We have been played !!!

Those are the words of Rush Limbaugh and it appears they capture what is about to happen - our congressional leaders giving Obama the one thing he wanted most, enough money in the debt ceiling to avoid having to deal with it during the coming election cycle.

Thanks for nothing.

There is nothing in this bill that will demand systemic changes that will keep the big spenders in congress from continuing their purge of the "good faith and credit of the United States." Understand that 3 trillion in "cuts" will prove to be nothing more than "gimmick accounting." Worse, the three trillion in "cuts" will be weighted against the 14 trillion in increased debt over the same period of time.

Absolutely disgraceful.

Screw the re-election of Obama !! What we need to do is rid the GOP of the Establishment, big spending, leadership that has plagued the party over the course of the past several decades. As things stand today, every man, woman and child owes $48,000. Our nation owes $160 trillion in unfunded liabilities as we project Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid over the next 20 years. Our big chance to get things back on track is being sacrificed, all in the name of Democrat hostage taking - using made-up penalties and scare tactics once again, to get their way.

The Democrat leadership are liars all, to the man and woman, and the GOP fares just as poorly, but worse -- they are not the leaders we had hoped they would be.

Shame on them all

The real heartache, in all this, is that the national debt will consume this country. The line "we must save Social Security from the villains who would change its function" will be used until it becomes impossible to pay that bill. The Democrats have sealed the doom of this great country. . . .and what will happen when, suddenly, the welfare fountain runs dry (and it will)? Riots, the rape and plunder of those who "have." That is our future.

Thanks for nothing !!!

Understand that if the patriots win the coming election, there will be hell to pay if we do not deal with the issues of unbridled spending, increased government and the likes of John McCain.

Apparently none of you are looking, but we exceeded the debt ceiling last May the 16th !! So much for Armageddon. (no article).

14 minutes of Senator Marco Rubio on the Senate floor. Someone tell me why he should not be our next president. This guy is great !!

Donald Trump threatens, again, to run for the presidency.

Let's take a few lines and talk about this headline: Trump: I May Run for 'President' if Economy Stays Bad...

Trump is an egocentric, fat, loser (politically speaking) who is no more a conservative than he is a hair dresser. He has been in on real estate deals that centered around destroying the private property rights of others so he could make a buck. He supported Anthony Weiner's re-election, for heaven's sake !! He has supported Hillary, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Arlen Specter, Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin, in the past, as well. He scores an "F" with the gun lobby. He is pro-choice and he supports ObamaCare.

The fact that Col Allen "What is he thinking" West has stated that he would agree to being Trump's running mate, is beside the point. I like the Colonel, but that was a stupid comment.

Anyway, point of post is this: stop with your support of Donald Trump. The man is no conservative and would only add to the GOP Establishment, if, indeed, he actually functioned as a Republican.

Why no recovery? We have the answer.

Lets make a brief comparison between the economies of Clinton, W Bush and the Novice, Barack Obama, shall we?

When Obama took the throne and began his imitation of the first American dictator, the economy had turned sour. But recessions typically last 18 months, in this country, not three stinking years. Obama believed that the economy would make the corrections and rebound, on its own. We all believed that. To be sure, his rhetoric did not reflect this fact, but his actions did. That is why he used his absolute control of Congress to craft a trillion dollar "stimulus" that allocated only 3.5% of its funds to temporary projects and billions upon billions to his union buds and his big money campaign constituencies. What a deal !! He could save the unions, drowning in their own glut of legacy extravagance, pay back his "friends," and get credit for saving the economy, as well.

So, why did the economy fail to respond? Well, we have ObamaCare - a bill that added thousands of dollars to small business expenses, a bill that will not be fully written until 2014 !! So business said, "Maybe we should wait on expansion until Washington finishes writing this new law." Then came the FinReg legislation (also passed in 2009), the most sweeping financial regulator "upgrade" in history, another bill that will not be fully written until 2013 and, business said, "Maybe we have two very important reasons for waiting to see just how punitive this redistributive, big government spender is going to be." Then came the Obama decision to bypass congress and use the FCC, FTC, the EPA, OSHA, and the DOJ to press for its "legislative" agenda by fiat. And, business said, "That's it !! We cannot expand and invest and increase payrolls until this idiot goes away."

Contrast this to Clinton and "W."

Clinton cut corporate taxes and, guess what, it worked. He stood over (along with a Republican congress)the most prosperous economy in modern times. George W Bush (who also "inherited" a recession and 9/11) cut taxes and, guess what, revenues increased by 43% as he stood over the second most prosperous economy in history. Few people know that Bush economic policies provided for a record 52 consecutive months of growth in GDP. Including the recession years of 2001 and 2008, the unemployment rate under Bush averaged 5.3% .

Going back to Reagan, at this point in the recession, Reagan was seeing a 7% increase in GDP while our first quarter (2011) growth rate for GDP was an embarrassing .04% . Newly unemployed benefit claims are coming in at 1.6 million per month (398,000 last week, alone) and unemployment totals are somewhere around 19% of the nation's work force and these numbers have been the case for going on three years

Gallup has Obama at a record low of 40% approval. Understand this, Obama is not running against Boehner in 2012. The fact is this: he has lost ground in all voting demographics including Blacks. He won in 2008 by only 7% of the popular vote. As things stand today, he would lose in an embarrassing landslide. I was one of the first to say this, to document the "demographic disaster" that is gathering around Obama's presidency - more than a year ago. That was my story, then, and I am sticking to it, today.

He is a slow learning academic with no practical private sector experience. He is not a smart man, politically speaking. Even his liberal base is running from him.

Like Peggy Noonan wrote in the WSJ, this past week, " . . . . he is a loser." And,

Nobody likes a loser.

The GOP will not compromise !! The GOP will not compromise !! Hell, that is all the GOP has done for the past four decades. We REPENT already !!

