Where is the Secretary of State? Answer: Turn around, he is right over there.

State Dept. staffers have one question: Where's Rex? - POLITICO

With this headline,  Politico continues the Marxist Media's fake news assault on the Trump Administration.  The headline allows the casual reader to think that Trump's Administration is in deep disarray. No leadership.  And no one knows where leadership has gone.  That has been one of 15 or 20 themes pushed forward by the Corporate Media.  

 Besides personal attacks on virtually every member of the Trump presidency,  themes that include mass confusion within the White House,  an internal "warfare" among staff members,  open arguments between Trump and his his secretaries,  and on and on,  we have headlines such as the one above.  

You might think,  "The editor is a little too hyper for this Politico headline to command to his attention."  

Admittedly,  this is a minor storyline,  and, I am talking about Politico's framing of a State Department that is without leadership   . . . .   I mean,  the Secretary is nowhere to found  !!!!  Or, so the enemies of this Administration want you to believe.  

So,  the headline,  "Where oh where is the Secretary" is given an answer within hours if not minutes.  Where is he?  Working on the new immigration plan and executive memo and planning his announcement.  I have included the following video for only reason, and that is to prove that staffers within the State Department are not asking the question posed by Politico.  

 You don't have to listen to the video,  just ask Politico's question out loud,  "Where is the Secretary?"  Answer:  Why,  he is right over there making an official announcement!! Good grief.