Why you can trust President Trump as he stands against a world that hates him.

Why you can trust President Trump as he stands against a world that hates him, trust him as I do.  The answer is found in his dealings with the proposed tax reform.

Understand that when he "announced" nearly two years ago,  no one was more disappointed than  I   . . . .  no one.  My #1 choice was Mike Pence,  then Marco Rubio,  then Carly and then,  no one.   

While I acknowledge that the man is not a polished speaker,  he is able to connect with the people on the same level as Ronald Reagan.  The man is not a "showman" as was Bill or boringly "professorial" as was our most recent wannabee Muslim president,  Barack. 

Last week,  when asked,  Who is more in touch with the people (ABC/WaPost),  shockingly,  38% gave Trump the most votes, 32% went to the GOP, and 28% went to the Democrats,  an indication of just how lost in the political wilderness, is this party.  A Progressive Democrat from the FDR days was a believer in God,  the Constitution,  law and order, the exceptional nature of the United States, and the prescribed legislative process.  The New Progressives are none of the above and getting further and further away from the above stated principles.  

That being said,  during the campaign,  Donald Trump promised a significant tax cut for the middle class.  Over the past two weeks,  the opposition media has pushed the fantasy revelation that Trump has abandoned the middle class and the economy produced by small business;  that he has left behind the supply-side advisors who gave him his campaign promise,  that he is now, surrounded by Keynesian financial advisors from the hated "Establishment." 

Don't get lost over the use of the word "Keynesian."  Understand that when you research "supply side economics" and "Keynesian economics,"   you will discover that there is no explanation of either of the two choices that is linear and truly definitive.  As an alternative to an accurate definition of either,  suffice it to say,  that Trump apparently is using principles from both economic theories.  He is the consummate pragmatist,  after all.   On one hand,  we have Government intervention for the sake of a healthier economy,  and,  on the other hand [supply side economics],   there is private sector  investments and the necessary reduction of federally created barriers limiting the production of goods and services.  

When tax breaks and other government incentives are offered to Big Business to the virtual exclusion of small business,  as was the domestic/economic policies of the Obama Administration,  the result is a stagnate economy.  Barack's 8 year Real GDP average was 1.6% .  Why?  Because small business was ignored,  if not penalized,  during the Obama Tyranny.  Know this:  before Obama, small business provided the training and supply of more than 70% of all jobs created in this country.  When Obama chose to ignore the middle class and its small business offering to the health of the economy,  he made it impossible to take our economy away from recessionary levels. 

With this in mind,  understand that when you pass legislation (Dodd/Frank) that limits the availability of funding,  when you triple regulatory pressure that only Big Business can afford,  when you move from a manufacturing and export base to a service centered economy,  stagnation is the necessary result.  

Trump's campaign promise of "middle class tax cuts," would correct this problem.  The press,  as mentioned above,  wanted you to believe that the President has given up on this solution. 

So much for the opposition media.  After two weeks of fake news regarding Trump's campaign promise to the middle class,  Trump has spoken up,  and in so doing,  has made it clear that the middle class is at the center of his tax reform plans.  

And this  is why I trust this president. Over and over again, he is proving the point that he is our [first] Middle Class president.  Clearly,  he is determined to follow through with his declared alliance (should I say, "contract") with the Middle Class.  

Next time you doubt this, just wait a week or two or 15.  Sooner or later,  you will realize that the Prez did not move away from his promise.  Instead, he was only waiting for a time when he could get back on track.  Know this: His enemies are our enemies

Hail to the Chief.