What is missed in all this is the fact that the conservative rebellion to increasing the size of government and big spending, has been going on since the beginnings of the Rush Limbaugh Era. Rush became a phe-nom overnight because he represented the conservative angst. He mimicked conservative concerns and was the first national figure to give voice to their complaints. From his beginnings in 1988, the conservative rebellion to invading Marxist/Socialist influences has grown from an extremely individualistic effort into what is now called the "TEA party movement."

The beauty of the TEA party movement is that no one within the movement is seriously talking about leaving the GOP. Rather, all the talk is about recapturing the Republican Party and taking back our country, moving it away from a non-Constitutional, anti-capitalist, redistributive system of social "justice" and class warfare back to a supply side economic, pro-business (read: pro jobs), Constitutional justice, pro-growth tax system (taxable receipts grew by 44% under the "Bush tax cuts") that demands personal responsibility and has supplied this country with its greatest periods of economic growth and individual freedoms.

Understand, that the conservative rebellion effectively manifested itself in the 2006 midterm elections in which conservatives stayed away from the voting booth, allowing the Democrats to take over both houses of government. Again, in 2008, 5 million conservatives refused to vote for the moron, John McCain, giving the election (in part) to Obama wtih his pac of campaign lies. This set of fact, especially the 2008 election, made it clear to the GOP, for the first time, that if they wanted to win elections and stay in power by ignoring the conservative base that is the GOP, go ahead and try. Finally, the 2010 midterms established the voting power of the conservative (TEA party) base and provided - we hope - the legislative beginnings for the ultimate defeat of Left Wing, One World, Socialist governance.

That base has not gone away. They are standing in the shadows watching what is going on in Washington , determined to increase their control of the GOP while shouting out, "Compromise has screwed this nation and we will not allow it to continue."

Know this: "compromise" was the name of the game in GOP politics for years and years. Do not accuse the Right of refusing to compromise. That is nonsense !!

If it had worked, there would have been no rebellion.

Marxist Media Carries Water for Obama

If' all this mess had become manifest on George W Bush's watch, the resulting onslaught of media coverage would be beyond the pale; hundreds of anti-Bush articles would have been written by now. But, Obama belongs to the Marxist Media and, as a result, during the period July 1 thru July 27, the Marxists in the media wrote 56 major articles blaming the GOP verses only 17 articles putting the blame on Obama, Democrat spending and/or the failures of Keynesian (read: throwing money at national problems) Economics.

Point of post: if you are one of those who still gets your news from the major networks or from such yellow journalistic endeavors as the NY Times, the LA Times, the SF Chronicle or the Washington Post (to name a few), well, we give you the above bias.

I do not carry this theme often because those of us on the Right are fully aware of the bias of the press. In this case, the bias is so one-sided and stupidly wrong, that our coverage of this story is more than merited.

Obama the dictator? Can this be ??

Understand that Obama wants the can kicked down the road until after the 2012 elections. That is why the Democrats do not plan on finalizing an actual fiscal budget as required by Federal law. On election day, we will be in our third fiscal year without a written or approved budget.

Someone explain to me why this is not a criminal offense.

This is one of the most incompetent Administration in our history. Never, never, never, have we refused to pass a budget. Never before has a president even contemplated the idea that he will act unilaterally to increase the debt ceiling. The 14th Amendment can be found on the "scroll-down" on this blog. I have given you the full text. There is nothing there that gives him this authority and his own White House lawyers have told him so. What is scary about all this is the fact that a huge percentage of the population are so disconnected with American/Constitutional fact that they are willing to allow Obama to function as a dictator.

New jobless claims for last week were 398,000. We remain at 1.6 million new jobless claims per month !! (no article).

Dems want Obama to play the roll of dictator in "solving" the debt ceiling crisis.

Read this and tell me where authority is given to any US president to function as a dictator at all level or for any reason.

Here is the text of the 14th Amendment:

Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Section 2. Representatives shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State.

Section 3. No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Section 5. The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Proof that the new regulations are hurting the economy - proof from a friend of Obama's

This headline is much more significant than you suppose: Soros dumps investors to avoid new financial regs... There are several reasons why hiring and productivity (measured in GDP) has not taken off. One that is frequently touted is "regulations." The New FinReg (Financial Regulation Bill) is part of the problem. It was passed last year but will not be fully written for another two years. No one in business knows exactly how this monstrosity will effect their bottom line, so they are waiting. We have said it many times:

"one does not pass regulation on top of regulation and debt upon debt and tax increase upon increase during a recession."

Now, we have official liberal confirmation of the above warning . . . . from the evil George Soros, no less. Even he is cutting back to avoid unforeseen problems.

Point of post?

We told you so.

Why Obama is the victim in this debt ceiling debate

Who is being hurt most in the on going tit-for-tat that is the current debt ceiling debate? That seems to be the question of the hour and here is your definitive answer: Obama.

And here is why. He is the only main figure in the debate who is running for president in 2012. On November 2nd of next year, it will not be Obama v John Boehner or Eric Cantor or Paul Ryan.

Understand that Obama's disapproval numbers for his handling of the economy is 61% !!! That is huge. No potential GOP candidate has these kinds of numbers. The Left is deserting him in droves and the press was all over Jay Carney in his press briefing, yesterday.

"Why has Obama not put forth his plan ??" That was the question of the moment and it was asked over and over again. There was no answer coming from Carney. In fact, when Tim Geithner appeared on Chris Wallace's "Fox News Sunday," he refused to answer the question, "Do you have a plan for spending if a bill to raise the debt ceiling is not reached?" Wallace asked this question 5 or 6 times, all without an answer.

The Man has no plan . . . . that is for certain, and those on his side of the aisle are getting tired of his B.S. Understand that his last press conference to the nation from the East Room, contained nothing new . . . not one thing. Usually when a president calls for a conference in the "East Room," it means something big is getting ready to be announced. So the press corp came to the meeting and the networks dutifully gave Obama more free time for his national "announcement" and what did we get? We got NOTHING.

And that has been the "word of the day" for the past two and half years. We have gotten nothing from this man except debt and grief.

