Nikki Haley - Ambassador to the U.N. We ask, "Why is our tole in the UN important?

Why should we continue our role in the United Nations?   

Two answers:  

If the New Administration would have been another Progressive/Globalist regime,  there is no good reason for our membership.  Our allies would have been left without a muscular friend,  and wealth redistribution would have become the overwhelming rule of the day.  

Of we have a Trump Administration,  Taiwan and Israel would have representation that is forceful and reliable.  And,  while wealth redistribution would continue,  it's influence would not be an overwhelming consideration.   Finally,  the movement toward a globalism that denies national sovereignty would come to a screeching halt.  Barack was laying the foundation for an U.S.A./E.U. membership that stressed international treatise over our Constitution.  Both Barack/Michelle,  and Hillary believe that international treatise is a legitimate circumvent to our particular rule of law.  

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