Larry Sabato's revised electorial map: Hillary versus Trump.

The presidential winner only needs 270 electoral votes to win.  Now you know why the GOP is so apposed to a Trump candidacy. 

Does the man even know what "existential threat" actually means ??? .

N Korea is developing nuclear capabilities that will pose a threat to the west coast of the United States,   which makes that country an existential threat to the U.S., NOW   . . . .  or is it the case that Obama does not care about the West Coast because "life would go on" in spite of an attack?  

Obama unilaterally took down the nuclear shield planned for Poland and the Czech Republic, protecting Germany, France and the rest of the E.U. from missile attacks coming out of the Middle East,  especially Iran.  He did so without consulting any of the nations in Europe and in total disregard for the treaties  GW Bush had worked out with Poland and the Czechs   . . ..   an insanely stupid development, but one that reveals his disbelief in the powers that oppose the United States and its allies.  

ISIS is working feverishly to get its hands on nuclear weaponry.  That is why Obama is hosting a meeting of European allies   . . . . .   and ISIS is not an existential threat?   Seriously.  So,  let's just let them have these weapons and see what happens;  I mean,  they are not an existential threat.  Right?  So why the meeting at the White House,  today ??? 

I really do not believe the man knows what an "existential threat" is.  

Hint:  it is not just about "total annihilation,"  and it is not just about "today."   

Did all that blather about the wives of Cruz and Trump make a difference in the Wisconsin polls? Oh, you betcha.

Two weeks ago,  Trump had 30%, Cruz had 18%. 
After the battle over the wives,  Cruz is at 40% with Trump stuck at 30  . . .  and who really cares about Kasich's numbers. 

Cruz leads with the backing of 40 percent of likely Republican voters, while Trump has 30 percent and Ohio Gov. John Kasich has 21 percent, the Marquette Law School poll showed.
This is a big gain for Cruz from the last Marquette poll which showed the Texas senator trailing Trump by 10 points. This most recent poll from the Wisconsin school was conducted March 24 to 28, during the Trump and Cruz spat regarding their wives.

Obama own's the most opaque Administration in American history, and, to quote Obama, "We can prove it."

The administration censored materials or rejected requests for access in a record 596,095 cases, or 77 percent of the time, according to the annual review conducted by the Associated Press. That's an increase of 12 percent since Obama's first year in office.

That figure includes 250,024 instances in which officials said they couldn't find records, an individual refused to pay for copies, or the government denied the request as unreasonable or improper. When those are excluded, the administration says, 93 percent of FOIA requests are at least partially fulfilled.

Source:  Washington Examiner, here. 


If you are being forced to become a member, and paid to do so, what is there to complain about when it comes to ObamaCare ?? Especially if you are in the bottom 50% of the working class in this nation.

Blogger: ‘Bat-Sh*t Crazy’ GOPers Still Won’t Admit Obamacare Works

Editor's notes:  Really??  Apparently this clown has no idea how the Employer Mandate works.  

Here is a quote from  

FACT: Approximately 96 percent of employers are small businesses and have fewer than 50 FTE workers and are exempt from the employer responsibility provisions ( Of those who do have to comply with the mandate, only a fraction don’t already offer qualifying coverage to full-time employees.

Those employed by Small Business,  part of the 96% mentioned above,  total between 30 - 40  million,  the same number of "uninsured" before Obama started working on his version of "universal" health care.  

85% of all ObamaCare insurees receive subsidies.  In other words,  the Government is paying these folks to "join."  Keep in mind that our Emergency Waiting Rooms are as full as ever;  that there is a shortage in the supply of medical doctors;  that our deductibles have tripled,  on average,  waiting times have not decreased,  and, nothing is what we were promised.  

Other than all of the above,  ObamaCare is working just fine. 

Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to the FBI. You should know that before reading the following:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and some of her closest aides have to decide whether to tell the truth or lie to the FBI about her use of a private email and home-brew server to do official business.

Note: Hillary and some of her closest aide's are about to be deposed by the FBI. ~ editor

“This puts them in a position of choosing between being honest about those emails, or lying to the FBI, which is a crime,” said Matthew G. Whitaker, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa from 2004 to 2009. He is presently executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) in Washington, D.C.

Gutfeld expresses my frustration; my reason for bailing on this years elections.

Why does the Left indiscriminately free drug criminals in the name of social justice? Me? I call such releases "domestic violence with criminal intent."


Dozens of drug criminals freed by Obama in clemency move designed to boost criminal justice reform - but some are violent gun criminals


FYI: Al Jazeera America is close to shutting down. Good riddance. We do not need their perspective giving us the news of the day. (no article)

So much for border patrol agents hating Trump:

Shawn Moran /
National Border Patrol Council Endorses Donald Trump for President
Harper Neidig / The Hill:
Border patrol union endorses Trump
Discussion: Hullabaloo

If Bernie follows Hillary's rules for the remaining debates, the she will think about more debates. Apparently Millennials will be choosing between Bernie and Mommy Clinton.

