I have posted Parts I, II, and III in logical order, rather than in chronological order

I have posted Parts I, II, and III in logical order,  rather than in chronological order.  I actually wrote Part 1 first,  but I posted it last for the sake of reader convenience.  You are welcome.  

BTW,  the last 8 years and, now, today,  have given us all  much more information than any of us ever wanted to know.  Conspiracy theories and clandestine "black op" activities on the domestic stage,  are matters we want to deny   . . . . .   sadly,  that is no longer possible.  

Trump just might be vindicated in his charge of Barack Obama's efforts at destroying his presidency.  The following three articles will give you pause,  as you read about Umbrage, Vault 7 and Zero Year   . . . . . .    programs that have been around for years,  but hidden from the public as "too conspiratorial to be true."   Turns out,  the truth of that last statement is no longer plausible.