Our Pro-Russian Administration has suddenly become "pro-American" after eight stinking years.

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon against Trump and his favorable comments concerning Putin,  here are four examples that demonstrates the Left's move toward Putin back in the day when they were denying that the US had any existential/international enemies in this world. 

One of the first Bush 43 foreign policies Obama attacked, in 2009, was to unilaterally void the defensive weapons treatise Bush had in place with the Czech Republic and Poland.  That treatise, a missile defense system,  was in answer to the threat posed by Iran and the weapons it received from Russia.  The treatise was harshly condemned by Putin.  Obama took Putin's side in the matter,  in a failed effort to become Russia's new best friend.  There was no complaint coming from the Dems,  at the time. 

Crimea was over-run by the Russians.  And,  Obama refused to send ammo and weapons for the resistance.  In fact,  other than sending the opposition socks and C-rations.  Clearly,  all this favored Russia as Obama tried to recreate the relationship between Russia and the U.S.  No complaints from the press.

This is a plastic toy given to the Russian president  !!!
Hillary,  under Obama's watch,  orchestrated a rather silly "Russian reset,"  and we all are still laughing about this bit of nonsense.  

Then,  we have Obama denying that Russia is our enemy,  in a public debate with Mitt Romney.  Follow that with the infamous whisper,  "Tell Putin I will be more flexible after the election."   

With these historic examples,  the Administration makes clear it original intentions toward Russia.  With all this in mind,  we know that Barack's sudden attack on Russian diplomats is all about making Trump look bad,  boxing in the next present.  It is all politics.  

My advice:  reverse Obama's decisions versus Russia while making it clear that the outgoing president does not get to set the agenda for the in coming president.  

See you all after the 1st. We took our country back !!!!

Think about it.  My side looks a lot like me,  and we are still smarter than you all. 

So why bother with Russia when the Obama Administration did the same or worse?

Trump: It's time 'to move on' from claims of Russian interference in election

 So why bother with Russia when the Obama Administration did the same or worse?  Don't know what I am talking about?  There was a time (2015) during which the Obama Administration invested $350,000 in a failed effort to defeat Neanyahu.  Yet,  he is so classless as to complain about a faux plot by the Russians to foil Hillary Clinton's campaign efforts.  

The Dems say that 17 of our domestic intel agencies have testified to this event.  So,  where the hell is this testimony and why "17" when only 12 of the 17 domestic security agencies actually do intel recon?  

Nope.  It is time to move on.  Trump needs to set his own agenda and not fold to the antics of the moron pretending to be our president, or,  an enemy power  (if this be the case).  

Day 1:    Begin dismantling the BS legacy of Hussein.  He deserves no mercy when it come to his agenda,  and his actions of the past week prove my point. 

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 She is 18,  a freshman in college, a budding cross country champion,  and is beginning her modeling career.  About once every 7 days (Thursdays),  I will post a picture involving her modeling efforts. 

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Getting "discovered" in modeling is as difficult to accomplish as is getting discovered as a singer. 

Just to be clear about the supposed Russian hacking of the DNC:

Here is what actually happened.  There was no hacking of the DNC by the Russians or they would have hacked the GOP, as well.  They didn't.  Why? 

As it turns out,  whoever "hacked" the DNC,  simply made a request to change the password codes for the DNC.    The request was approved and, wala,  access.  

The same request was made to the RNC,  but was denied.  

Now you know. 

Trump is not the president but he has out-performed Barack since he won the election.

On Vacation, Donald Trump Announces 8,000 New Jobs for the United States

Largest bank in China pledges 50 billion to created 50,000 jobs over the coming 10 years.   Carrier saves 1,100 jobs.  Ford moved manufacturing of its F-650 and F-750 trucks from Mexico to a production plant in Avon Lake, Ohio since Trump announced his tax plans and took a hard line against those who are cheating the American worker.  Boeing is going to reduce the cost of Air Force One.  Trump asking Boeing to come up with an alternative to Lockheeds F 35 and Boeing has committed to that task.  Lockheed is looking into upgrading its F18 plane as a replacement to the F 35,  as well.  Tesla and Panasonic making plans to build plants in New York as that state works with the Trump pledge to reduce business taxes to create jobs for New York State.  

Since Barack thinks Big Business is evil,  he never thought about encouraging Big Business to create jobs.  

Trump is going to embarrass the Dems.  He is worrying about jobs and Obama is worried about  tranny bathrooms.  Good riddance. 

"So what" is our comment to this bit of headline news.

Rory Carroll / The Guardian:
‘Alt-right’ groups will ‘revolt’ if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say

Understand this:  There are only 200 to 400 of these clowns,  despite the attention given to them by the Marxist Media.  Trump has never given them a place in his plans.  For them to threaten to "revolt" against Trump,  is to pretend that they have influence and political power,  a laughable assumption.  

What you may not know is this:  Trump has made it clear that the leadership of the so-called Alt Right is not invited to the Inauguration.  

Viet Nam traitor, John Kerry, now the Secretary of State for the Barack Hussein Obama Administration is giving a "major" address on Wednesday. Question . . . . .

Viet Nam traitor,  John Kerry,  now the Secretary of State for the Barack Hussein Obama Administration,  is giving a "major" address on Wednesday.   Question:  Can a lame duck of a Secretary of State,  give a "major" address?  I mean,  anything he says in terms of policy will be reviewed or challenged by the incoming Administration beginning three weeks from now.     Nothing the man says will have lasting value extending beyond his televised speech.  Seriously.  This is a little silly in view of the fact that this "major address"  is ridiculous in its timing and absolutely meaningless as to content.  

If Kerry uses the occasion to announce another back-stabbing decision on the part of the anti-Semetic Barack Obama,  in the end,  a decision to simply ignore the speech will put an end to the matter   . . . . . .   in the spirit of Obama over the past 8 wasted years.  

Clearly,  "Trump will have Israel's back,"  as they say.  And Trump will not stand alone in this matter.   Understand that 88 members of the Senate disagreed with the actions of the Obama Administration, two days ago.   

