Problem: Dems are faced with a GOP that insists on following the same rules and practices used by the Dems in recent years.

The ethics office, in coordination with the Education Department, is responsible for identifying any conflicts of interest that DeVos might have and striking an agreement with her to recuse herself from certain decisions to avoid future conflicts.

Senate HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander indicated he plans to move ahead with the Jan. 11 hearing, regardless of whether the paperwork is finalized. Committee rules don’t require the ethics office to clear a nominee’s finances and sign an ethics agreement before a hearing. But Alexander will require those things before holding a committee vote, an aide said.

 “Our committee is going to follow the Golden Rule and use the same procedures for these nominees that we did in 2001 for President Bush's nominees and in 2009 for President Obama’s nominees,” Alexander said in a statement to POLITICO. 


Source:  Politico, here