European Socialism is not a freind to our personal freedoms.

Just to be clear, politically speaking, Communism (a) is the religion of atheists, and (b) the mother of European Socialism.

By definition, Communism is "dialectic material." At least, that is what is on the cover of the "Communist Manifesto."
And what is "dialectic materialism?"

For starters, and this effects all of us, the phrase "dialectic materialism" is Karl Marx's idiotic effort at sounding intellectual. There is no such thing as "dialectic materialism," only the dialectic that contrasts materialism with issues of faith. So the man was half right.

Communism by definition, accepts our material reality as the only source for truth, and, consequently rejects "mythologies" such as religion. That is why Communist countries (Russia, China, Cuba) reject religion and fight to sequester people of faith . . . . . not because those people are a threat, but simply because those people are stupid . . . . . . on the basis that they believe in mythology.

Radicalized socialism, Barack's brand of socialism, is the next step down. It allows for religion, even pretends to partner with the religious, when, in fact. its apostles oppose religion on every hand . . . . and I am talking about true faith/religion. Its automatic. This is why the Obama generation laughs at and mocks those who have issues with modern day science as "science deniers." . Many, and a growing number within the Democrat Party, want to criminalize speech that argues against the idiocy of evolution, or the unprovable theory of :global warming" (btw, there is no such thing as "global" warming, only "regional" warming - think about it, before you burp up a response).

Conclusion: "science deniers" are to be limited as to their domestic influence (schools, what they can say in their pulpits and churches, sports, and discussion forums that allow for a criticism of science). If you have ever called someone a "science denier," it is only because you are an atheist. Science, contrary to popular conservative opinion, is not a religion, it is an enemy to religion when it is forced upon the population via laws and ridicule.

Hail to the Comrade Class and their leaders, the Elitist Rich folks.