The Right side of the aisle must be pleased with Trump. He has wasted no time as he assures the folks that he will keep his promises.

I recently heard a Democrat complain: 

"Instead of trying to fix ObamaCare,  the GOP is acting more like a wreaking ball."

Incredible.  The health care reform law was written by the Democrats to the exclusion of the GOP.  In his first two years,  Barack Hussein took time to meet with GOP leadership no more than three times,  and none of those meetings were about the discussion of policy. 

What goes around,  comes around. 

Look,  this last election was about ObamaCare and the battle cry,  "Repeal and replace."  The nation knew what was on the line,   November 8.  Everyone knew.  And the appointment of Dr. Tom Price is Trump telling the world,  "I am more than serious about health care repeal and replacement."  And the Dems are afraid. 

The Dems simply cannot be serious in their criticism of the GOP.  Elections have consequences.  Obama loved reminding us of that fact.  Now that the shoe is on the other foot,  the Dems have suddenly come to Jesus regarding letting bygones being bygones.  

It was Obama who said,  "Elections are the best revenge."  Amen.  We should not proceed forward out of a sense of revenge,  but it is surely pleasing when revenge is the consequence of the corrective and legislative process.  

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