Yes, Hannity is all in for Trump, but the Marxist Media is doing more for Hillary.

Media Matters report:    Fox News host Sean Hannity, who has been informally advising Donald Trump’s presidential campaign while serving as its primary media cheerleader, has effectively turned his nightly prime-time show into Trump’s second campaign headquarters. According to a Media Matters analysis, Hannity’s program has given Trump what amounts to more than $31 million in free advertising in the form of dozens of fawning interviews with the candidate since Trump declared his candidacy in June 2015.
Hannity has devoted just over 22 hours of airtime to broadcasting interviews with Trump since the launch of Trump’s campaign. That airtime is worth more than $31 million according to advertising value calculated by media monitoring service iQ Media. That coverage includes 51 original interviews and over a dozen re-airings of previously aired interviews. This year alone, Hannity has aired thirteen and a half hours of Trump interviews, four and a half hours of which have come since Ted Cruz and John Kasich dropped out of the Republican primary in early May, effectively ending the race. 

The reader should know that Hannity has offered Hillary all the time she might request,  but,  to date,  nothing from the woman.  The report from Media Matters does not offer a factual comparison of Hannity's actions with regard to the candidates,  pre and post GOP primary, his offer for air time and who has rejected his offering.  The fact of the matter is this:  Trump accepted Hannity's audience as did Cruz.  The others were offered more time than they utilized.  Finally,  the reader should know that the positive air time for Hillary is 5x that of Trump  ~  blog editor.