Part I - Wikileads strikes again, and this time, puts the CIA under the bus. I am thinking that the CIA is the most copmpromised of the federal Intel agencies, since the days it worked against President GW Bush.

Julian Assange is an enemy of the United States.  He founded "Wikileaks" in 2006,  and has turned the political/intelligence world on it ear,  since.  

Understand that while Assange is a classless jerk of a human being,  his revelations via Wikileaks,  are,  in reality,  massive document dumps without [his] commentary.  The documents are left to speak for themselves.  They are the news,  not Assange or any of our enemies.  Just the documents.   Nothing in these documents has ever been successfully challenged as fraudulent in the 10 years this has been going on.  Nothing.   Today (Tuesday) recorded another document dump.  Tomorrow,  March 8th, you will read and hear much about this latest dump.  What you will not hear, are denials about the authenticity of these leaked documents,  and therein,  is the devastating power of Wikileaks.  

You might start your research on this matter with this article from Wired, here.   Here is an excerpt:  

Never accuse Wikileaks of getting its timing wrong. Last fall, the group perfectly paced its steady drip of John Podesta’s emails to undermine Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Now, as the capital thrums with chaos, it has unleashed a cloud of confusion that makes it hard for experts to discern the facts and easy for non-experts to see whatever they want.

Days after President Trump baselessly tweeted that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower, a theory that first emerged on conservative talk radio, Wikileaks released its latest treasure trove revealing just how extensive the Obama administration’s surveillance capacity was. One nugget of particular interest to Trump supporters: a section titled “Umbrage” that details the CIA’s ability to impersonate cyber-attack techniques used by Russia and other nation states. In theory, that means the agency could have faked digital forensic fingerprints to make the Russians look guilty of hacking the Democratic National Committee.

Now,  while the article does not tie the CIA and Obama to a nefarious "Trump agreed to be used by the Russians" frame job  (and that is exactly what has been going on for the pas several weeks by the Globalist within the Democrat Party),  the door is left wide open for such a possibility.  

In the end,  the Dems are looking more and more like the party of the Dem Witted,  than the "Democratic" party of long long ago.  

Time will tell,  but this dump does the Democrats and Obama's CIA a great deal of harm.  We all know that Barack weaponized the CIA,  the IRS, the EPA,  and a faction within the ATF.  That is common knowledge and more than a demonstrable fact.  

This document dump gives background to the weaponization of these federal agencies.  Understand that Barack Obama was and is a very dangerous man as relates to our traditions and domestic tranquillity.  He is a revolutionary,  ordered his Secret Service to call him "renegade"  when using "handles" to talk about members of the White House population,  and is continuing a "deep state" or "shadow state" resistance,  at this very time.  And "no,"  I am no fan of "InfoWar."  These are provable facts.