Salon:  During a CNN interview on Monday, Hillary Clinton’s Chief Strategist Joel Benenson responded to a question about whether Clinton would participate in a Democratic debate in New York — as the Sanders campaign has requested — in such a condescending way, that he unintentionally managed to break the internet.   

“I think the real question is what kind of campaign is Senator Sanders going to run going forward,” opined Benenson. “Senator Sanders doesn’t get to decide when we debate, particularly when he’s running a very negative campaign against us. Let’s see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we’ll talk about debates.”

Shortly after Benenson’s patronizing comments, the Twitter hashtag #ToneDownForWhat began to trend, and the internet fittingly derided the strategist and Clinton, who just eight years ago said that “you should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere” while running for president. One can only assume that Benenson — who has consulted for various Wall Street firms — was alluding to the Sanders campaign’s criticism of Clinton’s financial ties to Wall Street and its insistence that she release transcripts from her Goldman Sachs speeches.

If Hillary is elected, she will punish folks who move jobs overseas, instead of re-writing current tax laws. Hail Comrades. This is the New World of the Progressive.

Wednesday at a campaign rally in New York City, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton delivered a populist message to rallygoers in attendance.

Clinton threatened a “exit tax” on companies fleeing the United States for lower taxes and vowed to use those proceeds to reinvest in the communities left behind by those companies.

“Here’s how I see it,” she said. “We’ll make companies that ship jobs overseas give back the tax breaks they got here at home. And if they try to move their headquarters to a foreign country to skip out on that tax bills, we will slap a new exit tax on them. And then we’ll put that money to work in the communities and the people that were left behind. We can break down the barriers holding back the parents and families in this economy. Isn’t it time for quality affordable childcare, early childhood education, and paid family leave?”

Source:  Breitbart. 

Sooooo, now, a man/woman marriage is wrong?!!

University moves to fire professor for defending man-woman marriage...

This is not the first story about the kindness of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump shared an emotional moment with the 2005 Miss Wisconsin, Melissa Consin Young (pictured together left), who is dying from an incurable disease, at a Janesville rally on Tuesday. Melissa has autonomic failure, which is when the part of the brain that controls heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, respiration, digestion and most vital organs stops functioning, pictured in her hospital bed right. She said when she was at her worst she received this handwritten letter from Trump calling her 'the bravest woman I know', inset left. At the rally she told Trump it was because of him her Mexican-American son will be able to attend college on a full-ride. Trump then went into the crowd to hug Melissa, pictured in beauty pageant inset.    (Source: The Daily Mail)

The day the GOP died - March 29, 2016..

I am going to say it,  here and now:  The GOP will not put itself back together after the convention. 

During the CNN Townhall,  last night,  all three candidates refused to honor their pledge for unity.  The Conservative media will blame Trump,  but the truth is very different:  John Kasich has rejected his unity pledge (at least) two weeks ago,  choosing to skirt a direct answer to any question about his pledge to support the winner of the GOP nomination process.  He was the first.  

Cruz finally showed his true colors,  yesterday,  even before getting on stage at the CNN Townhall.  

So,  of course,  Trump rejected the pledge when asked by Anderson Cooper,  since he was the only remaining pledge not to refuse his pledge.  

As the reader knows,  I have been an opponent of the GOP as represented in its leadership  (John Boehner and Mitch McConnell) throughout the life of this blog,  or,  at least,  since the House was handed back to the GOP with the 2010 midterm elections. 

The Republican party would not be in charge of the House or the Senate,   if not for the teaparty movement.  Say what you will about the teaparty.  Facts are facts,  the Party never got on board with the conservative movement.  As a result,  the sane members of the movement have moved on.  They are independents,  as I am,  with no pledge to the GOP. 

With the events of last night,  at the CNN Townhall,  the Grand Old Party surrendered any hope of future viability.  The Party needs the Senate and the presidency to fight off a socialist takeover of the Supreme Court.  With the CNN Townhall events,  that circumstance may be irreversibly damaged as common-sense conservatives get up and walk out the door.  

What is most telling is the fact that no one involved in GOP politics,  understands what happened to the GOP, last evening.  

More than this,  and just as mind-boggling, is the fact that the Progressive Dems are having a very similar problem.  Hillary is now refusing to debate Bernie because he is too mean.  Anyone think this will endear her to the growing Millennial base ?  Not a chance in 800 hells.   But more on that, later.  

Related news that adds to the mess that defines the GOP:

The non-partisan Greta Van Susteren admits that the anti-Trump crowd has no legal case:

Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:
Greta Van Susteren: In My Wildest Dreams I Don't See How a Jury Convicts Lewandowski (VIDEO)  —  Greta Van Susteren and her “On the Record” panel discussed the battery charges against Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski today by a Florida court.  —  Greta started the segment …

Say what you will. We will be much safer under any of the GOP candidates as president than under a Sanders or Clinton presidency,

'Homeland' Boss: Republican Rhetoric 'Undermining Nat'l Security'...