More evidence that the Trump tax plan is already working:

Before reading the following excerpt,  understand that these business decisions were made during the GOP campaign for the presidency.   Trumps promise for business tax reductions no doubt made the Tesla/Panasonic commitment all the more serviceable.  New York has been on a tax-reduction campaign for several years,  now,  promising a 10 year reprieve on its repressive tax requirements in the hopes of attracting companies such as Panasonic and Tesla.  With Trump's pledge to reduce federal taxation collections, when New York reintroduces its tax burden at the end of the ten year period,  the larger benefit of a federal tax reduction will be in place and everyone wins  ~  editor. 

Associated Press
BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Japanese electronics company Panasonic and U.S. electric car maker Tesla said Tuesday they plan to begin production of solar cells at a factory in Buffalo, New York.
The two companies said they finalized an agreement calling for Tokyo-based Panasonic to pay capital costs for the manufacturing. Palo Alto, California-based Tesla made a "long-term purchase commitment" to Panasonic.
Production is due to begin in mid-2017. Tesla said it will create 1,400 jobs in Buffalo, 500 in manufacturing and plans further expansion in Buffalo.
Panasonic also is to work with Tesla on next-generation technology, the companies said.
New York state has committed $750 million to build and outfit the plant at Buffalo's RiverBend site, the centerpiece of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's "Buffalo Billion" program to revitalize the upstate region's largest city.
SolarCity has committed to investing $5 billion over 10 years in New York state, hiring almost 1,500 workers at the Buffalo plant for five years and employing at least 2,000 more people across New York in exchange for use of the state-owned plant.
In October, when word emerged about the possible manufacturing collaboration, the head of New York state's economic development agency said SolarCity will be held to job creation promises made when the state committed funding to build and outfit the plant, which is expected to begin production next summer.

Trump won the popular vote outside of the State of California, but that's not all.

David Paul Kuhn / New York Times: Sorry, Liberals.  Bigotry Didn't Elect Donald Trump.  —  Donald J. Trump won the white working-class vote over Hillary Clinton by a larger margin than any major-party nominee since World War II  . . . . 

Editor's notes:  What makes Trump so formidable as the populace head of the GOP is his popularity.  Contrary to all the scare tactics of GOP Establishment Trump haters,  The Donald made the GOP stronger. Understand that the Dems not only believed they would win the presidency,  but the Senate,  as well.  They only had to win four seats in that house,  if Hillary became president.  Instead, Hillary lost and the Dems only picked two seats in the Senate.  Again,  Trump was the deciding factor in all this.  And his influence translates into political cash when it comes to getting his agenda passed into law. 

Besides winning the popular vote outside of California,  he, also,  took in more general votes (62,979, 879 votes) than other Republican in history.  While not a record,  his 304 to 227 electoral margin was substantial,  making the election victory a landslide in many respects.  His support among white blue collar workers was the strongest since WW II.  His 28% support among Hispanics was respectable and promising for future elections.  Black support was 8%.  While not impressive to some,  that total was more than Romney in 2012.  If Trump is able to improve life in the inner city,  it is possible for a 15-17% Black vote in 2020.  With a 35% Hispanic vote,  another strong showing within blue collar ranks,  and a strong showing with women,  Trump would be the favorite to win re-election.  

Nothing can be more devastating to the future of the Radical Left Wing Party  (aka "Democrats") than a successful Trump presidency. 
Expect the Dems to create one Trump scandal after another.  There will be more revelations as to Trumps indiscretions.  The media will work overtime to defeat Trump and save the Democrat Party from its well deserved demise.  The Washington Post is increasing its political reporter pool by 4x,  an increase exposing its intentions as a disruptive power in the world of partisan politics.  

Do they not know how inept these excuses make them appear?

Michael Bastasch / The Daily Caller:
Obama Blames The Media For Trump's Landslide Win In Rural America  —  Obama Blames The Media For Not Telling Rural Americans How Awesome He Is  —  Obama To Muster Organizers, Journos, Pols For Next Generation Of Progressive Leaders  —  Democrats Freak Out After Trump Does What They Asked Him To Do  . . . .   

Editor's notes:  Its not that the media was against Hillary.  Rather,  the media had no choice but to print the news about her emails,  her scandalous Foundation,  her wild stories about being under fire in Bosnia,  the Bengahzi video, and,  her Libyan failure,  among other things.  
Did Barack or Hillary not know that these would be huge issues in the campaign?  Did they not prepare for such bad news?  
The Russians did it??!!  Really?  Forget about the fact that the Russians hacked the Pentagon back in 2013,  and took the names and information of 50,000 government/Pentagon personnel.  The fact that the hacked occurred and NOTHING was done about it,  speaks to the gross ineptness of this entire Administration.  What an embarrassment these clowns have become   . . . . .    but it is fun to watch as they whine and devour each other.  

Here is a short list that defines the Obama doctrine. The reason for all the wierd angst on the Left? These policies are about to take a dive into the toilet.

By the time 2012 rolled around,  there was no mistake as to who Obama was,  at least in terms of policy:     

Anti-God in a personal sense, and, the criminalization of religious conscience;   anti-US Constitution,  condemned as a white man's document for the purpose of advancing slavery  (never mind the freaking Civil War);   anti Israel at all levels of its governance; pro-peace at any price;   anti-free speech when that speech is deemed "incorrect";   anti-states sovereignty as represented in the Constitution and its 10th Amendment;  anti-national sovereignty when pitted against any international "treatise" or UN agreement; pro the implementation of unratified treatise such as the Iran Deal;  anti-gun even if used for self defense;   anti-federal law when it conflicts with Marxist agenda;    anti-borders;   pro-domestic violence and vandalism when done in the name of social reform (ala Al Sharpton or Occupy);   pro-cop killings when in the name of BLM;    pro-sexual filth on our airways, especially when used to elect Marxist Progressives;  pro-radical Islam as defined by Iran and the funding of terror via that state;   pro giving citizenship to folks who did not wait in line, do not know Constitutional principles, do not speak English and do not have jobs;  pro lying your butt off if it serves the greater good  (i.e. ObamaCare or the first stimulus and 90% of Obama's 2008 campaign promises);  anti-the working middle class (an election strategy since 2010);   pro-Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright trash talking/anti-American  rhetoric;   pro-Russia when the mics are turned off (I'll be more flexible; the Russian reset);   anti-military,  pro-high risk lending to the poor;   pro Fannie and Freddie financing of high risk loans (the cause of the 2008 crash);   pro saving one civilian life at the expense of the safety and survival of our solders;  pro the borrowing of money from our enemies (China and Russia);  pro the transfer of American wealth - something that has been going on for past 35/40 years as seen in our massive trade deficits, the funding of the UN and its programs.     

