Some Democarats want to force a media code of ethics on our President.

In response to a Democrat effort requiring at least two on camera press conferences per week, two former press secretaries, Ari Fleischer (President GW Bush) and Mike McCurry (President Bill Clinton), agree, "We support no live TV coverage of WH briefing. Embargo it and let it be used, but not as live TV. Better for the public, the WH, and the press."

As anyone with half a brain knows,  before the 1980's,  we did not have a free press.  Instead,  we had a nationalized "network news," cabal (ABC, NBC, CBS),  and,  national print media subscribing to the Gray Lady  (NYT).  
With the advent of the Reagan Presidency,  the time had come to balance out this source of seditious propaganda,  not via legislative means,  but by creating a vibrant and effective alternative nationalized media source,  one that expressed the will of the people,  one that honored this nation's declared sovereignty, supported the flag and the US Constitution,  and rejected any and all foreign governance whether centered in Belgium  (the E.U.),  the United Nations,  Muslim domestic law (Sharia).  

Choice is what makes this nation so great.  Choice is freedom. 

Understand that before Rush Limbaugh  (1988),  network news had no competition.  It could tell us anything, and we,  the people,  had no choice but to agree or disagree.  With Reagan (1981 - 1988),  we chose to disagree,  in spite of the fact that the national media tried its best to ruin the man's reputation.  Rush, beginning in 1988,  gave us informed reasons to disagree.   Limbaugh came out of this Reagan Revolution, and, with his popularity and monetary success,  came Fox News,  and a host of alternative news sources.  Of course,  the birth of Internet News (1990 to the present) added to the Conservative rebellion, as well.  

When you stop to think about it,  Reagan/Limbaugh/Fox News/the Internet, all combined to create a "perfect storm" that has resulted in hundreds of local conservative "talk shows," a growing conservative influence within the GOP,  Donald Trump, and a turbulent but strangely effective conservative choice to the global crap pushed down our throats day after day. 

When you look at the whole of the Conservative Movement inspired by Ronald Reagan,  this is no time for discouragement.   Understand that the Left is not simply after Donald Trump.  Not at all.  Instead,  the Left is fighting for survival,  and,  like a threatened animal, it is fighting for survival, lashing out,  willing to commit suicide in an effort to hold on to its very life.  

You don't have a war when only one side is present.  Reagan began the marshaling of the troops,  and,  today,  the people of America, are in the middle of taking the country back from the globalized brink of destruction.  

THAT is the rest of the story,  with new chapters being writing almost daily.  

Power to the nation !!!!!