Here is what is being discussed as a solution to the "fiscal cliff." Too bad no one has bothered to honor fiscal conservatives in the current negotiations.

Update #2 - over night,  the Senate passed the "fiscal cliff bill,"  89 to 8.  First reports have the House considering the bill after Boehner and company have a chance to read the proposition.  The bill "postpones" spending cuts,  which is code  for "there will never be any meaningful tax cuts if we Progressives have a say in the matter.  

Update:  no deal before the 1st.  Seriously,  this is no big deal.  Remember all that disaster talk,  last year,  surrounding the debt ceiling?  The world was going to end come August of 2011.  Well,  as it turns out,  we crossed the debt ceiling barrier the previous May  --  three months earlier;  "they" just forgot to tell anyone.    Ditto here.  A lot of talk or,  in the words of a coke user (Obama while in school),  just a lot of blow.

Fox News/Midknight Review:    As of 12 pm,  Monday,  December 31, a "deal" would raise tax rates for individuals with income above $400,000 a year and households above $450,000 a year, according to source familiar with matter.  The deal would include a permanent alternative minimum tax fix,  keep the estate taxes at current levels,  write a “doctor’s fix” which would prevent an immediate 27% cut to doctors accepting Medicare and extend unemployment benefits for a year while postponing spending cuts. 

Understand that tax increases without spending cuts do nothing but give congress more money to spend  --  and that is the problem driving our nation into the dirt.  The Democrat  Party is clearly the party of “fiscal irresponsibility.”  I only wish that that could be said to the exclusion of the GOP,  but such is not the case . . . .  not even close.  Worse,  those in the Grand Old Party,  have busied themselves,  of late,  blaming the fiscal conservatives in the party,  for all of the GOP’s recent woes.  The ONLY voice of sanity on the Hill,  as relates to fiscal issues,  comes out of the grassroots movement that has been named “the teaparty.”  

While the teaparty has been infested with much distraction  (Santorum’s social agenda campaign,  for example),  we find - more than three years after its first 1.8 million man demonstration in Washington – that the central issues remain threefold:  1) a balanced budget, 2) a concern for the continuation of the Constitution, and 3) a return to personal responsibility and state's rights,  rather than the sucking sound of an out of control dependency on the Central Government.   
Will conservative House members defeat the approaching “deal”  being talked about  within the past hour?  

We will know by this evening. 

Seriously, how much should be cut in terms of expense? We have the answer as we ask two questions.

 <<<  Sorry folks,  the fiscal cliff disaster has past the point of no return, regardless of whatever the headlines of this week say. 

The Democrats love to ask this question:  "If the GOP is not going to raise taxes on the rich,  how are they going to pay for the money lost in that move?"   You should know that the Bush tax cuts for the rich,  totaled a nominal $700 billion dollars over the course of ten years.

I have a better question and it is the Democrats who should be asked  (as in "hounded) this question:  "If you are not going to raise taxes on the middle class,  how are you going to pay for that 'lost' income ?"  Understand that the Bush cuts to the middle class totaled 3.8 trillion dollars. 

Point of post:  Here is the critical  fact central to effective spending cuts:  if the congress is not talking about cutting 4.5 trillion dollars over the course of the next ten years,  it are lying to the American people and setting the American citizenry up for one of the worst financial disaster in world history and, that is not hyperbole.   

That "4.5 trillion" number comes from adding the totals in tax savings for the "rich"  and Obama's version of the "middle class."  If the question is legitimate when asked about 'lost' income from the rich,  it certainly is legitimate when asked about lost income from the middle class.  While the Dems have busied themselves buying votes ad infinitum ,  their long term intentions are to wait on the necessary cuts to Social Security and Medicare until the ceiling caves in around us,  and,  in that event,  they are hoping to have positioned themselves to continue their blame game,  and turn the coming disaster into a serious electionary plus for them.   

Understand that beginning in 2009,  expenses for Social Security have exceeded collections.  In 2011,  that deficit was in excess of nearly 47 billion dollars (jds-midknightreview / remember-obama-and-dems-telling) .  In other words,  Social Security is already broke and,  apparently,  readers of this Review are the only folks on the face of God's green earth who are aware of this fact.  

As far as Medicare is concerned,  it now totals 42 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  

To illustrate just how out of control this program is,  consider this fact:   when we take all of the world's economies,  some 220 countries,  they require a collective grand total of around 68 trillion dollars per year to operate their programs and support their national needs.  Medicare totals 2/3's of all the world's economies combined.  And, still,  the self-serving, socialist grounded unions in this country and their Democat/Progressive leadership refuses to admit that there is any kind of problem at all.  

