Brexist gives hope to Trump. Here is why:

Understand that the day before the Brexist vote in the U.K.,  the anti-Brexist vote was 10 points down, indicating a landslide loss for those who wanted to leave the E.U.

Update:  Las Vegas bookies say its 95% that Trump loses.  They also said that it was 85% that Brexist would lose.  

Turns out more than 2.5 million folks came "out of nowhere" to give Brexist the victory.  

The polls weren't even close on their predictions as to Brexist.  And,  we all know the political bias of most of our national polls.  

While the polls should not be ignored,  still,  they almost never get it exactly right.  Only the national election will do that.  

See you in November.