This is what forced redistribution of wealth looks like:

This is what militant/radical redistribution of wealth looks like:

I know two families on ObamaCare.

One is a a 60 something married couple.
They pay 900 dollars a month for a "policy" that has a $4,500 deductible per husband and wife.  He has been hospitalized twice over the course of the past three years.  The cost was less than his deductible,  each time.  He asked last night,  "Why the hell do I have this policy?  Its a one way street and I have no choice."  

 The second family is a family of four:  Wife, Husband and two younger children.  they pay $1,700 a month and have deductibles of $6,000 for each of the four in the family.  

These families are getting nothing in return.  In reality ,  they are paying their annual premiums for nothing.  And those payments are funding the poor,  the wanna-be-rich political giants,  and gawd knows what else   . . . . .   and maybe He does not even know. 

What we do know is this:  This is redistribution of wealth,  plain and simple,  and it is not taking money from the rich,  it is taking money from the working middle class.  

Go to hell Barach, Michelle, the Clintons,  Pelosi, Schumer,  and those Republicans like Lisa Murkowsky and Susan Collins,  who think this financial justice.