Here is the problem re the current immigration issue:

While this blog is right leaning and partisan for the Conservative Cause  (not necessarily "GOP") ,  this editor does care about reporting his understanding of the truth.  As relates to the separation of children from illegals,  there is no path to  a definitive "truth" on the matter.  The debate has been overwhelmed by hate and distrust with no solution to those two narrative killing emotions.  

The facts are fairly obvious:  Obama created most of the shelters into which the children are placed.  All facilities I have seen,  are clean and the children appear to be well cared for  . . . .  certainly much better than their home land circumstance.  

The difference that has become manifest with all the free flowing rhetoric, is this: the Democrat Party no longer will settle for anything other than a borderless solution.  When the Left argues that children should NEVER see the inside of detention facility,  with or without their parent(s), and,  these same children should never be separated from their parent,  the Left is making a case for open borders and crossings into this country without fear of prosecution,  whether the guilty party is an illegal immigrant or a member of MS13.    

When Schumer argues for a Presidential solution because he can "envision no bill that will get a 60 vote majority in the Senate,"  he is saying,  "We,  the Left,  are gong to force an open borders solution.  We, the Left,  will no longer work for a legislative solution."  This is the moment the Left sees to press the welfare state into reality.  Schumer knows full well that an Executive Order cannot stand against established law,  which eliminates a Presidential solution.  Can't happen and, again,  the Left knows it.   

What I am saying is this:  We have finally come to a point, in this country,  when we,  the people,  must decide for or against established and defended borders.  A decision to "go borderless" would change everything about this once great nation.  A borderless nation is, of necessity,  a socialist - welfare state,  and, a nation that cannot defend itself or prevent enemy invasion (of course the enemy is already here and working for a borderless society).   We become third world overnight.

The Left has been working for years,  tearing down this nation and moving us away from our founding principles.  We are finally at a cross roads.  Before Trump's time is over,  we will have made some sort of national decision.  

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Peter Fonda wants Barron Trump kidnapped. Time to start throwing some of these Democrats in jail

Peter Fonda,  who has DONE NOTHING TO DEAL WITH THE ACTUAL KIDNAPPING OF CHILDREN INTO THE UNITED STATES,   wants to kidnap Barron and,  no doubt,  shoot Malania and President Trump.

Careful Peter "Chicken Little" Fonda.  It is your family who refuses to fight for our freedoms.  Want to have a fight with Trump supporters?  They are the ones who sign up to fight our wars.  Best to stay in the chicken pen and stop threatening our first family.  And some of you voted for these people !!!

A brief discussion dealing with China/USA tariffs and "child separation" issues.

Who is winning the China/USA trade kerfuffle?  A look at the Markets might give us a hint:  While we are not having a good day today,  loses are nothing unusual  . . .  to date.  China on the other hand,  its Market has lost 4% of its growth during the same period of time.  

But,  of course,  the Marxists among us,  i.,e. the national media,  is rooting for China. Good for them.  They have been on the wrong side of the past 17 major disagreements with Trump,  and went down to defeat on all but this latest "child separation."

And,  on that score,  the fact remains that child separations are demanded with the 1997 Supreme Court decision if if if if our government enforces border law and order as dictated by written law.  The fact that the media and the Dems stopped caring about written law years ago is beyond dispute.    Sadly, however,  optics trump law.  So the Dems  can stage "kids in lock up"  and no one cares.  For Millennials, they can understand picture .  Words?  Not so much.  So what we have, here,  is an ignorant electorate manipulated by the likes of Schumer,  Pelosi and Kamala Harris.  Best to force a vote on changing the law,  and,  get it over with,  than wait six months and deal with it during the election cycle.  Understand that if the GOP deals with the problem,  and,  stops child separation  (something the Dems never thought of prior to this time) ,  the Millennial constituency will have forgotten about the issue within weeks.  Take it to the bank.  

Even if the Dems are successful in forcing Trump to "solve the problem on his own,"  the Dems lose.  Understand that the GOP can and should argue that, if Trump is alone (which I do not think will happen) ,  he can argue that he was forced into unilateral action because the Dems refused to deal with the issue.  We win.  They lose.  