As of the 2012 election, we now have an electorate that cares not for the facts of this matter.  They don't care,  because they believe that they will be allowed to further gut the system without penalty as they follow the lead of Progressive leadership,  and continue to decimate the business community in this country. 

Sadly,  there may no cure for selfish and stupid,  when the two are combined for the purpose of gaining a political edge.  


After it is all said and one,  we cannot cut or tax our way to safety.  This article in Forbes,  gives us a clear picture why the "tax and cut" will not work,  if it stands alone and the "solution."  

Which is it, folks? Are we taxing millionaires and billionaires or those married and making $125,000 ???

Understand what is actually been pushed forward by Barack Hussein:  the limitation on his tax demand is this, “$200,000” for an individual and $125,000 for each member of a couple reporting via a joint return. 
Obama talks about taxing the uber rich,  the “millionaires and billionaires” while planning on taxing those who make $125,000 before taxes. 
And you all believe what he says !!!  If this is not an attack on the middle class,  there is no middle class.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, December 30, 2012, 10:39 AM
Economist Peter Morici had this to say this morning about Obama’s fiscal cliff negotiating tactics:

“The president, by being so persistent that it’s my way or the highway, no spending cuts, taxes on folks over $250,000 or nothing, has basically put a pistol to the head of the middle class. It’s threatened them with financial extortion if he doesn’t get his way to satisfy the populist wing of the Democratic Party.”

We are at war with ourselves, the Left and the Right, and my side has no leader. In four years, neither will the Left.

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From "comments" :  
The problem, the scourage, the cancer on American society and legislature is the dying vestage of radical right in the House ... known as the 'teaparty'. They will soon die out and we will all see they and their ilk are on the wrong side of history.

And My response:  

 We (the tea-party) are the history of this nation.  It is that history you all want to change.  You can say all you want that is negative about this once great nation,  but you can't make it better. 

Does it need some changing?  Of course.  But,  as I said,  you commie,  One Worlders don't have the answers.  Heck,  to hear you all talk your divisive, character attacking,  crap,  you would have had nothing to do with the  founding of this nation;  after all,  there is nothing that is a part of our founding history you all like. We would all be British citizens,  if it had been up to the wusses on the Left. 

We are great because of folks like the slave master,  George Washington,  or the adulterer,  Thomas Jeffereson,  or the slave trader,  Columbus,  or the "ignorants" and Right Wingers  who debated and wrote the "white man's constitution,"  or the men who fought in the civil war to effect some of the changes that our founders did not anticipate. 

You represent the parasitic  political class;   find a host nation,  attack its founders and patriots and traditions and history,   raise up an entitlement class and teach them to be angry at those who have more than they do,  and BAM,  you get to take over that country.  You do all this because you [all] have not the ability to begin from scratch.  We and the [Boston] tea party spirit - founded this nation and you all want to change all that. 

Before you decide to argue my point,  that you all detest this nation as it was and is,  that you are not about changing everything about this nation,   I  remind you of what Obama is all about,  according to his jihadist wife: 

May of 2008:

MICHELLE OBAMA: "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we're going to have to change our traditions, our history; we're going to have to move into a different place as a nation."

Like I said,  there is nothing that is a part of our founding history you all like. According the our revolutionary First Couple,  our traditions and very history are in need of changing.  How do you change "history?"  By re-writing it,  by denying it,  by subverting it, all in the pretense that it would have been perfect (our history) had others  (i.e. the socialist progressives)  been in charge from the beginning.  This bunch of know-nothings   --  remember,  they couldn't even write a budget proposal and they had four years to try;  they couldn't pass a comprehensive immigration bill and they had absolutely no legislative opposition for  two stinking years  --  are no better than the  "give me" generation they have empowered.  

Why so comprehensive a "statement"  coming from the Obama's ?   Because the man and his wife hate this nation the way it is,  and so do you and the filth talking folks you run with. You think it a "slip of the lip" when she pronounced "For the first time,  I am proud of this country"  when "change" was all about her self serving husband??? 

You are nothing but an ignorant punk with no intellectual ability to match that of our founders  --  ditto virtually all of your current leadership.  You all are leaches of the first order,  without a god or a soul and without a country,  unless and until you infest it and change it as a disease changes its host.