Editor's notes:  Good grief.  You think maybe,  inviting 15,000 to 20,000  Middle Eastern immigrants  (these are the real numbers, btw)  just might be a problem,  since most of them cannot get here with verifiable papers?  

Or, what about Obama's love fest with the Ayatollah, or the communist murderers, the Castro brothers;  his dismantling of our CIA interrogation units (we do not interrogate terrorists anymore.  Did you know this or do you care?).  His love fest includes the Muslim Brotherhood,  the New Black Panthers,  Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, and the FBI's targeted domestic Muslim organization, CAIR.  He has re-enforced the jihad with hundreds of the most violent terrorists in the world via their release from GITMO.  Then there is his funding of international terrorism via the 1.5 billion dollar Iranian "deal,"  or his decision not to acknowledge any of the hostile acts of jihad  . . . . .  so he goes dancing or golfing or attends a baseball game just to prove to the jihadis that they do not matter to him,  that they are nothing.  

And the Homeland boss thinks Trump and Cruz are the problem? 

Understand that the Twin Towers disaster was planned during the Clinton days  (not to blame that president, however;  just stating a fact).  After 9/11 ,  no one died in the USA during the remaining years of Bush.  Nearly 500 have been killed or wounded in this country,  during the Obama years,  and Islamic terror has killed more than 400,000, world wide,  most of them Muslims,  themselves  (not to mention more than 80,000 Christians).

We have nearly 90 Islamic terror prosecutions going on,  as I write.  At least one such prosecution in every state in the Union. 

I am no Trump supporter but, seriously, can you blame him ??

Kyle Cheney / Politico:
Trump takes back pledge to support GOP nominee  

Editor's notes:  So,  they "force" him to sign a written pledge that they,  themselves,  have made clear that they have no intentions of keeping.  There are simply too many party "leaders" unwilling to say they will support Trump if elected,  and this includes John Kasich,  Ted Cruz,  Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and folks like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin.   

I have already declared my personal impasse as relates to this year's presidential choices. 

You've got Hillary "standing with Obama" because he controls the Department of "Justice." 

To her Left,  is Bernie and Elizabeth,  forcing her hand and keeping her from even looking to a move to the middle.  

Then there is Crazy Trump and his horde of One Toothers and Cud Chewers along with a host of very good people who simply do not know what to do.

We have Ted Cruz,  a nasally sounding huckster,  pretending to be Reagan Incarnate.  His only salvation,  as I see it,  is the possibility that he will nominate Carly Fiorina as his VP.  Love the woman.  

Bringing up the rear is John "I'm still standing" Kasich.  Of course,  he is still standing because he just won't sit down  . . . . .   and he thinks that is some kind of accomplishment.  Look,  Marco Rubio has been out of the race for more than a month,  and still leads Kasich in delegate count.  

Bernie can't win because he is a Jew and blacks hate Jews. 

Hillary can't run from inside a courtroom. 

Trump actually thinks he can piss EVERYONE off,  and still have enough of whatever he thinks he has, to win in November.

Ted runs out of people when he leaves the Bible Belt  . . . .   and you and I?  Well we are left holding the bag.  

I am too old to wait until the next election.  Riding/fishing/loven time is here and now.  I may not have tomorrow.  

If I continue the blog,  it will be simply for the purpose of making fun of everyone and keeping my brain,  such as it is,  active.  

Of course,  some of you think mar-i-juan-a does the same thing.  What do I know except to stay sober and watched for stoners as I ride the Wild Wild West on my 1800. 



Take this test. If you do not laugh, your partisan slip is too far up your backside.

Hillary is trying to control the debates outcome. Why? Because . . . .

Hillary is trying to control the Democrat debate(s) outcome. Why?  Because her lead is not 1712 to 1004.  Rather, it is 1262 to 1004 without the Super Delegates.  Understand that they (the Super Delegates) are committed to Hillary,  as I write,  but can change their minds.  They did this very thing back in 2008 when the pool switched, significantly, for Barack Obama.  With 2008 in mind,  the Clinton people,  in a state of panic,  are making demands that Sanders act out as if he is a servant to her demands.  Time will tell as to whether this strategy backfires on the desperate Secretary.  ~  editor

The Hill:
After winning a trio of states over the weekend, Sanders on Sunday called for a debate in New York ahead of that state’s April 19 primary. The Vermont senator is looking to cut into Clinton’s delegate lead and says he has the “momentum” heading into the latter half of the race.
The pair faced off in a Miami debate earlier this month, and a Sanders campaign letter on Sunday said the two campaigns had agreed to a California debate in May but had not agreed to terms on a debate in April, according to The New York Times.
“What’s the risk?” CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked Monday, pressing multiple times about agreeing to a debate in New York.
“There’s no risk. She’s done very well in the debates,” Benenson responded.
“Sen. Sanders doesn’t get to decide when we debate, particularly when he’s running a very negative campaign against us,” he continued.
“Let’s see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. If he does that, then we’ll talk about debates,” Benenson added.

