Times are a-changing and it ain't good for the Democrats.

Politically, Generation Z is liberal-moderate with social issues,  like support for marriage equality and civil rights,  and moderate-conservative with fiscal and secuity issues.  [As a collective,  its political and domestic]  inclinations generally fit moderate Republicans. 

Jeff Bauer
Keystone College Professor

The younger vote is, now, split almost evenly between the Millennials and their children (the Z Generation -those born 1995 - 2010) and the two generations are markedly dissimilar.  

Understand that the "youth vote" runs from ages 18 to 29 years of age.  The youth vote was all Millennial, prior to 2012,  and, nearly 100% Democrat Socialist.  but,  with the rising tide of the Z Generation, since 2012,   Democrat Party identification has fellen from 44% to 37%.  By 2020,  the more conservative Z Generation will represent nearly 3/4 of the youth vote.  This change in demographics is part of the reason the Marxist Media can't get their polling summaries right.  

Update:  In the 2016 election Democrat controlled states took a huge hit.  In Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and Wisconsin,  Democrat registration fell by 20%.  In Nevada, a state won by Hillary,  Democrats lost 20% of the youth vote. 

Speaking of the Z Generation,  their primary concerns include an increased sense of national security (spending on the military,  opposition to the uncontrolled influx of immigrants) and fiscal issues including the creation of jobs,  less regulations.  

Trump has come along at precisely the right time,  taking advantage of this particular and evolving demographic.

Hail to the Chief.