Now you know and there is so much more. 

Oooops. Trump will be able to take a huge step in reshaping the federal court system thanks to Harry Reid.

Philip Rucker / Washington Post:
Trump to inherit more than 100 court vacancies, plans to reshape judiciary  —  Donald Trump is set to inherit an uncommon number of vacancies in the federal courts in addition to the open Supreme Court seat, giving the president-elect a monumental opportunity to reshape the judiciary after taking office.
Editor's notes: Trump will be able to take a huge step in reshaping the federal court system, thanks to the short sightedness of Harry Reid.  Reid changed the voting rules for the approval of Administration cabinet members and federal court justices,  except for the Supreme Court.  Only 51 votes are not required for all justice appointments except for the Supreme Court,  which remains at 60 votes.  
The former vote count eliminates filibuster as a tool used by the Senate party out of power.  That worked fine for the Dems until they lost power with the election of 2016. While the Senate fell into GOP hands in 2014,  the Presidency remained with the Democrats,  of course,  as well as all nominations to the lower courts.  

Changing the political attitude of the lower court system,  is as big a deal as is the Supreme Court decision.  Comparatively few lower court cases ever get to the Supreme Court.

Just for the record: I think Newt is about to fall from grace.

Yesterday, watching Chris Wallace's Sunday show on Fox, I became very uncomfortable with Newt's last question/answer for the program.  He was asked,  "What will your role be in the new administration?" and he answered with something along the lines,  "I will be the Senior Strategic Planner for this Administration."  He followed that up with his plans to deliver a series of speeches at Heritage and write a book dealing with "what is Trumpism."  Wallace had asked about Newt's role,  and was told by Administration staff,  "there is no such position."  

If Newt's description of his future relationship with the Administration is not true,  and, again,  I have a strong sense that it is not true,  we will know tomorrow or in the very near future.  

Trump may let him down easy,  allowing Newt to save face   . . . . .   or Newt may be correct.  I am no profit,  but I knew within minutes of Sarah Palin's announcement that she had retired from being Governor of Alaska,  that she was going to become a key figure in the new conservative movement.  I was the first to make that prediction,  and, well,  that is exactly what happened.  

That same strong "hunch" hit me again,  yesterday,  as I listened to Gingrich  . . . . .   that he was making up stuff.    

Look,  unless my hunch is wrong,  Newt was not given a position in the Administration,  much like Rudy Giuliani.  Giuliani was able to move on,  with grace in spite of being obviously disappointed,  Newt maybe not so much.  

Like I keep telling folks: The Left suffers from some type of mental illness. Another proof of that fact is the following nonsense item in the "news."

"Just as the three wise men did on that night, this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King. We hope Americans celebrating Christmas today will enjoy a day of festivities and a renewed closeness with family and friends."
Democrats, journalists and left-leaning Twitter users interpreted the phrasing about a "new King" as a comparison of President-elect Donald Trump to Jesus Christ.

Jennifer Nettles tells us what this season is all about.

They have made fun of "country folk" for 8 years, now. They think that because many of us finished high school but not college, we are uneducated. They think that because we know that they can't predict squat when it comes to "warming inspired"  [specific]  weather events, we are science deniers.  Well, November the 8th embeds the promise of real  change and the reality that we just took our country back. They started the Civil War. We won it. They wanted to ignore Hitler,  We won WW II. They founded the KKK and we died in Gettysburg to move us away from that tragedy.They refuse to fight and die for the freedom of others; we cherish the opportunity.

He said, "We are not a Christian nation." We said we were. And out of this faith, a country singer brings new life to the gospel message, always new, always reaffirmed in the new heart of the believer. Oh, they will made fun of this song and its message, but seriously, how can you listen without realizing that the living God, truly, dwells in the praises of His people. Play it twice. The second time, sing along and mark the fact that those emotions you feel, are the creation of a God who seeks union. Every time you cry, or laugh, or are left without words, that is God literally touching you. 

You sing along, your hands are raised, the tears flow . . . all while at a rock concert. News Flash: all that is about the God within, there in the concert hall, listening to Kiss. Do it again, only this time alone in your car, listening and worshiping the force of nature you cannot fully know or understand. He allows you to damn his name, to stir the fires of hell, to reach out to no one . . . . and, in the end, 70, 80, 90 years later, he has no problem with you singing his praises.

All I care about is the following headline. My point? The Dems are relentless when they lose. Eating their own is a favorite meal.

Reid Calls DNC ‘Worthless’ Under Wasserman Schultz

What is humorous,  to me,  is this notion that Hillary failed because of others,  and,  in some cases,  because of those in her inner circle.  

She has a following of 2,200. Right now, she is working on her career and her schooling but there is a race car boyfriend in the picture.

She is 18,  a freshman in college, a budding cross country champion,  and is beginning her modeling career.  About once every 7 days (Thursdays),  I will post a picture involving her modeling efforts.  

Her photo agency is Jon Lorentz and her photo can be found here,  2758 likes. 

Go to jonlorentz,  look for Mady's pics and like if you like.  

Getting "discovered" in modeling is as difficult to accomplish as is getting discovered as a singer. 

Kellyanne Conway -- "counselor to the president,"

Kellyann Conway will assume a position in the Trump White House very similar to that of Karen Hughes in the Bush 43.  There is no doubt that she will be just as competent and effective as Hughes. 

Conway is the first GOP female campaign manager to craft an election victory on the presidential level,  no small feat in view of Trump's style of communication.   

"In her position, Conway will continue her role as a close adviser to the President and will work with senior leadership to effectively message and execute the Administration's legislative priorities and actions," the Trump transition said in a statement released to the public.  

 Conway graduated magna cum laude from Trinity College in Washington, D.C., earning a degree in political science.  She was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, a honors society, and graduate with honors from George Washington University where she earned a law degree.   She is one time married,  has four children. 

She is founder of The Polling Company (1995) and has worked with a number conservative icons such including Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann,  Newt Gingrich, Heritage,  the NRA,  and Freedom Works,  to name a few. What might be lost in a discussion about her qualifications as "propagandice in chief,"  is the fact that,  over the years,  she has given more than 1100 interviews to the corporate media. 

Peter Navarro (Hispanic) is head of the new National Trade Council in Trump effort to get real on manufacturing jobs/trade politicy.

