Taking Friday and Saturday off. Attending the AMP Conference in West Covina.

     Update:  BTW,  I have decided to permanently discontinue the comment line.  We won the election, and, the Left has gone "postal."  All of the Left Wing commentary to this blog is "anonymous" and as foul mouth as only the Left knows out to be filthy.  They do not have a handle on logic and cannot entertain intelligent and dispassionate conversation.  In fact you cannot read their comments without losing I.Q. points.  
    Update #2:  Saturday morning, I will blog for an hour or two,  for what it is worth.  
    If :
  • You have attended church for years and know you’re called to share your faith but struggle to actually do it
  • You’re new to Christianity and want to learn more about why you can trust the Bible
  • You’re feeling discouraged that a family member isn’t a believer and seems bothered by faith conversations
  • You know apologetics well but don’t know how to use it to impact others
  • You’re a parent who wants to help your children keep the faith even after they leave home