That strange babe at MSNBC is having da record run, but she is not the only one.


Notes:  Worried?  I mean, Maddow is speaking to a record sized audience while Trump's popularity numbers are running at record lows,  for a President at this time in his presidency.  

Let's put this in context.  Political interest is high across the board.   Fox News and five of its daily programs are also on a record pace.  While Maddow averaged 2 million last week,  programs such as O'Reilly,  Hannity, Tucker Calrson Tonight, the Five and Bret Bair's commentary,  are all running between 3.5 and 4 million viewers.   

While MSNBC is racking up a 1.58 million daily  (24 hour broadcast) audience,  Fox is at 2.7 for its 24 hour count   . . . . .    a record.  

And Maddow is the only MSNBC program to brag about.  

Sorry to burst your bubble,  if you are a committed global/commun-ist,  but them are the facts.  

Now you know the truth and its context.