President-elect Donald Trump will tap Peter Navarro, an economics and public policy professor who helped craft Trump's trade policies during the campaign, to lead a new trade council inside the White House, his transition office announced Wednesday.

The University of California-Irvine professor has been closely connected to Trump since the campaign, advising the president-elect on a number of economic areas and contributing to the trade policy platform he called "defensive" but "not protectionist."

"The formation of the National Trade Council further demonstrates the President-elect's determination to make American manufacturing great again and to provide every American the opportunity to work in a decent job at a decent wage," the transition office said in a news release. "Navarro is a visionary economist and will develop trade policies that shrink our trade deficit, expand our growth, and help stop the exodus of jobs from our shores."

The new office will advise Trump on trade negotiation strategies and work to boost domestic manufacturing and defense jobs. Its creation will almost surely cut the influence of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, which has traditionally had authority over trade negotiations. 
(Source: Politico, here).

Since and including Reagan, the GOP has won 6 of last 10 presidencial elections.

The Left loves to pretend they are the party in power.  That has not been the case since 2010.  The 2016 election disaster was not the beginning of the end for the Dems, not all.  Instead,  they have been out of power since 2012,  if you count state houses occupied (31 governors),  and the total number of state and local positions flipped (800) from Democrat to Republican.  

Since and including Reagan,  the GOP has won 6 of 10 presidential contests,  and out scored the Dems in the Electoral College 2834 to 2364 during that same period of time. 

And 2018 promises to be another disaster.  If Trump actually is able to accomplish his two year plan including tax reduction for the middle (voting) class,  the GOP could take a super-majority in the Senate in that mid-term.  

No need for gloating. Now is the time to double down and bury the European Socialists among us.    They have been on the run for 6 of the past 8 years, and will remain on the "outs" as long as Barack and the old people in the Democrat Party remain in leadership. 

A little truth about Obama's jobs record. In a word, its mostly fantasy.

Comment from a Democrat loser:  
BS. The economy is in great shape compared to what Bush left. And the reason the labor force participation is lower is because more young people are seeking higher ed, and the demographic bulge known as the baby boom generation is aging out of the workforce.

Of course you're not smart enough to consider these factors, when you can take a simplistic and ignorant view of the world and smear a black president ~ Anonymous

Editor's notes:  Apparently Anonymous  thinks the college age kids started to return to college shortly after GW Bush moved out of the White House.  The low participation rate is the result of college kids going back to college.  Nonsense.  College enrollment did not suddenly spike after Obama began to Occupy our White House.  

62.7% is the percentage of able bodied Americans out of the work.  GW Bush had a participation rate of 66%.  Of the 178,000 new job positions,  last month,  118,000 were part time and more folks left the work force than were employed. Manufacturing payrolls were down 4% last month.  And while 178,000 new jobs were created,  first time jobless claims came in at 254,000 in November.  More people quit the workforce than were hired.  And it is that way,  80% of the time.

In fact, unemployment claims out preform new job positions in most months.  This business of "62 strait months of job increases" is a crock when measured against first time unemployment claims.  
Source:  http://www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/labor-force-participation-rate

With all the talk of winning the popular vote, Democrats hope you forget that they lost the popular vote in seven "must win" states. So much for the popularity of Barack, Michelle and Hillary.

Trump was the most popular of 2016 candidates in the 49 states outside of California.  Hillary's electoral total was one of the lowest of all time for a Democrat.

And what does it say about Barack and his popularity knowing that he and Michelle spent more time in Michigan in an ALL OUT and concerted effort to campaign for Hillary?  

In a man to man confrontation with Donald Trump,  the most popular president of all time could not beat down The Donald.  

Hillary and Obama's socialist party were supposed to win in North Carolina, Florida,  Ohio,  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.  These are states with a majority of Democrats in each state,  and yet,  the Obama Doctrine got its butt kick out of the White House.  Stop talking about winning the popular vote.  The fact of the matter is this:  you lost the popular vote in seven Democrat states that you were supposed to win. 

The Left loves to quote the military and accepted science as proof of global warming. Problem . . . .

 The Left loves to quote the military and "accepted science" as proof of global warming.  Problem,  it is against accepted internal "law" to wander from government prescribed rhetorical norms.  The government has criminalized opposition speech on this subject.  As a result,  nothing said supporting the issue of warming can be viewed as dependable because nothing said comes from free and open discourse.  The following is a perfect example this anti-free speech policy:  


A new congressional investigation has determined that the Obama administration fired a top scientist and intimidated staff at the Department of Energy in order to further its climate change agenda, according to a new report that alleges the administration ordered top officials to obstruct Congress in order to forward this agenda.
Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, released a wide-ranging report on Tuesday that shows how senior Obama administration officials retaliated against a leading scientist and plotted ways to block a congressional inquiry surrounding key research into the impact of radiation.
A top DoE scientist who liaised with Congress on the matter was fired by the Obama administration for being too forthright with lawmakers, according to the report, which provides an in-depth look at the White House’s efforts to ensure senior staffers toe the administration’s line.
The report also provides evidence that the Obama administration worked to kill legislation in order to ensure that it could receive full funding for its own hotly contested climate change agenda.
The report additionally discovered efforts by the Obama administration to censor the information given to Congress, interfering with the body’s ability to perform critical oversight work.
“Instead of providing the type of scientific information needed by Congress to legislate effectively, senior departmental officials sought to hide information, lobbied against legislation, and retaliated against a scientist for being forthcoming,” Smith said in a statement. “In this staff report based on lengthy record before the committee, much has been revealed about how senior level agency officials under the Obama administration retaliated against a scientist who did not follow the party line.”

Read the full article here.  

A champion for the criminally minded . . . . that's his legacy.

Obama grants 231 pardons and commutations, the most ever in single day...

Add this to the over 900 criminal pardons already on the books,  and Barack has pardoned more criminals than any of our past nine presidents

In case you were wondering, Hillary's investigation(s) will continue unless and until Obama pardon's her.

(Newsmax)  A federal judge in New York Monday said he’ll release the FBI’s warrant and application that enabled the agency to search for e-mails linked to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on a laptop computer used by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. 
U.S. District Judge Kevin Castel said he will release the documents Tuesday at noon, on the court system’s online-filing system, unless ordered not to by a federal appeals court. The documents will be redacted to shield the identity of an agent for the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and two other individuals  . . . . .   

