(Updated) Patriots can celebrate the defeat of the Obama Doctrine. What he does with executive orders will not make up for the historic failures on our list. Obama has been a lame duck since March 23, 2010.

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Theme of post:  Obama could have  succeeded in fundamentally changing America if it hadn't been for the Patriot Nation and the Left's own ineptitude.    Instead,  he and his minions just made a mess of things. 

The following is a list,  somewhat comprehensive,  as to the failings of our 44th president.  

But first,  his accomplishments: in terms of legislation,  he crammed through a one party congress,  the 1 trillion dollar stimulus (including interest) just 27 days after he was inaugurated  (Feb 17,2009) which means,  of course,  the Stimulus bill was written sometime before he was inaugurated;  ¾ of the money went to labor and teacher  unions to fund their legacy programs,  union scale jobs, and Democrat districts.  He passed a $412 billion Omnibus bill in June of 2009 which did nothing to "save" the economy, more payback for Democrat donors.  He passed and signed into law,  the Lily Ledbetter Equal Pay, legislation.  Today,   for some reason,  he is stumping for equal pay [again],  5 years after he "solved" that problem with Ledbetter.  

He "saved the "the auto industry" by stealing Chrysler and GM away from their primary bond investors, a violation of established contract law,  and put the two companies under union control.  Two years later,  Chrysler was quietly rescued (read "purchased")  by Fiat at a loss of nearly 2 billion dollars to the taxpayer.  The GM "investment" did not fare much better,  costing the taxpayer another 1.5 billion dollars after the Government gave up and sold its remaining shares (Dec 10, 2013) at a loss.  Ford did not participate  -  neither did Nissan, or Toyota, or Honda, or Kia, or Hyundai, or Infiniti, or Jaquar, or Saab, or Lexus, or Subaru, or DeLorean, or Shelby America, or Callaway Cars Inc, or Polaris Industires,   -  you know,  the rest of the U.S. auto industry  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   that he saved.   

There was the Dodd/Frank "Too Big To Fail" bill.   Two years after its passage, the major banks are larger than ever and steeped in regulations that cost that industry 1.5 trillion a year just in compliance and accounting fees.   

And,  finally,  the mess that is ObamaCare.  48 million uninsured Americans,  before ObamaCare,  45.5 million uninsured,  afterward.  He signed this bill into law on March 23, 2010.  

Since that time,  nothing of any major consequence has been accomplished.  

Updated for content:

It can be argued,  in light of what he has not done,  that H. Obama has been a Lame Duck after March 23, of 2010.  Understand,  that opposition is not due to his color  (he is half white,  you know).  Rather,  most who oppose him,  see him as a representative of a Marxist inspired,  One World Without Borders cabal.  Communism does not pursue this end.  Neither does Radical Islam, nor any of the world's most depotic nations.   There will never be a "world with borders,"  but,  certainly,  the Borderless Crowd can evolve into a mush larger,  cross-border,  entity.  Perhaps that is where things are headed,  unless "we" can start winning presidential elections and excite the nation,  once again,  as to the values that made this country what it is today.  

Understand that if the Far Left,  World Without Borders, Utopian Dreamers cannot do a [much] better job at governance,  than is represented in their present track record on the state and federal levels,  they will defeat themselves.  We must take advantage of these failures or lose the war,  via our own malfeasance.  

The following list is important,  not because of its rather comprehensive nature,  but because it represents a systemic failing,  more the cause of the Left and its laughable inabilities,  than any other single cause.  

His first domestic failure,  on our list,  came from the botched Stimulus bill. 

