Class envy is running wild within the do-nothing Democrat Party.

Michael Kranish / Washington Post:
Stephen K. Bannon, architect of antiglobalist policies, got rich as a global capitalist 

Proving, of course,  that he is not an anti-financial globalist.  These folks on the Left hate things like "for profit,"   words like "capitalism," and,  concepts like "trickle down."  They believe that wealth is to be shared equally by all of mankind   . . . .   except by socialist party leadership, of course;  that "capitalism" is out-done by community gardening, and,  that they actually have a theoretical alternative to working and earning money "from the man" (i.e. "trickle down").    Understand that whether you get off your couch and work for the Man,  or receive welfare checks in the mail,  it is all trickle-down.  The only difference between the former and the latter,  is this: Some get rich (move up the financial ladder) while working for the Man,  the welfare recipient never does.