If the "Super Delegates" can actually vote for whoever, how close is Sanders to Hillary ?

According to a Democrat Party spokesman appearing on FoxNews Tuesday morning,  the media can choose to include the "pledged but free to change their minds" Super Delegate pool.  In 2008,  most of this pool was pledged to Hillary,  but changed their minds at or just before the convention.  

There are approximately 450 Super Delegates included in the 1712 total we often see,  for Hillary.  Sanders has 1004 delegates.  

If we subtract the 450 from Hillary's total,  the Democrat race is much closer than Democrat leadership wants you to believe.  

If we do not count the Super Delegate pool, and they have NOT yet voted,  we are looking at 1262 votes for Hillary versus 1004 for Sanders.  

If Sanders can convince the folks that he is more electable than his opponent,  he could very well win the day,  at the end of the day.  
Just know this:  the Democrat race is much much closer than you have been told.  

You will not believe who Bill Mahar just endorsed:

Go ahead and tell me Hillary doesn't have problems.

ISIS has lost 40% of the land they controlled two years ago, BUT . . . . .

ISIS has lost 40% of the land they controlled two years ago.  Most of that is sand,  but,  there are other measurements of its strength.  

1. Before ISIS,  Jihad brought about the deaths of 2,100 civilians per year,  world wide.  Since ISIS,  and for the last two years,  that number has grown to 28,000 per year,  according to a General's report aired on Fox,  this morning.  

2.  Its ability for violence has grown almost exponentially over the past two years, especially in Europe, where some 5,000 ISIS related refugees have traveled in that region.  

3.  In a Daily Beast,  we have this:    The American-led bombing campaign is doing little to stem the tide of foreign fighters joining the war in Iraq and Syria. Four thousand of these fighters have joined the conflict since the allied airstrikes began, U.S. intelligence officials tell The Daily Beast.

That’s nearly as many combatants as coalition forces claimed to have killed, raising fears that if ISIS can continue to withstand a sustained air campaign, it could keep its ranks restocked for years, if not decades, to come.

4.  Here in the States,  we have some 90 cases of jhadi plots being prosecuted in our courts throughout the 50 States with 460 causalities since  Obama took office. 

FYI: There was some shooter at the WH. No news, on this blog, because I really do not care.

Tim Cook "aka Steve Jobs reincarnate," refused to help break his Apply code until the FBI found someone who already did. Anyone think this is funny?

USA Today:  The Justice Department is expected to withdraw from its legal action against Apple, as soon as today, as an outside method to bypass the locking function of a San Bernardino terrorist’s phone has proved successful, a federal law enforcement official said Monday.

Update:  3/29/2016 - the FBI has broken into the phone of the killers in the San Bernardino murders.  Turns out the Apple smart-phones are not as secure as Apple pretended them to be.  Now,  Apple is asking the FBI questions as to how the agency broke the Apply code.  Agency response ?   We'll get back to you.

Hillary, under investigation by the FBI, now trys to control the language of Bernie Sanders in future debates.

Nick Gass / Politico:
Clinton campaign: Future debates depend upon Sanders' tone  —  Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist laid into Bernie Sanders' camp on Monday for its insistence upon a debate before the April 19 primary in New York, remarking that the Vermont senator has reneged on his promise …

Obama does not think there are any substantive differences between property grabbing communism and capitalism proving that he never studied political theory.

  begin with 11 secs into the video for the quote below
"So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate," Obama said during a visit to Argentina Thursday. "Oh, you know, you're a capitalist Yankee dog, and oh, you know, you're some crazy communist that's going to take away everybody's property."

"Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it really fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works,"    (From Real Clear Politics, here).

Back from my Easter weekend trip to Boise . These are buildings right out of the Wild Wild West time period . . . all north of Winnemucca, Nv., in Oregon:

 wrangler housing
 school house (1900 or so)
 Ice house

 This gives you the region and time period.  There was a fort in McDermintt to fight against the savages.

Period bar but remodeled via entry door

Porch roofing is a "recent" add-on.  

Orovada general store built in the 1920's and was closed 10 years ago.

Melania at 45, a babe; Yazmeenah Rossi at 60, a babe; Sarah at 65, so attractive that kings were giving her "the whistle."

When I look at model Yazmeenah Rossi, age 60,  I am reminded of Sarah.  If you believe in the biblical record,  as I do,  you can see the probability of an aged Sarah (65 year old wife of Abraham)  being extremely attractive (Gen. 12:14-15),  to the point that Pharaoh was "desirous" of her. 

ISIS' #2 man, was killed in the last several days . . . . . not by bombing rates.

Understand that Special Forces tracked down this murderer and blew his butt into the next life.   Special Forces.  Not drones.  Not a bombing run. 

It was Special Forces that recently rescued 4 hostages held in Syria by ISIS, and,  as you all know,  killed Osama bin Laden. Sounds like Obama has learned a lesson or two,  as to the use of  "boots on the ground."  now,  if he would only drop his idiotic "rules of engagement" and actually begin bombing runs that are designed to utterly destroy this band of killers.  