1.      It (the Stimulus)  was a failure to provide any permanent jobs via the stimulus,  if, in fact,  job creation was the actual reason for this spending bill.
2.    In his dream world,  his Stimulus was going to cap unemployment at 8% with a promise of 5% unemployment by the end of 2013.  We are all aware of this, across the board,  failure.
3.    During  the ’08 campaign,  he promised to have “comprehensive immigration,” passed into law “during my first year in office.”  That not only did not happen,  Obama and his Progressive Radicals never tried.  
4.    There was talk of giving 12 million illegal aliens full and complete amnesty (the actual number is closer to 20 million illegals).   Of course,  this did not happen, and, will not happen anytime  soon. 
5.     Cap and trade (an idiotic scheme,  in the name of "climate change" devised to redistribute wealth).  While he is using regulations to accomplish some of his dream as to Cap and Trade,  the fact of the matter is the:  executive orders cannot be used to make this a policy.  Think about it,  if they could,  he would have used them years ago when he first began threatening to circumvent congress.    
6.    There was an effort to pass  the Fairness Doctrine through congress  (an assault on free conservative speech),  but, again,  this effort failed.
7.     Obama had hoped to accomplish  full nuclear disarmament  (unilateral disarmament is where Obama is going) if not a general, but more limited, disarmament.  While we have fewer nuclear weapons in our arsenal, still,  we to have a nuclear capability. 
8.    Obama wanted finalize regressive gun ownership control,  but, underestimated the power of the pro-gun lobby and the 80 million Americans who own guns.
9.    He made secret plans to use  international treatises to supersede our Constitution as the sovereign law of our nation, a move that would end individual property rights through taxation and (EPA) regulations and end what is left of states rights and the implications of a robust 14th Amendment.  
10.  He intended to give the unions their "card check" strategies (another scheme,  this time for the purpose of union control of industry without a secret ballot), but, again,  this was another miserable failure.
10.  And his biggest dream was to quantify a thorough-going regulatory takeover of the private sector business community.  Again,  another flop.  
11.  Let's not forget "shovel ready jobs,"  another comprehensive failure. 
12.  Then we have the Cash for Clunkers,  a scheme that would "kick start" auto sales.  Instead,  it went over-budget by 3 billion dollars and,  in the end,  accomplished nothing that was lasting.  
13.  He developed a plan for becoming the world's leader in solar panel manufacturing,  but was almost immediately overtaken by the Chinese in this effort.  
14.  He talked of creating a new electric grid as the nation prepared to "wean" itself off fossil fuel.  Of course,  the cost of this project was more than all wars since WW II, combined.  The project was deemed a laugher and quietly died on the vine.  

International Failures: 
  1.    After giving a speech at the University of Cairo “to the Muslim World,”  he did nothing as follow-up,  and,  today,  is less popular in the Middle East than was GW Bush.
  2. He flew to Geneva to enlist international support for a world wide cap and trade system.  The effort fell flat on its face,  and Obama left that summit,  with his head in his hands. 
  3. He sent a plastic button,  a toy actually,  to Russia as a symbol of his new, reset policy.  Another embarrassing episode and,  years later,  a total failed policy. 
  4. He helped to dethrone Mubarak,  Egypt’s president with the hope of replacing that despot with the radical and much hated Muslim Brotherhood.  The Egyptian military eventually arrested the Brotherhood’s president,  and recently sentenced 500 members of the Brotherhood to death.
  5.  He destabilized Libya under the pretext of  saving lives, 300 were lost in Libya before Obama intervened.  140,000 innocents have died in Syria,  yet, Obama has decided that doing nothing,  in this case, is a mark of leadership.   
  6.   Then there was Obama failed support of the Communist wannabe dictator of Honduras,  is both under-reported and proof of his extreme inadequacies.    
  7. He was caught spying on the Brazilian president,  Germany's Chancellor, and the President of France,  harming our standing with each of those countries.    
  8. He has allowed Iran the freedom to become a nuclear power,  preferring sitting on his thumb as opposed to dealing with crisis.    
  9. His unilateral retreat from Iraq turned victory into defeat and   his war in Afghanistan is a monumental failure.  
  10. His unilateral retreat from the missile defense treatise in place,  with Poland and the Czech Republic,  has laid the foundation for Russia's Unkraine take-over.