Here is proof that Obama is doing nothing to help in the debt ceiling debate:

I went to a news portal, a liberal news portal by the name of Memeorandum (correct spelling, btw). Here are all the headlines recorded on that site at 7:15 pm this afternoon pertaining to the budget crisis. Scroll down and actually look at each headline. No need to click and read the related stories . . . just read the headlines while answering the question: "What is missing."

Take a moment.

Now, if you have not figured it out, here is what is missing: there are no stories reviewing the Obama/Reid plan. Why? Because the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has only received one plan to score and that is the House plan to "cut, cap and . . . . .," whatever.

Understand that it is not a "plan" if the so-called cuts are not spelled out, if the plan has not been submitted to the Budget Office for a financial review called "scoring." Lets not forget that in February of this year, Obama came up with a plan that promised to cut 400 billion dollars over the course of ten years which is 40 billion per year. The interest on our debt is approximately 30 billion PER MONTH. The Obama/February plan was such a ridiculous presentation that it failed in the Senate by an embarrassing margin of 97 to 0. No one voted for the thing. Not one Democrat; not one Republican; not a single White House janitor or any member of the Obama family. NO ONE. I believe this might be the first time in history that a Presidential budget proposal failed to garner a single Senate vote. He tried it again in April and the CBO refused to score it, saying "We cannot estimate a speech." And now, this clown in our White House is indicating that he is willing to take this nation over the edge because he thinks he wins if he can manufacture a crisis. He alone makes the decision to default. Keep that in mind.

He is doing nothing. That is the fact and the lack of headlined stories reviewing his efforts is proof of what we are saying.

CBO: John Boehner's debt bill comes up short — On the eve of a House vote, new cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office could pose a problem for Speaker John Boehner as he tries to rally conservative support for his two-step plan to raise the federal debt ceiling and avert default next week.
Andrew Malcolm / Top of the Ticket:
New polls confirm Obama's Democratic base crumbles — With all of the spotlights on the high-stakes debt maneuverings by President Obama and Speaker John Boehner the last few days, few people noticed what Vermont's Sen. Bernie Sanders said: — “I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.”
Erik Wasson / The Hill:
Boehner to rework his debt-ceiling bill — Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) will rework his two-step plan to raise the debt ceiling after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) found the bill would not cut as much spending as promised. — “We're here to change Washington - no more smoke-and-mirrors …
The Hill:
Cantor tells GOP to ‘stop whining’ about Boehner debt-ceiling plan — Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) on Tuesday bluntly told House Republicans to stop “grumbling and whining” about Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) new proposal for a limited debt-limit increase.
CBO's Latest 10 Documents:
ANALYSIS OF THE IMPACT ON THE DEFICIT OF THE BUDGET CONTROL ACT OF 2011 AS PROPOSED IN THE HOUSE — The Congressional Budget Office has estimated the impact on the deficit of the Budget Control Act of 2011, as posted on the Web site of the Committee on Rules on July 25, 2011. The legislation would:
Brian Beutler / TPMDC:
NOPE! Top House Conservatives Says Boehner Lacks Sufficient GOP Support To Raise Debt Limit

Obama said "no" to Reid and Boehner, not just to the GOP.

Today, the headlines read, "Obama says no to GOP's latest effort."

Lets get this straight: Obama said no to a tentative agreement between Reid and Boehner. THAT is what he said "no" to. This happened over the weekend, when the two leaders met without Obama in the room.

This entire debate has devolved into a political strategy to influence the coming election. Obama wants this debate postponed until after the 2012 elections, while pretending to be concerned about stabilizing the financial markets as they stand, "paralyzed with concern" about the national debt.

"No temporary fixes" is Obama's mantra.

And with the above, you have the context for what is going on in these last days of the debate.

Question: if "temporary fix" is a six or nine month "solution," why is a 16 month "solution" not temporary, as well?

Question: why would anyone think the "markets are frozen" when there is no indication of same? QE 1 and QE 2 have been used to feed the Wall Street dragon. At some point in time, we will have to quit printing money and take it in the groin when the resulting inflation bits back -- and that time is just weeks around the corner. Understand that Obama does not count increasing gas prices or residential utilities when he figures inflation. He has cut cost of living increases to Social Security recipients for two consecutive years . . . . . the largest such cuts in American history and you are hearing about this only at Midknight Review.

Question: if we have enough money to service our national debt, even after August 2, why is anyone to blame for "default" other than those who have the power to decide not to service that debt? I am saying that Obama will make the ultimate decision as to default. You can bet that he will make the decision as to what to pay based upon what he thinks will hurt the GOP the most. I rather think he wants a financial bust. He thinks he wins in such a case . . . . . in spite of the fact that his approval numbers have taken a serious dump since the whole debate began, in earnest, a couple of weeks ago.

At the end of his presidency, this nation will be in shambles. He has insured that America is not an exceptional nation, even laughing at the nation of "American exceptionalism." He has allowed our enemies to infiltrate Central and South America, an acquiescence from which there is no retreat. He has challenged all of our long term and valued partnerships (England and Israel). He has sided with the Palestinians in the Middle East and with the Communists in Honduras and the Central America.

Understand that one cannot "fundamentally transform the United States of America" without first, tearing down those practices and institutions that stand in the way of transformation. He has busied himself with side-stepping the US Congress, time and time again, and now, he is even considering raising the national debt ceiling on his own -- something his own attorneys have told him he cannot do. But, who's listening ?

Point of post: I believe that at some point, Reid and Boehner are actually concerned for the country. Obama is not. He is only concerned for his re-election and nothing more.

Midknight Review's editor continues to say: it is not the GOP who is getting beat to death in the debt negotiations. (no article)

Debt Crisis Talks: Two headlines from the Liberal media. Which is to be believed?

GOP Stumbles Over Surprise Dem Debt Limit Offer



Chris Wallace and his Sunday interview with Geithner

Suffice it to say that Geithner had no answer whatsoever for this question: "In the event that we default, does the Administration have a plan, in place, for paying the debt service and Social Security?" (or words to this effect).

He was asked at least four times for an answer. Each time, he responded by chiding the GOP for "holding up an agreement." Turns out, there is no plan.