This "#2"  was a university professor and physicist  . . . .  an intelligent fellow,  but corrupt in his soul.  My point,  here,  is this:  the man was not a jihadie because life had treated him badly.  He was a jihadist because of his religious beliefs  . . . . .  contrary to our president,  who thinks religious beliefs,  while a good thing on a personal level,  should have no place in the political scene.   

There are million of Republican/Conservatives just like me (the editor)

Fox News is reporting that confidence in the GOP primary process has fallen from 41% in February to 30% in March.  But,  with me,  it is not just the GOP process.  

Everyone who reads with clarity,  knows that the Hillary/Sanders contest is nothing short of Kabuki Theater  . . . .   this is beside the fact that there are 150 Federal agents investigating the Secretary for criminal involvement regarding her emails.  

I was a Democrat and helped with Carter's first election.  I voted for Reagan,  because Carter's no-nothing approach to the economy,  bankrupt by construction business  . . . .   not to mention the 444 days our hostages were held by Iran with our president frozen in fear of taking any decisive action.  

I still consider myself a Kennedy Democrat and a Reagan Republican  (the two men are or were closer together,  ideologically, than you may suppose).  Extending my preference into the 21st century,  I identify with Gingrich,  Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan.  

Now the rumor is this: Cruz has had affairs with 5 different women including a spokeswoman for Trump.

‘Cruz sex scandal’ blows up Twitter after tabloid prints photos of 5 alleged mistresses
It wouldn’t be politics if there weren’t sex rumors involved.
In a “scandalous” report out Friday, the National Enquirer caused a stir on social media by alleging that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has had affairs with five different women.
Even more salacious is the speculation that one of the women is Donald Trump’s spokesperson Katrina Pierson.

The National Enquirer, known as an outlandish American tabloid, claims that the affairs included an incident where Cruz had sex with a mistress in a closet.

How bad is the terror threat?

Since 1914,  there have been 75 terror attacks,  internationally,  in 20 countries.  According to Fox News,  1280 have been killed and 1770 injured in these attacks.  And this does not count what is happening in the Middle East and Africa.  Jihad is responsible for 250,000 deaths in Syria,  alone.  You can call Syria a "civil war" if you prefer,  but I count the whole mess as one terror grouping fighting another,  godless,  terror faction.  Yemen has been overwhelmed,  as has Libya, Iraq and much of Syria   . . . . . .    all of this during the Obama/Hillary days of peace and love

(A few) Reasons why the E.U. is having terror issues that appear to be out of control.

(A few) Reasons why E.U. is having terror issues that appear to be out of control.  

The most important reason is the European Union's "borderless" policy.  One of the pathways into Europe,  is via Turkey.  After folks make the journey,  they can travel from European member nation to nation without papers,  or searches,  or the need for passports.  The only exception to this reality,  is during a threat period such as the current terror threat sweeping through the region.  "  . . . . .  where a threat to public policy or national security has been identified Member States are permitted to reintroduce temporary border controls"  (, here). 

My issue with this is is the fact that when danger strikes,  liberal leadership resorts to commonsense and the way of the Right   . . . . .    at least,  in this case.  And Libs are making the identical mistake,  in our country.  Guaranteed,  when Evil via Jihad becomes a frequent headline in our country,  the demand to close the borders will come into play and action will result.  That time may have come, now.  We will know soon enough with the November elections.  

I hasten to add this question:  If we revert to border enforcement when in trouble,  why not make it a matter of national policy?  Note this: there are no good reasons for not doing so. 

More than the bordless policies of the Left,  Europe has to deal with the fact that Libs do not believe intel-sharing is the preferred way of their world.  Their thinking is this:  To share intelligence information is to hasten reaction against the immigrant community,  and,  deny them "of their rights."  In Belgium and its bordering nations (The Netherlands, France and German),  there are 16 police agencies,  none of which are allowed to share intel.  A number of the terrorists involved in the attacks of the past year,  were known terrorists to some agencies but not to others,  precisely because law enforcement was not allowed to share this critical information.  

Finally,  for the sake of this post,  it is a fact that none of these countries spend more than 1% of the annual budget  (tied to GDP rates) .  Compare that to the 16% spent on our military and international security assistance PLUS state, county and city spending on our national police forces. 

Now you know. 

This is how Europe sees our "president." Doing the wave with a mass murderer and the salsa in South America. Party time in a world of evil.

 Editor's notes:  Folks defend this kind of disjointed nonsense by telling us,  "This is Obama not giving in to fear in the face of terror."  I say,  "This is a man with no backbone,  a man wholly compromised by a perverted sense of 'fairness'  and a stupid/silly notion that there is good in the worst of us,  that we should honor and build on that good,  and ignore the evil."  He does this while evil is growing at an alarming rate,  and taking full advantage of his academic recklessness.

