What was wrong with the GOP's health care reform bill? We ahve the answer.

Look,  the GOP's bill was not all bad.  It cut a billion in ObamaCare taxes, and,  got rid of mandated/forced compliance among other things.  But it met with the approval of only 17% of the population.  The Trump folks need to make a few more compromises with the Freedom Caucus AND do a much better job selling this to the public. 

Here is the problem with the Freedom Caucus' approach:  Let's say they get exactly what they want, in the House   . . . .   does anyone think the Senate will return the same bill back to the House?  You should know that the Senate will change the House bill in significant measure.  And the Caucus will refuse to approve???  Kinda looks that way, no?  

But there is another problem with the Caucus bill: It wants total repeal of Obama Care   . . . .   total.  Apparently the Freedom Caucus,  8% of the House membership,  believes that the Democrats will help with the new bill,  after the repeal.  In fact,  the Dems HAVE to help or there is nothing left after the Caucus Repeal.   Question:  Does anyone think the Dems will work with the GOP on the Repair?  Ever?  I don't.  And that is what is wrong with their plan.  When they get finished,  we have nothing.   

Better to fail altogether than to repeal with the hopes that the Dems will come to rescue.  Sad   . . . .   but Trump has not given up.  Maybe there is still hope.