The deceptive media "et it" until the bitter end:

Ben Kamisar / The Hill:
Electoral College: Where the vote stands  —  leads in the Electoral College vote so far, as electors head to their state capitols to confirm Trump's victory.  —  As of 4:10 p.m. ET, 268 electoral votes had been cast for Trump, compared with 160 for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton
Editor's note:  This headline was top of the page at Memeorandum
as late as 12 am last night   . . . .   eight hours after the election was called for Trump following the Texas electoral vote.   
Two GOP electors did not vote their pledge,  choosing, rather,  to vote for John Kasich and Ran Paul.
Hillary lost 5 votes without the mention who received her votes.  Whatever.  Interestingly enough,  Trump also picked up 160 votes in the Wisconsin recount.  
All in all,  it was not a good week for Mrs.  Bill Clinton. 

Midknight Review is an Independent political review. Here we have the Right Wing with a rather silly criticism:

Michelle O Stumbles Over ‘Night Before Christmas;’ Tells Kids ‘St. Nick Gave Up Smoking’

 Editor:  There is nothing good about smoking.  Seven cigarettes or less per day,  will not kill you,  but all smokers still stink after lighting up.   If the woman wants a non-smoking Santa (St Nick uses a pipe  -  not so bad), fine with me.  You can't get more small ball than this criticism.  Let's leave "small ball" to the clowns on the Left. 

" Lets over-turn the electoral college vote or impeach him the first day of his presidency or try him for treason." Good grief.

 "Lets over-turn the electoral college vote or impeach him the first day of his presidency or try him for treason."  Good grief.  Do we need any more proof of mental illness on the Left.  (And it may be contagious).

From the far far Left rag,  Raw Story,  we have this nonsense:   Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy, an intelligence expert flatly stated that 10 years ago President-elect Donald Trump would be facing a treason trial instead of his inauguration over his embrace of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin..
With host Joy Reid warning that Trump might turn Voice of America into a “Putin-like media outlet,” guest Malcolm Nance said the problem goes far beyond that.
“I’m not sure he [Trump] has heard of Voice of America, that’s not a joke,” Nance said. “Let’s not laugh at it, it’s actually scary. But for the most part, if he finds out that he can have his own version of Russia Today, his own version of Sputnik, two propaganda arms that took over from the Soviet Union’s Pravda, it could be exceptionally damaging.”
“But I want to come to a point that was made a little bit earlier,” he added. “When did all of this happen to Donald Trump, right? He met Gorbachev. He was a big supporter of glasnost. At some point, he was co-opted by Vladimir Putin. and that means he bought into and embraced the dictatorial ideology that was done by a spy master of the KGB. Ten years ago, 20 years ago,there would be treason trials. 

Another example of the Left going crazy in its denial of what happened on November 8.

John Shattuck / BostonGlobe.com:
Donald Trump raises specter of treason  —  A specter of treason hovers over Donald Trump.  He has brought it on himself by dismissing a bipartisan call for an investigation of Russia's hacking of the Democratic National Committee as a “ridiculous” political attack on the legitimacy of his election as president.
Editor's note:  There is no "specter of treason" hovering over Donald Trump.  The man (Trump) is as American as apply pie.  I decided against spending time commenting about this idiotic assumption  coming from the Boston Globe.  Instead,  I will continue to focus on the positive turn this nation has taken as of November 8. 
Michelle Obama cries about having no hope,  as if 70% of this nation (those who think this nation has been on the wrong track for the last several years) does not count.  Only Michelle's socialistic and One World ideas were defeated in the past election.  She and her husband partnered with Al Sharpton in an effort to vomit revolution,  cop killings, and criminal vandalism.  I mean,  Al Sharpton sat at the same table with Barack.  There is no more clear window into the hearts and intentions of the Left than the picture of Al Sharton having standing with MSNBC and the Democrat Party.  
The right has David Duke and the stinking skinheads,  but these folks are summarily rejected by the Patriot Nation.  Not so with Al Sharpton,  Black Lives Matters,  the New Black Panthers,  the Nation of Islam,  the Muslim Brotherhood,  Occupy, and the vandals in Green Peace.  
Does the Left condemn these people?  Hell no  . . . . . .  because these groups are an existential part of the 21st Century Progressive Party.  It is a party of vandals, thugs,  killers,  and purveyors of chaos.  It is NOT the progressive party of FDR or John F Kennedy.  In fact,  it is not the party of Bill Clinton or even Jimmy Carter.  
This mess belongs, solely,  to the Obama's   . . . . .    period.  Their goal was "fundamental and transformative change" for this nation  . . . .  which is all code for a New One-World Order that finds the US Constitution out of step with the rest of the world.   
Trump with all his failings on a personal level (arguably speaking),  is a blue collar/red blooded American,  as is his base.  
Treason????  That is what has been going on for the past eight years.  Take your Trumped up "treason" and go stand in front of a mirror.  Its over,   folks on the Left.  We won the most important election of our time,  and you are not going to steal it away.  Ain't happening.  

The Trump cabinet (13 done, 2 to go).

Only three politicians in the crowd.  Nearly everyone gives Trump an A+ for his cabinet selection and the process he used for making his picks.

As he prepares to leave center stage, we remind you of how little Barack knew when he came into office

Add it up.  He visited 57 states during his 2008 campaign,  with one to go,  not counting Alaska and Hawaii .  Sounds like he thinks there are 60 states in our union.  So much for being Editor of the Harvard Law Review,  a college professor,  and a Constitutional Scholar.  While Trump is no intellectual,  neither is Barack.  Sadly,  of the two men,  Barack is the only one of the two who pretends to be an intellectual and has a library of make believe accomplishments to "prove" it. 

While Barack talks a good game, he is still an 8th grader compared to his predecessors.

President Obama's 2012 State of the Union address again rated at an 8th grade comprehension level on the Flesch-Kincaid readability test — the third lowest score of any State of the Union address since 1934.
The University of Minnesota's Smart Politics conducted an analysis on the last 70 State of the Union addresses and found that President Obama's three addresses have the lowest grade average of any modern president. "Obama's average grade-level score of 8.4 is more than two grades lower than the 10.7 grade average for the other 67 addresses written by his 12 predecessors," they conclude.
"The Flesch-Kincaid test is designed to assess the readability level of written text, with a formula that translates the score to a U.S. grade level. Longer sentences and sentences utilizing words with more syllables produce higher scores. Shorter sentences and sentences incorporating more monosyllabic words yield lower scores," the University of Minnesota's Eric Ostermeier explains.