Here is the difference between what Germany did and what Trump is doing with the children

The detention centers are not even similar to the Gulags of WW II Germany.  The children sent to the Gulags never came back.  They were murdered in the Gulags.  Murdered.  And that was the purpose for the Gulag  . . . .   a holding facility for the expressed purpose of murder.  No one - relatively speaking - survived.  No playgrounds.  No entertainment for the children.  No baths.  No toilet facilities.  It takes a special, low class, individual to insist that the two facilities  (our border holding centers and the Gulag) are in anyway, similar. Such is the worst kind of lie,  and the Dems come up with this kind of crap every election season. 

The Japanese detention: Some of the Classless Left,  forgo the Gulag comparison, and, instead,  push the Japanese detention centers comparison.  Problem.  While the folks in those centers were treated humanely,  they lived in those centers for several years.  The immigrant child lives in a center for only a few days,  in most cases only 20 days (per a 1997 Supreme Court demand).

A winning strategy in the debate about separation:

There is lots of talk coming from the Dems, even posting pictures  (two have gone viral) of children crying for their parents.  Both pics were taken in 2014,  one was staged at a demonstration;  the other was taken of kids in clean animal shelter cages during the Obama years.  Shameful.  

How to deal with this level of deception?  This may not be a winning strategy,  but it is worth a try.  I say,  force the Dems to argue for a permanent band against our Northern and Southern borders as a matter of Democrat Party Policy.  Force them to invite MS 13 and the citizens of Honduras,  El Salvador and the remaining Central American countries into the United States.  I say,  force the Dems into this policy as they explain their solutions to the obvious existential problems (to our country) created by their newly stated domestic policy.   

With all the negative Marxist talk about the current "doomsday trade wars," you need to know . . .

With all the negative Marxist talk about the current "doomsday trade wars,"  you need to know that 61%  38% of America believes the nation is on the right track ,  the best such numbers in 12 years,  predating anything Obama tries to brag about.  

Understand that these numbers come from Gallup and demonstrate a growing appreciation for the Trump agenda.  

If you watch Fox Business you know who Maria is and she says . . .

   According to Maria Bartiromo,  the young trade war is having more of a negative effect on China than on the U.S.  Time will tell,  but experts on her program this morning,  Tuesday the 19th,  believe that the passion of this current trade crisis is cooling off,  with expected down turn  (that is good) happening by the end of this day, 
   With all the talk of "trade wars,"  the over-all affect on our economy,  and,  specifically,  the  Market,  is minimal.  The average man on the street has not be affected at all. 
   Understand that the "cooling" predictions of the day,  are great news for the Administration.  If we come out of this with meaningful concessions from our trading partners,  score a big win for President Trump. 

Update:  Turns out that,  according Stewart Varney,  the Chinese Market has been hurt "much more" than the American Market with Trump threatening another 250 billion in tariffs.  Understand that bi-lateral trade imbalance is NOT the primary issue driving the current "war."  Rather,  it is about China's commitment to stealing our technical secrets.      

Here is the problem with Hillary quoting the Bible -

Hillary: Separating Families Contrary to Religious Values — Jesus ‘Did Not Say Let the Children Suffer’

Yeah right,  Everyone knows that Christ was talking about US border policy, I say sarcastically.    Sorry but one of the most corrupt politicians of our time has no business giving us her opinion about Christ's admonition.  In every aspect of her life,  she has shown a disregard for the words of Jesus and his leadership in her life. 

Don't mean to go "religious" on you all,  but she has no moral authority to speak out about biblical admonitions.  Let's just leave it at that.  

In due time,  her party is going to throw out any reference to God.  They tried to do it in 2012.  Make note,  they will soon be the official party of Nothing  (theologically speaking).  So,  I couldn't care less what Democrat leadership has to say when it comes to biblical theology. 

Trump with Gallup has polling marks equal to Obama and Bush at same point in his presidency.

  • President Donald Trump's approval rating is at an all-time high of 45% in the Gallup weekly tracking poll.
  • And his disapproval rating has hit a near-low of 50%.
  • His current approval rating at his point in his presidency lines up with the ratings of other presidents at similar points in their first terms. 
  • His new spike in approval could take a hit due to the backlash against the administration's controversial policy that has led to separating families at the border.