NCIS had a larger audience than did the Democrats on "debate night."

CREDIT: Dylan Petrohilos/ThinkProgres
Neilson released this charted information,  Wednesday,  and conveniently left off the GOP's first debate totals.  

24 million was the total viewership for the GOP's first debate.  Keep in mind that the early GOP debate on that first night,  took in close to 7 million without Trump in the line-up.  

Point of post:  There is simply no way to avoid the conclusion that the Dems are in a world of hurt when it comes to comparative turnout analysis. 

The Democrat debate did NOT beat the expectations of this editor.

The press is trying its best to make the totals for Tuesday night's debate appear to be a monster success,  when,  compared to the GOP's 24 million total,  it was an astonishing failure.  Keep in mind that if Bernie had not brought his constituency to the fight,  the debate would have garnered far less attention than it did  . . . .   I mean when NCIS draws a larger audience than your debate (and that is exactly what happened),  you are in deep do-do.