In the Commun-ist state of Washington, the pocket gopher has more rights than land owenrs.

Environmentalists,  militants all,  ruined the lives of countless millions,  in their opposition to harvesting our tree populations.  Today,  there are more trees in managed forests than there were 150/200 years ago.  But who gives a crap about the foresters and their communities?  Certainly not the Democrat party.

More than the forests,  this bunch of clowns oppose the building of dams and the use of our most prolific renewal source of energy  (that would be "rain").  Never mind that the animal/plant population displaced by the construct of a dam,  simply move to the perimeter of the lake/structure. 

In California,  the darter minnow has precedent over all reasonable considerations and threatens the food production of the most productive ag district in the world (the Central Valley of California). 

And, now,  in the State of Washington,  the clowns in that state, have passed laws and regulations that guarantee the future for a small rodent/pest known as a pocket gopher.  If these little pests are found on a given piece of property,  the landowner must submit plans for dealing with the rodent,  and secure special permits to build or use his property.  

Time for militant environmentalism to be defeated,  at least on the federal level  . . . .   and under the new administration,  the EPA is being forced back to its original mission with 30% cuts to its staff and budget.  

Time to build a dam or four,  and re-establish the "divinity" of private property ownership.  

Hail to the Chief.