The editor of this blog has 18 grandchildren. Mady is a favorite . . . . along with the remaining 17.

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Mady is always a big hit at this Review. 

I push my granddaughters modeling career.  She is a topped ranked cross country collegiate athlete here in California, and,  an aspiring fashion model.  While some will question my recognition of her modeling career,  let it be known that I am not embarrassed or reserved with concerns of one of my family members showing a little skin.  She is beautiful,  has great instincts as a model,  hard working and a gal who maintains a very active faith in God.  What's not to like? 

You can help build her career by "liking" some of her pics at her fashion site, Madyson Hourseman (with 4674 followers, up from 2,000 when this blog started posting her pics),  or,  at Jon Lorentz,  her primary photographer.   

A few of her more popular pictures include the following.  Mady is traveling to L.A. next week for a couple of photo shoots and work on her swimsuit design considerations.  She is being accompanied by her mother,  an award winning school teacher in her own right.  She thanks all who have gone to her site(s).  It has been a help.   


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Update:  This pic puts Mady at #3 on BroBible,
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Mady Rose's competition.  


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