There are those who believe that Obama wants a financial crisis in order to facilitate his plan to "fundamentally transform the United States of America." Think Cloward/Pivens.

Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.
The strategy was first proposed in 1966 by Columbia University political scientists . .

The reader should do her own investigation of Cloward/Piven. Wikipedia has an article, for starters. The words, above, are the first words of an article worth reading at this link.

No one wants to believe that this degree of radicalism exists within this Administration, but it is an established fact that some, within his circle of political friends and staff, embrace this degree of radicalism . . . . Van Jones and Cuss Sunstein being two of the more notables.

I do not know if I believe this, but it is worth considering.

Obama, Economics 101 and the word "Dufus."

Let's talk about the befunery of Obama for just a few lines in this post, shall we?

Where to begin.

Do we begin with the question, "Is he still using cocaine or was that limited to his college days?" Or shall we asked, "What has he done, specifically, to drive forward the Black movement for equality, ala Martin Luther King, Jr?" Or shall we wonder why he once bragged about campaigning in "57 states, or was it 58." How about the nonsense of "shovel ready" upon which he sold the American people the idea of spending a trillion dollars on political paybacks (i.e. the 2009 spring Stimulus bill). Maybe we should take time to discuss the treasonist transfer of British nuclear secrets to the Russians as part of the START Treaty's process? How about that speech in Cairo, some years past, a speech to the "Muslim world" that suffered no diplomatic follow-up and, in the end, finds Obama more unpopular in the Arab world than George W Bush !!? We could talk about his Libyan pre-war promise of "days not weeks," as we enter our fifth month in that conflict with no end in sight, and Gadafi laughing his butt off over our gross incompetence. We could talk about the fact that Obama has sit on hands while Russian and China and Iran have made major in-roads into South and Central America - Venezuela receiving 5 billion in Russian military aid and 100 short range missiles, as an example. We could discuss his Muslim fetish and the fact that he has orchestrated 1.3 billion in "aid" to Hamas in Gaza and spent hours and hours publicly humiliating Israel and its leadership, which explains why internal polls in Israel find that population believing he is "pro-Palestinian" (only 6% of Israels believe he is not).

Like I said, "where to begin."

Well, boys and girls, let's talk briefly of this genius and his recent budget proposals. In February, he came up with a budget proposal that supposedly cut $400 billion over the course of ten years. That's 40 billion per year. FORTY BILLION A YEAR. How little is that?! The interest on our debt requires a payment of between 29 and 32 billion (depending on the month) PER MONTH. Do you have any idea how stupid his "cuts" sounded? Well, I can actually answer that question, definitively. The Senate voted on that budget and the vote was . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 to ZERO. Yeh !! Oh, that was 97 to ZERO against the bill. Not one Democrat voted for this Obama budget. He could not even get the White House janitor to vote for the thing. Then, in April, he came out with a second budget. It was such a contorted/rhetorical mess, that the Congressional Budget Office, which scores all legislation, could not score its financial statement. In fact, the head of the CBO said this about that April "budget" proposal, " I cannot score a speech." This budget was never presented to Congress.

And, now, we have our congressional leaders, meeting in an effort to solve the latest financial crisis, meeting together WITHOUT Obama or one of representatives in the room (this happened over the weekend).

Anyone wonder why?

After post notes: we could add to our listing of Obama misques, the failure that is called "the mortgage bailout," or the 24 trillion (with a "t") that was funneled through TARP on Obama's watch, or the 1.3 billion lost in the Chrysler take-over (Chrysler now owned by Fiat), or the fact that QE1 and 2 have not worked, or the fact that he cut "cost of living" increases to the Senior citizens on SS every year since becoming Top Dog, or the fact that he and his Democrat buds are about to enter their 2nd consecutive year with a fiscal budget as required by Federal law.

No wonder the Left is disgusted with this clown in our White House.

A Socialist killed 80 children, or was it a Right Wing extremist or . . . . . maybe , as a wild guess, the man was simply an idiot.

The headline reads: Norway attack: Right-wing extremism emerging? And with those words, the radialized Reuters News Service lays the blame for the deaths of more than 80 children at the feet of "right wing extremists."

Understand that the killer is both a "fundamentalist Christian," whatever that means in Europe and a Neo-Nazi. Another phrase for "neo-Nazi" is radicalized and militant Socialist. Should I argue that a Left Wing Socialist is the murderer or understand that this act of violence is not the work of an ideologue, but, rather, a man caught up in his own sense of morality. This is an extreme example of what happens when one is left to his own sense of morality. So, let's stop with the blame game, shall we??

2012 -- Obama Loses Election for Second Term by an embarrasing landslide.

In 2008, there was a 2 point majority among whites with regard top a GOP voting preference. Today, that total has increased to 13 points (52% to 39%). This is enough, by itself, to sink any chances of Obama winning re-election. It has been my contention/theory that 5 million conservatives did not vote in 2008, in rebellion to the McCain nomination. We were all done with the Establishment, even in the GOP. . . . . especially in the GOP. Obama won by 9 million votes. In the chart, below, he "wins" in only two ethnic demographics. Point of post: more bad news for Obama. Understand that he spent nearly a billion dollars in 2008 to win the election by only 7% of the popular vote. He has lost ground in every demographic known to man, including the Black community and cannot win unless there is a sharp and positive turn-around in the national economy.


No one on the Democrat side has offered a solution. Aren't you tired of this, yet, Bill O'Reilly ??

Take a look at this: Reid celebrates: Cut, Cap And Balance Is 'Over, Done And Dead'... The sad thing about this headline is this, the Marxist media will blame the GOP for even passing the bill through the house, instead of criticizing Reid for killing the bill on his own, as if he won election to serve as dictator defacto. What a moron !! Why not debate the House bill, change what the Senate does not like about it, and send it back to the House? That is how legislative procedure works, at least, this is how it worked before Obama and the radical Marxist misfits took over. And why does Fox and others not ask this question. Why is Bill O'Reilly running his mouth and blaming the GOP when the fault is solely that of the Democrats?

