Farmers, home builders, ranchers and county comissioners will be pleased with this:

The EPA has abused its power under the Clean Water Act, for years,  extending is circle of influence to the supervision  every puddle of water on existing lands,  effectively countering private property rights on such lands.  

Understand that the One World agenda has no place for "private property rights."  Its not fair.  Besides,  the land belongs to us all,  not to the rich who can afford to buy property  . . . .  Crap rhetoric that works to subjugate us all.  

Understand that private property rights are critical to a free society.  The Dems,  our nation's consummate Double Tongued collective,  pretends to care about home ownership,  claiming that the poor,  folks who cannot afford private home ownership,  should have the right [anyway] to own their own home.    On the other hand,  this same collective wants to take away private property rights and works in every way to destroy our property rights.  They have been at it for years and years   . . . . . . .   and the EPA 's abuse of the Clean Water Act is proof of this abuse,  proof of this anti-American agenda.  

Today,  President Trump signed an Executive Order that revokes the Clean Water Rule.   In Wyoming,  the EPA used this law to fine a rancher 35,000 dollars a day for digging a stinking watering hole for his cattle,  on his own land,  out in the middle of nowhere, $35,000 a day.  This kind of Left Wing radical B.S. is coming to an end.  

Like I keep saying,  the adults have moved back into our White House.