Obama dances while Brussels burns: President and Michelle take to the floor to TANGO during glitzy state dinner in Buenos Aires as he ignores calls to come home in wake of terror attacks

One bad deed deserves another? And we are suppose to vote for the best insult artist?

Editor's notes:  FYI:  The recent publication of a 2000 GQ nude of Melania was the work of the Cruz Campaign or,  at least,  Cruz supporters. But,  before that,  a Cruz spokeswoman appearing on Fox News,  presented the notion of  "Melanaia as the only First Lady to have appeared in nude photos,"  and Glenn Beck has charged that she was a lesbian actress  (which does not appear to be true, btw).  My point?  This is how Ted Cruz fights,  using others to do his dirty work,  giving him "plausible deniability,"  but fooling no one who actually thinks.  Popular opinion was against this tactic.  But Trump could not leave it alone,  being the resident 3rd grader in the room,  and, now,  we have this latest attack on Cruz's wife.  As far as I am concerned,  this kind of absolute nonsense disqualifies both men.  Hillary would codify all of the Obama agenda,  but,  if Cruz/Trump is the alternative, well,  choosing between a corrupt politician and two children,  is not the choice I am going to make.  
Megyn Kelly hit out at Donald Trump on Twitter Thursday morning after he retweeted an unflattering picture of Ted Cruz's wife Heidi. Kelly, who has been the victim of many a Trump attack herself, posted Trump's retweet and wrote; 'Seriously?' The photo retweeted by Trump showed Heidi next to a very flattering image of Trump's model wife Melania and read; 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' He posted the photo just one day after threatening to 'spill the beans' on Heidi after a super PAC backing Cruz released an advert showing his wife Melania naked.

Larry Sabato thinks Trump can get to the majic number, 1237 , , , , , , barely.

Sabato:  The magic number is 1,237 delegates, and our own rough calculations show Trump just getting over the hump with 1,239. But that involves Trump winning the lion’s share of the delegates in places as diverse as Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey, and California.

I am no Hillary fan (I hate 'em all), but this haircut says it all. Hats off for "enthusiasm." No ?

In practical terms, the Administration paid $1.7 billion in ransom for those sailors caught by the Iranians.

Free Beacon    The Obama administration has spent three years engaged in secret talks with Iran that resulted in the payment of nearly $2 billion in taxpayer funds to the Islamic Republic, with more payouts likely to come in the future, according to a recent letter issued by the State Department and obtained exclusively by the Washington Free Beacon.

Note: least we forget,  back in 2009/2010 and the Muslim Brotherhood's takeover of Egypt,  Obama paid $5 million for the release of 16 Americans.  It was called "bail money,"  but it was a ransom,  nonetheless.  Read the Fox report, here.

The administration’s disclosure came in response to an inquiry launched in January by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R., Kan.), who was seeking further information about the Obama administration’s payment of $1.7 billion in taxpayer funds to Iran, which many viewed as a “ransom payment” for Iran’s release that month of several U.S. hostages.

The administration’s official response to Pompeo was sent earlier this week, just days after a Free Beacon report detailing a months-long State Department effort to stall the lawmaker’s inquiry.

Most Republicans do not support efforts to deny Trump the nomination BUT, neither do they think he can beat Hillary. (See the Bloomberg polling results, here).

The most committed Republican voters aren’t rallying behind efforts to deny Donald Trump the party’s nomination at their national convention in July, but he still faces an uphill climb after that.
A Bloomberg Politics national poll shows 63 percent of those who have voted in this year’s Republican primaries and caucuses, or plan to do so, back the billionaire’s view of the nominating process and think the person with the most delegates should win, even if he lacks a majority.
If he emerges as the nominee, the survey also suggests that Trump faces a difficult path to the White House. Hillary Clinton, his likely Democratic competitor, crushes him in a hypothetical general-election match-up. In another troubling sign, Trump is viewed unfavorably by 68 percent of Americans -- well above the 53 percent who feel that way about Clinton. If both make it to the general election, the race would feature two historically unpopular figures as the nominees.
“Trump’s numbers are bad and getting worse,” said pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversaw the survey. “A majority of Americans now describe their feelings toward him as very unfavorable. That’s a 13-point spike from November 2015.”
In the process, the Republican front-runner may also be tarnishing his party’s brand. Sixty percent of Americans view the GOP unfavorably, easily the highest level recorded in the poll since it was started in September 2009. The Democratic Party, in contrast, is viewed negatively by 43 percent.

Take this political test. Turns out I am not the teaparty type I thought I was.

I took the test linked immediately below;  Per that test,  I am 53% conservative and 47% liberal !!  Who knew.  See where you fall.  This is not a gimmick test,  partisan effort to enlist your allegiance.  It is just a simple test that may give some context to your political life.  By this test,  I am considered to be a centrist.  And you ???

Cruz challenges Trump to a debate on the O'Reilly opinion news show.

Cruz challenges Trump to a debate on the O'Reilly opinion news show.  Why?  