Do you know that the Senate has not sent the House a single bill detailing what they, the Senate, recommends in terms of cuts and tax increases ?? Why? Because they think you, the voting public, is dumb enough to keep blaming the GOP when it is only the GOP putting out ideas and legislation. The Democrats are not trying to solve the problem and the bloggosphere needs to be relentless in the exposition of these demagogs (I like "demogods" better).

Understand that Reid has not passed a fiscal/annual budget, required by law, going into the second consecutive year. Soooo, is that the GOP's fault ??

Turns out "Insider trading" has more to do with who you know in the Obama Administration than any market oriented definition.

These two headlines make the point of this post:

GE reports 21.6% rise in profit, $3.8B...

FLASHBACK: Paid no tax on $5.1B profit...

Understand Jeffery Immelt is both the head of GE and the chairman of Obama's council on jobs/hiring. As an insider to Obama and his stash of cash, Immelt is milking the Administration for all it is worth and Obama, the quintessential novice, has no clue he is being used. Last year, GE paid no taxes on 3.4 billion in profits and this year, GE is off to a great start, increasing profits over last year by nearly 25%.

Immelt has the inside track to the green contract for all electric engines running the new windmill farms that are a part of the dream world existing in Obama's mind. Of course, we know that none of this will actually happen but an "inside track" is an "inside track." At least, he and his do not have to pay taxes.

Also, as a member of Obama's jobs council, Immelt, head of GE (did we already say that?) has sent nearly half of all jobs created for GE over-seas !! Talk about crony Marxist/capitalism, Obama is writing the book on this.

Point of post: we are finding that Obama is just as unprincipled as any politician in recent memory including Richard Nixon.

Thanks Obama. Your Chrysler deal just cost us 1.3 billion. What's your next get rich quick scheme??

Fiat now owns Chrysler. The Feds and Mr. Obama recently sold the remaining 6% it owned to the German company and in so doing, lost $1.3 billion. I have to tell you, I was among the first to predict that Chrysler would fail.

It appears that Chrysler is still in business, if Fiat can figure out how to make the company profitable. What is more the problem, is the Feds: they are the ones who lose. And I have news for everyone ---- GM is in worse shape but has an inside track on "Obama's stash."

Look, in March of 2010, the head of GM made a TV ad in which he claimed that GM had paid back the "loan" they got from the government, 6.6 billion dollars, in January of that year, "5 years ahead of schedule." Sure sounded good, until we asked, where did all that money come from? GM had lost more than 4 billion in the last quarter of 2009, and had lost money for each previous quarter for years. . . . . . . so where did the money come from? I think it came from Fannie funds, money that was accessible to Obama without any reporting ---- as per a bill passed on Xmas eve, 2009.

Someone is investigating and his name is Issa. I believe you will hear more about this. 'Nough said.

New jobless claims for last week is 418,000 or 1.67 million per month. 15th consecutive week over 400,000. (no article)

Sarah Palin Movie "Undefeated" - opening weekend put it in the top 15 films for a political documentary. Not bad. Not bad at all.

From Box Office Mojo, we have these opening week numbers for the Sarah Palin documentary, Undefeated. For the particular category this film is in, the movie did remarkably well, finishing in the 15th spot for movies in this category produced during the past 20 years.

Understand that this is not a bio so much as it is historical record of the politician, Sarah Palin, and the trash she has had to endure over the course of time. If it is still here, in Denver, I plan on seeing the film this weekend. Report due at five.

Seriously, Obama is NOT winning the debt ceiling debate. Here is proof.

You can have MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and on and on run all the skewed polls in the world, the fact of the matter is this: in the two giant polls, used by nearly all politicians, Gallup has Obama at a record low of 42% and Rasmussen has Obama at 44%.

Understand that at the beginning of the several press conferences he has help, his approval numbers were on the rise and stood at 49% in Rasmussen. Seven days later, he is at near record lows for Rasmussen (42% is Rasmussen's low for Obama, same as Gallup). Obama is losing ground and the only thing "going on" is his incessant public blame game.

Who's the moron now, eh Contessa ???

RealClearPolitics: MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, you may remember just yesterday said the attack on Rupert Murdoch at a hearing encapsulated what the British were feeling.

Today, Contessa "educated" a conservative Representative that without the bailout, the country would be in "a depression." Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said he disagreed which prompted the MSNBC host to ask him if he had a degree in economics.

"Yes ma'am, I do. Highest honors," Rep. Brooks responded.

According to his Congressional page: "Mo graduated from Duke University in three years with a double major in political science and economics, with highest honors in economics. In 1978, he graduated from the University of Alabama Law School." end of quote.

I am wondering when this babe will get around to asking Obama the same question?? Understand that Rep. Brooks graduated with higher honors than our Novice in the White House. So did all of my children . . . . . . . well, except the musician. Just sayin'.

The Party of "No Budget, No Way," passes judgment on the Party of Ideas.

This headline says it all about the seriousness of Obama's claim to balance the budget: House passes GOP debt measure; Obama rejects plan... The House bill has a proposition that provides for a Constitutional amendment requiring Congress to carry a balanced budget. 48 or 49 states have such an amendment in their constitutions and 74% of the American people want such an amendment for the Federal government. So much for what the "American people want," right, Mr. Wrong ??

Look, in the next decade, we will extend our debt by as much as 20 trillion dollars, and Obama is talking about 2 trillion in UNSPECIFIED cuts over that same period of time. Worse, yet, is the fact that he proposes no systemic changes in the sizing of government or the theft of wealth from the haves to the have-nots. In fact, he has no specific plan at all. Let's not forget that this, the Democrats and Obama, is the party that has refused (emphasis on refused) to pass an annual fiscal budget, required by law, for nearly two years -- a "first" in American history !!

Obama's general plan of taxing the rich to the tune of a trillion dollars over the course of the next decade, amounts to a 5% fix on the debt. Again, the man has a "plan" that does nothing in terms of real solutions.