GW Bush scored at the 10th grade level.  

Source:  Politico, here.  

So our Pretender in Chief promises to get even with the Russians. Problem . . . .

Not sure what this big eared wannabee is planning on doing to the Russians.  I mean,  he has four weeks left and two of those weeks will be vacation time     . . . . . . .      adding to these 8 year totals:   nearly one year of golf (340 rounds) and more than 4,000 speeches,  personal media appearances and fundraisers. 

You do the math.  How long would 18 holes of golf take a novice golfer to complete?  Don't forget to add in shower time, and eating  . . . . .    probably a full day times 340 rounds?  

Now,  figure the time for 4,000 speeches, fundraisers, and personal appearances.  Three hours per appearance counting travel and prep time?  That gives us 3hrs  x 4,000  or 12,000 freaking hours.  Divide that by a 10 hour work day (does the king of party actually work 10 hour days?)  and you have 3 years worth of talk.  Add in the golfing,  and we have a "president" who spent 4 years of his time in office doing nothing but playing games and bullshitting.  

Those were my numbers and my list is not complete,  in view of the fact that all of his media appearances, speeches and personal appearances are documented.

Mark Knoller of ABC News, kept tabs on Mr Obama, as well.  And his numbers roughly correspond with mine.   I couldn't find a second term report, but, Knoller kept fairly accurate records during Obama's first term. Me? If Knoller's record is complete, I assume the second term will be similar.

Here are Knoller's 1st term numbers (Obama's First Term by the Numbers.) for Obama:

Ist term only:
591 media interviews
1852 speeches
58 townhalls

300 rounds of golf (ABC News, here) , Obama's number for the full 8 year term.

Doubling the Knoller numbers gives us an 8 year total for the game player of 5,002 speaking events. Allowing a very reasonable 3 hours per event including travel time to and from the individual events including prep time, we have 15,006 hours spent in his two term presidency, or 1500 ten hour days . . . . . . . a little more than 4 full calendar years including the weekends. Add in the time spent golfing 300 rounds, and we have a president who did nothing but talk and golf more than four and a half years.

Obama's annual earnings for the presidency is a $400,000 annual salary, along with a $50,000 annual expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment, for a total annual income of $569,000. Turns out we paid this clown $2.27 million dollars to play games and B.S. the nation and the world.

Trump works 7 days a week, 16 hours a day, and will not take the presidential salary.

Now you know. 

Do you know that only one Intelligence Head claims Russian involvement in our election?

Do you know that only one Intelligence Head claims Russian involvement in our election?

That's a fact.  And,  his name is John Brennan, head of the CIA.  James Comey,  FBI director,  sees no evidence of Russian intent to sway the election in favor of Clinton.  In fact,  Comey personally called  Trump, to confirm the lack of evidence for this ridiculous and anti-American claim.  Neither does James Clapper (Director of the Department of National Intelligence),  head of our National intel cabal,  all 17 agencies.  In testimony to Congress on November 17,  Clapper made it clear that our national intel has no strong evidence of Russian intent to influence the election   . . . . .  and he means to include the CIA in this statement.  

Understand that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have joined in this criminal enterprise against this once great country.  The opposition is working 24/7 to convince the Electoral College to reverse the vote of the people.  On average,  more than 1000 letters and emails are being sent to each and every elector, each and every day.  

If there was ever a question about the patriotism of the enemy-within,  that question has been answered with this effort to co-op our election process.  This blog will never forget.  

Trump appoints another military leader and continues to raid Fox News personnel.

Dec 15 (Reuters) - U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced two appointments to the National Security Council on Thursday: retired Army Lieutenant General Keith Kellogg as chief of staff and executive secretary, and Fox News Channel analyst Monica Crowley [PhD - editor],  as senior director of strategic communications.
Kellogg served in the Vietnam War and has worked in the private sector since retiring from the Army in 2003, said a statement by Trump's transition team.

Reader opinion about Israel and Trump

Of all the criticism about Trump, that which is most absurd is the charge that he is anti-Semitic.  For starters,  this charge is simply not true.  Trumps hopes to move the American Embassy into Jerusalem,  something that has been tried before,  but without success.  P. M. Netanyahu is on public record celebrating his hope to work with our new president,  something the Prime Minister had hoped for with Hussein Obama,  but without realization.  In fact,  Barack did everything he could,  in a political sense,  to undermine the Jewish State,  including sending a committee of Americans along with five million dollars,  to Israel,  in a failed effort at defeating Netanyahu in his most recent re-election campaign.  

Simply looking at Barack's record in the Middle East,  confirms his anti-Israel bias and places him,  Barack Obama,  at the top of the list of anti-Semites,  even above Jimmy Carter.  

No,  time will tell us in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump is "all in" for the nation state of Israel.  
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Obama admin. sent taxpayer money to campaign to oust Netanyahu

She's my granddaughter and could use your help.

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She is 18,  a freshman in college, a budding cross country champion,  and is beginning her modeling career.  About once every 7 days,  I will post a picture involving her modeling efforts.  

Her photo agency is Jon Lorentz and her photo can be found here,  2747 likes. 

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Getting "discovered" in modeling is as difficult to accomplish as is getting discovered as a singer. 

Of course, the Dems know there is little evidence for a Russian influence in our 2016 elections.

James Clapper, head of all our 17 inel agencies,   says "no strong evidence" for Russian interference.

James Comey, head of the FBI,  says,  "Russians did not influence our election."

And now,  Loretta Lynch,  head of the DOJ,  says
Attorney General Lynch: No ‘Technical Interference’ From Russia During The Election

Will the Electoral College steal the election for Hillary. The Associated Press says "no."

Editor's notes: what is good news about this post is the fact that (a) the Dems effort to steal the election will fail, and, (b) we now know that the Dems will risk civil war to get their way.  They did so back in 1860.  And, clearly,  they would throw this nation into a domestic conflict if they thought they could win.   

