Who won the Democrat debate?

Drudge ran a survey, Wednesday following the debate,   with Hillary taking in 7% of the vote and Sanders a whopping 53% There's your young-adult voting block.  The pundits/media gave the debate to Hillary.  

In view of the fact that this was not a debate,  but a demonstration of power politics within the Democrat Party,  my opinion gives Hillary the night.  No one went after her for Benghazi,  the failed Libya coup,  the gun running from Libya into Syria,  the growth of ISIS under her watch, specifics as to job creation, the fact that she will continue to be president over half the population,  kicking the other half to the curb,  how she will govern with a divided congress,  her pledge to continue to abuse "executive orders,"  where her campaign funding comes from  (hint:  it comes from the same people she demonizes in public speeches,  a sure sign she is in bed with the One Percent Class),  how she intends to fix Social Security,  the specifics as to her dealings with ISIS,  Iran,  and Israel   . . . . . .   and on and on.  

In the end,  we know next to nothing about her intended presidency.  

I must admit,  however,  that her presidency will not be as radical as Obama's   . . . . .   at least that is my hope.  She is Left of her husband,  but not Left of Obama  She has to appease the Democrat base,  and her problem is this:  the younger part of the base knows what she is doing and does not trust her.  

We will never know the true Hillary unless and until she wins the presidency   . . . . .  an opportunity that may be slipping away. 

Finally,  I do not expect a Biden candidacy.  He has taken too long to be considered seriously,  for anything other than retirement and would have been a gawd-awful candidate, anyway.

And,  if Sanders does not win the nomination, a prolonged bid,  on his part,  will only create a "disappointment" backlash that will affect Democrat voter turnout in the 2016 election.  You may not realize this fact,  but the Dems have been dealing with the issue of failed Democrat  enthusiasm since and including the 2010 midterms.  

They lost both midterm elections (2012 and 2014) because of turnout issues  . . .   this,  according to their own rhetoric,  and, even in winning the 2012 national election,  they took in 3.5 million fewer votes than in 2008 while Romney garnered one million more votes than McCain.  So,  "enthusiasm" for the Progressive agenda has been an unnamed problem that just might spell "defeat" in 2016   . . . . . .   and Hillary is no Obama;  she cannot "fix" this problem.  

Finally,  understand that comparative audience attendance gives us a first guess as to the level of enthusiasm within the Democrat Party:  24 million watched the first GOP debate compared to 15 million for the Dems   . . .    and I expect the second debate's attendance to be lower than the first.