Face it. It is not the Republicans who have no ideas, it is the stinking Democrats !!!

Sex and the Democrats --- 2008 will happen again in 2012.

DENVER--An unusual phenomenon has recently appeared on Craigslist's Denver Web site. Sex-wanted ads spiked this week, which happens to coincide with the Democratic National Convention.

Ads seeking casual sexual encounters through the Denver Craigslist site increased an average of roughly 70 percent to 80 percent over the same days of the week earlier in August.

"Casual encounter" ads spiked the week of the Democratic National Convention. But correlation does not, by itself, prove causation. The vertical axis is posts-per-day, and the horizontal axis represents every day of August to date.

On average, 425 posts on Craiglist's "Casual Encounters" area appeared on the first three Sundays in August. But this Sunday, when tens of thousands of people had arrived for the convention, 763 posts appeared--an 80 percent increase.

The general content is what you might expect. Posts suggested "Here 4 DNC? Come get sexual with me"; "Does the DNC make you hot?"; and "Looking to service a young Democrat." (Most are far more explicit, but unsuitable for our upstanding, discriminating readers. Use your imagination.)

Other days showed the same week-over-week jump. Monday increased 77 percent over the average of earlier in the month; Tuesday increased 69 percent; Wednesday's increase was 74 percent.

This is where we insert the disclaimers. Mere correlation does not imply causation: other factors could explain this rise in advertisements.

Perhaps universities are back in session, or it's warmer or colder out. Perhaps loyalists of another political party are intentionally posting fake advertisements in hopes that the Democrats will be blamed. Perhaps the thousands of journalists in town are seeking extracurricular activities. Make up your own mind. And yes, we'll be paying attention to what happens during the Republican convention as well.

Republicans are NOT getting "beat up" over the debt ceiling debate.


Released: July 18, 2011

Public Split Evenly on Urgency of Debt Limit Debate


While administration officials project an economic catastrophe if the debt limit is not raised by Aug. 2, many Americans do not see this deadline as a major problem. Four-in-ten (40%) say that, from what they’ve read and heard, it is absolutely essential that the federal debt limit be raised by Aug. 2 to avoid an economic crisis, while about as many (39%) say the country can go past this date without major economic problems.

By a 53% to 30% margin, most Republicans say that it will not be a major problem if the debt ceiling is not raised by Aug. 2. The balance of opinion is the reverse among Democrats: 56% say it is absolutely essential to meet that deadline to avoid an economic crisis, 28% say it is not. Independents are more divided, though a slim 43% plurality say the country can go past Aug. 2 without major economic problems, while 32% say it is essential to raise the debt limit by this date.

The new survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted July 15-17 among 764 adults, finds that Tea Party Republicans are by far the most unconvinced about the potential fallout from going past the Aug. 2 deadline. Fully 65% of Republicans and Republican leaning independents who agree with the Tea Party see no major problems if this occurs, compared with 45% of Republicans and Republican leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party.

Notably, the degree of attention to this issue has only a modest relationship with peoples’ impressions of the seriousness of the Aug. 2 deadline. Those who are following the issue very closely are divided over whether it is essential to raise the debt limit by Aug. 2 to avoid crisis – 45% say it is essential, 41% say it is not. Those who are following the story less closely also are divided.

Most Republicans and GOP leaning independents (59%) who have been following the issue very or fairly closely say the country can go past Aug. 2 without major problems; about the same percentage of Democrats and Democratic leaners (61%) who have been following this issue very or fairly closely say it would be a major crisis.

Source: Pew Research

Obama gives GOP a deadline for a debt plan. They have one and it passed through the House in February .

GOP leaders ignore Obama's 36-hour deadline for a debt plan...
So goes the morning's headline. Amazing! Obama orders the GOP to meet a deadline when he and his party have taken more than two years to come up with a fiscal budget . . . something mandated by law.

" . . . come up with a debt plan" ????? Has he forgotten that the House has voted on and passed the Ryan plan which cuts 4 trillion dollars and saves Medicare? That bill failed in the Democrat controlled Senate with no counter offer coming the Democrat majority or their hinchman, Barry Obama. No plan.

Want to evaluate the Republican plan? You can find it here:

I would give you the address for the Democrat plan, but there is no such thing.

Gold hit a record $1,600 an ounce !! Someone doesn't believe in the dollar. (no article)

Just for the record: every Democrat Senator in 2006 voted against raising the debt ceiling, including Obama. Now they lecture us ??!! (no article)

Thoughts on incandescent light bulbs and the Queer Community .

You can find the story here at the Left leaning, Politico.

Democrats and the White House have opposed the move to block the standards, which were included in a 2007 energy bill signed by President George W. Bush. DOE has said the standards could save consumers $6 billion a year.

My thinking? Well, Federal regulations against the incandescent light bulb are simply not needed. We have government at the State level. Remember?? California, just before it passed its pro-queer** education bill, approved a band on 100 watt incandescent light bulbs. In time, it will be legal to own incandescent bulbs in California. Who knows, maybe there will be jail time and heavy fines.

Anyway, Washington has much more important things to do than to pass legislation that can be given over to the purview of the individual states.

**As of this past week, with the passage of California's "gay" legislation forcing the public school system to teach "gay history" at all grade levels including kindergarten, I have decided to no longer express or allow for "tolerance" on this blog. as relates to the so-called "gay community." I will lose some of my libertarian readers, I know, but, hey, that is the way it goes. What most of the public does not understand is this: the California queer movement is all about (a) making descent illegal and (b) the conversion of as many as possible into this "lifestyle." I am 66 years old have been tolerant of these people all my life, up until now. Intolerance begets intolerance. Turns out that I, and millions of folks like me, have been the only tolerant ones in the house. And what is our reward? To be forced to violate our collective conscience, to be told who we will hire, to be told what we will say in our churches, synagogues and mosques, to be forced to have our children and grandchildren taught and to fund the queer community's endeavor to eradicate civil society of all those who find the Queer Nation repulsive and obscene, well, that is beyond the pale. My side of the aisle has lost the war on this issue, precisely because we were committed to tolerance. No more.