Electoral college voters will NOT rebel against Trump they say - as they tell of desperate appeals from 'idiots' to oppose president-elect on Monday

  • The Associated Press has interviewed more than 330 of the electoral college's 538 voters
  • They will cast their vote on Monday with desperate pleas for them to back Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, despite the outcome of the election 
  • Its reporters found just one Republican who will not vote for Donald Trump in defiance of the mandate given to him by his state
  • College members told how they have come under massive pressure to go rogue - with one telling of hand-written six page letters quoting the Constitution
  • 'Hell will freeze and we will be skating on the lava before I change,' one said. 'He won the state and I've pledged and gave my word that that's what I would do.'

So, Hillary got away with all that criminal stuff? Not exactly.

Daily Caller:    Officials at FBI headquarters instructed its New York field office to continue its corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation following the election of Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to a former senior law enforcement official.
The instructions ordered agents to “go forward” with their ongoing inquiry into the Clinton Foundation which is focusing on issues of corruption and money laundering, according to the source.
“There were no instructions to shut it down, to discontinue or to stand down on the investigation, but to continue its work,” the former official told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an interview.

Besides electing a real live businessman, we made history by electing . . . . .

This year,  we had 34 Senators up for re-election.  We were told over and over again,  that a Trump candidacy would spell the end to GOP dominance in the Senate and,  possibly, the House.  Neither circumstance proved to be true.  

In fact,  BECAUSE of the strength of Trump's candidacy,  the GOP shockingly continues to control the Senate,  losing only two Senate seats in this election.  

As a marker of the degree of partisanship in this year's election process,  for the first time in American history,  every Senate seat was won by the party of the presidential candidate.  In other words,  those who voted for Hillary also voted for their state's Senator;  everyone who voted for Trump also voted for their state's Senator.  

According to Larry Sabato and his Crystal Ball, we now know the degree of partisanship in this election  . . . . .   it was 100% as relates to the Senate contests.  

In 2018,  the Dems hope this trend does not continue.  Of the 25 Democrat Senators up for re-election in that year,  10 of them are in states won by Trump.  No one thinks this will happen,  but if the pattern of 2016 holds true,  the Senate would have 62 GOP Senators and a super majority, similar to the super majority for the Dems in 2009/2010.  This would be the case (a super majority) even if the GOP won 8 of 10 seats.  

The likelihood of a super majority increases with passing of every day Trump is able to "get the job done."  And that,  boys and girls,  is why you can expect to see a continuation of the childish and salacious attacks of those remain stuck in their socialist past.  

The Democrat party's plot to steal the election is exposed.

Ed Klein / Townhall.com:
Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn't Influence the Election  —  In telephone conversations with Donald Trump, FBI Director James Comey assured the president-elect there was no credible evidence that Russia influenced the outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election by hacking … 
Editor's note:  Not only do we have the head of the FBI telling Trump this,  but,  we have James Clapper,  the head of the mother of all agencies,  the National Intel Agency  (that is the agency supervising all 17 domestic intelligence concerns in this country including the FBI and the CIA),  telling us "there is no strong evidence" of Russian influence.  
If foreign interests commandeered our election (2016),  the Electoral College would have reason to abandon its individual commitments and "vote their consciences."    That is what is going on, here,  the Dems desperately trying to steal this election and doing so in the public eye and without shame.  I mean,  Josh Earnst, NBC News and Politico,  are telling us this Thursday morning,  that President Trump knew about the connection between the Russians and the so-called hacking of our election process.  Again,  why is this important?  Because it puts Trump in the alliance of foreign enemies,  a "fact" that must not be allowed to sway our election.  

Any article you will read,  published in the past two or three days,  claiming CIA "proof" of Russian involvement, is based on "unnamed sources,"  "high level confidants," "sources inside Russia," and other unnamed "sources,"  not on official statements from the CIA.   What I am saying is this:  There are no official statements coming from the CIA on this matter.  Worse,  there are no "unnamed sources" that can be verified or vetted.  We are left with nothing but partisan whiners rooting around in their own political dung, searching for anything that can be used to fool the electorate into a Hillary presidency  . . . .   not going to happen without a Civil War at some level.  This political party (the Dems)  is solely responsible for the Civil War of 1860-65,  and now,  it does not care if it starts a second Civil War.  It is that simple and that despicable.  

The Democrat Party,  under current leadership is no longer an American Party,  anymore than the Nation of Islam is an American party. 

The Bad guys are taking back lost territory in the Middle East. An example of Obama's "greatest military in the world" beaten back by a bunch of goat herders? Good grief.

Militants retake ancient city of Palmyra from Syrian forces
US: Islamic State group may have air defenses in Syria town

NBC, the birth site for Lying Brian Williams, talks about Russian hacking our election. The CIA ties this to Trump, The FBI and

Editorial note:  Before reading the following excerpt,  understand that Dems are simply making up reason for stealing the election away from Trump.  They started the first Civil War,  and, now,  they are going for Number Two.  

NBC "News" reports that U.S. intelligence officials now believe with "a high level of confidence" that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.
Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.
Putin's objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as a "vendetta" against Hillary Clinton morphed into an effort to show corruption in American politics and to "split off key American allies by creating the image that [other countries] couldn't depend on the U.S. to be a credible global leader anymore," the official said. 
Ultimately, the CIA has assessed, the Russian government wanted to elect Donald Trump. The FBI and other agencies don't fully endorse that view, but few officials would dispute that the Russian operation was intended to harm Clinton's candidacy by leaking embarrassing emails about Democrats. 

James Clapper,  head of National Intelligence and its 17 agencies including the CIA and the FBI,  did not see strong evidential ties between the Wikileaks document dump and the Ruyssians  ( https://www.c-span.org/video/?418617-1/james-clapper-testifies-capitol-hill-submitting-resignation&start=2471  -  approx at or just before the 45 minute mark on the video),  and the CIA information is not the product of an official statement.  Instead,  the information comes from a leaked source if not from the inner sanctum of NBC News.  

The headline from Salon makes a mountain out of a mole hill.

Matthew Sheffield / Salon:NEW! Rise of the alt-right: How mainstream conservatives' obsession with purity fueled a new right-wing radicalism  —  The GOP's endless battles over who is or isn't a “true conservative” created a movement it couldn't control … Faced with the emergence of the new racist political movement known as the   . . . . 

I say "mountain out of mole hill,"  because the so-called "alt-right" has between 200 and 400 attendees/members.  More than 62 million "right wingers" voted for Trump  . . . . . .   200/400 of them were extremists. 

