Success breeds success. Enough of know-nothing politicians being put in charge of a national economy they have no clue how to manage.

Ivanka and Jared Kushner   -  Worth - 240 million with 700 million in assets.

Ivanka's business alone,  is worth more than 50 million.

Jared Kushner  resigned from some 260 entities and sold off 58 businesses or investments.  Trump's son-in-law is a billionaire in his own right. 

Gary Cohn,  NEC Director,  is assets worth as much as 611 and annual income of 77 million.  His financial disclosure statement,  the only tax related form required by law,  is a 41 page document.  By comparison,  President Trump's financial disclosure statement is a 104 page document  (previously reported as a 140 page doc by this review)

Steve Bannon has an annual income of 2.3 million with assets of 54 million. 

Kellyanne Conway's is worth 44.2 million. 

Rex Tillerson,  Secretary of State  :   In 2012, his compensation package was $40.5 million. It was $28.1 million in 2013, $33.1 million in 2014, and $27.2 million in 2015.  Of course,  he is now retired.

Steve Munchin,  Treasury Secretary help 46 million in Goldman Sach stock,  and earned as much as 14 per year.  Of course,  he is no longer employed at Sach's and had divested himself of his stock holdings.  

Betsy deVos,  Secretary of Education,  is worth 5.1 billion dollars. 

Dr. Tom Price,  HHS Secretary is worth 13 million.

 Dr. Ben Carson, HUD Secretary,  earned 10 million in speaking fees, book royalties and professional salary,  last year.