So he can spend the remainder of the campaign cycle bragging that Trump is afraid of him.  Of course Trump will not debate.  He does not need to.  Cruz has won 7 states and Trump,  17,  with the month of April promising to be a good month for the front runner.  End of discussion. 

While Apple continues to refuse to help in the war on terror, an Israeli forensic softwar company it they can unlock the damn phone. Thanks Apply for nothing.

Reuters:   Israel's Cellebrite, a provider of mobile forensic software, is helping the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation's attempt to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Wednesday.

If Cellebrite succeeds, then the FBI will no longer need the help of Apple Inc (AAPL.O), the Israeli daily said, citing unnamed industry sources.   Cellebrite officials declined to comment on the matter.

Trump threatens to finish what Cruz started and Cruz is offended ???? !!!!

Trump warns Cruz he’ll ‘spill the beans’ on his wife in retaliation for naked Melania ad; Cruz responds

Editor's notes:  Let's not forget that it was the Cruz Campaign that went after Trump's wife.  The Senator thinks he can exercise "plausible deniability" for his campaign, but, seriously,  that is overwhelmed by the notion of "the buck stops here,"  a phrase I am positive Cruz has used any number of times in the past.  

So,  in review,  the Cruz campaign goes after Donald's wife, but Cruz gets all offended when Trump indicates that "an eye for eye" may in play. now.  Another reason why I will not vote for Cruz.  Who knows,  I could not be more disappointed with the three remaining GOP candidates, but Cruz is my leading "scum bag" for this campaign.        


Maybe Rudy has a point. The Brussel's victim could have just as easily been from Cuba. The picture would have been the same.

You don't send a picture of yourself laughing while people have just been blown up': 9/11 Mayor Rudy Giuliani hits Obama for attending baseball game in Cuba after Brussels bombings

GOP standings after Tuesday's primaries:

Trump has 754 or more (there are at least three different counts  for the GOP delegate race:  CNN,  Fox News and fivethiryeight,  I am using fivethirtyeight, here, for this report).   Trump has won 17 states.

Cruz has 485.  Cruz has won seven states and finished ahead of Trump in two states  . . . . .   allowing him to say (over and over and over and over),  "We have beaten Trump 9 different times,"  a number that pales compared to Trumps 17 state victories. 

Kasich was not a winner,  yesterday and remains at a delegate count of 144.  He has won just one state. 

Trump,  in particle terms,  is the only one of the three GOP candidates with a chance at getting to 1237 before the RNC.  Cruz has to win somewhere north of 80% of the remaining delegates and Kasich has no mathematical chance at all. 

There are no more GOP primaries for the month of March.  

Beginning with April 1,  there are 10 GOP primaries for that month including  Colorado,  New York, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  

Trump wins Arizona with its 58 delegates. This blog does not care what Hillary and Sanders do in their contests.

If it saves lives, I am in full agreement with this:

Scott Stump / Donald Trump: Brussels is ‘catastrophic,’ waterboarding Paris suspect ‘would be fine’

Maybe this man has information that includes the potential death of your wife or husband or some of your kids,  on vaca in Europe  . . . . .  so hell yes,  I would approve waterboarding the man.  He would live through the ordeal,  so what is the harm,  ultimately?  The answer is obvious to all except some sniveling do-gooder who has her values upside down.   

BTW,  "A lot more than waterboarding" is not something with which I agree, however.   I don't know what that means.  But waterboarding works,  does no physical harm to the killer in our custody,  and saves lives.  

Melana Trump before and after . . . . and another low blow from the Cruz campaign.

This is a cut and paste from the Daily Mail.  I am including the picture set and some of the comments.  Understand that the nude pictures were taken in 2000.  I do not think there have been any,  since.  The Trumps were married in 2005,  and,  certainly,  she has been on the straight and narrow from that time forward.  Cruz and his campaign are the lowest of the low,  a nasty politician who thinks that his god allows for such antics.  Pathetic.  

Update:  Oh,  by the way,  Obama embarrasses me;  knowing that we could have s socialist as president embarrasses me;  looking forward to having as corrupt a politician as is Hillary Clinton president embarrasses me;  having a 3rd grader & reality show host as president embarrasses me;  having a man that looks like a pedophile and talks like a used car salesman embarrasses me;  Al Sharpton embarrasses me.  16 year old nude pics do not even rank in the top 50 on my list of embarrassments.  And,  in this case,  I represent 90% of the electorate, for certain.  