Understand that the issue is not what people do on their own time. That was never the issue. It has always been about dominance and control coming out of the queer community. From the very beginning, their goal has been for control and forced compliance to their demands.

In conclusion, I have this to say: (a) I am ashamed of my home state (California) and (b) to those of you who disagree, drop dead !! The queer community is not driven by fairness and tolerance and I will no longer play by their rules.

News Alert: Monday, the GOP will hold a press conference and detail 9 trillion in possible cuts.

Tonight, Friday the 15th of July, Senator Tom Coburn announced in a townhall type meeting on Hannity at FoxNews, that the GOP leadership will unpack 9 trillion dollars in suggested cuts on Monday. I believe the GOP is in the driver's seat on this debt crisis debate. I know that the popular opinion is otherwise, but I follow the political comings and goings more than most ( I am 66 - what else is there to do ?) and that is my considered opinion. Monday will put the GOP in the driver's seat, without question. Next week, the House will, also, pass a bill dealing with solutions leading to raising the debt ceiling one more time. And the ball will be in Obama's court. Right now, Barry Hussein is milking the Bully Pulpit for all it is worth . . . . . . . . . . . primarily because he has no real ideas. After next week, he will be on the defensive.

Understand that a healthy, vibrant American economy is one that has a debt to GDP ratio of no more than 18.5 % , according to most financial experts on both sides of the aisle. That percentage was high, 20%, when Obama took office. He has increased that ratio to 25% in just two and half years. The fastest way to get out of the immediate mess we are in, as I see it, is to allow the American business community to run free and grow GDP. Know that there are at least two ways of getting back to an 18% debt to GDP ratio: one is to drastically cut spending and the other is to grow the economy (which is saying "Grow GDP"). One is full of sacrifice and heartache; the other is painless.

I believe that our troubles will be over the day after the 2012 elections, provided Obama is escorted out of town. I believe the business community has turned against Obama in a big way. They will not hire, increase inventories, take major investment risks and move the economy, until he is gone. He has proven himself to be anti-business as he pushes his class warfare, anti-capitalist agenda. They are done with him, for the most part, and the moment he is gone, business will begin to solve much of the current problem on its own. Obama is an academic who has never so much as managed a donut shop, and here he is, pontificating as to what we should do in matters, economic. He has zero experience in the field, but he keeps running his mouth ---- the classic utilitarian definition of "idiocy." He has no clue as to the power and influence of the American business community he hates, but he is fixing to find out . . . . . . at least, that is my theory. Could be nothing more than a fantasy on my part, but, for now, and as editor of this very small blog, "that's my story and I am sticking to it."

Obama claims he represents 80% of the electorate as to raising taxes. We think the 80% live in Afghanistan !!

"The American people are sold," Obama said today in his most recent press conference. "The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically."

Throughout the press conference, Obama criticized Republicans for ignoring "the will of the American people" by rejecting tax increases that would balance out spending cuts in a debt package. During the conference, he touted an 80% approval with the "American people" for his tax hikes. . . . . . . a number that is no more true than his claim that there is no inflation.

Understand that down deep within his Administration, there are those who know the truth and are keeping Obama appraised of the more reliable polls.

Rasmussen, for example, shows a 55% disapproval for raising taxes at this time.Caution: that does not mean that 45% support Obama. Not at all. In fact, this same Rasmussen polls shows that only 34% actually support Obama, the remainder are undecided.

So, which is it? 80% or 34 % ?? You really need to know.

Gallup is telling us that the American people do not want increased taxes to solve our specific spending problems:

Views on the Major Entitlement Programs the Government Is Committed to, Including Social Security and Medicare, September 2010

The Gallup poll should come as no surprise since a similar Gallup poll was taken last March 9, 2011, in which the American people said, "Cut spending; don't raise taxes."

Know this: Barry Obama simply did not give a care as to public opinion when he crammed his idiot healthcare package, you know, the one we had to pass in order to see what it said, down our throats.

Now, he is doing the same thing, only pretending that he has popular approval. In other words, he is lying about the 80% approval, plain and simple.

If what I am saying is the actual reality, Obama and Company will cave to the GOP, in due time. The Democrats simply cannot afford another 2010 election cycle. They can ignore its implications, but they cannot afford the risk. Time will tell.

One final observation: review the comments at the very top of this post. In it, you will find words that presents Obama's plan as one which will use tax increases to "balance out spending cuts."

Now, think about that for just a moment. If he cuts "here" and adds "there," what in the world has changed ?? !!!! To those old hippies still living in Democrat Communes, the answer is "NOTHING."

"I am going to use increased taxes to balance out the spending cuts I will propose, someday, hopefully after the 2012 election, you know, ah, about the time my party will - ah - finally approve a budget."

Lastly, know that 2 trillion dollars in new taxes collected over the next decade (his "plan") is only 10% of the expected increase in in the national debt over the same period of time. His plan does next to nothing to solve the problem, and he knows it. Instead, after his plan is implemented, we will still add 18 trillion dollars to our national debt.

Why are you people even listening to this clown ??

Just for the record: the Murdock scandal is ten stinking years old !!!! (no article - and there never will be. We only "do" news.)

Point of headline: I do not waste time reporting on ten year old stories. We have an impostor in our White House. That's enough to worry about. We all kissed our privacy goodbye a couple of decades ago. This story is all about taking the heat off Obama and the "debt crisis talks" he is pretending to manage.

Sarah Palin on Fox - and a fox she is !!

Obama wants 2 trillion in cuts during the same period of time he will add $15 trillion to the national debt.

In this post and the one that follows, we give you research from Gallup that puts Obama's ambitions regarding increasing taxes squarely in opposition to the will of the people. . . . . but when in the world did he start caring about that !!?

Understand that he is talking about making 2 trillion in cuts. WOW -- right??

Hold off on the cheering for a moment.