No one bothers to mention the extremists in the Progressive/Marxist Cabal, namely, the New Black Panthers,  the Nation of Islam,  the radicals who buy into the rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright and Rogers Ailes,  the Muslim Brotherhood,  the freak we know as Al Sharpton and his gang of cop killers,  BLM,  Green Peace,  and on and on.  

Just to be clear, Central Planning is to blame for syper-seciurity failures.

Sam Stein / The Huffington Post: GOP Leaders Ignored Repeated Requests To Go Further In Condemning Russia's Hacking  

Really??  The GOP is to blame????  

In 2013,  50 million the names, addresses,  social security numbers,  phone numbers, et al by foreign entities.  Obama did nothing stop this invasion.  

In 2014,  23 million folks were hacked by outside forces,  and,  again, the Administration did next to nothing.  

Barack had eight freaking years to solve the problem and sat on his hands,  afraid of a counter attack.  

Time for the "peaceniks" in the White House to be gone.    

Here is the seven state strategy that cost Hillary the presidency . . . . . other than the fact that she was a crook and her marriage was a sham.

Hillary's seven state strategy would have given her the presidency by quite a margin.  Instead, she lost all seven states,  giving Donald Trump a historic election victory.  

Here is how it happened:  

In the last days of the 2016 campaign,  Hillary moved a million dollar ad buy in Michigan to Indiana and Missouri.  As a result,  she lost all three states.

In the last days of the 2016 campaign,  she was convinced to cancel a 2 million dollar ad by in Pennsylvania and Florida,  preferring,  instead,  to spend much of that money in Arizona.   Subsequently,  she lost both Pennsylvania and Florida in addition to Arizona.  

Finally,  she was convinced that Wisconsin was a "safe place," and, as a result,  did not bother to make any personal appearances there   . . . . .    not one. She lost the state by 22,000.  

I make this point as often as I can, but,  Trump won the popular vote bt 1.2 million if you exclude California's 4 million vote victory favoring Hillary.  Understand that Trump won the electoral vote 306 to 232 or by a lop-sided margin of 74 votes.  If you understand that he was strong, across the nation,  outside of California,  you can understand why Trump's electoral victory was so one-sided.  The  Hillary mantra has her being the popular candidate,  when,  in fact,  that simply is not true.  

In case you are wondering why I am camping on California and not New York,  the answer is in the numbers.  New York gave Hillary her victory by a 1.7 million vote margin.  Last count in California gave Hillary a 3.9 million vote margin.  

Do you want folks who are willing to over-turn an election, to be in charge of what you think and say? Because that is what they want for themselves . . . totalitarian rule.

Will the electoral College be briefed on the CIA's knowledge of Russian hacking allegation?  

The simple answer is "no."  And the reason is as simply stated:

They do not have security clearances necessary for such a briefing  . . . . .   period.  

Never mind that the 10 electors demanding this hearing are all anti-Trump colleagues.  Never mind the genuine threat to this republic should the Trump victory be over-turned via such nonsense.  Never mind that the Dems demanded acceptance of the electoral process before they were against it.  

Expect nothing to happen except a heighten emotional push   . . . .   nothing else will occur.

Hillary's henchman, John Podesta, lobbies for Russia's largest bank !! He is, also, shocked that Russia has been caught hacking the US elections (or did they?).

Hillary's henchman,  John Podesta,  lobbies for Russia's largest bank!!  You should know he stood to profit "big time" from a Hillary presidency as a lobbyist for Russian banking   . . . .   a representative position that has already made Podesta and his lobby firm millions.  

Podesta is the Hillary spokesman calling for information briefing from the CIA,  before the Electoral Colleges votes next Monday.  the 19th. 

The Washington Free Beacon has a story of more Podesta-Russia ties.

Podesta is registered to lobby on behalf of Sberbank CIB USA Inc., a subsidiary of Russia’s largest bank, which is majority owned by the government.
The Security Services of Ukraine accused Sberbank of transferring money to pro-Russia “terrorists” fighting for Soviet occupation in April 2014, a charge denied by the bank.
Podesta’s job according to the disclosure forms is to assist the bank in clarifying the scope of sanctions from Executive Order 13660, which President Obama signed in March 2014 to block “property of certain persons contributing to the situation in Ukraine.” Podeseta is also tasked with exploring possible avenues for sanctions relief.


According to a report put out by the Government Accountability Institute, John Podesta sat on the Board of a company that was enriched to the tune of $35 Million from a Putin-tied Russian government fund.
Podesta, who is also the President of the looney Soros-funded Center for American Progress, sat on the executive board of a small energy company called Joule Unlimited with senior Russian officials.
According to the  report: “Two months after Podesta joined the board, Vladimir Putin’s Rusnano announced that it would invest up to one billion rubles into Joule Unlimited, which amounts to $35 million. That represents one-fifth of the entire amount of investment dollars Joule collected from 2007 to 2013.”
Related and confirming articles:   http://observer.com/2016/04/panama-papers-reveal-clintons-kremlin-connection/

Reuters is a second news source confirming the Beacon's news report:    http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-intelligence-idUSKBN14204E

Apparently, Trump has a case for his comments on the Russian Hacking scadal.

Reuters: Exclusive: Top U.S. spy agency has not embraced CIA assessment on Russia hacking - sources  

While the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) does not dispute the CIA's analysis of Russian hacking operations, it has not endorsed their assessment because of a lack of conclusive evidence that Moscow intended to boost Trump over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, said the officials, who declined to be named.
The position of the ODNI, which oversees the 17 agency-strong U.S. intelligence community, could give Trump fresh ammunition to dispute the CIA assessment, which he rejected as "ridiculous" in weekend remarks, and press his assertion that no evidence implicates Russia in the cyber attacks.
Trump's rejection of the CIA's judgment marks the latest in a string of disputes over Russia's international conduct that have erupted between the president-elect and the intelligence community he will soon command.
An ODNI spokesman declined to comment on the issue.
"ODNI is not arguing that the agency (CIA) is wrong, only that they can't prove intent," said one of the three U.S. officials. "Of course they can't, absent agents in on the decision-making in Moscow."
The Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose evidentiary standards require it to make cases that can stand up in court, declined to accept the CIA's analysis - a deductive assessment of the available intelligence - for the same reason, the three officials said.