She's a smart and beautiful woman. Look at the life she leads and now look at yours.. Feel like an idiot yet?!
A new low for the Cruz campaign. This and the loony Glenn Beck religious lunacy makes me think that Cruz is extremely desperate.
I must not be a mormon because that looks like a reason to vote FOR Trump
Come on, it's not like she was on cameria flicking beans like most libs. They are the most hedonistic group I could have ever imagined and they decide to shame Melanie for a provocative photo. Shame on them.
It is Conservative pacs that doing this. Read the article. You keep blaming "libs" while cons stick it to you..
These PAC's truly have NO SHAME and all of this for what? To push voters to vote for a natural born liar like Cruz?
This picture is literally 15 years old.
At least she smiles and is happy to be an American.
Lost respect for Cruz on this. Low blow to attack Trump's wife. This shows Cruz's true character......resounding NO for the WH.
I don' understand the mentality of men who post these type of pictures of their wives. Some things should remain private. If he wants to carry a picture of his nude wife in his wallet or as his screen saver, fine. But it's degrading to women to have these kinds of pictures out in public. Decent men don't show these kind of pictures in public.

Cruz and Trump outdo themselves, today, fomenting one bad idea after another . . . . and I am a conservative pundit.

Ian Millhiser / ThinkProgress:
Trump Says He Will Delegate Supreme Court Appointments To The Heritage Foundation  —  Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, in an apparent bid to placate conservatives who fear that he could appoint an insufficiently ideological justice if elected president, plans to release a list of 5-10 names sometime in the next week.   
Editor's notes:  Here is the problem with Trump's comment:  Speaking as a member of Heritage and in good standing,  giving them the power of Supreme Court appointments would so politicize the High Court as to make a it nearly impossible to get a consensus approval for any of the Cruz appointees.  
Ask yourselves this:  How would you feel if Hillary allowed Media Matters to select and vett her nominees ?  No,  this is a presidential responsibility.  No need to intensify the political component beyond that. 
Cruz could not be out done,  so he came up with his own bad idea,  as well.  It had to do with his thinking that special police attention needs to be given to "Muslim neighborhoods."  He wants to increase police patrols in these neighborhoods. 
While "home grown" terror is a problem from time to time, American Muslims do not have an expressed desire to destroy this nation.   OF COURSE, there are exceptions to the rule,  but an "exception" is not "the rule."   Adding an increased police presence  in Muslim neighborhoods would accomplish nothing in the fight against Islamic radicalism.  More than this,  the unwanted effect would be to segregate and blame the Islamic community,  as a whole,  for the intended brutality of their overseas "cousins" and some who are American citizens.    
At any rate,  enough of the populace mindset and these bad ideas.  I have to tell,  I am no less disappointed in Cruz as I am in Trump.  Kasich is not even in the mix,  for me,  but I must admit that he is starting to rise to top. 

AIPAC apologizes for its attendees and their favorable response to Trump

Wa/ExaminerAIPAC organizers apologized to President Obama after the crowd cheered Donald Trump for opening his speech with a celebration of Obama's impending end to his presidency. Should AIPAC organizers have apologized for Donald Trump's statement or the crowd's reaction?
Editor's notes:  Understand that AIPAC is hardly CPAC;  very liberal by comparison and not as concerned for Israel as you might suppose  . . . .   at least this is the position of AIPAC's leadership.  Hence the apology.  The fact that some thought an apology was needed had everything to do with the response of the audience regarding Trump's criticism of Obama.  

You should know that Trump's comments were warmly received and as applauded as anything Hillary had said,  earlier in the day.  

It is amazing to me,  the degree of disconnect existing across the nation and in both liberal and conservative camps,  as relates to the people over whom leadership presides.   

Looks like we are all angry as hell and are not going to take it any more,  no?  

Which party is the party of violence?

David Edwards / Raw Story:
RNC chair blames CNN for Trump rally clashes: 'We're not a party that believes in violence'  —  DON'T MISS STORIES.  FOLLOW RAW STORY!  —  Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday charged that CNN was fueling violence at Donald Trump's rallies by spending … 
Editor's notes:  think about it:  which party is the party of violence?  Listen to CNN and you will believe it is the GOP.  Actually pay attention to the news,  and elements within the Progressive Movement are more to blame.  
Skinheads are often framed as Republicans.  Most of them have never voted,  and how many of these of clowns are there.  CNN will cast the teaparty as violent,  but,  in fact,  there are zero incidences of violence caused by anyone in the teaparty movement.   Who else can be crammed into the Republican camp?  That church group in Florida,  the ones who hate gays and show up at various military funerals.  

On the Left,  we have the following angry,  ready for a fight, cop hating organizations such as Al Sharpton's following,  Louis Farrakhan and his Islamic Nation,  the New Black Panthers,  Occupy,  Black Lives Matters, CAIR,  the Muslim Brotherhood,  the Black Riders Liberation Party, Revolutionary Communist Party of the USA (based out of Chicago) and more.  All of these groups are working for the overthrow of white America,  its Constitution and ideologies.  
Which side is more violent in terms of populations?  Not even a tight discussion.  

If there are 400 rebels on the Right,  there are 40,000  (literally) anarchists and assassins on the Left.
Don't believe the black Democrat community is not steeped in violence and hate?  Park your car on Compton Blvd just off  I  710  at 8:00 pm,   and walk 3.5 miles west down the Blvd.,  toward the 110,  all in LA country,  and see if you live to get to the other end.  Not going to happen.  
So lets stop playing words games.