That is 2 trillion in spending "cuts" over the course of the next ten years. Who is to say if these are cuts to programs or cuts to "in the rate of spending increases." That is the Democrat (and probably Republican) trick in past years. Know that the latter is not a cut in spending at all.

Secondly, Obama is talking about "2 trillion" over the same course in time that he and those who follow his time in office, will be spending $15 trillion more than we take in . . . . we call this "added debt." So, he is feeding us a line when he pretends to be balancing the budget or doing anything substantial with regard to the national debt.

Also know that his "cuts" begin years into the future, but the tax increases begin now. Understand that while the legislation for these tax increases may take a year or two to implement, "now" means that small business will immediately begin to react to any announced tax deal.

Finally, as far as taxing the rich is concerned, that will account for less than 8 - 10 % of our annual debt. You might call that a solution, I do not. Understand that we add $30.7 billion a week to our national debt. Next time you hear some numbers coming from congress or from this clown in our White House, do the math . . . . . . and stop saying "WOW !!!"

Turns out the American people support spending cuts more than raising taxes.

Here is the latest in Gallup and it shows support for spending cuts, much more so than for tax increases. I am certain that someone in the Administration is looking at this research from Gallup, even as you read this post. Never forget that we collect $200 billion a month without borrowing and spend only 30billion of that on the debt. There never needs to be a time when we cancel out our debt management responsibilities. If that happens, it will be solely due to the fact that Obama decided to do so. Period. As to whether to raise taxes or cut spending, understand that Obama's has no spending cut plan in mind; at least, he has yet to put those cuts on the table. He is only talking about tax increases, when we get to the details. I believe this chart shows that he is on shaky ground, to say the least. He does not think so. 2012 will give us a definitive answer on this.

Here are the Gallup findings:

The Federal Government takes in 200 billion a month and spends just 32 billion of that in debt management. There is no need to default. . . . period.

The latest unemployment report: another nail in the coffin.

The first time jobless claims rate was 404,000 for the past week, the 14th consecutive week this total has been above 400,000. This puts the monthly average (a four week average) for first time claims, people who have lost their jobs and are making benefit claims for the first time, at 1.6 million.

By contrast, the net total for jobs created in a month, specifically, the month of June, was 18,000, one of the worst jobs statistic in history. That's 1.6 million losing their jobs versus 18,000 newly created jobs.

Suffice it to say that the Stimulus was a stark failure if we are to judge the Stimulus in terms of Obama's promises for that stimulus (unemployment under 8% and the creation of hundred of thousands of jobs each month). His idea that thousands of jobs were "out there," just waiting for funding (i.e. "shovel ready") proved to be nothing but the pipe dream of a know-nothing academic. And now, he has no alternative plan in mind, except to pass more burdensome regulations on small business, to increase their taxes, to force them to pay for health insurance not previously in their budget(s), and to complicate their "green footprint" standards. Moron.

Deleting files permanently

What Really Happens When You Press 'Delete'

Tara Taghizadeh -- July 13, 2011

Back in 2000, Sir Paul McCartney's bank data was left on a merchant bank's computer. The machine was then sold without the files or drive being wiped clean. The data was then discovered, and the story ended up all over the news about how this particular bank and possibly others like it were not taking precautions to erase data on old computers, which were later sold or donated.

Forgetting to delete pertinent information from any hard drive is worrisome. Copy machines also pose risks. According to published reports, most copiers installed since 2002 have hard drives that save images of all copied documents. When these machines are then sold or discarded, the stored information, which can include private information such as medical records, frequently remain intact.

What does "delete" mean?

Many users are still convinced that when they delete a document or file on their computer, it vanishes into thin air -- but that's hardly the case.

As "Sam," a security engineer who wishes to remain anonymous because of the nature of his job, explains: "When a user 'deletes' a file, it's not really gone. Deleted files are sent to the Trash folder. At this point, files can still be recovered." However, even if the Trash folder is emptied, it doesn’t mean the file has disappeared completely. "But the longer a deleted file is left on a drive, the greater the chance the file cannot be recovered," Sam says.

Everyday PC maintenance

There are a number of programs out there that help ensure that your deleted files are really deleted. In addition to guarding your privacy by removing traces of your Internet browsing history and files and programs you have used, AOL's Computer Checkup cleans registries, removes clutter by clearing out temporary files, and helps solve the problem of a fragmented hard drive by rearranging data so it can be accessed more quickly.

If you have accidentally deleted files, Computer Checkup Premium also offers an "undelete" function.

Formatting and disk wipe

Then there are times when you really do need to permanently delete everything. If you are in the process of donating or selling your computer, or if you have sensitive information stored on it which you wish to be deleted permanently (such as medical information, bank or legal documents, or Social Security numbers), tech experts recommend reformatting your hard drive or performing a disk wipe.

According to The Tech FAQ, "Formatting the hard drive or any of its partitions will completely erase all data that is present."

A thorough "disk wipe" will essentially overwrite your hard drive to the point where recovery is impossible. As "Sam" explains, "When the U.S. Government wants to delete information from an entire hard drive, it employs the Department of Defense disk wipe, which means the entire drive has its data overwritten with a random pattern of zeros and ones (binary data) three times. At this point, any data on the hard drive is considered unrecoverable. In some instances, the platters are removed from the hard drive and dipped in caustic acid -- referred to as 'erase by physical destruction.'"

Users can (and should) erase the hard drives of their old computers so their data cannot be found by anyone else (think Paul McCartney). One program "Sam" and other tech experts recommend is Darik's Boot and Nuke, which will delete the contents of a hard drive with certainty.

Consequences of not deleting files

Sensitive information carelessly stored on computers can lead to identity theft, and also harks the growing need for computer forensics.

In 2007, for example, a forensics expert found that the new publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune had transferred sensitive information over from his St. Paul Pioneer Press computer, where he previously worked. In another case, the insurer Health Net was recently sued as a result of a missing computer hard drive that stored the medical records of several thousand customers.

Deleting files from your computer is similar to shredding documents: Store what you need, and digitally "shred" those you don't. (Source: Lifestore)