez responded when asked to comment on Amazon’s about-face. “It shows that everyday Americans still have the power to organize and fight for their communities and they can have more say in this country than the richest man in the world.”

Editor:  Once again,  this moron of a politician takes credit for something that is neither a victory for the working man nor,   anything related to a well thought out victory.  

Here is what just happened in New York:  Amazon decided to forego its decision to build one of its headquarters in that city.  The loss to New York is mindboggling.   25,000 jobs will be lost PLUS another 80,000 support jobs,  all in the city   . . . .   more than half of these jobs paying more than $150,000 annually;  all of the jobs paying $100,000 annually.   The 3 billion in property tax credits would have returned 27 billion in increased property evaluations over the next 15 years not to mention 11.5 billion in purchasing power added to the city coffers . . .   so if Cortez and company want to brag about that kind of victory,  let them.  

I have claimed for years and years,  that the Left is where it is today,  because of a very specific mental illness    . . . . .    and this victory proves my point.  

CNN was wrong almost immediately after publishing this report:

Trump aides now fret he won't sign funding bill  — 

Editor:  Turns out that the President will sign the bill but will issue a "state of emergency."  This puts the Dems in an impossible position,  forcing them to sign the bill that will keep federal checks flowing,  even after they are faced with the reality that Trump fully intends on getting the money he agreed to support after making one compromise after another.  Absolutely no one can blame Trump  for whatever happens next.  His supporters know that the is doing all he can to fulfill his promises.  With the passing of each day,  Trump increases his chances of re-election.

Why is this woman continuing her claim of being an Indian when she has admitted that she is not ethnically attached to a tribe??? We don't need another mental case running for President, do we?

SICK. Fake Indian and Fraud Liz Warren Has the Gall to Show Her Face at Native American Conference

You may not be aware of this election year fact, but . . . . .

You may not be aware of this election year fact,  but  the Dems,  in the past midterm,  spent more than a billion dollars to regain the House,  an election they were supporse to win,  and they did so without expanding their electorial vote at all.  Hillary's fectless campaign  had her losing the 2016 election 235 to 306 in the Electorial College,  and THAT is the only vote-count that mattered.

The Dems live in a world of make believe where Socialism wins the day,   the straight up "popular" vote counts,  CNN can declare the O'Rourke Rally a MEGA rally, and,  Trump is a Russian spy. 

Their best chance of beating Trump and ending the Conservative Movement to take our country back,  was in 2016,  when the only things we knew about the Prez were the bad things.  Think about this,  what in the world are the Dems going to throw at this man in 2020?  I mean,  they threw three or four "kitchen sinks" at the man in 2016 and beyond.  If you are not going to get him with "Stormy Daniels,"    the Billy Sunday tape (talking about as disgusting an issue as one can imagine),   or the Russian Fantansy,  what are you going to do to him?

I am pretty good at  thinking like the oppositition and I can't come up with anything.  Maybe if he shot someone in the middle of a Manhatten street   . . . . . .   no, wait,  we already know that will not work.

Can he lose in 2020?   Of course.  But frankly,  the odds are not in the Dems favor.   Look,  Barack Obama had no coat-tails.  So,  why would anyone think his Vice President is the "front runner" for 2020?  In 2008,  the primary election cycle for the Dems saw Hillary and Barack splitting 46 million votes almost exactly down the middle  . . . . .  23 million for each candidate, while Biden won 68,000 votes.

Me?  I believe that only Michelle has the power of creating a turnout large enough to win an election versus Trump.   In other words,  as things stand today,  Trump is the front runner for 2020.

Politico describes the Beto O'Rourke rally as a "mega" rally, implying that the 25 to 300 folks in attendance equals the Trump Rally across the street with its 22,000 inside and outside the arena

Anita Kumar / Politico:
Beto takes on Trump in tale of 2 mega-rallies  —  EL PASO, Texas — The showdown between Donald Trump and Beto O'Rourke Monday night over the president's border wall unfolded at competing rallies with thousands of people in venues barely a block apart.  —  But the events practically took place …
Editor:  The events of Monday evening,  the two rallies,  were hardly a "showdown,"  but this is how the Left Wing Media typified the opposition's rally  even when no one bothered to show up for the "show-down."  To call it a "showdown,"  the Left is just being silly,  How can no more than 300 people be described as a MEGA rally when the competition DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET  has 22,000 inside and outside its arena with another 35,000 folks indicating their desire to attend if there was room for such a crowd?  In fact,  this editor watched CNN immediately after the two events.  The CNN evening host,  you know -  the black guy,  made no mention of the crowd size

Beto O'Rourke's rally across the street from Trump's Ralley (69,000 signed up to attend).

Updated  for this Question:  Why on earth would O'Rourke even think his rally,  across the street from Trump,  at the same time,  and in the same venue (the 2020election cycle),  think this was a good idea when,  in fact,  it makes him look like a loser?