ESPN must be proud. Now their hero, Colin Kaepernick, celebrates Fidel Castro.

Update:  Sunday,  10:09 am pst -  Kaepernick has never registered to vote,  is a supporter of the cop killers known as Black Lives Matters,  refuses to salute the flag or stand for the National Anthem,  and,  two days ago,  celebrated Castro as a great national leader.  Little wonder,  then,  that Fox Sports did not air the National Anthem,  but waited to start its broadcast until after the opening ceremony.   

Armando Salguero / miamiherald: Unrepentant hypocrite Colin Kaepernick defends Fidel Castro

Turns out,  Kaepernick has never registered to vote.  He is pro-Black Lives Matters (the cop killers running rampant in our inner cities),  and may be a closet Communist. 

Expect to see and hear ESPN make excuses for this clown  (have you seen his Bozo The Clown hairdo?).  

Time for all true Americans to boycott the San Fransisco 49's.  

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